Sunday, 31 July 2011

Top Doctor Quits Over Death Of Patient.‏

Salford Royal Hospital

By RWB correspondent.

A top hospital doctor has resigned after a coroner ruled neglect had contributed to the death of a patient in his care.
Dr Stephen Waldek admitted he had ‘failed’ Mark Holland, who suffered two heart attacks while being treated in Salford Royal Hospital. Mark, 24, had a rare metabolic disorder and needed a special diet and liquids.
But a five-day inquest heard he had no treatment management plan, monitoring of his heart was ‘indequate,’ and suggestions by his family about how to look after him were ignored.
Dr Waldek – consultant in adult metabolic disorders and executive medical director at the hospital – did not develop any specific guidance to help staff treat patients with Mark’s condition, the inquest heard.
In an astonishing admission, Dr Waldek, from Sale, told the inquest: "It is quite clear that although my intentions were to do the best I could for Mark Holland, I failed.
Coroner Jennifer Leeming said the underlying cause of Mark’s death was natural causes, contributed to by neglect.
The hospital has admitted liability and a civil action for damages brought by the family is nearly complete. A formal complaint to the General Medical Council may also be made.
RWB  contacted Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty, who was angered by the lack of care shown to a patient in Salford. 'It is sickening' said Mr Tumulty. ' Once again, a patient has died because of the ineptitude of doctors employed by the ever failing NHS. Only recently, a baby died because of lack of care, and now this. The doctor in question should face charges of medical neglect, and a stiff penalty. It's disgusting that the man's family were ignored, especially when they gave vital tips on how to care for him. Another life wasted because of the gross incompetence of the NHS.'

London Style Elected Mayor Set To Hit Salford

Salford Referendum YES

RWB Political Correspondent

Well over five percent of the voters in Salford have signed a petition to push for a referendum on, London style elected mayors.

The main organiser Geoffrey Berg, ex conservative candidate, over many months went door to door collecting the signatures needed for the referendum to be set.

8505 signatures were need but 10,500 were handed in at Salford City Council, Civic Centre buildings on Friday 29th July 2011 Land marking Salford to the referendum

Salford Council are now busy underway checking the signatures and making sure every thing is in order, and they have well over the numbers required, so it should ensure fair play from the Labour controlled council.

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “I am delighted this has took place, and it now seems the council have to sit up and take note of what the public are saying, I for one signed the petition, I also met Geoffrey some time ago now to discuss the way forward and the extra push needed for this referendum,

“Geoffrey is not affiliated with any political party now, but the British National Party will be out campaigning for the YES vote, and if Geoffrey wants to accompany us round he is more than welcome.”

“Its very important we all work together and push the YES vote and then we get our say who is control, as the mayor of Salford” Gary concluded

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Salford British National Party July Meeting

Salford British National Party July 2011 Meeting

A very well attended and productive July meeting in Salford, with their very own activist, Eddy O’Sullivan giving a speech

The night kicked off with Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser chairing the meeting Gary gave the leadership challenge summary and results announcing that Nick Griffin MEP had rightfully and democratically been re-elected to lead the British National Party, to a delightful crowd.

The night proceeded to Eddy O’Sullivan long time member, candidate and activist, who spoke about the importance of the preservation of the British trades and traditions, Eddy speech was a pro active one, with most members getting involved and having their say along with Eddy.

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty closed the meeting by talking of activity the branch and party had been up to within the past months, and why it is important to move on together as one and aim high.

Gary Tumulty said “Another well attended monthly meeting in Salford, I thank all the members who attended, and donated there hard earned cash to the branch, Eddy O’Sullivan is one of Salford’s finest and most of my knowledge as organiser was pick up from Eddy."

“The target has been set by the Salford members, the ultimate goal is yet to come. I for one as I explained tonight, am in the British National Party for the long haul, and in Salford we will continue to fight for our country and a brighter future” Gary Concluded

Monday, 25 July 2011

Breaking News Nick Griffin MEP Re-elected BNP Chairman

Salford BNP With Chairman Nick Griffin MEP

News just in that after a close leadership challenge Nick Griffin MEP has been democratically re-elected for another four year term of Chairman of the British National Party.

The two political heavy weights Nick Griffin MEP and Andrew Brons went head to head with the leadership challenge, lots of hustings with gruelling questions for both contenders over finance, employees, unpaid debt’s and power over the British National Party,

Smear booklets and outrageous lies were told from the supporters of Andrew Brons but the nationalists of the British National Party saw straight through the dams of lies and the best man for the job won the contest, Nick Griffin MEP.

