Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Salford Council Trash The Cash

'Kitchen Caddie'

A freedom of information requested submitted by the Salford British National Party information officer exposes how a notorious Labour controlled Salford City Council  have paid out a small fortune for ‘Kitchen Caddies’ and bin liners for them.

A staggering £56,000 was spent on 63,000 small green bins for waste food and a eye watering £118,000 for 200,000 bin liners to accompany the bins, the council was also asked how much of tax payers cash it spent on literature and delivery of 40,000 caddies that they claim to have delivered for free across the city who of course didn’t have a clue of the cost and therefore was unable to answer the question, whilst saying the information is not held.

Salford Council say this new bin has been purchased and distributed in conjunction with all other recycling schemes across the city, the bins started to arrive at people’s doors shortly after the council decided to scrap the weekly bin collections in April 2013.

Bin & Instructions

After contact with Salford Council Labour Councillors who control environmental services for comments on how they can justify such spending when a council holds an account which is millions of pounds in debt, and suppressing its own people to the likes of ‘bedroom tax and an assortment of benefit reforms’ in favour of them in power to benefit no comment was offered.

A Salford British National Party spokesman said “it doesn’t surprise me, for years Labour have been wasting money on such daft items like this, the thing that concerns me is they think they are doing a great job for this city, well come on please take them rose coloured tinted glasses off and smell the coffee, you are wasting our money it needs to stop, reform the council and give the people a real democracy and let us the tax payer have our say! Labour OUT!”

If you want Labour Out of Salford then there is only one option get in contact with the British National Party today email Salford@bnp.org.uk, letters of support send to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT