Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Working For The Communists ‘In Salford’ Council Staff

Salford Labour Marching With Communists

When the democratic system fails, and no real opposition stands in the way, the Red Front of the Labour Party in Salford pull the strings and shut down anyone who is opposed to them in the city, using council staff to do the dirty work, with the latest strategic move blocking the British National Party having a fair say against the cuts of the frontline services.

A full private meeting was scheduled to take place on September 1st by the local branch of Salford BNP – against the cuts, with many ordinary members of the public and cross party councillors who are generally concerned about the lack of transparency, openness and democracy in the city under Labours communist regime was invited and confirmed to attend this very important meeting, where a plan of action would be formed and action to be taken.

The meeting was booked to take place at Salford Civic Centre by the council’s events planning team who were only to, happy to accommodate us in the same very place of where the dirty deeds are undertaken. News as you can imagine reached the Labour Party and the city mayor Ian Stewart ordered his political puppets to shut the meeting down.

On the orders of the communists Neil Watts Electoral Service manager, who has nothing to do with booking of rooms for private party functions told our organisers he had cancelled the room, with no explanation or logical reasons other than the council had no legal obligations to hire the room over to British National Party to hold an anti cuts meeting.

We contacted Mr Watts who said “He was only following orders” but who’s orders he would not say, our source inside the council told us “Neil is a mere puppet fighting to keep his job, he is scared of the Labour Party and will not stand up to them, because he is not very good at his job as the  Labour party are well aware of, and that’s why they use him as a pawn, fear does strange things to people. So this spells out why elections are rigged and Labour get elected with nobody stopping the corruption down at the civic centre”.

Salford British National Party spokesman said “With the reference to Labour communists a lot of readers will say why do we keep saying this, I have sent a picture with this report that clearly shows Salford Labour Party branch, with their number one, city mayor, Ian Stewart marching with the communists in Manchester City Centre who are proudly waving red hammer and stickle flags and supporting Stalin banners.

“Salford Labour are a joke, this branch are pioneering the way in removing the red front from the city, unite and fight with us”.

The meeting is still going ahead as planned so please join us, no matter what party you are no matter what you think of the British National Party we must join and forget our differences as our fight is with Labour, all of us.

For more details email Salford@bnp.org.uk if you would like to send any donations towards leaflets exposing Labour or information no matter how small the send it to BNP Against the Cuts, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Sunny Salford BNP Meeting.

With the heat peeling the pavement, and all the summer barbeques taking place Salford British National Party hold a well attended regular as clockwork meeting chaired by stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan.

One of the guest speakers was party super activist and chairman of the ‘Stop the Astley Bridge Mosque Bolton’ community group Bryn Morgan, who came to give an update of the activities that have formulated around the planning permission and the 1.1 million or so pound of tax payers money given to Muslim’s by the corrupt Labour Council to build another super mosque on British soil in Bolton.

Bryn who has worked tirelessly to oppose this mosque being built outlined how he has formed a petition with well over 5000 signatures, was shunned by the council who in a one sided public meeting disrespected the locals in Bolton and granted permission for the build, pandering down to the Muslims as Bryn handed the petition over, which lead to protests as previously reported on a British National Party site.

Bryn outlined to Salford the seriousness of this issue saying “I am doing this to secure the future for my children and grandchildren, enough is enough no more Muslim appeasement, no more mosque on UK soil, and for them Muslims who have threatened me, go ahead cut me as my blood will bleed red white and blue” to great cheer. 

After a short break North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty took the floor, for members to ask questions of the recent structure change.

Gary outlined “The North West and Salford would like to thank Nick Griffin for all his effort and hard work he did for the party, and wish him well in his new role as president, Adam Walker we welcome as leader and we will facilitate and support him all the way”.

On the night we had 6 old members renew their memberships and 9 new members sign up along with a very healthy collection showing the branch and the party is in a fit bill of health.

Gary tells RWB News “Thank you again for all the support the membership gives as always, I am looking forward to Adam’s new fresh approach to sensible politics. I am sure we will have a lot more to report in the near future”.