RWB Politics Correspondent spoke to Nick Griffin MEP shortly after the results were announced on the main web site, Mr Griffin Said “The time for division and disruption is over, now is the time to heal, now is the time to move on. Now is the time to get back to work, We have a Party to build and a Nation to save, Let us go forward together”

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “I for one am glad the leadership challenge is over, the best man won, Nick always had my support and the backing of the Salford branch, its time to drop any grudges and move on, the real enemy Is the Lib/Lab/Con Government, the arguing has to stop now, we move on stronger more unite as nationalist and lets secure our grand children’s and children’s future, lets take back what is rightfully ours, Great Britain”

The Results From British National Party Head Quarters Were As Said;

The count was conducted by Geoff Dickens, Returning Officer

The Winner Nick Griffin MEP 1,157

The Loser Andrew Brons MEP 1,148

Spoilt papers 11

Nick Griffin MEP Retains his seat as Chairman of the British National Party, for a four year fixed term

Salford British National Party and the RWB Admin team would like to wish Nick congratulations and good luck in the future and we will always be loyal and support you.

Salford Speak In St Helen’s BNP

St Helens BNP Organiser Leila Bentham With Salford BNP Activist Eddy O'Sullivan

Salford British National Party super activist Eddy O’Sullivan gave a massive speech on the Frankfurt School to a very interested St Helens British National Party Branch crowd,

Eddy gave quotes from three massive political heavy weights, Marx, Major and Blear, three different political party’s but all the same, From Communism, Labour to Conservative, all the same type beans in a can but with a different label, from no frills to Heinz,

Eddy explained why this was and who was to blame, the Frankfurt School and its 11 point plan to break down the western society, From mass immigration, dumbing down of the education system, the control of the media and even the emptying of the church’s

All set up back in 1928 and all designed to break our western society and to destroy Great Britain, As the night progressed news was coming in of the leadership challenge and Nick Griffin MEP being re-elected to carry on as chairman of the British National Party,

Eddy then proceeded to say how it was very important for us as nationalist to unite as one and take aim for the ultimate goal, taking our country back, Eddy added forget about what the opposition say and do, forget about all the trouble causers and hear say along with the gossips out for making trouble, Progress forward together and more unite as one, and remember the ultimate goal.

Leila Bentham St Helens British National Party Organiser said “It was a great pleasure to have Eddy and the Salford Branch come to St Helens, and make such an informative speech, I would recommend it to any one, and the news of Nick Griffin being re-elected was also delightful and we at St Helens wish him all the best, and have our support”

Eddy O’Sullivan Salford British National Party activist added “I have many different speech’s’ and I have travelled many of mile’s around the country with the party to give speech’s and will continue to do so, if any body would like me to come to their branch and speak just make contact with me or my organiser Gary Tumulty who will be more than happy to help”

Salford British National Party can be contacted on or 07909674006

Sunday, 24 July 2011

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE, Amy Winehouse Is Dead.‏

Front Page Trash

By RWB correspondent.

It would seem that the British media regard the death of a drug addled, booze soaked singer as more newsworthy than the deaths of hundreds of our young men, sent into battle in an illegal, and immoral war, 

Ms Winehouse, who at best could be regarded as a fair talent, has sparked a general outpouring of grief following her early demise, whilst soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan rarely gets more than a few words in our newspapers, usually hidden somewhere between the adverts for porn films and viagra. 

How fickle are the masses, that a self confessed drug addicts death can be more important to them than the deaths of Britain's finest fighting men? How low have we sunk as a nation that we care more about a woman who liked nothing better than sticking a needle into her veins ?

I cannot understand how someone with an unstable mind, and a penchant for all things narcotic, can be considered as worthy of so many column inches, including the front page, of our sunday newspapers, when our brave, but under equipped men die almost on a daily basis, yet get little more than a fleeting mention, almost as an after thought.

The British media are guilty of diminishing the lives of those that fight and die for our freedoms, and should hang their heads in shame, as should the lemmings of this country that have become obsessed with celebrity . Our complicit, and traitorous Government should also be ashamed. They made a decision to stop public repatriations in Wootton Bassett, further diminishing the acts of selfless heroism from our armed forces by bringing the dead in through the back door.

