Saturday, 24 September 2011

Salford Hold North West Regional Council Meeting

BNP North West Regional Council Meet In Salford

Chairing a well attended British National Party North West Regional council meeting Mike Whitby, Regional Organiser announces new appointments of new organisers in the district,

Wigan / Leigh, Organiser’s Dennis Shambley & Steve Bradley
Manchester North, Deputy Organiser Eddy O’Sullivan
Rochdale, Orgnaiser David O’Loughlin
Blackburn, Organiser Nancy Shaw-Farmer
Blackburn, Secretary David Bradley
Blackburn, Treasure Darren Jeal
North West Treasure of two months, Jen Mathys

All the new appointed officials are only to happy to come and join the North West winning team, Clive Jefferson Deputy North West Organiser told the meeting “The North West is the heart of the British National Party, but its time to get back to basics now, lets get on with the job in hand”

Two local by elections have been called one in Salford, Eccles ward and one in the Barnsley, all activist must get behind their branch, get together and lets all help each other out in the quest to start winning more elections.

The meeting had many different discussions from all organisers in the North West, talks of new election tactics, uniting members / activists and having lots more smaller pro active meetings, It was discussed that members should also attended this Thursdays protest in Liverpool out side the BBC before the Question Time is aired,

Mike Whitby North West Regional Organiser also explained to the officials we must never listen to malicious gossip about our members and chairman, Its vital that we ignore the lies, told by others, This is done in an attempt to destroy our party, but we will never allow this to happen.

“Panorama is due to be screen on the BBC, The British National Party has already took steps to fight back against the outrageous lies told by the BBC and a video explaining what the Panorama crew where up to and how they had the camera’s turned on them, for a taste of there own medicine. Available to view on the BNPTV and main site” Mike added

All North West members are now all available to attended councillor training sessions organised by the party, for any body interested in becoming a councillor. Any body wishing to attend the short course can get in touch with their Regional Organiser who will provide dates and details.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eccles By Election BNP Candidate

Eccles Candidate Kay Pollitt BNP 

Salford British National Party, are pleased to announce their candidate Kay Pollitt, for the Eccles By Election Thursday 20th October 2011, called after the sudden death of Labour’s John Cullen,

After candidate selection Kay was only to happy to put her name forward for the first time and stand in the Eccles ward,

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party says “Eccles is a great ward, the British National Party have never contested this ward, every time we have visited Eccles Precinct, there has been scores of support directed to us, We have a first time candidate, and a first time ward times are exciting and changing,

Kay Pollitt Eccles British National Party Candidate says “I joined the British National Party some time ago now, on the sole purpose of getting actively involved and standing for the party, Our country, our children and our people are the most important thing, we can not bow down to the traitor in power, if they get their way unchallenged they will delete the British people out of our country, and we will become the minority”

Any body wishing to get involved contact Salford British National Party on 07909 674 006

Donations can be sent to

PO Box 16
M6 7PT


BNP 2011 Conference

BNP Official Conference 2011 - Northwest. 

This year's British National Party Annual Conference is going to be very different!
The event will take place on the weekend of 29th-30th October at a venue in the North West, details of which will be disclosed closer to the time.
As usual we will be voting on new motions, but this will be a much shorter part of the weekend than in previous years. In the past we’ve had a lot to talk about at our conferences – now it’s time for action.
The conference is open to all members. Those wishing to bring a guest must request a guest ticket when booking – a limited number of guest tickets will be available this year for the first time. Only members of 2 years+ can vote on motions.
This year’s conference tickets are expected to sell out early, so book your place now. 
Full price list for tickets are listed at the bottom of this email.
Call Alwyn Deacon on 0844 809 4581 or email him


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Salford BNP Video's

BNPTV & Salford

Red White And Blue Salford opens new part of the site to show you video's filmed in Salford by the dedicated hard working TV crew of the British National Party, 

In the archive to view is, Iraqi Elections held in Salford, General Election Video's, General Meetings held at Salford BNP, Irlam bomb blast, Most recent Salford Riots and much more

Most video's feature British National Party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP and the work he does around Salford, what the press are scared to show you.

Click this link or the bar above to be directed to the new part of the site,

A question asked the most, What do the BNP do in Salford? well here are the answers, just see for your self., ITN, BBC and rags like the Manchester Evening News, Salford Advertiser wont tell tell you, but we WILL

Salford Education Suffers At The Hands Of Immigrants

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side A Salford School

A baby boom amongst the immigration population of Salford has took it’s toll on the Salford education system extra help bussed in and old class rooms are re-opened.

