Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Salford BNP Meeting Hosts Appointment Of New Rochdale Organiser

British National Party Official's Salford Gary Tumulty, Regional Mike Witby & Newly Appointed David Oloughlin

David Oloughlin long time member and very hard working activist has been appointed new Rochdale Organiser at the Salford monthly meeting

David was met with applaud by the well attended meeting of members, David explained one of the first very jobs as Organiser is that he would be getting in touch with every member for the Rochdale area, and finding out who is active and willing to get Rochdale back on the map,

After that David will be getting out there in the public eye spreading the word of the British National Party,  A new era has now created in Rochdale with David who is more than willing to take up the Organiser role.

David states “I am only to happy to take up the challenge of building up the British National Party in the Whitworth and Rochdale area’s and I can not wait to start hitting the streets


  1. Congratulations David and good luck with it all mate. Brilliant meeting and great to meet new friends and old.

  2. Good luck David from all admin at RWB Salford

  3. Very good! Congratulations, great content.