Friday, 12 August 2011

Nick Griffin MEP Visits Salford Riots Aftermath

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty, NIck Griffin BNP Leader MEP Salford

Nick Griffin Salford & Northwest MEP and Leader of the British National Party, takes time to come an visit his constituency to just witness first hand the aftermath of all of the damage left from the previous nights riots.

The locals have been blamed but it is very apparent it was not them, but the gangs who have came from surrounding area’s to attack the precinct, Gangs were from Hulme, Levenshulme, Ancoats, Cheetham hill and Moss Side, some locals did get caught up in the riot, but the British National Party can report this as we was there and witnessed first hand the carnage that took place, and 75% arrest’s that have been made by the Police are from those surrounding estates

Activists who were at the scene on the night of the riot can confirm that, very nice high performance car’s full of black members of the society were circulating the area’s and seemed to be directing the trouble. It was also noted that left wing student type anarchist and activists from Anti fascist group shown up 30 minutes before the rioting took place

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser said “I am very disappointed with what I saw in Salford, the streets were lost and over run, with a racial elements involved as we reported on earlier this week, Greater Manchester Police need to find their back bone and stop the people coming in to Salford causing the trouble and looting,

John Merry labours leader of the council said on ITV this week that all Salford residents found to be looting or rioting will be evicted, I just hope that other councils take that approach, but then I hope Salford do not take any evicted from other area’s like moss side, we don’t want that sort of calibre in our city”

Hazel Blears was in Manchester city centre giving interviews in the morning, but just where was she in Salford, I was out all day with Nick Griffin MEP and every one I spoke to had not seen little Hazel, so when her town as in trouble and needed help and support she was no where in sight, One member of the public who I spoke to said “The last time he seen any thing like this, he was wearing body armour, holding a rifle in his hand, and doing a tour of Bosnia for the British Army”

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all British National Party Activists who were brave enough to go out on the day of the rioting and give live reports and take pictures and keep the country up to date with activities as they unfolded” Gary concludes

In addition to Labour Special John Merry we ask -

As you said John the council will evict any one involved with the riots of Salford, Does this mean the Lib / Lab / Con of the council are up and leaving, because after all it is you lot who created the monsters of the riots and its especially Labour Fault. I hope you do the descent thing and get out now!!! Labour has lost control of Salford.

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