Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Salford Superhero Doing Job Of Police.

Salford Super Hero Night Warrior

19 Year old Roger Hayhurst Knight Warrior, dressed up in blue and black lycra suit, Acting as Salford Superhero patrols the streets at the night looking to prevent trouble and protect the public.

Roger has been doing this for at least 10 months, dressed up and carrying nothing other than a mobile phone and torch looking to prevent crimes and anti social behaviour. This in no joke, RWB Correspondent’s have obtained photographs of him in action.

Greater Manchester Police are also well aware Roger the Night Warrior is out almost every night in action, they also look around for him and make sure he is safe, and carrying his mobile, just incase he bumps into trouble

Roger the Knight Warrior says “Most people just laugh when they see me coming and it normally defuses any situations, but when things are a big hairy I do use my mobile to ring the police”

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “There’s not really much you can say, other than you couldn’t make it up”

You can see Knight Warriors web site at  Salford Super Hero Click Here


  1. The man is not far through than a blade of grass, but you have to take your hat off to him. Well done that man.

  2. hahahaha we seen him a few time's and think he is funny