The media and Government betrayal of our armed forces cannot go unchallenged, and whilst I have some sympathy  for Ms Winehouse, I feel that the plight of our soldiers far outweighs that of a mediocre, drug ravaged nobody.

Friday, 22 July 2011

We Want Nothing To Do With Naz’s

Naz Takeaway Monton

Dirty offenders Naz’s Restaurant Monton report in Salford Advertiser they are about to celebrate 18 years of fine Indian Cuisine

Now let me take you back to Naz’z recent encounter with Salford City Council Environmental Service, who said “The owners of Naz, Mr Abdul Hannan and Mr Abdul Mannan, had failed to keep up safety and cleaning of food hygiene, to ensure the public could eat safely with in there restaurant, the Kitchen and whole shop was infested with a German type of bugs and cockroaches, and they had failed to make any attempt to have the problem dealt with”

It was also noted that fruit and other types of food was being stored in the staff toilet’s, chopping boards and food appliances were dirty and no signs of any kind of cleaning.

The owners of Naz were fined £12,000 at court and further £5,673 was added on for court costs when found in breach of food hygiene and health and safety charges it was said how the owners of Naz’s had put the public heath at risk and the court have a duty to take action against such offenders.

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “I personally have nothing to do with takeaways and food out lets like Naz’s, I think you take your own life in your hand going in to places like that, its not a one off it happens all the time in takeaways there is always a story in the paper in regards to food hygiene in them sort of places”

“Stay safe, by British and keep out of takeaways, and keep away from Naz’s” Gary Concluded

Salford Advertiser

Another 4000 'New Comers' To Salford.

Specail Labour John Merry, Lost It Salford Advertiser

RWB Correspondent

This weeks Salford Advertiser, we see Labours Special John Merry, Council Leader, boasting over how over 4000 new comers have come to Salford to stay and how its benefited us,

The British National Party in Salford have a very real different opinion of what John says.

RWB correspondent’s spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser on this statement who says “The first thing I would like to know is where exactly these supposed over four thousand people have just come from and how exactly does it benefit us here in Salford?"

"Lets remember Salford Royal NHS maternity ward has been shut down, all the NHS walk-in centres have closed, people are being turned away from doctors as they are over stretched due to many being registered at practice’s"

"The strain its had on the education system is incredible, schools are being closed down, teachers are being laid off, class rooms are full and continuing to fill more, Salford University has been said to be the worst in the country due to poor exam results"

"Jobs are at a all time low, no jobs for the local people due to foreign workers taking jobs what our own British should be doing"

"Housing, there simply isn’t any 10 years waiting lists bidding system are making it much harder for the Salfordian to be housed up. But yet we see the bull dozers are still demolishing council houses and selling land and property off to private landlords, Homeless centres are also getting the bullet as the main one being Lancaster House is due to be shut."

"All Salford Council Front line Services have took a hit due to the cut backs in government
Police front line has been hit as well, more jobs gone and policing of the extra people in Salford in real danger, of not having enough officers to uphold the law in the city”

"Most of the ‘new comers’ in Salford are refugee’s so they will be on the benefits system, as there are no jobs. So it does not generate extra money for Salford on tax revenue."

"John Merry is well wrong when he says it’s benefiting Salford, Him self not being a real Salfordian, being bussed in from Birmingham. How can a man what is not even from Salford say what’s good for our city, after all if it goes wrong its not his city he has destroyed, its ours, the real Salfordian!!!"

"The man has finally lost the plot, it comes to show the old story of the Labour party have lost touch with the locals and real Salford people, John do us all a favour, pack up and leave, that would be the best thing could do for Salford."

"When Voting you need to remember things like this, not just things like election time Labour street clean up’s or how they had the grid fixed at the time, The British National Party are committed to the People of Salford and the history and culture of our Salford, another point worth remembering is You Change The People and You Change The Culture” Gary Concludes

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A 'Sign' Of The Times?‏

Old Salford Sign

By RWB communities correspondent.

Researchers have collected some 60 signs from Salford streets that have been bulldozed over the years They are the lost streets of Salford – roads and housing fallen victim to the never-ending march of time. Memories lost, history destroyed, communities crushed.

The powers that be call it regeneration, I call it destruction.  No longer are there any real communities, where neighbours oft popped next door for a brew and a chat, or kids played football on the street with the goalposts painted on the wall of a house.  Gone is the spirit that keeps people going when times are hard, gone is the pride in the community, gone is the fabric of what makes Salford great.