To contact Salford British National Party email Salford@bnp.org.uk. To make a small generous donation to the branch send it to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT (Postal orders payable to British Heritage). 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Leaflet Irwell Riverside

Make Your Mark Ballet Paper Example

Two papers and two votes make your mark Vote BNP

Find your local polling station in Salford by clicking this link

Two Words Salford - Vote BNP

Every polling station in Salford where you can vote British National Party BNP


Wesley Methodist Church, Lords Street, M44 5EH
Dale House, The Meadows, New Moss Road, Cadishead, M44 5AP
St. Teresa's R.C. Primary School, Clarendon Road (McDonald Road Entrance), M44 5ZA
St. Mary's Primary School, Buckingham Road, M44 5HG
Temporary Building, The Green, Victory Road, M44 5FB
Irlam and Cadishead Leisure Centre, Liverpool Road, M44 6BR


Irlam Community Centre, Locklands Lane / Ferryhill Road,
M44 6RB
Moorfield Primary School, (Acorn Centre), Cutnook Lane,
M44 6JX
Boundary Road Methodist Church, M44 6HD
Irlam Community Centre, Locklands Lane / Ferryhill Road,
M44 6RB

Beech Street Centre, Eccles, M30 8GB
Mary Magdalene Church, Westbourne Road, M30 8DE
St. Matthew’s R.C Church, Worsley Road, M30 8BL
Alder Brook Primary Partnership Centre, Walnut Road, M30 8LE
Barton Moss Primary School, Trippier Road, M30 7PT
Peel Green House, Liverpool Road, M30 7LP
Westwood Park Community Centre, Grasmere Crescent,
M30 8DW
Temporary Building Junction of Hiley Road/ Brookhouse Avenue, Eccles, M30 7PX
Barclays Community Centre, Cook Street, M30 8QG


Unicorn Public House, Liverpool Road, M30 7BY
Godfrey Ermen Memorial School, School Road, M30 7BJ
Lewis Street Primary School, M30 0UP
Eccles Gateway Centre, 28 Barton Lane, M30 0TU
Barton Village Community Centre, Enfield Close, Eccles, M30 0QD

Temporary Building, adjacent to 5 Proctor Way, M30 7WF
Christ Church Primary School, Nelson Street, M30 0GZ


Eccles Masonic Hall, Half Edge Lane, M30 9BA
Monton Methodist Church, Park Road, M30 9JG
The Deans Football Club, Salisbury Road, Eccles, M30 9BG
Cornerstone Community Church, Mather Avenue, Eccles, M30 0UG
Unitarian Church Hall, Monton Green, M30 8AP
Temporary Building, Lamb Hotel Car Park, Regent Street, Eccles, M30 0BP


St Mary’s R.C School, Milner Street, M27 4AS
St Mary’s Church, Park Street, Swinton, M27 4UR
Carr and Hume Estate Agents, Folly Lane, Swinton, M27 0DD
Swinton Football Club, Barton Road, Swinton, M27 5LJ
Bethesda Church Hall, Eccles Road / Worsley Road,
M27 5SW
Temporary Building, lay-by, Campbell Road, M27 5QG
Humphrey Booth Resource Centre, Worsley Road, M27 5SN
Humphrey Booth Resource Centre, Worsley Road, M27 5SN


Wardley Community Centre, 30 Ash Drive, M27 9RS
Mossfield Sure Start Children’s Centre, Mossfield Road, M27 6EH
Fit City Pendlebury, Cromwell Road, M27 9SZ
Fletcher Hall, Vicarage Road, M27 0WA
All Saints Church, Charles Street, Swinton, M27 9UQ
St. Charles Primary School, Emlyn Street, off Moorside Road, M27 9PD
Clifton Primary School, Wroe Street, M27 6PF


The Hollies, Moorfield Close, M28 1BN
Worsley Court House, Barton Road, Worsley, M28 2PB
Holy Rood Church Hall, Moorside Road, M27 0HJ
Beesley Green Community Centre, Greenleach Lane, M28 2QW
Holy Rood Church Hall, Moorside Road, M27 0HJ
Worsley Road United Reformed Church, Worsley Road, M27 0AG
St. Mark’s Church Hall, Walkden Road, M28 2YA


Guild Hall Community Centre, Guild Avenue, M28 3AS
Temporary Building, Crompton Street, Walkden, M28 3HP
Temporary Building, Rydal Crescent, Walkden, M28 7JD
Temporary Building, junction of Edge Fold Road / Broadway, M28 7GE
James Brindley Primary School, Parr Fold Avenue, M28 7HE
St. George's High School, Parsonage Drive, M28 3SH
Temporary Building, Mesne Lea Primary School, Henniker Street, M28 7FG


Cleggs Lane Methodist Church, M38 9UW
Bridgewater Youth Club, Bridgewater Street, M38 9WD
St. John's (Ellesmere) Community Centre, Algernon Road, M28 3RE
St. Paul's Heathside Sure Start Children’s Centre, Heathside Grove, M28 3NZ


