Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Salford BNP 'Way Forward'‏

Salford BNP Organiser Gar Tumulty with Sheila Spinks & Keith Fairhurst

A very receptive Salford British National Party crowd heard Stockport  organiser Sheila Spinks speak about the importance of upholding our traditions and defending our rights to 'indigenous' status in an ever changing, multi-cultural society, reports Salford organiser Gary Tumulty.

Ms Spinks spoke of a 'celebration of our national identity' with emphasis on the patron saints of Britain, our Christian values, and even the pagan rituals which mark us as a unique and valuable ethnic entity. Ms Spinks went on to say how other cultures keenly defend their way of doing things, and we should be doing the same. 'Instead of concentrating on what other cultures are doing, we should be making sure we uphold our heritage and traditions. concluded Ms Spinks to huge applause.

Following branch and party HQ news, it was decided that next months meeting will be a branch 'Way Forward'  brainstorming session, with non active members being encouraged to get more involved, and to feel more a part of the team. 

The night concluded with a short but emotional maiden speech by member Don Southworth, who, along with other British National Party officials and activists, went to Blackpool to pay tribute to murdered schoolgirl Charlene Downes. He explained how it was both an honour and a humbling experience to meet her parents, and those that knew her.
'I am proud to have paid a personal tribute to Charlene, and I only hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again' concluded Mr Southworth.

Member, Activist Don Southworth speaks at Salford BNP May meeting

Crowded Salford BNP May meeting

Good News From The British National Party

Nick Griffin MEP & Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, Febuary local Meeting

As you must be aware, RWB Salford follows the British National Party and always will, Over the past year the party has been working very hard along with there Chairman Nick Griffin MEP and all of its local organisers up and down the country to improve and get things working more efficent. RWB Salford has been given a full summary of whats took place internally at the BNP;

This is just a taster
  • Party membership is rising again with close to 10,000 just now
  • Party running costs have been slashed (overheads have been cut by 80 per cent)
  • Fundraising is all done in-house by existing staff or volunteers and results are good
  • The level of Party debt is being steadily decreased
  • 10,000 members produce an annual income of at least £250,000. With our very low overheads, this alone is enough to run the Party. On top of that we are encouraging both regular and one-off donations, and we have the Trafalgar Club and subscriptions to VoF as well. Our Central Team is determined that the Party will be run prudently and efficiently and that we develop as a learning organisation. The culture at the centre is very much to listen to complaints and criticism, take valid points onboard and improve.
  • We have had a lot of problems to overcome, but we are getting a fantastic response from people who are being given the facts about our work. Since our report was sent out, a lot of people who had not renewed previously rang or did so online. Let’s get the message out – reports of our death were much exaggerated – we are here to stay.
So as we have stated in the past the
British National Party is the way forward.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Young Angry Racist and Anti British

Alleged Anti racist pop rap group Class Actions, have proved their true colours and motives by promoting the racist words and Marxists fascist ultra left wing ideology with some of their latest tunes which they rap along to, RWB Salford doesn’t think much of the group and realises they will not go very far in the British Music Industry, as they are more like a drunken stag on a karaoke night.

One of the lead singers Aslan AK the failed law student from Weaste, a young angry anti British immigrant from Turkey, has released such songs called “F**K The BNP” other tracks talk about having anal sex with Kate Middleton on the Royal Wedding Day, a song which is anti British Monarchy, Shame on you. To top things off Aslan and his mini pop group has released the latest tune called “House N****R no more” A racist title to a racist tune.

RWB Correspondant Spoke to Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “I have had the displeasure of meeting Aslan in person. Aslan is a vile excuse for a human being who likes to go round saying he is Anti Racist, but the real truth is Aslan is the real Racist and very anti British, people like him do not deserve to reside in the British Shores, it makes me wonder with his views why he has come to this country”

RWB Salford has a good source what states Class Actions has caused a bit of eruption with their latest stunt, with the racist song they have, people are now doubting Class Actions loyalty and cant work out what their agenda is.

Aslan himself is a political activist, who openly supports Labour, and in his spare time delivers leaflets for the TUSK - Trade Unions political wing in Salford. Such aggression, language he uses, racism and anti British ways he has its no wonder the TUSK come last in every ward in Salford, the truth of the matter is the voters of Salford are not stupid.

The British National Party is the way forward and the only political party to put a stop to morons like this and to make a real difference.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HMP Forest Bank Salford Exposed.

In the height of all the cut backs, prisoners at Cat B Forest Bank young offenders institution that holds over 1064 prisoners are being treated much better than our own normal law abiding citizens. 5 Star bed and breakfast luxury treatment is being applied at the prison. The prisoners are being fed much better than our troops on the front line.

Look at menu below!!!