In place of these traditional communities stand fenced off and segregated mini communities, almost prison like, with little or no interaction outside the 'bubble'. By design, town planners have stifled and crushed the community, penning people in like sheep, killing off any communal spirit that once knitted Salfordians together, creating a divided, easier to control population

The deliberate dismantling of our communities isn't restricted to Salford. All across Britain, communities are being taken apart by those that fear a unified population. A fragmented and purposeless community poses less of a threat to their 'status quo', and makes it easier for them to impose their draconian policies.

Our way of life is under threat, we are being shepherded into stalag type blocks, we are being brainwashed and manipulated into accepting our fate, with little hope of retaining what we know as right..............It really is 'A sign of the times'.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Conversation About Race

Liverpool British National Party

RWB Salford brings a special report by Liverpool British National Party Correspondents

This review is a response to a groundbreaking new documentary by filmmaker Craig Bodecker. His film entitled A Conversation about Race “redefines the conventional wisdom on Race and Racism” or more to the point should challenge typical ‘liberal’ attitudes and responses to the term ‘racism’. During his interview with Bodecker, Peter Schaenk describes the University graduate almost as a cult member. A very good parallel as it is here that the so called ‘conventional wisdom’ is gathered. It seems that quite literally the student is trained to ‘believe’ two contradictory thoughts. No wonder Bodecker calls his interviewees ‘believers’. As Schaenk defines it the student/cult member is ‘sold’ an ideology. Not that it has any fundamental grounding, shake it and it will fall so don’t dig to deep. So universities tell graduates that they are now ‘morally superior’ and against the masses they are armed.
In this interview Bodecker cites his motive for making the documentary stem from media representation of racism and real life ‘experience’ presenting a glaring disparity. As Bodecker points out in this exert a phenomenal amount of people believe ‘racism’ exists and have even experienced it yet it remains notoriously difficult to pin down. It is so prevalent that many of the responses to experiencing ‘racism’ had to resort to generalisation.  Bodecker states quite early on that ‘racism’ is a tool used to beat the white race. A glaring example is shown in this video clip It is accepted that Blacks are more highly represented in basketball because they are ‘better’ at it. However, does anybody suggest a sport or ANY area that whites excel at. It is interesting to note that British Olympic swimmers are notoriously White as are those competing in weight competitions. A follow up question on standardised testing revealed some more fascinating insights. Convinced that Whites scoring higher than Blacks on standardised tests was a cultural bias what was the answer to Asians scoring higher than Whites on these same tests. It is enthralling, amusing even to watch a person tying themselves in knots trying to explain away a faulty premise or even give another race credit for greater intelligence! Further probing confirmed that while a Black man is well justified in promoting the course of colour advocacy of White culture by a White man is racism or even worse White Supremacy. What this all boils down to is an ideology that requires a complete transformation of ideals. What was once valued such as high IQ is being levelled and multiculture is responsible. This is the ultimate scam. Not a melting pot of diverse cultures but a subversive means to divide society. What better way to control a child than use its own natural emotions against it. This is happening in Britain and Europe right now. ‘Hate’ an emotion is criminalised. You saw the above clip. How long before freedom of speech is a thing of the past in America as well.
It is clear that there is information in this film that the powers that be do NOT want the public to see. American media CBS was sent a copy of the finished production not long after its completion. It was only after Bodecker suggested that he would advertise the film as one CBS did not want the public to see that he was even contacted. CBS then proceeded to string him along for 3 months until finally dropping the film.
A DVD of the film can be ordered off this site I urge readers to do so. This is a most fair and honest treatment of this issue.


Sad news in to day

I regret to inform you that Derek Adams's wife, Carol, unexpectedly passed away today.

This is a very sad loss, as Carol was a very nice, friendly lady. I'm certain that you will all join me in sending our collective condolences to Derek on this very sad occasion.

Derek has been a British National Party stalwart for a very long time and I trust that we will all rally round to give him whatever help and support we can.

Northwest / Salford BNP

Monday, 18 July 2011

Police Top Brass Visit 'Top Brass'?‏

Busy Police Officers In The Cafe Havent Got A Clue Whats Going On

By RWB Crime correspondent.

A brothel was run for up to four years virtually under the nose of the police, a court heard.
The business, run as both the Toucan Club and the Gourmet Club in Chorley Road, Swinton, was just half a mile from the local police station.
But the real purpose of the club was not discovered until officers executed a search warrant at the club in May 2009. When arrested brothel ‘Madam’ Vivian Waxford claimed police had known what was going on there. But Minshull Street Crown Court was told that police were unaware it was being used for prostitution.
Waxford, 62, who pleaded guilty to running a brothel, was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, and 150 hours’ community service. Lisa Boocock, prosecuting, said Waxford had worked there firstly as receptionist and then as manageress of the business.
When police raided the premises, a pornographic film was playing in the reception area, and women were acting in a sexual manner. Officers posed as customers to confirm their suspicions about the nature of the club, and when a warrant card was produced, Waxford was said to have been clearly surprised.
The court was told Waxman had twice before been before the courts facing offences in connection with running a brothel - once in 1976 and once in 1990.
RWB spoke to Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst, who, in  fits of laughter, couldn't believe that the police were unaware of the nature of the club. ' I haven't  heard anything so funny in ages' said Mr Tumulty. ' The police didn't know that the premises were being used for sexual services? pull the other one, it's got bells on. 
Keith Fairhurst added, ' I find it hard to believe that the police were unaware of what the property was being used for, especially when it's well documented that mason police officers like to frequent such establishments. Perhaps the GMP top brass don't like Salford "Top Brass" ?

Two Men Sprung From Prison Transport Vehicle.‏

G4S Prisoner Transport Van - Hijacked On Trinnity Way Salford

By RWB Crime correspondent.

Two men who were sprung from a prison van in Salford were on trial for gun offences.
The two – Kirk Bradley and Tony Downes, both 25 and both from Merseyside – were taken out of the van when it was rammed by an armed gang on Trinity Way at 8.30am today.
The gang, armed with a gun and a sledgehammer, made off in a Saab which was found abandoned on Barrow Street, Salford, a short time later.
Bradley, of Dovecot, and Downes, of no fixed abode, were being transported to Liverpool Crown Court when the gang struck.
Both men are on trial with four others accused of conspiring to possess firearms with intent to endanger life. The pair also deny conspiracy to damage property with intent to endanger life.
One security guard was taken to hospital after this morning's raid. His injuries are not believed to be life threatening. Inquiries to trace the gang are ongoing.
Det Sgt Paul Copplestone, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "We are sure that this incident was witnessed by many people at a very busy time of the morning.
“The Saab was driven off towards the M602 motorway. 
"We would urge witnesses to contact us." 
Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 872 5050 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Merseyside Police also appealed for help in tracing the pair. Officers urged the public not to approach the men.
RWB Salford asked Salford BNP officials Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst for their response. 'It's outrageous that something like this can happen in broad daylight, on one of the busiest routes in Greater Manchester' said Mr Tumulty. 'I hope the police catch these two men before they cause a danger to the public'.
Keith Fairhurst added, 'No doubt that the keystone cops of Greater Manchester Police will blunder about, follow false leads, and generally fail in their attempts to apprehend these criminals, and tomorrow, will be back targeting the drivers of Salford. I would suggest that in future, any dangerous criminals are given a police escort to and from court, like they used to do, but that would be too easy wouldn't it?'

Friday, 15 July 2011

Generous Donation At Salford Hustings

Nick Griffin Salford BNP Hustings £1000 Donation

This month’s national tours of hustings for the 2011 Leadership Contest of the British National Party started of with an incredibly generous donation of £1,000 given to the Chairman Nick Griffin by one of our growing number of businessmen who are starting to back the British National Party with serious financial support. 

Paul Ainscough donated the £1,000 to the British National Party.

Nick Griffin accepted the cheque on behalf of British National Party TV, and said: 
‘We are building up our counter-media operation, and the volunteers that do such an incredible job for the party filming events all over Britain deserve our full support and investment. They do an incredible job on such a low budget. It is with great pleasure that I give British National Party TV the full donation to be used in their vital work for the Nationalist cause.’

Thursday, 14 July 2011

That's a Leader

Support Nick Griffin Video

By Keith Fairhurst Deputy Organiser Salford BNP.

A leader of men, a man not afraid to put his head above the parapet, a man who wakes every morning with fresh vigour, a man unafraid of the vile attacks from both friend and foe.
a man who will disregard his own personal safety to bring the truth to the masses, a man who faces incarceration at the whim of traitors, but will never bow the knee. THAT'S a Leader.

A man who  faces vilification at every turn, a man willing to put his personal differences with others aside for the good of Britain. A man offering the hand of reconciliation, a man who forgives, never condemns, a man who gives hope for the future, a man who always has time for his people, a man who tells the truth, regardless of the consequences. THAT'S a Leader.

