Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ritual Abuse Of Animals.‏

Hazels Blears Letter Click To Look At 
Hazels Blears Letter Click To Look At 

Halal and Kosher. Two words that mean very little to the majority of Britons, but two words that mean a great deal to those concerned with animal welfare, and of course to animals. The  Halal (muslim) and Kosher (jewish) methods of slaughter do not require animals that are being killed for food to be pre stunned. Both methods are cruel, inhumane and barbaric, and go against    this countries principles of being a nation of animal lovers.

Most Britons have been conditioned to believe that Halal and Kosher methods of slaughter are merely a prayer said before the animals throat is cut, but the reality is very different. A ritually slaughtered animal will often struggle to survive several minutes after it's head has almost been severed,  trying to breathe,attempting to stand, trying to survive.  Suitably sickened yet?.

For those that don't have the stomach to watch the above video, the horrific and disgusting abuse of animals set to be our dinner is plain to see. That big fat juicy rump steak that you enjoy with chips has more than likely come from a ritually slaughtered animal. Will that steak be as tasty and succulent when you realise where it has come from, or how it was slaughtered? I think not. 

Imagine, If you will, having your throat cut whilst still concious . You are fully aware of what has happened, your will to survive is kicking in, you are trying to breathe, but your oesophagus has been ripped out. Now imagine the fear you are feeling, the pain, the panic, the slow death as you watch your life blood draining away. That's ritual slaughter. Just imagine. Meet your Meat....,824858bb63f0a29703e9/Meet-your-Meat-the-Barbarity-of-Halal-Slaugter-flv.html

Does that lamb chop taste quite as nice now you know? How much mint sauce and gravy does it take to take away the taste of abuse?. The ritually slaughtered animals fear will always leave a nasty,sour taste in your mouth.  

So, who, in this wonderfully enriched, totally tolerant country of ours  would we all expect to champion the cause of  humane slaughter of the animals that we eat? The RSPCA? WAFR? Our GOVERNMENT? You would expect so, wouldn't you? Would it surprise you if I told you they couldn't give a stuff? 

A friend and fellow animal lover recently sent an email to his parliamentary representative Hazel Blears, the tax dodging, house flipping criminal, who represents Salford. His email asked a variety of questions concerning the welfare of animals that were set for slaughter. In her typical communist,common purpose, politically correct way, the right dishonourable Muss Blears sidestepped the questions and diverted everything to an equally potty and subservient drone that was as totally uncaring as the rest of our political 'elite'.

In summary, our 'guvnors' need a sharp lesson in what us animal lovers want. A change in the law regarding the religious abuse of animals intended for food. 

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