The prisoners are given a fine choice of 5 meals a day to pick from on a weekly bases no expense spared, a menu is sent round to each prisoner in each cell, to select what they would like on the weekly bases. HMP Forrest bank is contracted out to Kaylx a private sector security company. Not only do prisoners get a play station, sky television but they now get served upon hand and foot all at the expense of the tax payer, troops on the front line do not even get fed properly and they are fighting for queen and country, so who says crime doesn’t pay?

The menu obtained by Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “I find it really hard to grasp, that some one who breaks the law would get the star treatment of such standards, pensioners are starving to death in the winter, warmth or food they have to pick from, not only thins but it is so unbearable to think troops on the front line in afghan serving for the country, don’t even get fed this well, its sickens me and we think here in Salford it’s a total disgrace!”

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another Local Issue Resoved By Salford BNP

A very thankful local community, see how a British National Party Salford branch works for constituency, this is a report follow up from a previous report by the RWB team, on how a Libyan flag was being flown out side a halal takeaway. Well good news the flag has been removed and rightly so.

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “I would like to thank the council who acted on this issue the locals had, now we know how anti western and British Libya really is, just think what would happen if we went over to there country and tried to fly our flag, it would be blood and guts total pandemonium. Now I don’t have a problem with any body supporting there own country or even flying there flags, but when it comes to the pc brigade who are hell bent on the English not flying the St Georges flag and it becomes a big taboo, that’s when I have a problem”

Well done Gary and Salford BNP keep up the good work.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Who Reaps The Benefits Then?

Northwest British National Party Nick Griffin MEP, has hit the nail right on the head, by saying a tremendous saying "take away the jam, and the wasps will stay at home"  below is figures obtained by the RWB research team, on just how bad immigration has on the Salfordian's.

Now as we say the figures we did report some time last year and we are now submitting the same FOI requests for the year 2010 / 11 just to see how bad the forever changing face in Salford is

Below is shocking, from a whole range of benefits, education, health care and housing read and see for your self.

Q1, How many have reported to Dallas Court Centre in the year of 2008 and up to August 2009?

A- On average, Dallas Court deals with approximately 8000 Reporting Events each month.  A Reporting Event requires a person to report as part of the conditions of any temporary release or bail granted.  However, the frequency of reporting events varies from person to person, and it is not therefore possible to accurately state how many ‘individuals’ have actually reported to Dallas Court during the period from January 2008 to August 2009. 

Q2, Can you list all benefits and claims asylum seekers are entitled to?

We call this cash support. For information on who can receive this help and how it is paid, see Cash support.

The amount of cash support we pay is based on the amount of income support paid to permanent residents of the United Kingdom by the Department for Work and Pensions. It takes into account the fact that, unlike permanent residents who receive income support, asylum applicants do not have to pay bills for essentials such as electricity, gas and water

The current rates of support are:

Qualifying couple (married or in a civil partnership): £69.57
Lone parent aged 18 or over: £42.16
Single person aged 18 or over, excluding lone parent: £35.13
Person aged at least 16, but under 18 (except a member of a qualifying couple): £38.18
Person aged under 16: £50.81

The rate for a single person aged 25 or over (excluding lone parent), where the decision to grant support was made prior to the 5 October 2009 and the person reached age 25 prior to that date, is £42.16. However, this rate will not be be offered to any new applicant applying for support after 5 October 2009.

mothers to be;

If you are a woman who is pregnant or with children under three, you can receive extra money to help you buy healthy food.
A baby under the age of 12 months receives an extra £5 a week. Pregnant women and children aged between one and three years receive an extra £3 a week.
If you are pregnant, you may be able to receive a £300 maternity payment, if you meet certain requirements. This money is to help you with the costs of having the baby. You can receive it only once.

You must apply for the maternity payment very close to the time when the baby is born. This must be less than a month before the baby is due to be born, or within two weeks after the birth. Your application must include one of the following:

 an original, full birth certificate;

an original MAT B1 form (ask your case owner about this - it is a form provided by a doctor or midwife as evidence of your baby's birth or expected birth); or
other original, formal evidence of the birth.

Q3, How many of the above were Detained and non detainees?

A- All the people who report to Dallas Court have either been granted Temporary Release or Bail, and are therefore classified as ‘non-detained’. In the period from 1st January 2009 to 31st August 2009, approximately 60 people have been detained upon reporting at Dallas Court.

How much was spent on the use of translators? Also list the top 10 languages that are translated from to English?

A- A total of £8.9M was spent on interpreters during 2008/09.  A record of all languages translated is not held centrally.  However, an analysis of the records held by the Central Interpreters Unit who are responsible for booking a significant number of interpreters for UKBA would suggest that the following are the top 10 languages translated:


Also RWB Salford asked Salford Council-

1. How many property’s do the Home office occupy in Salford?

A- Salford City Council has a contract with the Home Office to provide accommodation and support within which 47 council owned properties are currently used in discharge of that contract.