A man who  turns up unexpectedly to hand out leaflets in a local shopping centre, a man who will roll his sleeves up and get stuck in, a man who is comfortable talking to toff or tramp, a man who gives his time without expecting a return, a man that will travel the length, width and breadth of Britain to be at a place where he is needed the most. THAT'S a Leader.

A man who is proud of his culture, a man who will defend it till death. a man who stands in defiance, a man with the heart of a lion, a man that cares little for personal gain, a man that curries no favour, a man that never distances himself from the important issues, a man that tackles everything with absolute dedication.

The Man?...........................Nicholas John Griffin.

Now THAT'S a Leader.

Nick Griffin MEP Committed To The Cause

Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP GMM St Henens Signed BNP Contract

By RWB Political Correspondent Special Leadership Report

RWB Salford is following the leadership challenge campaign which is going on within the British National Party, and over the next couple of days will continue to show why Nick Griffin MEP has Salford support,

A story back from the 27th June we covered was how at the BNP GMM St Helens Sunday 26th June 2011 Nick Griffin signed a contract stating if he was ever to up and leave the party the seat would retain and stay with the British National Party.

Now as we all know Nick Griffin MEP is the Chairman and has no desire to step down or leave the party,

Nick Griffin MEP has signed the contract with no hesitation. Andrew Brons MEP sharply left the venue, refusing to sign the contract. Nick tried to get Andrew to return and has turned down and an ultimate refusal was made, Andrew to date still has not signed the contract, and point blankly refuses to.

The members voted in favour of the constitution change to have all candidates standing or elected to high profile positions such as MEP’s to prevent losing more seats if they decided to up and leave, as in the case of Richard Barnbrook member of the GLA.

Nick Griffin MEP has clearly shown his commitment to the nationalist cause and the British National Party,

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser who said “I haven’t got much to say on this matter, other than what’s the big problem, I signed the contract as a candidate in the Welsh Assembly Elections”

RWB has drew to the conclusion Andrew Brons must think he is above this constitution change on what the members wanted, and this is one of many reason why RWB Salford would urge members of the British National Party to re-elect current chairman Nick Griffin MEP to continue in the quest of moving the party forward.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

RWB Salford Casts Its Vote - Nick Griffin MEP


Red White & Blue has made its mind up, and voted in favour for Nick Griffin to continue to be British National Party Leader,

Lets take in just what Nick has done in Salford for the British National Party

  • Made numerous donation's to good causes - One being Salford Lads Club.
  • Irlam Explosion - First on site to offer help to the victims of the blast
  • Bring The Boys Home petition campaign - Visited two times for a hands on approach
  • Donated to the Salford BNP Branch -  Many leaflets and free VOF were given to us, for the public
  • Stood and was Elected Salford BNP MEP - and a very hard worker indeed
  • Helped Out In Many By Elections  - Walkden North on more than one occasion 
  • Laid Salford Wreath in respect of all service men who lost their live's in the World Wars
  • Offers 24 Hour support to Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty

  • The new EU Referendum Campaign - Donated all new banners, petitions and leaflets

Also have a look at the Election Video from Nick Griffin MEP

Nick Griffin is Leading from the Front, get behind him.......... VOTE NICK GRIFFIN MEP

Monday, 11 July 2011

Salford BNP On Recruitment Drive.‏

Salford BNP Deputy Organiser Keith Fairhurst - Leafleting
Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Leafleting

By RWB political correspondent

Salford BNP's dynamic duo Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst spent all of Monday afternoon leafletting two wards with a selection of party literature which included the new 'No to EU' leaflets, and the party's latest recruitment tool, ' We Want Our Country Back' leaflets.

Unaffected by the leadership challenge, Mr Tumulty and Mr Fairhurst have continued to concentrate on taking the British National Party message to the streets of Salford, targetting key wards with high levels of support.

Gary Tumulty was keen to point out that ' It is vitally important that we continue our work in our areas, tackling local issues, and letting our supporters know we will never desert them, the support round here is good, and we are determined to build on that'.

Keith Fairhurst added ' It's encouraging to hear locals give their support to the British National Party and their campaigns, it is now up to us as a branch to turn that soft support into voters and active members. I believe the literature that we put out today will achieve substantial success. Salford residents are crying out for an alternative to the Lib/Lab/Con cabal, and we are determined to be that alternative'.

