Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Salford Council’s Bedroom Tax

The Real Criminal Thugs

The more we learn of Salford City Council who are solely run by Labour Party, continue to waste tax payers money, news of the new bedroom tax scam, has shown how around 5,500 residents who live in poverty will be effected.

Top communities hit, Langworthy, Broughton, Little Hulton and Irwell Riverside show how after April 2013 they will be expected to shell out for spare rooms in their homes, That estimates at around 14% of their rent per bedroom, and not only will the council be collecting the bedroom tax but on top also double bubble with the Council Tax Benefit Reform, as residents living on benefits can also be expected to pay a further 10% of that. This can see more Salfordians living in poverty, OAP’s, disabled, Single Parent families and low waged working families will be forced to pay out, or be evicted.    

Rents also are set to rise for around £14 pound a month and the Labour Council will continue to collect revenue and punish people who are trying to muddle through life worrying about day to day things like feeding their family and keeping a roof over their head.

A full ward break down for Salford is below just take a look and see who is worst effected

Langworthy X 800
Broughton X 619
Little Hulton X 573
Irwell Riverside X 475
Ordsall X 385
Barton X 356
Winton X 346
Walkden North X 260
Pendlebury X 232
Weaste and Seedley X 221
Swinton North X 212
Eccles X 199
Kersal X 178
Cadishead X 136
Irlam X 197
Swinton South X 156
Walkden South X 80
Boothstown and Ellenbrook X 23
Claremont X 11
Worsley X 2

The Labour Party who claim to be so against the bedroom tax, but will enforce it, and even have had the cheek to say “We are all in this together” do nothing to help the local people, other than hit the budgets for the lining of their own pockets, a few in mind, check year salary’s below.

Labour Mayor Ian Stewart £69,000
Labour Press Officer Matt Finnegan, £66,500
Labour Deputy Mayor David Lancaster £45,000
Labour John Merry £38,265
Labour 13 assistant Mayors £23,091 (Part time positions)
All Councillors allowances add up to £910,000
Special allowances alone add up to £307,259
And then we have the City’s top brass yearly wage

Chief Exective, Babara Spicer £211,000
Support Services, Martin Vickers £134,346
Social Care, Sue Lightup, £133,777
Community Safety, Ben Dolan £124,038

And again the Salford Labour quote “We are all in this together”.

Salford British National Party spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells site, “This is shocking Salford people need help, not hitting with more bills and daft tax’s, it amazes me that labour think it’s nothing to do with them, because all they ever do is blame the con,dem collation government, it was the labour party who lead us in to the mess we are in now, it makes my blood boil when you hear your local councillor scape goat by blaming the Tory’s.

If the Labour Party are so against this bedroom tax why don’t they just opt out and scrap the idea, I will be putting that to the mayor just to see what he says.
People need to wake up and just realise what is going on, there is no other solution than a nationalist government lead by the British National Party to look after our own people.

As I tell real Salfordian’s a vote for the BNP is a vote for yourself” Gary concluded.
To get in touch with Gary or the Salford British National Party then emailSalford@bnp.org.uk letters or comments you would like us to pass on to the city council can be sent to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

To contact the Scottish Labour Salford Mayor Ian Stewart, who claims we are all in this together whilst pulling a fat wage of £69,000 a year, then email him at citymayor@salford.gov.uk or ring 0161 793 3432.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Come For A Drive With Me ‘In Salford’


Salford British National Party can today reveal the true, total cost of the up keeping and running of Labour ‘dead leg’ £69,000 a year Mayor Ian Stewart.

Whilst Mr Stewart isn’t traveling round in his motor home, the city council are employing a democratic service assistant, of a grade G pay that at the top end of the scale values at £21,519. The role is to chauffeur the mayor round, as and when he requires a lift.

The Jaguar used to transport Stewart has the personalised number plate of ‘RJ1’ the letters RJ are those for Salford registrations, and there for the council claim the personalised plate is appropriate number for the city’s first citizen. The posh run around is hired from Arval Limited in Swindon at an annual cost of £8,047.54.

 Mayors Tavel 

Scottish Stewarts who is according to the council is Salford’s first citizen, the executive taxi, is available for use by him 7 days a week and at any time, and when he is not using it, the council use it as a pick up vehicle using it to drop off and collect items the mayor may need to use (IE Dinner). Its also been established that the deputy mayor David Lancaster when attending events with his boss, will not have to travel in the same car, so a second taxi along with chauffeur is on standby.

Fuel costs for the year has been to have said to be £2,143.11 again paid by the tax payer.

Salford British National Party spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser tells site “This is more additional cost to the tax payer for the mayors cabinet, he has a fat wage, a deputy mayor who has doubled his wage up to 45 thousand pound, a labour spin doctor on 64 thousand pounds to spin lies for him, and if that isn’t enough 13 assistant mayors getting a minimum of 3 thousand each to do the job of the mayor, so back to my original comment I have said in the past, The Labour Party say we are all in this together, yes some more than others say the BNP, you do the maths Salford Labour is very costly”

To contact Salford British National Party email Salford@bnp.org.uk or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Salford Council Fund Mosque Facelift

Eccles Mosque, Liverpool Road

A freedom of Information request submitted by the local British National Party branch has shown the Labour controlled Salford City Council has paid a Mosque £11,200 as part of a face lift

Community grants awarded the Mosque on Liverpool Road Eccles the money for the improvement of the frontage of the building, Salford City Council is one of the worst local authority’s to be in debt to the tune of millions of pounds, but they still continue to waste the local tax payers money.

Salford British National Party spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser, Gary Tumulty tells correspondents “The council do not like to answer awkward questions like funding the Mosque, they have always claimed they haven’t, but here is prime example of Labour wasting money on minority groups, whilst pushing more local people in to poverty, don’t you think it’s about time to start spending the money on the majority of Salfordians and not the minority”

If you are worried about creeping Islamification in this county or wish to know more about the Freedom of Information act, then email Gary on Salford@bnp.org.uk letters of support can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Minority Groups In Salford Scooping Funding

YCA HQ In Eccles

The Labour Controlled Salford City Council, who are millions of pounds of debt still continue to waste tax payers money, A freedom of information request has just revealed how the Yemini Community Association in Eccles has been awarded just under £54,500 from community pots.

In partnership Salford Council have gave the Yemini Community a large amount of tax payer’s money for developing the range of services available to Salford Yemini residents, ensuring services are improved and expanded to meet their needs, and also ensure an Improvement on the Yemini quality of life. It’s been outlined the needs of Yemini residents are identified and the services are responsive, culturally sensitive and accessible to all ethnic minorities in the city.

Further funding was given to the Yemini Organisers of £1,202 to hire rooms, transport, dance tutors and equipment. The Yemini Community Associations who’s offices are in Eccles, Formally Eccles Youth Centre, was set up to support people with Translation services, give advice on housing and benefits, guidance with Immigration issues and also boast of hosting free projects, class’s, trips out and events to their people.

Trip To Blackpool , But Just Who Paid?

Salford British National Party spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells correspondents “The Yemini Community centre has been in Eccles for some time now, I often wondered what it did as an organization, so I did a bit of research into the subject after reading their own constitution, it seems to be more about promoting and protecting their people rather than integration, Salford City Council have a duty to look after our very own people as the Yemini people do, so it’s about time Labour Controlled council just look our own first, we just can’t simply afford to keep chucking money around like we are playing monopoly”

To contact Gary and the Salford British National email Salford@bnp.org.uk or ring / text 07909674006 alternatively people reading this report may have their own story to tell us, so please do feel free to write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT