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Salford Councillors Expense Claims 2011 / 12

Salford Council Expenses 2011/12

Do you think you get value for your money??

Three councilors per ward (20) all together in total collect £602,741

Special expense claims totals in at £307,259

Giving a grand total of £910, 000

Grand Total Of Councilors & Co-Op-tee's

Basic councilors entitlement is £10,080 a year out of the 68 councilors who claimed in the year 2011/12 35 have claimed will over their basic, some claiming more than double, named and shamed below;

Bill Hinds Labour £23,091 
Derek Antrobus Labour £23,091 
Eric Burgoyne Labour £26,650  
David Lancaster £24,717 
Joseph Murphy Labour £23,091 
Paula Boshell Labour £23,091 
Peter Connor Labour £23,091 
Ray Mashiter Labour £22,209
Margaret Morris Labour £23,091 
John Warmisham Labour £23091

And against for the year's  biggest single claimer is 'special' Labour Councillor John Merry with a £38,265
John Merry Labour, Nose In Troth 

Reporting From Salford BNP August Meeting

Some Of Salford BNP

Salford British National Party hold their monthly meeting as clock work, with the party stalwart Ian Kitchen as guest of honour, who gave a speech on a wide range of topics, happening in todays country.

Ian first spoke of the left wing communist style government in the UK, who are forever making stupid acts and laws to extract cash from the people who may not even know they are doing something wrong, and if you don’t have a big pot of cash to fight the authority’s in court.
Ian also spoke about how the media manipulate the news story’s, and only report on what they wish, Ian went on to tell Salford about a letter he had received that morning from Wakefield Council, informing people if they are in receipt of Council Tax benefits then after April 2013 they will be expected to pay something, so the council’s across the country are wasting your moneyand then targeting people who are less fortunate, the unemployed, disabled, single parent family’s and OAP’s to foot the shortfall.

Ian Kitchen Salford BNP

The second half of the meeting was handed over to Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, who continued after Ian’s in death analysis on the council tax scandal about to sweep the country, Gary along with all other Salford residents who have also received the same type of letter, which Salford Council say the government has decided to cut the budget by 2.2 million pound, so the money has got to be recovered from somewhere, and this will be the people who are most worst off in life, The unemployed or people claiming benefits to help them get by in life.

Gary states “Don’t get me wrong there are some lazy people in life that do not want to work and expect everything for free, and these I am all for making pay, but when you target  genuine people who cant make ends meet, and have to claim benefits to help them, will now be expected to pay.
“Labour controlled Salford Council chief executive Barbara Spicer who is paid well over 200K a year, and Newly elected Labour mayor Ian Steward again paid 69K, and all the other dead leg councilors in Salford, who claimed well over 307K in special allowances (On top of there normal wage), do you think this lot are feeling the pinch, No!

“Its also shocking how Salford Council allow Asylum Seekers to enter our city and they are in their words ‘obliged’ to look after them, and they are well looked after and not expected to pay one single penny towards the up keep of our country its wrong and has to stop” Gary Concluded, a full report will follow in due course for this website.

To contact Salford British National Party email

To send letters of support or anything we can help out with then write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT – Just to add the donation from GMP – ‘Greater Manchester People’, was gratefully received and we are putting to good use

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scandal!! Council Tax The Poor!!

Council Tax Preview April 2013

News just in. As many councils across the country change the rules on council tax benefits, this means people like the disabled, Oap's, one parent families and the unemployed will soon have to pay from their benefits, in a new council support scheme.

Amongst councils, Labour run Salford say "the Government is giving us less money (about 10%) than what we get to fund this new support scheme.The council expects to receive around 2.6million less funding. As we are getting less funding it means that people who receive council tax benefits need to pay a larger part of their actual council tax bills".

