Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Salford BNP - The Place To Be.

Postal Vote- Yes Please

Tuesday 21st Feb 2012, starts with a very positive Salford British National Party heart activist team, head towards the local shopping centre, to personally hand out the ‘heat or eat’ scandal leaflet, and sign new voters up to the postal vote.

The Real Salfordians

The activism did not end there. A small energetic team pounded one of the local housing estates close by, over 500 leaflets were posted out within just 1 hour, speaking to the public Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “it is very intresting to watch the public’s response to this scandal, many of which have just received their utility bills, one person tells me its £200 more this season because of the cold, he had to have the heating on a bit more,

All Very Supportive And Keen To Know More

Edna one local OAP, thanked me for standing up for her rights, and for caring about her in her home, she told me that Salix homes, Salford Council’s landlords had gave her a little heater, and it was because of me and the British National Party’s weight, why they were forced into action, although not a free fuel top up, it was much cheaper to run the heater, she is now considering joining the party”.

Salford British National Party, With Chairman

The evening continued to the well attended meeting where Party Chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin was speaking.

Mr Griffin MEP told a packed room about nationalism, and how other European nationalists groups had formed their own partys on the British National Party. The chairman told the members how we are moving from straight to straight on a daily bases, the lies and the smears told set to destroy us, have failed miserably, and we have moved on to a unified stronger party, the future and key to winning elections is postal votes.

Mr Griffin told Salford “Enoch was right, referring to the great the rivers of blood speech, bringing a massive round of applause, and now the majority of the British public are now saying Nick Griffin is right”.

Nick Griffin Is Right.

Councillor Clive Jefferson, National Elections Officer, who has done a great deal of research and studying of the electoral system is now championing the way forward, and calling for all activist’s, candidates and members to sign as many up as possible for a postal block vote, very important and a key to start winning elections as failure is not a option.

Mr Griffin MEP, raised a total of £770 doubled by central office totalling £1540, for the London GLA, and further £600 was also gained for the Salford Mayoral Election

Gary Tumulty continued to tell correspondents “Thank you to every one who took part in the days activities, thank you to the North West who attended the meeting, thank you to the local business man who pledged to pay Eddy O’Sullivan’s

Eddy O'Sullivan Nick Griffin MEP Gary Tumulty British National Party

Salford mayoral candidates deposit, and I just want to thank the person (Frank), who recognised me off this very site and stopped me on the streets, when I was out in Salford looking at local issues, shook my hand and handed me a £10 donation, you made me feel like a bit of a celebrity, hope to see you around”

Get involved today sign up for the postal vote, donate or get active, but please do something, its our country and we need you.

Contact Salford British National Party,

Letters of support write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT, Email or ring / txt 07909 674 006.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Salford BNP Push Local Labour In To Turmoil

Mirror Image

On hearing the British National Party Salford’s mayoral candidate selection Eddy O’Sullivan, local labour have been in extreme amounts’ of panic and turmoil, as many of their own members turn on the original candidate John Merry.

John Merry the Local Labour Leader and head of the council decided to take the liberty and very undemocratically select him self as the mayoral candidate, on the night of the referendum, when the Salfordians turned in mass and voted YES for an elected mayor

Unhappy with their leader, opponents Jim King, Ian Stewart and former trades union Peter Wheeler have told Merry, he has no chance against the fight of the British National Party candidate Eddy O’Sullivan.

Labours John Merry’s personal portfolio as leader of Salford Council has a lot to be desired, he has lead the Council to millions of pounds of debt, created a corruption culture at the council, witnessed by staff at all levels, lead to Salford Land being sold off cheaply to private investors to bull doze Council Houses, Sealed the deal for the closure of its Magistrates and County Courts, Constructed a real house crisis for Locals due to Immigrants express service at top of all housing lists. Destroyed the local NHS services by cutting services, maternity ward being one. Damaged Police front line’s with cuts and even getting caught short in the riots.

The Labour leader has killed jobs for locals as migrants are reaping all the benefits and taking jobs for cheap labour. Ripped into the Education Services sold off and suffering, Salford University being dubbed as worst in the country. The Salford Children’s Services slip up and time and time again costing kids lives.

