Thursday, 13 September 2012

Drugs Found At Sure Start In Salford

Kersal Drug Den

A two year old toddler who was playing. Finds and picks up a bag of white powder, suspected to be cocaine in a Salford Sure Start Centre in Lower Kersal.

Sure Start Centres are set up nationwide, and are for children to attend local play groups, mother and baby massage sessions. It is even understood that the social service's. once caught up for placing children at risk in Salford, which lead to the death of two small children, use this particular sure start centre which is formally Oakland Day Nursery, on St Aidan's Road, as a contact centre for children they have kidnapped and also use it to conduct parenting assessment classes  for whatever family they choose to harass. 

The bag what contained the white powder was recoved by staff and the police were called and later they revealed the substance found was actually cocaine as first thought. 

The mother of one toddler who was in the class said: "I got a call saying that they had found a bag of cocaine and they had no idea where it came from.
"It’s disgusting. It’s a nursery. You expect your kid to be safe when they are there and you place your trust in them." 
Salford Spokesman Gary Tumulty Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Said "This is terrible, and disgusts me, I just hope the council are having a full inquiry just to how that got into the class of the children, just think what would of happened if the child would have taken the cocaine."
Have you got a story similar to this or know any thing about this incident you can email and tell us what you know to or write to BNP Investigations, PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT and rest assured we will expose the council wrong doers.