Monday, 15 August 2011

Salford Join Bolton BNP For Day Of Action

Salford BNP Organiser With Bolton BNP

Bolton British National Party activist’s joined forces with Salford despite the heavy down pour of rain, to have a day of action in light of the riots saw in parts of the country, 

A very upbeat Bolton Organiser Dorothy Sayers lead the team of activist to the Tonge With The Haulgh Ward were Dot stands as candidate in recent elections, Whilst Dorothy and other activist’s were on the streets husband and Bolton Branch Secretary Andy Sayers was back scene for-filling a very vital role of folding the anti riot leaflet and putting a further assortment of leaflets with them to create a recruitment super pack, for the activists on the streets.

At least 2500 British National Party Leaflets have been pushed out right across in such a shot amount of time, and the general feeling in the air is there is a lot of support out there, By passers on the busy main road also stopped to ask us for leaflets and they do agree with us that we are the only party to restore peace and order on the streets of the UK 
Dot Sayers. Organiser said “Following Nick's plea about being active this weekend, I ordered 4000 leaflets, Saturday afternoon, we received the leaflets which were delivered by Chris from Burnley. Andy then started folding them while i was trying to organise some help for leafleting. Thanks to Kevin, he put out the plea for us, and Gary and Ed from Salford responded and came to help, and we also had help from Darren who is a very valued member of our group in Bolton. It was a very good day and people were asking us for leaflets as we were posting them, and the response was fantastic, and people were agreeing with all we were saying. Hopefully this leaflet will open people's eyes to the fact that Nick Griffin and the British National Party have been right all along. A big thank you to everyone who helped it is very appreciated.” 
Andy Sayers. Secretary added “4000 leaflets were delivered to our house on Saturday afternoon. I began folding them straight away in order to have them ready for the Sunday morning leafleting. Up to that time, there was Only Dot who was going to go out on her own. I then put out a call for help, and Gary the Salford organiser and Ed came over to help. Darren from Bolton also came to give a helping hand”

“Despite the heavy rain they set off and delivered over 2000 leaflets. After Gary and Ed went home, Dot and Darren went back out for another hour or so, while i continued to carry on folding leaflets. Whilst folding the Can Anyone Restore Order leaflet, Dot had the idea of also putting in the Referendum petition and the We want our country back leaflets, so we ended up with a super pack for all to read, and they were very well received. And a big thank you to everyone who helped” Andy concluded. 


Andy Sayers Bolton BNP Secretary Folding Leaflets For Street Activists