John’s has been claiming thousands off the tax payer and offering little services, or in most cases non and at the same time allowing mass immigration’s rise to Salford in a bid to gerrymander for Labour voters

A local insider labour member tells the RWB Salford “John has embarrassed the party well and truly the members have turned on him, he had no rights to set him self up and publicly declaring his job as mayor.

“John is only out for what he can get, and we have had enough” He concluded.

The British National Party will stand against the labour party, and failure is not a option, we look forward to the hustings.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pro Activity At Salford BNP

Pro Active Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty

As the cold snap, bites nationwide and the British public make contingency’s to keep their homes warm. The Salford British National Party branch continue with its stern message of hope and faith, a small team of hardcore activist’s across the city deliver the new controversial ‘heat or eat’ scandal leaflet.

Many of the high rise blocks of flats, which home the elderly, were targeted during this session of leafleting, A respectable number of the residents were signed up as new postal voters, News has already swept through the community, of how Salford Council has the attitude of ’fend for your self’ to the British OAP’s who freeze to death in their own homes every winter.

Sign Up To The Postal Vote - Its Easy

Salford British National Party, the only party, to stick it head above the rest and fend for its own people and OAP’s, have once again challenged Salford Council to stop funding Asylum Seekers and start looking after our own. More shocking was Barbara Spicer Chief Executive, who is also paid £202 thousand pound a year states “The council has obligations to asylum seekers, and the council will not stop meeting those obligations”.

Obligations To Asylum Seekers
Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser tells the news team, “We are the only hope for the British People, we can not afford to keep paying out stupid money for asylum seekers, its time to start spending wisely, look after our own, charity begins at home.

“I have had a fantastic day talking to some of the elderly members of Salford , who remember our city as it once was, before the colonization took place, its started to hit a cord, and people are now starting to realise it is the British National Party who are the only party prepared to fight for their rights” Gary Concluded.

Salford has a Mayoral Election on the 3rd May 2012, to get involved and help the candidate Eddy O’Sullivan contact Gary on the details below.

Out And About Eddy O'Sullivan BNP For Mayor
Most importantly sign up to the Postal Vote, all people viewing this site from Salford / Manchester ring / txt or email Gary on 07909674006 - there is no work required we will visit you and fill the forms out, all you do is sign, then VOTE British National Party (BNP).

Friday, 10 February 2012

Salford Appoints Eddy O’Sullivan Mayoral Candidate

Saford Mayoral Candidate British National Party Edward O'Sullivan

Key officials, activists and members met and appointed long time stalwart Edward O’Sullivan to be their candidate for the May 3rd 2012 Salford Mayoral Elections. Eddy told the room that, as elected British National Party Mayor, he would be looking for transparency for all Salford City Council accounts. Every single penny should be accounted for and published for public scrutiny.

Eddy would scrap any frivolous and ill-considered council funded projects. For instance events such as Gay Pride parades, ‘Asylum Seeker Weeks’ and paying for Bangladeshi women to learn English. These projects offer no benefit to the vast majority of the people of Salford.

Eddy says “Public funds should be used to deliver the services that the silent majority of Salfordians wish for and not to subdue the extravagant demands of vociferous minorities, The system is currently unfair and we are here to provide fairness for all.

Common sense should be applied when considering any public spend. This will serve to drive down Council Tax. A full review is needed of the way public services are funded. We can’t keep to the lunatic Labour policy of borrowing, spending then borrowing again to pay those debts. It is very simple… we can only spend what we have got in our pocket and if we haven’t got it in our pocket then we can’t have it!

Eddy wants to make sure that the people employed by Salford council are doing the job they are employed to do in an efficient and cost effective manner. This means no more spending millions on consultants to do the job for them, shape up or ship out.

A full scrutiny of the Education policies within the City’s schools will be performed. We will not be teaching primary school children about sex and homosexuality. It is wrong and it has got to stop. Eddy states he wants common sense to replace political correctness.

Eddy is looking to create an environment where a strong and growing private sector can contribute to a leaner, more efficient public sector. Eddy wants local jobs to go to local people. Eddy wants the City to be investing in industry as share-holders and not simply handing out grants to hare-brained ‘make work’ schemes that hold out no hope of ever returning anything of benefit.

