Thursday, 24 January 2013

Salford Expect Earthquakes

Fracking Mad

It’s been reported how Labour controlled Salford Council have entered a 15 million pound deal with Canadian firm Igas formally Nexes, to start Fracking from the last green belt in the city, as early as next year.

Month’s before this revelation was revealed Peel Holdings had been denied plans to start building on same site, leaving Igas to pave the way and build a plant and explore for the shale gas, in 2011 the government banned fracking from the UK after it had caused two minor earthquakes tremors in Blackpool.

The land where Igas, In partnership with the Salford City Council want to pump water into the ground, to force gas out, is located off the M62 Barton Moss Lane, other residents homes are Salford Rugby Grounds and Barton Aerodrome, both are very close to the site along with many houses where people reside surrounding these controversial plans.

Not Safe And Under Your House

Locals are very worried and unhappy about the plans because it’s been noted how nobody has been informed by the council, or local Labour Councillors, who say they represent and speak for the community.

Salford spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser, Gary Tumulty, British National Party tells site “It disgraceful how the council treats this city, and we are just expected to put up with it, this is people lives they are playing with and not a monopoly board, Fracking is not safe, plans have to be scrapped before we have any tragedy, incidents on our hands here”.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Public Funded Salford News Site Ban BNP From Posting

The Attack

Local internet news site Salford Online, run by chief editor magistrate Brian Everall have for some time refused the British National Party a say in Salford whilst promoting the Labour Party candidates and accepting public funding to set up there site.

Payment totaling ten thousand pounds has been awarded in 2010 by Eccles & East Salford community committees to help set up an online news site. The site is hosted and created by a company called Cybermart, also owned by Mr Everall who is said to be the director.

Everall who is also organiser for the Salford Business Expo received £378 for sponsorship and to create a bag for delegates attending seminars and promotion day, amongst the delegates and who held exhibit stand’s there was the BBC, Media City, Salford City Council, Salford Reds and non other than Salford Online it’s self. Salford Business Expo offices can be also found in Brain Everall Properties in Eccles.

Salford Online News claim to give people a freedom of expression and speech whilst suppressing the British National Party, in the past they have not reported the truth and used such words as racist to hit us with, They have openly promoted the Labour party, for years starting with Hazel Blears who stole from the tax payer by fiddling her expenses, in 2012 Salford Online have promoted Ian Stewart to win his mayoral election, and we are all to familiar with his antics, from his expenses, jobbing his mates up and even slapping his bit on the side when she fell pregnant and refused to get rid.

Labour Ian & Salford Online Brian Everall 2 Crooks In  A Pod

Acting Northwest Regional Organiser from Salford tells correspondent “Well Salford online and its chief editor Brian Everall, are not all what they seem, they claim to a service for the local people, and from the out set it looks good, but look under the surface and dig a little deeper, it looks to me as Everall and Salford online are out to bleed community grants dry, I will be writing to Salford Council and asking them to take action against Brain on grounds of hate and discrimination that he has directed towards the BNP, I will also pledge I will make sure all public funding is kept away from this crook”

More to follow on this report because this is the tip of the ice burg, have you got a story for Salford British National Party you can email us on or write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Over & Out Say The Lib Dems In Salford.

Before And After Lib Dem Office Salford

The wishy washy yellow belly Liberal Democrats in Salford have finally given up with politics, after the disastrous election results in 2012, after being beaten in to submission time and time again by the British National Party who are now the third main stream force and only real opposition in the city.

The first real blow is when they lost all their seats on the council, after the Salford voter turned their back and shown them the red card, Hardcore Lib Dem local leader Norman ‘Stormin’ Owen who lost his seat hit out at the top, blaming posh boy top notch Clegg for the loss of support, In all the disarray, the liberals were also given the boot from the council offices losing all the security pass’s and oppositions room which they occupied. A final nail in the coffin came as the local constituency and members office doors shut for the last time and the keys hung up and never to re opened.

Lib Dem Leader Norm the Storm Owen

Dubbed third main party in the city the British National Party candidates across wards have been coming above the Liberals and will continue to do so, Irwell Riverside where acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty stands in his home town, saw the Liberals campaign against the BNP and new boy Steve ‘put your foot in it’ Middleton, who refused to stand on the stage at the count with Gary after claiming, it was a two horse race between their party and Labour, how wrong could he have been, when he came rolling far behind our candidate.

Gary Tumulty tells correspondents “As I said back in May 2012 phase one is now complete, the lib dems have kicked the bucket and been run out of town, Now is a good time for the BNP in Salford, every day we get stronger and stronger, and the others get weaker, one day the we will have that upper hand in the council chamber, and then we will make some changes of our own”

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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