Salford council. One of the biggest spenders, who like to waste silly amounts of tax payers money on ventures such as, Asylum Seeker Week, Gypsy Month, Black History Month, Salford Food Festival (set to start this week), paying executives such as Barbara Spicer daft wages which amount to well over £200k, 3 Councillors per ward (68 claimers in total) at a cost of £602,741 (basic) and £307,259 (special allowances) totaling £910,000, newly elected Labour' unite puppet on a string, Ian Stewart £69,000 a year and not fogetting the refitting of many council buildings, some of which didn't even need it, this includes the soon to be exposed new Asylum Seeker Team hideout who got a whopping £500,000 to uproot and move house after the British National Party exposed their antics regarding fuel handouts.

Salford Labour Party's option is to target the most vulnerable, and the mayor sits there and shrugs his shoulders, from April 2013 Labour will expect the disabled, Oap's single parents and the unemployed to foot the bill of the £2.6million shortfall. 

Salford spokesman, Gary Tumulty, acting Northwest Regional Organiser, says "it's appalling, i have been to see my local Councillor (after Hazel Blears hid from me in her office), to ask why are they targeting people who live in poverty, and all he did was blame the Tory's.

"Hang on was it not the Labour Party who created this mess we are in? They destroyed the British economy   and lead us into a recession, the Tory's are trying to clear up the mess they left behind.

"Labour might not run Government but they still run the council and they still spend silly, it's time to stop.

"So in regards to Benefits. Yes there are people out there who like to swing the lead, and yes they should pay, but there are genuine people who need help, we must be obliged to look after them, after all i don't expect this Benefit will affect Asylum Seeker at all". Gary concluded

Salford Council have agreed to go to consultation with the public over the council tax issue, I would advise all Salfordians to keep their eyes open for the dates, what have not been made public yet, and attend the meeting. Alternatively lazy over paid  Labour Mayor Ian Stewart can be contacted on 07775 870 303 or email

If you want to attend the meeting and join the British National Party to defend the vulnerable email Gary Tumulty on and we can let you know when the meeting is.

Letters of support or comments you would like us to make to the council on your behalf can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Monday, 27 August 2012

Disco Subway’s In Salford

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP, Irwell Riverside Candidate 

Labour controlled Salford Council, who are millions of pounds of debt and claim to have no money, have just spent £209,870 to revamp and refit three subways crossing the East Lancashire Carriageway behind Pendleton Police Station, to have a more glamorous look to them.

Work includes new lighting with new blue LED wash lights, a new sound system to allow local radio streamed there 24 hours a day, new tiles and a full paint job to ceilings and internal wings.

Questions were asked about the sound system alone that cost 13.5 thousand pound, about the public performance licence, who Salford Council say they do not need one as all music played is copyright expired.

Lights & Speakers

Local spokesperson Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells reporters “Salford British National Party, who is committed to stop wasting tax payer’s money on silly things, we will continue to expose the Labour Party, and the puppets who work for them in the council.

“I like many other Salfordians are sick of council tax rates going up and being told front line service’s and repairs are being cut, its not good enough the council are in debt due to the Labour Party, they cannot keep using cop out excuses it’s the Torys, It’s the Labour Party who created the mess we are in today.

“Get with the program stop wasting our money” Gary Concluded.

To contact Salford British National Party email or write to Gary Tumulty PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Salford Local

Thank You For Support

The old British National 'Patriot Newsletter' has now been re-branded, the new 'Salford Local' is now set to hit the streets of the city, we start with our first edition to thank the voters for their support, and for those that don't vote we cannot stress just how important it is to get out and place your mark next to box containing British National Party. 

Click To View

As the leaflet out lines 65% of people eligible to vote, but do not bother, and if you do not vote the small group who do, will elected useless Labour Party every time. So its up to you to change things for the better, We all have busy lives and getting down to the polling station on election day just isn't possible for many of us. But it doesn't have to be this way, Simply register for a postal vote. The leaflet is double sided and contains a postal vote registration form on the overleaf, Return it to Salford BNP and we'll do the rest 

Salford's Gary Tumulty Northwest Sub Regional Organiser says "This is a great leaflet i have done my first initial run of 20,000 and this will not take long to start distributing across Salford, I look forward to all the postal vote applications that will be returned directly to the branch, it certanly goes towards a counter act of labour's postal block vote"

To register for a postal vote please email