Eddy sums the mayoral elections up by saying “We the British National Party are the party representing the silent majority. It is vitally important to engage with that silent majority to let them know that there is a party that cares about them and that, in order to get what they wish for, all they have to do is vote for Eddy and The British National party. Eddy calls for a huge effort to inform the silent majority that the best way to achieve this is to sign up for the postal vote.

"We have always sent a positive message of hope and it is vital that we continue to send this message to the people of Salford who feel they have been passed over and forgotten. “The opportunity for an elected mayor in Salford is unprecedented. We really are the Salfordian’s last and only hope.” Eddy concluded.

Kay Pollitt was also appointed as Eddy O’Sullivan’s agent for the elections,

Gary Tumulty, Salford British National Party Organiser, tells correspondents “It gives me great delight tonight to see a close friend like Eddy appointed as the Mayoral candidate for the May elections, A deposit of £500 is required and returnable at 5% of the vote. This prompted one a local businessman to ring me early this morning. This kind gentleman promptly pledged to fund this deposit. We, as a branch, would like to say a huge thank-you to him for this.

” This is a great opportunity for the British National Party in Salford and it will also give 150,000 Salfordians an opportunity to vote for the British National Party” Gary Concluded.

Salford British National Party next meeting is on the 21st February where party chairman, Nick Griffin MEP will be speaking. If you would like to come along, sign up for a postal vote, or get involved with Eddy’s Mayoral Election campaign then ring Gary on 07909 674 006 or email

Monday, 6 February 2012

Salford BNP Join Forces To Fight Muslim Paedophiles

Nick Griffin MEP & Gary Tumulty Organiser British National Party

Salford British National Party kick starts Monday morning by meeting up with Northwest MEP and party chairman Nick Griffin, along with other nationalist from around the Northwest, to join the fight against the Muslim paedophile grooming gangs that are sweeping the country by storm.

As 41 Muslim paedophiles sit trial at Liverpool Crown Court, for the charge grooming underage British girls, and protected by Merseyside police, the British National Party went along, with the new banners to protest and show their disgust to what quran has instructed them to do, abuse our children.

Protesters Anti Groomers

Over 5000 specially made leaflets were quickly handed out advising the public of Liverpool why we were there, as the Marxist media seemed to have given the whole subject of Muslim Grooming Paedophilia a total blackout. 
Defending The Muslim Paedophiles

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser told correspondents “These Muslims don’t think they are doing any thing wrong, its in their religion, to abuse our children, Allah himself was a paedophile, he had a girlfriend of the age of 9.

“ The media are afraid to point this out to the public. The British National Party however deliver only the truth as it should be told, its our sole duty to protect children, from such abuse

“Put your self into the victims shoe’s, how would you feel about this if it was your child? Its possible, act today join the resistance against Muslim Grooming Paedophiles” Gary Concluded

Regional Organiser Mike Whiby With Gary Tumulty Salford

Mike Whitby North West Regional Organiser and event planner says “I would like to thank you all today for taking time out, to come and show force against Muslim Grooming Gangs, this will be one of many more events like this, so please for the children’s sake stand with us and fight paedophilia”

For further information contact 

Footage From Protest Below

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Heat Or Eat Salford

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser

Salford British National Party activist hit the streets once again, like a well oiled machine, the heart team in Salford distribute thousands of the new ‘heat or eat’ leaflet, exposing the great asylum seekers free fuel top ups give away.

The reception is quite over whelming and delightful when going into blocks of flats occupied by elderly residents, we have now truly shown the British OAP’s what the labour controlled Salford Council just think of them.

The Labour Party Councillors have for years been telling the British Public it’s a myth that asylum seekers get all these hand outs for free, caught out and bang to rights the free hand outs are no myth.

Mail Out Personal Message 

One Elderly lady who approached us in one block of flats, who asked not to be named or photographed said “I used to vote Labour years ago, and before meeting you, my grand daughter had told me about this fuel hand out, to asylum seekers. 

