Saturday, 31 March 2012

Eddy O'Sullivan Salford Mayoral Candidate BBC Breakfast Show

Media City, Eddy O'Sullivan Mayoral Candidate Salford

Friday 30th March 2012, British National Party mayoral candidate Eddy O'Sullivan, featured on the Greater Manchester BBC Morning Breakfast show, presented by Andy Crane, Eddy was on the show at 7:50AM and the message of the British National Party would have gone out to thousands of public on their  way to work.

Eddy had been invited in to the BBC Salford to speak in regards to him standing for the elected mayor position currently underway in Salford City Council, May 3rd 2012. Eddy made his point very clear, we are in favour for elected mayors, more democracy for the Salforians and removing the stranglehold Labour have on our city.

Eddy spoke of one pressing issue that affects Salford on a daily and hourly basis, and that is of the council houses and the way they are allocated to immigrants, so the real Salfordian's have no real chance of competing with the wave of middle eastern and Africans what have hit our city heavily in the past year. It is wrong how single mothers and put to the back of the que and people who get straight off a boat are issued keys to Salford houses within 20 minutes of there arrival, it has to stop  now, far fetched you think, No this is a reality and really happens, and it is ONLY the British National Party who will tackle this issue, Local Houses for Local People is our policy 

The BBC swiftly changing the subject, wanted to then talk about George Galloways recent win in Bradford, Eddy's response is "I am not interested whats happening in Bradford, I am interested in whats going on right here and right now" Salford is our main focus, 

We thank the BBC for the opertunity to appear on the breakfast show, the hospitality was gratefully received, Other media interests who are following the Salford mayoral election wanting to speak with Eddy O'Sullivan, must email to arrange a interview. 

Sorry about quality of above recordings interview can also be heard at BBC Website forward to 1:46

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Salford Labour Do Not Speak For The British 

Time to reflect on the Salford Mayoral Elections and the Labour candidate, Now jump the gun John Merry, Salford Council Labour Leader, who tossed his name directly into the ring, got smashed of a vote of no confidence from his very own members, and de-selected only to be replaced by no other than trade union ex Labour MP Ian Stewart.

Stewart who in 2009 claimed a staggering £155,671 in expenses, way over his standard allowance, Mr Stewart Claimed £100 a week on food whilst normal working class people like me and you struggle to make ends meet, On top of this there was an additional £1400 a month on a second home mortgage payment being made at the expense of the tax payer. 

Top of Stewart game he strongly voted for the illegal war in Iraq that cost the tune of billions of pounds to the tax payer, the hundreds of British Troops lost their live's, and thousands were injured, and not to mention the thousands of Iraqi ordinary civilians who where killed, Stewart makes no apology for this terrible mess,

Labour Mayoral candidate Stewart went on to strongly vote against the inquiry in to the illegal Iraq war, where our boys and girls were sent to their slaughter. Stewart also voted for smoking bans, gay rights, increasing VAT rates, increasing university fee's and the forcing the public to carry national ID cards.

Labour Do Not Speak For The British - And Stewart Is Not For Salford.

Vote Eddy O'Sullivan, British National Party. The True Voice Of Salford..