2. How many of these property’s are empty? And how many occupied?

A- All properties are currently occupied.

3. Who are these property’s for?

A- The properties are allocated by referrals from the Home Office for people seeking asylum.

4. How much has been spent in rent, water rates, electric, gas? (Years of 2008/09)

A- The total combined spend for 47 properties is Rent £80,161.32 Water Rates £4333.40 Electric £26.947.92 Gas £25,872.56.

It was also established that all the property’s are fully furnished

Items in with the deal;

Kitchen Chairs, Dining Table, Sofa, Wardrobes, Chest of Drawers, Beds, Fridge-Freezer, Curtains, Cooker, Mop and Bucket, Long Handled Brush, Swing Bin, Dust Pan & Brush, Set of Pans, Cutlery, Crockery, Utensils(sets), Tea Towel, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Quilt & Cover, Pillows & Covers, Bed Sheets and a wide variety of benefits as previously reported. Click link below to refresh you memory

RWB Salford Is Strong With Supporters

Again the Red White And Blue web site views is up and well over its views and hits, we have a core support out there who are on  the RWB Blog daily, The RWB Salford admin team would once again like to thank you all subscribers, supporters and views.

Check daily we have more stories and nationalist news to deliver.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Salford BNP Attends Northwest Way Forward Meeting

A very well attended British National Party Northwest, Way forward meeting, Notorious Salford BNP as always went along to show support and put views forward, lots of new idea's and suggestions came from officials from all round the Northwest, the main thing the Northwest is about is staying loyal to the voter, the party and its chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

The Northwest's idea's along with Salford BNP idea's will soon be getting rolled out nationwide once all the way forward meeting have completed and all the idea's have been collated and finalised, you will be expected to see lots of new recriutment campaigns, national problems tackled along with the most important local issues sorted out.

A few words from the British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP spoke from the Northwest way forward meeting held last week.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Important Information You Need To Know. LABOUR25

Red White And Blue Salford, keeps returning to the LABOUR25 subject and there is a very simple reason why, The unaware public need to know just really who they are voting for. This issue with the LABOUR25 is real, and not to be ignored

How can i play my part you say well its very easy and at the same time simple below there is printable A4 leaflet took from the offical LABOUR25 web site  for you to give your family and friends,

RWB Salford would like to bring your attention to number 19 on the list - PETER TUFFLEY
Sick Tuffley, personal assistant and adviser to Hazel Blears and concidered a "rising star" within the Labour Party, was jailed for 15 months and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for sexual grooming and child abduction. Tuffley also lied his way into a job working for child charity NSPCC and Barnardo's

Now this is only one case, in Salford where our home town is, but its happening up and down the country do your duty for your children, Spread the word get people told!!!

Now if you want to get involved feel free to contact  parents against paedophiles email them at parentsagainstpaedophiles@msn.com

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Salford BNP 2011 Election Summary

The results for the British National Party in the recent election in Salford were, to be honest, pretty disappointing, especially considering the weeks of planning and preparation the Salford team put in. All five candidates reported massive swathes of support when out canvassing, but unfortunately that didn't turn into actual votes. A low turnout of just 33.5% of the electorate saw everyones vote suffer. Salford BNP will take lessons from this result, and will come back stronger and more determined to do better next time. 

The plus side to the results was seeing the Liberal Democrats suffer huge humiliation and their voter base crash through the floor. Whilst the BNP had nothing to lose and all to play for, the Lib Dems lost two of their safest seats after selling their souls to the devil for a share of power in a very unpopular coalition Government. Back to the drawing board for Norman Owen and his band of not so very merry men. The voters have spoken, and it is up to the British National Party in Salford to take advantage of Lib Dem disdain for their principles and voters, although it would be unwise to write them off just yet.

Salford BNP now have one year to prepare themselves for the next elections, and must not waste a single minute of it, and I'm sure they won't. The hard work starts now.

I have been asked to extend warmest gratitude to all those that helped the candidates with leafletting, canvasssing, and general preparation for the elections, and a massive thank you to the voters who had the guts to stand up to the lying, thieving Labour party, and vote BNP. Your Faith in the British National Party is hugely appreciated.

Thank You.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Salford BNP Support St George But Does Hazel Blears Why Not Ask Her.

Does your MP support St. George?

We could get a Bank Holiday on St. George's Day, but you need to email your MP today and ask them to support the 'St. George's Day and St. David's Day Bill 2010-11'.

It only takes a minute and England will finally get a day off to celebrate our culture, heritage and future together.