Salford primary schools numbers have shot right up, since a whole new wave of immigrants who have been invited to come and stay and live in Salford.

Its been reported that Salford council chiefs are so worried, that an extra 750 places have now been created within the primary schools, along with extra hands brought in to help out with this awful mess, what Labour have brought in.

It  is estimated this will cost the Salford tax payer an extra £630,000 to provide the education for the mass immigrant flux what has hit Salford, coming from eastern Europe, the figure is only estimated and could rise up even further.

It is said some schools are converting areas such as IT suites back into teaching spaces, while others are building temporary classrooms, along with  drafting in extra teachers to deal with the education crisis

A Salford Council report says “However, this may be unavoidable. Unfortunately, it is not predictable how many families will choose to live in Salford or relocate within Salford.”

The independent 21st Century Learning Commission said there would be a 1,400 shortfall by 2016, equivalent to three large primary schools. In total, 24 schools have provided an extra 623 reception places and 131 in Year One and Year Two

Salford British National Party Organiser tells our correspondents “This is unbelievable, Only last month we had Salford Labour, and council leader John Merry, saying what a great joy it was to invite over 4000 new comers to Salford and what benefits they bring,

“It comes to show Labour has lost the plot, what benefits are they bringing? Immigration Is costly, and we simply can not afford it. Its out of control,

“We have boarder controls what are not working, It getting like a third world now in Salford, we have to revise it now, before the we see the destruction of our city and great nation,

“In this case, it’s the British Children who are suffering, lets concentrate on educating our own before the rest of the world, Our children the British are worth investing in, they are our future”

“When I stand in my ward Irwell Riverside I will be challenging any of the Labour Party to a hustings, they have answers that they need to be held accountable for” Gary concluded

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Salford Labour Is Costly Labour

Salford Labour Is Costly Labour

Salford Labour Is Costly Labour

A petition was handed in by Geoffrey Berg who is not affiliated with any political party, Over ten thousand signatures where gained to demand a referendum to see if Salford would want the chance to vote on  London style mayor. The referendum has now been called by Salford Council no date as yet been given, but soon will be announced,

This exclusive leaflet handed to the Red White and Blue team, and our message is to VOTE YES

RWB Correspondents spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser who said "We will soon be producing our own leaflet, once we have the date, I have met Mr Berg on many occasions who has worked tirelessly and extremely hard to gather all the signatures, 

Now the second stage of hard work begins we want a YES vote in Salford" Gary concludes. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Eccles By Election Called

Salford BNP Organiser Who Loves His Town

Hot off the press, the sudden death of John Cullen Labour has now forced a by election in the Eccles Ward of Salford, The date given is the Thursday 20th October 2011. The British National Party will be contesting the ward for the very first time. The Candidate selection is just being finalised, and the name will be realised to the public.

If you want to support our cause, get in touch with Salford British National Party  Organiser Gary Tumulty email

You can also donate towards leaflets by send cheques or postal orders to;

British National Party
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

Friday, 9 September 2011

Democracy Is Dead In Salford.

Salford Council On The British National Party. 

Salford Council have recently employed a Social Media Manager Clare Hunter who gets on average £34 Thousand Pound a year to control such site’s like twitter and facebook for the public to explain what the elected bodies do for them, and let the Salfordian’s have their say on their wall’s. That unless you are an elected member of  the British National Party

Clare Hunter and Salford Council have refused to place any status’s up in regards to Mr Nick Griffin MEP, for his work he does as part of his democratically elected role as MEP, Mr Griffin visits Salford to visit his constituency, to take up local issues, and any concerns Salfordian’s have.

Most recent British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP visited Salford after the riots that had been seen on the evening of 8th August. Salford Council have placed a black out on the work Mr Griffin does for Salford as MEP and continuing to promote the work of the dead leg Labour Party members.

Salford Council use facebook and twitter as a Labour propaganda machine, as they do not have problem tweeting and placing status’s what Labour Party members are doing, and continue to refuse to explain what Mr Nick Griffin does for Salford, and even going as far as to say they don’t work for him or the European Union. This also comes after claiming £2,887,574 from the EU since January 2010

Salford Council’s Clare Hunter also thinks it is acceptable to remove any comments British National Party supporters, members or officials decide to place on their Facebook wall, In Clare’s words this is done because they don’t like heated debates on there wall.

