Sunday, 27 February 2011

Keith Fairhurst's Direct Action

A very caring Keith Fairhurst, getting his hands dirty, taking direct action with local Issues.
BNP candidate for Walkden North, Salford Keith Fairhurst, stopped to fix a broken sign on a school in his ward.

Keith Said “the sign had clearly been damaged either by the recent bad weather or maybe vandals, it looked a right mess, I had to stop to put the sign back up, I believe in direct action to better the community”

Nick Griffin Helps Walkden North By Election

BNP Chairman & Northwest MEP Nick Griffin, takes time out to help Walkden North candidate, Keith Fairhurst,

The battle for Walkden is on, fellow nationalists from round the country have come along to help out in Salford, reports Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser, “the response we are getting on the doors from the public is excellent and I for one have a very good feeling about this by-election, its also very nice to see our chairman Nick Griffin MEP take time out to come and help us out” continues Gary “ over eight thousands leaflets have been delivered in just one day with an enormous thousand voice of freedoms to key area’s of the ward”

The RWB crew have now been shadowing Salford BNP for some time now, and we can confirm there is now so much support for the British National Party in Salford, who are the fastest growing party in the country.

RWB spoke to Keith Fairhurst, who say “ I would just like to thank my agent and organiser Gary, all the Salford activists, the chairman Nick Griffin MEP and also all the other branch’s of the BNP who have been fully behind us all the way” Keith concluded with “a very special thank you to RWB Salford Team, who are dedicated to our branch and report all the stories the public need to no, unlike the local rags such as Salford Advertiser and Manchester Evening News, who just blatantly tell lies about our party”

RWB Salford says “No, thank you Keith”

March 3rd Vote Keith Fairhust, BNP Walkden North

Friday, 25 February 2011

Nick Griffin 'IN Salford'‏

North West MEP and leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin wowed a large and receptive crowd in his first ever Salford meeting. reports organiser Gary Tumulty.
Mr Griffin held a questions and answers session, and he gave his opinion on a wide range of different topics, from what he thinks of  the alternative voting system, to explaining the sinister and subversive "Common purpose"organisation continued Mr Tumulty. He certainly opened a  few eys, especially those first timers, who had no idea that common purpose existed, never mind what they did.
Mr Griffin was the envy of the Salford crowd when he succesfully bid for a unique one off painting of St George, kindly painted and donated by a Salford member, in an auction to raise funds for the upcoming local elections in May, said Mr Tumulty, and I know he will put it in a prominent place at home.
Deputy organiser Keith Fairhurst added, Mr Griffin does what the other party leaders cannot do, and thats speak from the heart. No autocue, no spin doctors, just truth,and he doesn't need an army of advisers and script writers because he knows what he is saying is right. We are honoured to have had our chairman come to Salford and speak, and we hope he comes to grace our meeting again very soon.
The hugely succesful meeting raised over £300  in a collection, and a large amount was also raised in a raffle, the main prize being a huge teddy bear, donated by Nick Griffin.
The bear, also called Nick, was very happy to be taken to his new home in Liverpool, and we in Salford wish him all the very best. concluded Mr Fairhurst.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Bring Our Boys Home Salford

Last chance to Sign Keith Fairhurst Walkden North candidate petition "Bring Our Boys Home" on the British National Party's web site by clicking on the link below.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Salford BNP Visit Liverpool

Salford BNP visit our friends from Liverpool at an extremely packed out meeting,
February Liverpool meeting brings the very best of speakers from Yorkshire, the evening starts off with a tremendous speech from Darren Lumb, Linda Kitchen, then a very moving speech from newly appointed Regional Organiser Ian Kitchen.

A very healthy collection of over £320 was raised from the evening,

RWB Correspondents managed to catch up with a very busy Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty who told us “it was an absolute please as always to see our friends from Liverpool, the meeting was overwhelming with the most greatest atmosphere, and we were made to feel very welcome as always, I hope many more evening like this are to come from our brothers and sisters in Liverpool”

Walkden North Battle On

The campaign for Walkden North continued in earnest this past weekend with thousands of leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers distributed to residents homes reports organiser Gary Tumulty.
Dozens of acivists from all over the North West spent saturday and sunday helping candidate Keith Fairhurst in taking the British National Party message to the heart of the community, where the residents were genuinely pleased to see us. continued Mr Tumulty.
The general feeling in the area is that most people are fed up with Labours ineptitude, and are sick of the poor service they get from Salford council. We are here to give them the opportunity to give Labour and the rest of the old gang parties a clear message that they won't stand for it anymore. concluded Mr Tumulty.
Candidate Keith Fairhurst added, I had a long and interesting conversation with an elderly resident who has lived in Walkden all her life. She told me that she has seen first hand the changes in the area, and not for the better. "Sticking a stupid bloody red bit of tarmac at the junction on the end of my road is the sort of rubbish that goes on round here" she said. " They dont do anything about the potholes though" she said. "Waste of money if you ask me" she ended.
The residents of Walkden can rest assured that if I am elected, I will be ensuring that the council spend money on projects that improve the area, and not daft ideas that some idiot has come up with. I will be campaigning on the issues that affect them, and making sure that Walkden remains a nice place to live concluded Mr Fairhurst.

New Leaflet

Join Today, British National Party

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

City Of Salford Walkden North By Election Candidates

City Of Salford Council
Walkden North By-Election
3rd March 2011


British National Party - Keith Fairhurst
Labour Party - Brendan Patrick Ryan
Conservative - Chris Bates
Liberal Democrats - Susan Carson
English Democrats - Laurence Depares

I no were the RWB Salford vote goes…… Come On Keith - BNP X

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Keith Fairhurst For Walkden North

Keith Fairhurst British National Party candidate for Walkden North, Salford Council, spent the entire evening along side Election Agent and Organsiser Gary Tumulty, and key activist Kay, perparing election litirature for the upcoming by election on March 3rd 2011, Reported RWB Salford correspondent