Sunday, 10 June 2012

Salford BNP Join ProFam National Day Of Action,

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty

Salford British National Party along with other BNP Nationwide Branch's and further nationalist groups such as the RWB Salford/North West Team, Casuals, Scottish Defence League and the North West / North East Infidels join up with with ProFam to demand 'Justice for Charlene' on the Blackpool national day of action.

The day started with over ten thousand leaflets being distributed to the public in Blackpool, most of which were gratefully received, and a lot of awareness of the national Muslim grooming problem sweeping the country is being made public. Protect your children, keep them away from muslim halal takeaway's and outlets, there is no such thing as a free meal, they are grooming children with free food first, leading on to beer, cigs and drugs in return for sexual favor's then they the muslim men pose as so called 'boy friends' and pimp the underage white British girls to their friends and the cycle begins.

Message Is Out

The days activity continued around 100 (minimum) nationalist's gathered to stage a peaceful protest, with no arrests, on the the sea front close to the takeaway where Charlene Downes was last seen, and the suspected Muslim grooming murderers are still active, The British National Party had also brought along the two truth trucks, armed with their loud hailer's to make maximum effect, for pushing the ProFam message across.


ProFam organiser's spoke on the protest, to tell of how the Lancashire Police had indeed failed to protect Blackpool from these monsters who are still in business as usual at the same premises, very wealthy due to the negligence of the CPS and Police when the case collapsed, with a whopping payout of tax payers money to the two still very dangerous muslim men. 

Tower And The Trucks

Then on to the meeting, the house was full, it was a standing room, with a range of nationalist speakers, Lynn Mozzar, Karren Downes, ProFam day organiser Jack Renshaw, Simon Darby, Jackie Griffin and North West MEP Nick Griffin.

No Room At The Inn

Gary Tumulty, Salford British National Party Organiser tells correspondents "What a great day we had out in Blackpool, Thank you to all the Salford, Manchester, Trafford, Stockport and Cheshire members who came with me to the day events

"It was a really effective day a great interaction with public from all round the country, Blackpool has visitors from all over, so not only have we made the people of Blackpool aware of the muslim grooming issue but we also taken the message to the thousands of tourists from all over the country and abroad.

Nick Griffin MEP

"I did not encounter one piece of hostility towards ProFam or any other Nationalist Group who joined force with the British National Party and made this event possible.

"I look forward to future events and working with other nationalist's groups and party's, as Simon Darby outlined, one ship alone can not make enough noise, we need more, and together we will make a right racket" Gary concludes

Gary And Jack ProFam Organiser

Protect Children get in touch with ProFam and local British National Party by emailing or send information you may have on muslim grooming gangs, anonymously if you choose to, PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT and we will in-accordance investigate your allegations and produce our finding 
to the police

Gary And The Downes Family

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Importance Of The Postal Vote In Salford

Ballet Paper

Nationwide postal votes are a vital key to winning elections and we as a party must understand that, moving forward together as one, signing the public up is a very important and vital part of any election 

The masters of the postal vote, Labour party the biggest backer of the legislation what  got passed in the year of 2000, and allowed public to vote by post on demand by February 2001,

Many Labour councilors and politicians have had a long hard think of how they can keep their life line and to keep in power, with a dying trend in all party's with activists the only option is to sign voters and supporters up to the postal vote, 

Sign Up

With a new way of voting and not many party's who can grasp it would guarantee Labour a way to remain in power, as voters are reluctant to go to the ballet box, to busy, working, sick, holidays or for their own reasons

Council's up and down the country can provide you with voters registers and stipulate which way they choose to vote, station, proxy or postal. The registers are then manipulated and postal voter's are targeted as they are eight time more likely to vote.


To beat the enemy you must start to think like them, sign up your friends, family, your neighbour's, any supporters, enquire's to the party and just about any person you come in to contact with who express's interest or support towards our party. Fill the form out with them, its easy and self explanatory don't loose your lead, otherwise you lose a vote. Take them form's to the council and keep a note of where they are living come election time we can then do our own targeting.

