Friday, 31 May 2013

Salford BNP Locked Out A Democratic System.

Labour Mafia

Salford British National Party have had a candidate campaign meeting in an election period stopped by the Labour mayor’s office, in a clear breach of the peoples representation act sections 95 to 98, which states candidates in an election to hold meetings in a public building.

The meeting was weeks in advance pre booked at the Salford Council Head Quarter’s , Civic Centre, Swinton, which enabled us to publically invite members of the Weaste and Seedley ward and give them the chance to meet and question the candidate Kay Pollitt at this election. The meeting was totally legal and we were well within our rights to hold such a meeting, up until three hours of the meeting Salford Council had made arrangements to accommodate us in the Salford Suite.  

The Labour Party who dominate Salford holding 52 seat’s out of 60 must have been very upset, that we had dared to take the fight right into the lion’s den, Labour activists decided to keep ringing the mayor’s office and request him to put a stop to the democratic action happening for one night in the civic centre. Martin Vickers, £134,000  a year director of customer services and second in command, and who answers directly to the mayor rang organisers and told them, the meeting had been cancelled and his decision would be in writing the next day.

Neil Watts Electoral Services Manager, added the room was now ‘unavailable for use to the British National Party’ and then a second public venue was requested by the candidate, that also fell on death ear’s.

In a report it has also just been established that the Electoral Reform Society had slammed Salford Council reporting that they Salford democratic service’s had ‘failed basic tests in democracy’ as it has turned into a one party state, being compared with Communist Country’s North Korea, China and Cuba, ERS have said “Labour dominating council boss’s will feel untouchable and accountable to no one other than Labour” and research done by the society has revealed likelihood of one party council such as Labour to increase allowances and expenses for themselves.

It’s also been publically reported that Martin Vickers who claims to be the deputy returning officer, and cancelled the British National Party public meeting had been drafted in on a power grab by the Labour Mayor Ian Stewart, Vickers has been drafted into the mayor’s office for ‘Big strategic issues’
Salford British National Party tells correspondents “here we go again, another election and another corrupt council helping Labour to win, I mean Vickers and Ian Stewart have really over excelled themselves this time, as the mayor said Vickers has been brought in for big strategic issues, well whatever is a bigger issue than the thought of a British National Party councillor being elected into the chamber of the council.

“With the EFS report saying the council had failed in democracy, this was a chance to prove them wrong but they feel the need to step right up to the mark and deny the people of Weaste and Seedley a chance to hear their British National Party candidate, I mean like I have told people who have rang me to say they were turned away, name calling and picking faults in a legal party is one thing, and everyone has the right to do that, but to disrespect voters by not allowing them to scrutinize other candidates in an election is wrong”.

“The public meeting did go ahead in a nearby venue, and we ask the Labour activists who were outside taking pictures saying there were only four of us there, why didn’t they come in, after all it was a public meeting. Salfordians are awakening to Labours ways, Salford British National Party will never be beaten, the fight goes on until we remove every Labour councillor from the chambers”

To contact Salford British National Party email letter of support can be sent to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Salford’s Power Mad Mayor

The Ugly Head Of Salford

One year on and sixty nine thousand pounds of public money better off,  Salford Labour Mayor Ian Stewart announced two more senior town hall managers to move into an already strong office, Stewart who is already best known for stabbing fellow members and former leader of the council John Merry in the back, to get where he is today. 

Surviving the continual internal Labour rift, Ian also went on to appoint 13 of his best allies as assistant mayors and doubling councillors wage David Lancaster deputy mayor, to around £42,000 a year, with all the smears about how Ian Stewart had been involved with women beating and getting younger girls pregnant, and Labour25 paedophile scandal hitting the press, he also made a known liar Mathew Finnegan, again lifelong member of the Labour Party, to be his ‘spin doctor’ who was also awarded £66,500 of the pot.

As part of the changes, Martin Vickers – currently a strategic director for customer and support services – will report directly to the mayor on ‘big strategic issues’ such as helping the troubled City of Salford stadium turn a profit. He will be supported by Jon Stonehouse, currently number two in the town hall’s children and schools department, who has been appointed his deputy. Both men will still work in their current roles, with Mr Vickers continuing to manage areas such as finance and IT.

Salford British National Party who have been scrutinizing Mr Stewart moves very carefully say, “Ian Stewart doesn’t represent Salford, as mayor he hasn’t really changed or done anything to improve Salford, all he has done is finance him and his pals, jobs for the boys comes to mind, under Labour nothing will chance in this city, they are only in it for their own personal gains and climbing the greasy pole.”

To contact Salford British National Party email or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT, Just to add on, Thank you to the Labour members who are unhappy who keep feeding us the information, you send it we will expose it. A question we would like to know the answer to, is just how well did Ian Stewart know Peter Tuffley, one of the Labour25 named and shammed, who was said to be a rising star in Salford Labour, who like to groom young lads from school, answers on a post card please.

The Second Bite Is Harder In Salford.

Council Tax Bill.