Barbara Spicer Chief Executive of Salford Council is insistence that they are all for democracy in our town, but this constant removing of comments and Social Blackout of the British National Party member is a clear breech of there own rules, The Extreme Left Socialist Labour Party run Salford Council and will never allow for any one with opinions opposed to wicked ways to have they say, elected or not.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser tell us “Its shocking, I have pleaded a number of times for Salford Council to start behaving in a fair and fashionable way, We want a fair crack of  the whip I voted for Nick Griffin MEP to represent me in Salford, Labour can think they have their way here in my town, but I will never rest until we remove every single last one of them traitor’s from the Council and replaced with British National Party councillors and MP’s”

Complain to Clare Hunter directly at 
Leave comment on the Salford Council Group at 

Salford Labour Activists Extremist’s

Extreme Labour And MAFA Activists 

Salford Labour Party have been once more caught out  with Far Left Anarchists and IRA Supporters who want to see the destruction of our Country

Pictured recently in Broughton, Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance (MAFA) Activist self proclaimed hard man IRA Supporter and Trade Unionist, Labour Member Alex Halligan

Alex is pictured with Student Labour Activist’s, Future candidates and more so Salford’s Broughton Labour Councillor’s One being Charles McIntyre the exclusive support member

Alex Halligan was arrested and seen by eye witness’s some time ago smashing British National Party Salford Organisers window, a charge Alex got away with, The locals witnessed it and positively identified Alex.

Special Councillor John Merry Leading member of the Labour Party and the council in Salford has denied Alex is a Labour member or even has out to with him or his party, We have now again proved John Merry to be a liar, the picture above is one of a album we have, Alex has also been pictured with Salford Labour MP Hazel Blears

Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance is a Far Left Trotsky Extremist Group who openly promote violence towards any form of nationalism and many of there members such as Alex Halligan are Labour members and activists, So all regular subscribers to this site know your Labour Councillor and members, they  are the real enemy behind all the violence, and they should be help accountable for the actions of any far lefty groups such as MAFA

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser Says “More proof that the Labour Party act like gangsters, I for one have known this for a long time, but its about time the public was informed just who it was they are voting for and who is orchestrating all the violence, just how deep is Labour in to all this, are they funding it s well the question could be asked?

“John Merry is a nasty poison old man, I my self have had many dealings with John who is an alcoholic and most of the time drunk, John really has not got a clue what is going on around him as seen in this case,

“John Merry I call for you resignation now”

Monday, 5 September 2011

Salford Housing Discrimination Scandal

Not For The British

Salford Council have admitted there is nothing they can do about discrimination in regards to selecting tenants for house’s and selected certain public on a ethnicity chose.

The Property Place Manchester have sent out and advert on there web site advertising properties on the Irwell Riverside ward of Salford for Chinese’s Only, its discrimination to the highest order. 

After three emails sent over two week asking very awkward questions and for Salford council to respond, they finally admit there is no sanction the Local Authority can impose to insure discrimination over ethnicity to select tenants can be allowed to happen.

Houses in Salford like many other parts of the country are hard to come by, There is far to many people and not enough houses and now landlords are dictating and calling for certain ethnicity’s and shutting others out.

The British National Party is calling for common sense ‘Put the British first, Local Houses for Local People’ we are sick of being put to the back of the que and on forever  never ending social housing waiting lists. 

This type of threat is real, and unstoppable, The real possibility here is that you could get a landlord who buys a massive patch of houses and can now put one type of foreign nationals in one area, you will see city’s colonized even quicker, such as Rochdale / Oldham and Moss Side.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser says “Just think if a landlord said ‘calling all white British only’ the amount of fuss what would be made, not to mention all the names he would be called, Its simply not fair it discrimination towards the British People,  Lets start looking after our own, its our country and we come first

“Salford is a Labour controlled council so, I understand why they will not do any thing, there looking at the bigger picture, gerrymandering the votes” Gary Concluded 

Below are the emails to and from the council if you want to send your disgrace or complains send them to

The 1st email; To the council

Could Salford Council please tell me the guide lines on private landlords and discrimination of an ethnicity of being allowed to move into property's?
Would the council say its acceptable for a landlord to pick and choose on who they rent house's / flats out based on there ethnicity? I.E. Only accepting white people in?

If a landlord does decide to do this, would the council say any laws would have been broken? 
If so what laws are we looking at? or would it be deemed to be political incorrect or racist? 