Wharton Church, Highgate Lane, M38 9SZ
Dukesgate Primary School, Earlesdon Crescent, M38 9HF
Bethany Family Worship Centre, Kenyon Way, M38 0EN
Peel Park Pavilion, Ram Street, Little Hulton, M38 9EG
Temporary Building, Armitage Social Club, Madams Wood Road, Worsley, M28 0JU
Dukesgate Primary School, Earlesdon Crescent, M38 9HF
Hilton Lane Primary School, Madams Wood Road, M28 0JY
Temporary Building, Armitage Social Club, Madams Wood Road, Worsley, M28 0JU


Boothstown Community Centre, Standfield Drive, M28 1NB
Boothstown Methodist Primary School, Chapel Street Entrance, M28 1DG
The Boundary Stone, Bridgewater Road, Worsley, M28 1AD
Temporary Building, Ellenbrook Primary School, Longwall Avenue, M28 7PS
Bridgewater Park / Boothstown Junior Football Club, Amberhill Way, M28 1UP

Lower Kersal Primary School, St. Aidans Grove, M7 3TN
Lower Kersal Primary School, St. Aidan’s Grove, M7 3TN
St. Paul's Primary School, Nevile Road, M7 3PT
Brentnall Primary School, Northumberland Street, M7 4RP
Temporary Building, Japan Street, Salford, M7 4HP

The Adult Learning Centre, 138 Leicester Road, M7 4GB
Riverview Primary School, 1 Wheaters Street, Salford, M7 1QZ
St. Clements Church Hall, Ellis Street, M7 1UF
Community House, 89 Heath Avenue, M7 1NY
Temporary Building, St John’s Street, Salford, M7 2EA
Salford Gymnastic and Trampoline Centre,Devonshire Street, Salford, M7 4RE
Marlborough Road Primary School, M7 4XU
Broughton Hub, Rigby Street, Salford, M7 4BQ
St Boniface School (Nursery Unit), Yew Street, Salford, M7 2HL
St. James’s Church Parish Hall, Great Cheetham Street East, M7 4UH
St. Boniface Parish Centre, St. Boniface Road, M7 2GE
Broughton Hub, Rigby Street, Salford, M7 4BQ


Langworthy Cornerstone, 451 Liverpool Street, M6 5QQ
Fit City Clarendon, Liverpool Street, M5 4AY
Fit City Clarendon, Liverpool Street, M5 4AY
Willow Tree Primary School, Greenland Street, M6 5TJ
Holy Family RC Primary School, 3 Lower Seedley Road, Salford, M6 5WX
Pendleton Gateway Centre, 1 Broadwalk, M6 5FX
St. Paul's Primary School, Cross Lane, M5 4AL
Pendleton Gateway Centre, 1 Broadwalk, M6 5FX
Affinity Sutton Centre, Doveridge Gardens / Seedley Road, M6 7LY
Community Room, 15 Springbank, Brentwood, M6 8RH
Mount Chapel Church, 32 Eccles Old Road, Salford, M6 7AF


Temporary Building, Seaford Road/ Greyhound Drive, Salford, M6
St. Sebastian’s Community Centre, 1 Douglas Green, M6 6ES
St. Sebastian’s Community Centre, 1 Douglas Green, M6 6ES
St. Thomas’s Church, Ford Lane, M6 6PE

The Friars Primary School, Cannon Street, M3 7EU
Youth Offending Service, St Simon Street, Salford, M3 7ES
Brunswick House, 62 Broad Street, Salford, M6 5BZ
The Beacon Centre, London Street, M6 6QT
The Friars Primary School, Cannon Street, M3 7EU
The Beacon Centre, London Street, M6 6QT
Summerville Sure Start Children’s Centre, Summerville Road, M6 7HB


Pendleton College, Dronfield Road, M6 7FR
Masonic Hall, Hospital Road, M27 1EY
Lightoaks Junior School, Lancaster Road (Brandon Road Entrance), M6 8LU
The Height Youth Club, King Street, Irlams o'th' Height, M6 7GY


Temporary Building, St. Luke’s Primary School, Eccles New Road, M5 5NX
Temporary Building, St. Luke’s Primary School, Eccles New Road, M5 5NX
Temporary Building, Canterbury Gardens, Salford, M5 5AJ
All Hallows R.C. Business & Enterprise College, Weaste Lane (Hebden Avenue Entrance), M5 5JH
Chandos Sports and Social Club, Chandos Grove (Dodd Street Entrance), M5 5LJ
SAYF, 87 – 89 Cholmondeley Road, Salford, M6 8PU
Elmwood Church, 240 Eccles Old Road, M7 8AG
Elmwood Church, 240 Eccles Old Road, M7 8AG