It’s a double whammy in Salford for some people, as the bedroom tax kicks in quickly follows the council tax beifit reform, this will hit the unemployed, disabled, OAP’S, single parent families and even people who are employed part and full time who only earn just a little to get by, a freedom of information reveals to true extent of how hard the second bite is, a full constituency ward breakdown can be found below,

Broughton 2,112
Langworthy 1,961
Little Hulton 1,778
Barton 1,419
Irwell Riverside 1,389
Winton 1,229
Walkden North 1,220
Ordsall 1,219
Kersal 1,068
Pendlebury 1,032
Weaste and Seedley 921
Swinton North 855
Eccles 808
Swinton South 699
Cadishead 679
Irlam 620
Walkden South 415
Claremont 313
Boothstown and Ellenbrook 185
Worsley 95

Of the 20,017 of Salford people affected 16,139 are in band A. A lot of people in Salford depend on this benefit, take for instance residents who live on their own in full or part time employment can ask for a single persons council tax reduction and 25% deducted as part of the benefit,  In band A it would contribute around £250 off the overall  council tax bill, as part of the reform people can no longer claim this and now expected to pay the full tax or face jail, or even have local authority’s hacking in to your wages, if you are unemployed things go from bad to worse you are expected to pay around £80 a month, or the same punishment face jail or be deducted from your benefits.

Also some of these residents affected will also be hit by the bedroom tax in an earlier report produced by Salford British National Party about bedroom tax and just who was affected (Click link) you can see the top wards in this report are almost the same, example Langworthy X 800 affected by bedroom tax, 1,961 affected by council tax benefit reform as the list goes on, just compare it.

Salford British National Party spokesman said “It’s shocking, how are people expected to live? Labour are kicking the arse out of the Salfordians and getting away with it, it’s time to revolt, it’s time to just think about who you vote for, Labour are no good for Salford, get rid of them, even if you don’t vote BNP just vote for someone bar Labour.

“Salford BNP against the cuts would like to hear your views on this matter, we would like you to join the resistance to removing Labour, and if you care for your city then you will take this option, to get involved.

“Do not let Labour scape goat by blaming the Tory’s, its Labour who have been at the core roots of the problem, it’s their fault, they created the monster who is in power today, Labour need to held accountable for their actions to the leading of the mess.”

Whatever you’re political afflictions it doesn’t matter, the enemy is the same, we have one thing in common, LABOUR OUT. So contact Salford British National Party, before it’s too late. email or write to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Nationalist Social Networking

Keeping It Real Salford BNP Number 1

The British National Party have launched a new initiative to spread the work of nationalist politics, by using the most powerful tool of today kind, social networking, Facebook, My Space, Twitter and Linkedin
Its easy and free, readers, supporters and subscribers of this blog must sign up and become part of the movement of removing this no good left wing socialist government, its time for change and it’s now, sign up today click this link and read more (Click this link)

Hazels Hit Second Home Expenses Scandal Again!

Hazel Blears

Bedroom tax and Council Tax Benefit Reforms hit the locals and Salford MP Hazel Blears has now been hard at it, doing what she does best hitting the second home subsided profit scandal.

Blears who over a duration of just over four years claimed £50,000 from the tax payer to pay the mortgage of her second home in London, it has now been reported how Blears has cashed a second time and sold the home and got a £120,000 profit, and has only paid a mere £7,664 back to cover the gains that the property made in a 15 month period.

MP’s over the years have made huge profits on the sale of their second home paid for by the tax payer, of the 29  MP’s ordered by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) to pay back a total of almost half a million pounds was Hazel Blears, MP for Salford and Eccles - who had to re-pay £7,644 on gains made from the sale of her London property in Clerkenwell, the figure only relates to the value gain of her second home over a 15 month period, from June 2010 to August 2011 – a transitional period following the abolition of mortgage interest subsidy by the IPSA in the wake of the MPs expenses scandals. The IPSA today confirmed that MPs don't have to pay anything for value gains on property made before June 2010.

Salford Labour spokesperson said on Hazels smugly says “Hazel sold her London home in August 2011 and therefore stopped claiming mortgage interest at this point - a year earlier than required by IPSA, Her expense claims in relation to this home were all in line with IPSA guidelines and she has fully paid the amount requested to cover capital gains following the sale of the property."

Blears first caught out in 2009 fiddling the expenses system and shafting the tax man, went on TV and publicly handed in a cheque to the Inland Revenue to cover £13,332 in Capital Gains Tax she had `avoided' on the sale of two other properties in London which made a £45,000 profit. The last of these was sold in 2004, following which she bought the property in Clerkenwell which the media valued at £500,000 in 2009.

It’s also publicly known and revealed that between 2004 and 2008 Hazel Blears had claimed £51,523 in mortgage payments for second homes and a few hotel stays. In October 2008 her mortgage balance on the property she recently sold was £285,867 and repayments reached a high of £1,287 a month. During the transition period of the abolition of the subsidy (June 2010August 2011) Blears claimed £5,925 in mortgage interest. And sold the property in the month it ended, making a huge profit.

Salford British National Party spokesman tells correspondents “It’s really not acceptable, the council are cutting front-line services, they can’t even afford to pay for repairs on properties, you have the bedroom tax and council tax benefit reform hitting the poorest people in Salford right in the pocket, the ordinary people living in this city are struggling to make ends meet, The Salford Labour Party are very expensive to have around, Hazel is not on her own in this taxing from the taxpayer, just take a look at some councillors wages and even the mayor himself, who has tapped in to £69,000 of Salfordians money, and he also has a second home in London, again bought from the tax payer from when he was a MP, who he rents out to the Bradford Labour MP.”

To contact Salford British National Party email letters of support can also be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.