Monday, 1 August 2011

Creeping Sharia And The Islamisation Of Britain.‏

Forever Expanding Salford Mosque, Eccles

By RWB communities correspondent.

There is a continuing campaign to impose "Sharia" law in the towns and cities in Britain. Bright yellow posters and stickers have appeared on lamp posts and bus stops of London and other cities declaring to pedestrians and motorists that they are entering a " Sharia controlled area " 

Muslims against Crusades, led by  Anjem Choudary, have claimed responsibility for these zones, where they aim to implement strict rules against alcohol, gambling, and music. Imam Choudary says the campaign aims at planting the seeds for an Islamic emirate in Britain. Muslims are actively agitating for the Islamisation of our country, they are flexing their muscles in  open defiance of our traditional laws and culture. 

So what does this mean for Salford? With an ever growing muslim population, it can't be too far away that we see exactly the same thing happening here. Places like Cheetham Hill, which borders Salford, are already populated mainly by muslims. How long will it be before we see the same posters and stickers in these areas?  I do not believe that it will be too long before Salford and Manchester see large groups of muslims marching through our streets demanding their rights to Sharia law .

I realise that some reading this will start screeching "racist, xenophobe" and other choice epithets, but the evidence is there for all to see. Our country is under threat from an ideology that has no compassion for the western way of life, it aims to dominate, and ultimately eradicate those it sees as a threat to its aims of world domination. 

I do not blame muslims, it is the will of their prophet that compels them, I reserve the utmost hatred for those traitors that aid and appease in a misguided sense of tolerance. Will these traitors be tolerated when Islam becomes the dominant force in Britain? I think not. They look forward to their own demise with something akin to sick glee, and that makes me very afraid for the future of this country.

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