Friday, 12 August 2011

Council Leader On Salford Referrendum

By RWB political correspondent.

The very 'special' leader of Salfords Labour council has come out in defiance of giving the residents of Salford a referendum on whether they want an elected mayor or not. Mr John Merry has cited cost to the taxpayer as one of the reasons that it is a bad idea. He claims that to hold a referendum in Salford would cost in excess of £150,00, money he has more than likely set his heart on for himself. Merry also bleats about how an elected mayor would have more political power than him, something which he cannot abide since how else would he do his shady dealings and backhanders when an elected mayor can implement policy without consulting the council?

Another gripe from the 'special' one is that an elected mayor is paid more than him. He doesn't like that. Merry has been at the top of the tree for many years when it comes to stealing from the Salford taxpayer, so for some Johnny come lately to come and knock the bloated one off his perch is a little hard for him to take. 

The Salford branch of the British National Party has a message for Merry, we WILL be standing a candidate for mayor, and we are currently in the process of selecting someone right now. We WILL be urging Salfordians to get behind our campaign, and we WILL have plenty of resources to achieve our aim. It is high time that Salford had a real representative, not one that likes to fill his own pockets with the ill-gotten gains from the Salford purse.