Friday, 12 August 2011

Hazel Blears - Not The Sharpest Tool.

Not A Clue Salford Labour MP Hazel Blears

By RWB correspondent.

Salford MP Hazel Blears was left red faced and humiliated on sky news when she asked 'why are these children not at school'? when discussing the riots that left parts of Salford precinct burnt out wrecks. Her embarrassment was further compounded when people 'tweeting' her gaffe reposted it that many times it 'trended' or became the most tweeted topic.

Hazel, I'm sorry love, but you really are NOT up to the job are you? Even the normal people from salford know its the school holidays. Time for you to go on you jolly way I think. You are not liked by the majority of true Salfordians, you only get re-elected because you gerrymander the vote by moving in grateful immigrants into housing that should be allocated to locals. 

Step down Hazel, you know it makes sense.


  1. Hahaha isn't that a bit 'waysist'! Sound like she is thinking of Americas summers school and that would be implying that blacks are less intelligent held back in summer school!