“I never actually believed it, as my local labour councillor (Labour Joe Murphy 0161-736 4771) told me it was a lie, You have it on this leaflet in black and white, its shocking. 

“Thank you for being there and caring about us, trust me come the mayor elections in May you will have mine and my family’s vote”

Birds Eye View Salford

The Salford activists gained access to many blocks of flats which had communal areas, there were always people in there, and activists popped in to see how people are doing, The ‘Heat or Eat’ leaflet was a main topic of conversation after they had told them who they were and what they were doing.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser said “When I passed the leaflet directly to peoples hands, like in the communal areas I always tell them what it is all about, I am never negative I always just explain, we are not here to moan about it we are here to fix it

“Fixing broken Britain is top of our agenda, the work is never over till we take back what is rightfully ours” Gary Concluded. 

To get involved with Salford British National Party email your details directly to their organiser at 

Salford BNP At Organisers Conference

Salford British National Party With Nick Griffin MEP, Party Chairman

Saturday 4th February 2012 Officials from the British National Party around the country meet in Coventry, for the annual organisers conference, Salford delegate’s attended for their branch, and to show unity for the Party and the chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

The bad times are over, the cream of the crop are left in the party, we are on the up, lots of people, the deformers and the Marxist media, had us down and out, The British National Party is here to stay get used to it, the officials were told to a massive round of applause. 

Topics discussed were street activism, party finances, election literature, postal votes and how it is vitally important to become a grass routes parish councillor.

Thousands of the new ‘Heat or Eat’ leaflets were given out to many branches from around the country, to put across in their target wards amongst the elderly community who will once again be struggling to make ends meet. 

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party tells correspondents “Its nice to be able to attend such pro active conferences, its all about hope, and faith. 

“There was not one bit of negativity or bad vibe in the air, this is a turning point for the party a new era, its all about winning again, its possible, there will be many new things to come from the party.

“I for one will be loyal and remain as a resistance for the British People and the party. The British National Party are writing the history books, and I am glad to be a part of this” Gary Concluded. 

Security Breached At Salford Referendum Count

Making Her Mark Barbara Spicer Salford Council 

It has been witnessed Salford Council, and the Labour Party seem to think they are up and above the rules of the electoral commission.

Under Regulation 18 of the Local Authorities Referendum Regulations, the Counting Officer, Barbara Spicer, must appoint a number of Count Observers, who will be able to observe the count, and opening of postal votes. 

Access To The Count 

A list of name’s was produced of the people who follow the rules who rightfully and applied for tickets for the count, who also had to give full disclosure of their home address’s, and if they was Yes / No vote backers.

On the night of the count a few waves and strays, decided they were above the rules, and gate crashed the event. Mitie Security who have a twenty five year contract and charge the council hundreds and thousands of pounds for security for the council, manning the door on the night, allowed non ticket holders to obtain access to the building. 

Labour Councillors, Mold, Coen, Ord, Antrobus and Lib Dem group leader Norman ‘Stormin’ Owen. All No Campaigners all got access with no tickets. 

Labour Cllr Antrobus (Right) Having Ago

It was also witnessed that the people with no tickets got in, and started to row, cause trouble and generally be a nuisance to any Party backing the YES vote. 

Obnoxious Cllr Owen Lib Dem, Back Ground 

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser says “I had to apply for tickets, (which were I can assure you checked on the door of the count), in good time along with all our activists, I feel a case of Political Bias has been witnessed today. 

“In the Past, I have had activist refused access due to no tickets, its out of order Labour Councillors are not above the rules.

“Barbara Spicer should now resign from her 200K Job, for bringing the council in to  disrepute  by showing her true political feelings. Also the contract with the cow boy outfit firm Mitie Security should be cancelled, for allowing such a serious event to be stormed by opposition party’s.

“Just think what would happen if the British National Party rocked up at counts, with no tickets and attempted to gain access, we would get arrested” Gary Concluded. 

A report has been sent to the Electoral Commission who have confirmed they will be looking in to matters as Salford Council have gone against the guide lines set out by them.

Vin Joesph, head of democratic services Salford Council said “I can confirm the Official Count Observers were in accordance with the published list and no body else should have been in there”.