Number 2 To the council

Salford City Council

This is the second and final reminder to reply to my email request, It is totally unacceptable that no body is replying,
If I don't get a reply before the end of today a complaint will be made, 
Let me remind you The British National Party has an elected MEP and we hold a considerable amount of power in Salford, and we expect the same level of service as the other party's

Number 3 From the council

Dear Mr Tumulty
With regard to your recent enquiry I can confirm that private sector lettings are the responsibility of the individual private landlords concerned and the Local Authority cannot comment on hypothetical scenarios. We would expect that private sector landlords follow all legal obligations when letting properties.
Please find enclosed a link to an Office of Fair Trading guidance document on unfair terms in tenancy agreements which may be of assistance to you
You also might want to contact professional organisations like the Residential Landlords Association or Shelter for further advice.
Yours sincerely 
R Turner
Private Sector Housing Manager

Number 4 To the council

If I had a complaint of concern in regards to Lardlords who are letting properties on the basis of ethnicity who can I complain to?
What would Salford Council have to say on the matter of letting on the ethnicity as well, and what extent do Salford council have dealing with private landlords?

Is Salax Homes / City West considered Private Landlords as they as I understand it sub letting for Salford City Council?
Have Salford Council had any complains in regards to landlords / letting out properties in respect of ethnicity?

Number 5 From the council

Mr Tumulty I will need to look into some of the points you raise and get back to you. I'm not aware of any complaints, it would be useful if you gave me an idea of what landlord/s you are concerned about, since they are regulated in different ways. I wouldn't consider Salix and City West private landlords, they are considered to be social housing. Private landlords let properties on assured shorthold tenancies of typically 6 or 12 months, whereas Salix and City West offer secure tenancies. 

Number 6 to the council

I have had a complaint raised with my self over a private landlord who has discriminated over the ethnicity of the way they select there tenant, what type of action can the council take if i provide you with the details and location of the property. 

Number 7 from the council

 I'm not aware of any sanction the Local Authority would have in this instance but I will look into this for you.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Free Online Nationalist News

Nationalist News British National Party Paper Voice Of Freedom.

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Truth Truck Tour’s Salford

Salford City Council Town Hall 

From one end to the other. The message of hope was took from British National Party Truth Truck touring the streets of Salford, to the delight of the British Salfordian’s

On the Days events and locations visited were;

  • Salford Council Food Festival
  • Salford Precinct, and housing estate where the riots hit
  • Swinton Precinct and surrounding housing estate
  • Eccles Town Centre, and surrounding housing estate
  • Caddishead / Irlam housing estates what saw the Gas Explosion 
  • Barton also where recent plane crashed
  • BBC Media City
  • Dallas Court which is home of Greater Manchester illegal immigration reporting centre, taking 4000 + a month
  • The Office of traitor Hazel Blears Labour MP who voted for illegal wars

This is just a taste of where the Truth Truck had toured, The public were over the moon to see the truck before them, We also took the opportunity to visit many members and activist streets so they could see the truck in full form.

A group of local lads couldn’t resist the chance to wave us down and have pictures took with the British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty and to look at the Truth Truck in amazement

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser speaking to RWB Correspondent said “What a great day it was tour our city we love, Salford. The true patriots of Salford came out in their true colours to show support, There were lots of supporters looking at the new BNP Logo and holding their heart, and we said never doubt our passion

“We hope to make a regular stop on the forever moving truth truck in Salford, and my thank you goes to the activist from Yorkshire who took a day out to drive it over and around for us” Gary concludes

Salford Food Festival

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser Hazel Blears MP Office

Dallas Court Reporting Centre

BBC Media City Salford

Salford Precinct

Members & Activists 

BNP Supporters

Friday, 2 September 2011

Another By Election in Salford, Eccles

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty

A sudden death of local Labour Councillor John Cullen is to spark another by-election in the ward of Eccles, No dates have yet be provided but it will be highly likely within the next two weeks. 

Candidate selection is now in progress Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty says “The British National Party will contest this seat in the Eccles ward of Salford, who ever we choose to be the candidate will have 100% support form me as the organiser and the party,”

“To all Salford members who are interested to be a candidate please get in contact at the earliest date, we live in interesting times and can not hang around, The Eccles Ward has never been contested by the British National Party, we have lots of support in this area, and the results will very interesting”

Truth Truck Going On Tour In Greater Manchester

British National Party Truth Truck. 

After a generous fuel donation supplied by a Salford businessman, the Truth Truck will be touring the streets of Greater Manchester on Saturday 3rd September. 
A call to all Greater Manchester members: if you want to see the Truth Truck arrive in your area, contact Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, who will be more than happy to bring the Truck down your street.
Gary can be contacted on 07909 674 006 or email at Click here 
If you would like to make a donation to the Truck’s continued fuel costs, which currently run at £100 a day, please do so Click here
Alternatively send cheques and postal orders to

The Organiser
British National Party
Salford Branch
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

Cheques and postal orders please make out to "British National Party" or "British Heritage"