Think of on Labour's scope, that party are only in it for what they can bleed out of the tax payer, personal gains with no regards to the voter, this is their source of income, so when the British National Party come along the real representative of the British people, and we are to be seen to be picking up momentum and support, the ruling elite don't like this and this is why they fear us.

Postal Sign Up 

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser says "In Salford i have watched local Labour for some time now, its the same old faces and very rarely see any new Labour activist on my estate. 

"The recent referendum which triggered for the first ever mayoral election saw Labour activist being bused in from Manchester, Bury and Prestwich to campaign for a NO vote as the British National Party along with other party's places our position with YES, so we saw there in that example Labour's activist base is not much more than ours

"Labour don't like to pound the streets its hard work, they deploy different tactics as way formed as the postal vote, i am now a new postal voter and in the recent elections i was targeted though the post by the unite union on behalf of the Labour party in hope i may vote for them, 

Envelope Targeting Postal Voters

"It now fits in to place what has been happening over the years and why Labour have been getting elected, despite being hated. The last election two thirds of voters voted by post, we now have to adapt these tactics to remove the traitors who have sold our country down the river and betrayed its people" Gary concluded 

Sign up to the postal vote, write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT email; 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Nick Griffin MEP Speaks At Salford Post Election Meeting

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP

Salford British National Party, went ahead as planned with the short notice and surprise visit of party chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin.

The evening started with branch organiser Gary Tumulty telling the Salford members of the recent elections results and how all our candidates in our branch had increased on both votes and percentages, 

David Spencer, Langworthy 282, 13.8% 3rd of 4 up from 7.8%
Brenda Leather, Cadishead 277, 12.8% 3rd of 4 up from 7.2%
Gary Tumulty, Irwell Riverside 202, 11.8% 2nd of 4 up from 7.8%
Wayne Taylor, Pendlebury 240, 9.4% 3rd of 6 up from 6.8%
Stuart Henshaw, Winton 210, 9.4% 4th of 5 up from 5.2%
Tommy Williams, Weaste & Seadly 197, 8.7% 4th of 5 up from 0%
Kay Pollitt, Swinton South 172, 7.3% 4th of 7 up from 0%
Eddy O'Sullivan, Claremont 192, 7.2% 4 of 6 up from 0%

Well Done Salford

A massive round of applause for each candidate was given, and the Mayoral election result was announced, Eddy O'Sullivan 2026, 4.6% 6th out of 10 up from 0%. It was also mentioned how only 26.05% of the public had bothered to vote, and two thirds of them were postal votes

Gary explained to the room, "For months we have been talking about the importance of postal votes and this is the key to winning election's, we do not have elections for two years so we have to move on this postal vote issue, its very important and can win you your seat in the council, we will be pushing hard in Salford for a block postal vote as the Labour party have been doing now since 2005, to beat the enemy you have to think like them, adapt their strategy plans"

Eddy O'Sullivan thanked the branch for placing faith in him as their mayoral candidate, and thanked for time effort, donations and support he had been giving in the run up to the election.

Salford BNP

The second part of the meeting was handed over to the party chairman north west MEP Nick Griffin who as always on full form, explained to the meeting just how busy he had been that day, explaining the protest outside Liverpool Magistrate's in support of National Elections Officer CLLR Clive Jefferson who was arrested and charged for simply crossing a line and handing out party literature to a member of the public who was interested in the party, whist protesting against convicted muslim pedophiles who where awaiting sentence 

Nick went on to a question and answer session answering covering such topics such as party finance, localisation of leaflets, postal votes, Europe, the economy and the way the establishment have tried and failed to destroy this party, and we are here to stay

Nick Griffin MEP

Nick Griffin MEP tells Salford, there is a saying "Enoch Powell was right, unfortunately he is not with us now, because he would without a doubt be a bnp member, people are now saying The British National Party are right because we are the one ones saying what the silent majority really think

Gary Tumulty "I would like to just again thank every one, who has helped Salford with elections, donated to our fight, a thank you to all my local activist team, who work very hard with no pay, just the love of the country I would also like to thank every body who voted BNP in this election"

To get involved with the pro active Salford BNP team or attend any local meetings contact Gary on 07909674006 email or write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT.