Friday, 27 January 2012

Salford YES Vote at Mayor Referendum

The Salford Council Staff Count

Ground breaking history was achieved last night, as the Salfordian’s turn their backs on the Labour Party, and vote a massive YES at the major referendum.

Local Labour leaders, councillors and their very own tax evader Hazel Blears MP were strongly urging a NO vote, and blamed the British National Party for the referendum itself being called, using this as their main objective to the voters.

Indeed the British National Party did add its almighty weight behind the YES campaign, with activist’s and candidate’s canvassing the doors of the voters, which swayed the election to our direction. 

The Results are as follows

YES Vote; 17,344

NO Vote; 13,653

Rejected Vote; 94

Salford British National Party

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “What an amazing night, it was very special to see the smug labour smile’s wiped from their silly faces, I think even the returning officers and chief executives were shocked over the result’s, it took them long enough to count and verify things. 

“The Labour Party have had their own way for to long here in Salford, We have called for the resignation of the Labour Leader John Merry many times, he didn’t listen to our early warning and continued to go about their undemocratic business in the council, The Salfordians have now spoken and given the true verdict, They want democracy and a elected mayor.

“It was noted Hazel Blears the so called MP for Salford did not even bother turn up. I wonder why? Because labour got smashed on the night! The Lib dems are also in extreme turmoil over the results as they backed the no camp, their leader Norman ’stormin’ Owen who by the way, was reported to have been using foul and threatening language all night towards the many yes campaigners including British National Party activists and officials, was very close to tears when leaving the building with his close Labour friends.  

Very Unhappy Labour Leader John Merry, Lib Dem Stormin Norman Behind

“Now the work continues for Salford British National Party activists, a Mayor candidate will be selected to now stand in the May 2012 elections

“I would like to finish by saying. Thank you to those who turned out to vote YES” Gary Concluded

To donate or get involved with the Salford 2012 Mayor Election contact Gary Tumulty on 07909674006 or email 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Salford Council Splashing The Cash Again

Salford BNP Organiser Out Side The Civic Centre Swinton 

Salford Council, one of the regions biggest spenders waste £141 Million in the first 6 months of the financial year, this come as the bite of the cuts begin to take place.

Virgin Media received £242,000 for broadband services, between April and September. £5000 was paid to ‘Forensic’ computer experts Zentec in June, the firm was employed to help council trading standards officers scrutinise computers as part of a counterfeit goods raid. £12,000 was paid to Noisy Drink Company for providing soft drinks re-sale in schools across the city. 

£980 to Cool Canvas who provided a promotion of out door learning centres, and a bonus of £1500 was spent on Tesco gift cards, that were given to ‘residents’ to spend on health food to cook on behalf of the council run nutrition scheme. 

A whopping £186,595.47 was spent with the Lowry, and some of that went on the education art and community program and the rest was spent on preservation and display of Lowry artwork which is free to all visitors .

Gary Tumulty, Salford Organiser, British National Party, tells our correspondents “You have to hand it to Labour controlled Salford Council they are persistent with their overspending and wasting your tax, They just don’t give in”

“At this such financial crippling cut back year, Salford Council decide to press on with business as usual, spend spend spend like it’s going out of fashion, and let us pick up the bill.

“Labour are to blame, I just hope people realise this come May in the elections, It is my pledge that if I get elected this year, I will hold each and every council executive accountable for their actions, The British deserve better and we offer that as a party”

Salford British National Party exposed the great asylum seekers fuel top up hand outs, the £35,000 to ethnic minority women to speak English and now this on top, so its just fantastic to know where your tax money is going, a thought for you all reading this, The Council work for US not the other way round!

Restore some order back in your council sign up to the postal votes by emailing and members stand as candidates, because this can not continue to happen, we are the only hope, if we don’t stop it nobody will 

YES Vote Today Salford

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser On Way To Vote

Thursday 26th January 2012 is Mayor Referendum in Salford, its vital every one get out and votes YES


The Mayor controls Salford, that’s why

Sick of Labour ruling and discriminating against every Salfordian

John Merry is the worst council leader in history, who got a MBE for his trouble, we personally would have passed him a ASBO, and sent him packing back to Birmingham where he developed from. This site and the British National Party have called for his resignation time and time again, Give John the boot a Yes vote will unseat him and remove power from him.

The British National Party will stand a mayor candidate in the May elections we will focus directly on the British people only

The Council have wasted your money over the years, we the Salford Tax payer have paid the price, and what do we get in return, nothing but disrespect from the Labour Party.

This is your chance to revolt VOTE YES

Its simple just go to your local polling station, give them your name and address, and tick the YES box, easy

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Where Is Your Polling Station Salford Referendum

Polling Card

Thursday 26th January 2012, 

Salford Mayor Referendum

Vote YES

Find your polling station below

Boothstown And Ellenbrook
Irwell Riverside
Little Hulton
Swinton North
Swinton South
Walkden North
Walkden South
Weaste & Seadley

For any further information contact Gary on 07909674006
or email 

NOTE; You do not need your polling card, just go in to your station and give your name and address

Council Information below

Salford BNP First Political Meeting Of The Year.


Salford British National Party, Kick starts the first of its monthly meetings off with Stockport’s stalwart speaker Duncan Warner as their guest for the evening 

Duncan gave a eye opening speech using first hand experience of the amount of  money that is spent on Asylum Seekers and Illegal Immigrants, Duncan spoke of councils up and down the country who go all out to help, bogus asylum seekers at the eye watering expenses picked up by us the Tax Payer.

Stockport's BNP Duncan Warner

“The latest fuel top up free hand outs, exposed here in Salford, is just the tip of the iceberg, the tunes of billions is being handed out in an assortment of benefits, fully furnished houses, free clothing, utility bills paid, free health care, free education, policing of the crime’s they commit and the back hander some are taking, working cash in hand at takeaways” Duncan tells Salford 

The second half of the meeting was handed over to Organiser Gary Tumulty who gives an insight of Salford Council do business, “Our recent exposure on the great fuel hand out has upset the overpaid chief executives, who have wrote to him, asking him to remove the videos surrounding the issue, The answer is no! But I am a fair man, remove funding to asylum seekers and then we can discuss remove the videos, but until they remain in place” Gary tells the members

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty

Another hitting issue was the Mayor Referendum set for Thursday 26th January “We urge all members and supporters to vote YES, if the Yes vote goes though, we will put a British National Party Mayor Candidate up in May Elections, Our main focus will be housing, waiting lists and asylum seekers will not be a problem any more, the mayor can change the way we allocate houses out, and our mayor candidate will make sure the Salfordians and the British are given express service before any invader” Gary concludes to a massive round of applause 

Gary Tumulty Duncan Warner British National Party

Around 2000 new ‘heat of eat’ leaflets were handed to the candidate’s and members in the room, we have to spread the word now, normal people will be receiving their utility bills in next few weeks, demanding payment, so its important to let people know who is receiving the free hand out, whilst we have to pay our way in life 

Leaflets For Every Member

Salford British National Party next monthly meeting is on the Tuesday 21st February if you are interested in coming along or speak at one the most successful premiership branch’s contact Gary on 07909674006 or email for venue details 

Ex Organiser Alan Takes His Hat Off To The Youth Gary Tumulty 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Salford BNP In Action

Some Members / Candidates Salford British National Party

Despite the cold and rain, Salford British National Party continue in their mission to deliver the word of hope, Activist’s and candidate’s took to the local precinct to deliver party literature, EU referendum leaflets and the controversial ‘eat or heat’ being the main focus, 

The best form of activism is about presence and Salford British National Party command that as always, The local labour party and its leader were also out pushing out their message of hate, and anti British ways, our activists are not fazed by this and continue to hold our strong hold, the public love us to the disappointment of the local labour party councillors and leader. 

One member of the publics reaction to the ‘eat or heat’ leaflet was absolute disgust, shouting her elderly mother over, saying I told you this was true, Asylum seekers do get fuel top ups free at the tax payers expense, and thanked the British National Party for exposing Salford Council .

Another focus is the Mayor referendum which is about to hit Salford on the Thursday 26th January 2012, The British National Party are campaigning for a yes vote, we want to remove power from the Labour controlled council, and replace it with a British National Party Mayor, 

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “The yes vote is possible, we need all supporters / members in Salford to vote yes, If the yes vote goes though we will stand a mayor candidate, and our main focus will be housing, job, and the NHS, British come 1st Asylum seekers and immigrants don’t get a look in, it’s a simple message, we come first”

The Salford Mayor Referendum is on Thursday 26th January 2012

Any Salfordians reading this article struggling to get to the polling stations ring 07909674006 and we can help you, information on polling station locations can also be obtained by ringing, or email, 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Manchester – The Only Way Is Up!

Bolton Organiser Dot Sayers 

Sunday 15th January saw a fantastic turnout to the first meeting in 2012 of the British National Party’s Manchester Branch. Although it is very early in the New Year it was wonderfully encouraging to have so many committed Nationalists from all over the Greater Manchester area gathered in this central location to be treated to a brilliantly inspirational speech given by the Bolton Organiser Dot Sayers.

The meeting was hosted and chaired by Party stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan who presided over a delightfully lively and good humoured event. Representatives were present from Manchester, Bury, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Salford, North Cheshire and Trafford.

The first part of the meeting was taken up with local issues. Eddy O’Sullivan gave a review of the projects that had been pursued over the last twelve months and a summary of the progress that has been made with those campaigns.

Full House At Manchester BNP

Then it was all about building for the future.

Eddy asked who would be willing to put themselves forward for activism in 2012 and the response can only be described as phenomenal. Everyone that was in attendance at the packed meeting put themselves forward in some way. Whether that be stuffing envelopes or carrying out full blown election campaigns, local or National, everybody present had something to offer. There was a particular focus on the local council elections in May, The Mayoral Referendum in Salford, the Mayoral Elections in the City of Manchester and the position of an elected Police Commissioner for Greater Manchester which will take place in November.

After a short break a raffle was held with one lucky Boltonian picking up a bottle of Scotland’s best known export and a collection was taken which produced a three figure sum for the cause.

Dot Sayers then gave a truly inspirational speech.

The areas she covered ranged from ‘why the British National Party is the ONLY Party that can deliver true democracy in Britain’. She also talked about the destruction of British Identity by mass immigration and faith systems that are alien to the indigenous people of these islands. She talked about how our traditional freedoms are being eroded by The EU and the people who claim to be our own government. The disgusting, biased practices of the current judicial system were also put up for discussion with numerous examples of how the justice system fails the victims of crime and favours the perpetrators of crime with unlimited support and a completely Marxist pandering to the ‘umanrites’ of the convicted felon. The speech was punctuated by spontaneous rounds of loud applause and a standing ovation at the end.

Eddy O'Sullivan Deputy Manchester Organiser

A very useful and constructive Q&A session followed and the atmosphere in the place was one of an electric hope and unbridled expectation. Make no mistake people of Greater Manchester. The British National Party is here for you… it always is…and it always will be.

Room At The Inn? Manchester BNP

We are going to need extra chairs in this place in February.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vote YES At Salford Mayor Referendum



Did You Know?

Help To Ethnic Women In Salford

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Hazels Office 

Labour run Salford City Council will be forking out £35,000 of tax payers money to help Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Yemeni women to improve their English as well as free healthcare and a good education

This new project has come directly from the European union who have also granted £140,000 towards the ethnic minority women,  It has been reported that a number of ethnic women have been signed up to join the English as a foreign language classes at Salford Colleges

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty stated “Labour run Salford City Council are a joke, they have cut front line services left, right and centre, but then they have money to splash on non British citizens, its beggars belief, and lets not forget the cash they spend on translation services, speaking to foreigners and changing council literature,

“I will be looking in to this issue further, and requesting a meeting with the over paid chief executives just to find out why, they think its acceptable to cut the services and then in the other hand, land the cash in non British.

“In my belief it is also discrimination towards the men as it’s a ONLY women allowed, I thought the council was all for diversity and equality, its hypocritical.

“What about the British, when will Salford Council start to look after us? After all its us the tax payer who pays their wages” Gary concludes.

A question is asked, is this the same kind of people who are getting, expressed fully furnished houses, clothing grants, free travel, every benefit going, TV licence, Driving lessons and the great fuel top ups give a way.

Soft touch Britain here we come!!!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

An Organiser’s Story, A Year With Salford BNP

Gary Tumulty Organiser, Nick Griffin MEP Chairman British National Party 

By Gary Tumulty, Organiser

Juggling time between family, work and a social life is not very easy as a organiser of the British National Party, A lot of hard work and commitment has to be made to run a very successful branch and as a number one rule, it has to be done for the future of our existence in our own country. 

There has been the bad times, lies from party descendants, attacks from the left wing Marxist media and personal attacks by the labour party thugs on me as a British National Party organiser, they are the times I like to forget. Then we have the good times, a stronger than ever British National Party, A democratically elected chairman Nick Griffin MEP and support on a all times high, in my city it’s a seven to one thumbs up in support.

Salford as a branch as come on strength by strength and the support for nationalism is greater than ever before. The branch meetings are always busy, and the membership and enquiry’s are on the increase once again, we have held 50% more table tops in all local precincts, England is for life, Bring the boys home and the EU Referendum petitions have all hit home with all the local Salfordian’s with scores of public want to sign up to our hard hitting controversial issues.

Local By Elections, our most recent one in Eccles saw candidate Kay Pollitt push the Lib Dems under our name once again, and it’s a continuing trend. Dubbed the third main party in Salford, we are now getting involved with more pressing local issues what effects the voter the most. 

At the height of its game Salford British National Party, using the Freedom Of Information act has exposed the NHS on interpreters and the real threat of HIV/AIDS in the Northwest, HMP Forrest bank and its exclusive luxury 5 star food menu’s for prisoners and most recently the great asylum give away, fuel top ups for all.

Its also been a great pleasure to work with Northwest MEP and Party chairman Nick Griffin to serve his constituency of Salford. Mr Griffin MEP has more effort in, more than some of the Labour Councillors and MP’s, Nick was first to lend a hand at the horrific Irlam blast, and first to visit the Riot carnage what hit the city and tore the heart of the community last year. Nick has also attended tabletops / by elections and canvassing sessions to get hands on with activists and get to know his voters, all of which has been given the media blackout.

I can not go on with out saying a massive thank you to one of our ammoniums business men, who supports the party and its British Jobs for British Workers attitude, making large donations all year round to the Salford Branch, this will be eternally grateful for, you have gone above your call of duty.

A thank you to all Salford activists, candidates and other branch’s from around the country who have helped us over the past year, because with out you it is not possible

This is an all year round fight, you can not expect to come along at election time and start winning, it about street presence and visibility, Get involved with local issues, get your name and face known, find out interesting facts by using the freedom of information, invest in marked electro registers, get to know who is voting. The hard work you do will pay off at election time, the more you put in the more you get back is my view

A lesson is to be learnt here, never lose hope or faith, nationalism Is on the rise in our country but with out you on board we can not take back what is rightfully ours. Its never to late, 

The Salford branch is now making head way and getting noticed, all though we are not the ruling body, we do hold all the power as the only opposition party in the city, and without our party and presence the labour run council would unchallenged.

If you wish to get back involved or need advice if any issues I have spoke about, feel free to contact me on 07909674006 or email 

As we press on to the year 2012 we are aiming for the ultimate goal, to break the mould at the town hall, and elect a British National Party Councillor in to the chambers of Salford Council

A different angle is required, and new electioneering methods have been reformed and put in place, The block postal vote need to be targeted, lets sign our supporters up to it, this will obviously not happen over night but don’t under estimate the fight of the British National Party, 2012 will be our most interesting year nationwide.