It's simple. Enter your postcode in the box below and you will be taken to a website that gives you the name of your MP. Click the name, write your email and send it. Done


People Of Salford can Email Hazel Blears

Not sure what to write?

Here's a suggestion on what to write if you are not sure. Simply copy and paste it into the email.
"There is a Private Members Bill for a Bank Holiday on St. George's Day which gets its Second Reading on Friday 13 May and I urge you to support it (St. George's Day and St. David's Day Bill 2010-11).

England gets fewer Bank Holidays than most European countries and a holiday on 23 April will give us the opportunity to also recognise what binds us together.

N. Ireland has a bank holiday on St. Patrick's Day and I'm sure the Scottish Parliament will now change the 'voluntary' bank holiday on St. Andrew's Day to a full day off.

The St. George Unofficial Bank Holiday website (www.stgeorgesholiday.com) plan to publish the names of all those MPs that support the Bill and I hope your name will be on the list.

I look forward to hearing from you soon with your thoughts. Many thanks."

Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Buy British

Five reasons to buy locally produced, British food.

1) You will be buying safe and traceable products produced to very high standards of wholesomeness. The UK has more commercial free-range hens than anywhere else in Europe. Our pig farmers do not use tethers and stalls, unlike others on the Continent, and our beef farmers do not use veal crates or hormones that those from abroad often do.

2) You will be supporting great British traditions: products such as English strawberries, Scotch whisky, Welsh lamb etc. British food made from British ingredients from British farms represents the best of British culture.

3) You will be supporting your local economy, and, especially in times like these, we must do all we can to help agricultural businesses, as they are often a key part of the local economy. The British farmer also represents very good value for fresh and delicious produce. Shop locally at a farm shop or a farmers’ market to really see the difference between local and mass-produced supermarket food that has often travelled thousands of miles and does not benefit the UK farmer. We have lost nearly half of all our family farms in the UK in the last 40 years. By shopping locally and supporting your local economy, you can help reverse this decline.

4) You will be helping to maintain the beautiful British countryside, because by keeping the UK-based farmers in business, you are helping to reduce the risk of our green and pleasant land being eaten up by developers, new houses and motorways.

5) Above all, it tastes great. And, by only eating British food wherever possible, we will show the supermarkets that their halal meats, their Mexican strawberries and other foreign foods are unwelcome and unnecessary when our farmers are able to produce the same foods that taste better and come from our own land.

Buy British. Eat British. Vote British.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Salford British National Party Election Results May 2011

Salford City Council 5th May 2011 Election Results

Irwell Riverside Ward, BNP Candidate Gary Tumulty

Labour           1460
Tory               209
Lib Dem         202
BNP              167
UKIP             92

Langworty Ward, BNP Candidate Keith Fairhurst

Labour           1400
Lib Dem         368
Tory               198
BNP               167
UKIP             161
TUSAC          98

Winton Ward, BNP Candidate Stuart Henshaw

Labour           1617
Tory               475
UKIP             193
BNP               138
Lib Dem         124
TUSAC          103

Cadishead Ward, BNP Candidate Brenda Leather

Labour            1647
Tory                639
BNP               195
UKIP              151
Lib Dem          94

Pendlebury Ward, BNP Candidate Wayne Taylor

Labour            1811
Tory                539
BNP               204
UKIP              184
Lib Dem          161
Ind                   84

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Five Terror Suspects Being Held In Salford

Five men are being held in Salford in connection with Terrorism Act after being arrested close to the Sellafield Nuclear site. The Five terror suspects are allegelly being held in custody at Pendleton Police Station. The Northwest Counter Terrorism Unit are well underway with there investigation

All males are in there 20's and of an Banglideshi Origin, The arrest was made hours after of Al Queda lord Osama Bin Laden was killed.

RWB Salford would say lets hope the Greater Manchester Police get this matter cleared up speedly and lets keep the streets of Salford safe and if it turns out the five are guilty lets serve justice then deport the five in question

Monday, 2 May 2011

One Time Offer From Salford BNP

Salford British National Party are offering to give you one free copy of the high demanded Voice Of Freedom, all you have to do is send over your details to;

bnpsalford@live.co.uk or write and request to

The Press Officer
British National Party
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

BNP Salford will send you the latest copy of the Voice Of Freedom they have on offer, copy 122

Read in this issue;

An in-depth blow-by-blow breakdown of the epic victory against Trevor Phillips and his tax-payer funded PC army.
News of the record number of British National Party councillors elected un-opposed this year
An Editorial on the war in Libya
Reports on the scourge of unemployment in our communities
Our lively and sometimes controversial letters column where ordinary Nationalists just like you get to debate and express their views
And lots more

Alternatively you can subscribe to one years issues for only £13:50 Click here to recieve that offer.