RWB Salford would like to say how proud they are of the Salford branch, and will continue to bring the latest news on what they are achieving in and around Salford. Check in regularly to find out what they are up to.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Leadership Hustings 'IN Salford'.‏

Salford BNP Hustings

By RWB political correspondent.

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP and leadership hopeful Andrew Brons MEP addressed a very well attended election hustings on Friday 8th July in Salford.
Both men started with short speeches outlining their plans for the party, and why members should elect them.

Mr Griffin and Mr Brons then faced some difficult questioning from members, with party finances, internal discipline, and the employment of a known trouble causer the main topics. Other members questioned Mr Brons on why he refused to sign the candidates contract, which he failed to answer to the satisfaction of the majority of those in attendance. Mr Brons struggled to answer a question on why he thinks he can run the party as chairman, and continue his duties as an MEP, when it is well documented he has said Mr Griffin is unable to do the same. 

The general feeling is that Mr Brons did little to impress, and did his election hopes no favours with his answers, many being in the negative. If he is to stand any chance of a decent return, he must come up with a lot more positive answers than those he has given so far.

Mr Griffin fared better, with eloquent and understandable reasons why he should be re-elected as chairman. His quote of 'You don't change a jockey half way through a race' brought applause and agreement from the members. 

RWB Salford asked Salford officials Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst how they think the hustings went. ' Round one to Nick Griffin in my opinion' said Mr Tumulty. ' His positive and forthright answers struck a chord with the members, whilst Mr Brons seemed evasive and negative'.

Keith Fairhurst added 'I agree with Gary, Mr Griffin came across a lot better, and his open admission that mistakes have been made in the past, and his ideas to improve the way things are done swung it for me. Mr Brons didn't impress me at all. The one good thing is that both candidates pledged to support the other, regardless of the outcome of the election. That is a good thing, this party needs unity,   The party will move on from this in better shape than previously, our demise is greatly exaggerated'.

Check in to RWB Salford regularly to find out more information on Salford British National Party and the campaigns they are involved in.

Salford Says NO To The EU.

Nick Griffin MEP Salford Shopping Centre EU Reffendum Salford BNP

By RWB political correspondent.

Bad weather and the distraction of the leadership challenge couldn't deter the hard working Salford branch of the British National party from setting up a table top with the parties latest campaign to force the coalition Government into giving the British people a referendum on our membership of the European Union.

Activists had barely set up the table when people started  queueing to add their names to the petition, such is the feeling in Salford. Everyone that signed commented on how they want Britain out of the EU immediately.

Party chairman Nick Griffin paid a surprise visit to help, prior to the leadership election hustings later that day, and was immediately swamped by locals who wanted to shake his hand, have photos taken with him, and to wish him luck. Mr Griffin later commented on how we was 'Delighted with the response to the petition in Salford'

RWB Salford asked branch officials Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst for their opinions on the days event. 'Absolutely fantastic' said Mr Tumulty. 'This goes a long way to prove that the people of Salford never agreed to join the common market years ago, and want to lend their voice to force the house of thieves to give us a referendum'.

Mr Fairhurst added ' The people of Salford have spoken, and we now know the strength of feeling against our membership of the EU. Everybody now realises we were conned into joining the EEC, and now want Britain out of an Establishment that costs this country billions each year, with little or no benefit to Britain. It's time to get out NOW, before its too late'.

RWB Salford are keen to lend support to this campaign, and will bring readers more information as it happens. Visit regularly to find out more on this, and other British National Party campaigns in Salford.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

British National Party Leadership Challenge

Candidates CV's
Current Chairman Nick Griffin MEP 
Andrew Brons MEP 
A Copy Of A Ballot Paper 

RWB Salford Votes For Nick Griffin MEP

Remembering 7th July

Special Report Took From The Main British National Party Web Site

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London, when 52 people were murdered at the hands of Muslim terrorists. 

Fifty-two people were killed and approximately 700 were injured when suicide bombers detonated explosives in four locations in the capital on 7 July 2005. 
Three bombs were set off on the London Underground within one minute of one another at 8.50 a.m., killing 39 and causing chaos across London.
At 9.47 a.m., a fourth bomb was detonated, on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square, killing a further thirteen people.
Of the four bombers, three were born in Britain, of Pakistani ethnicity, and the fourth was Jamaican – all of them in Britain as a direct result of the pro-immigration policies of the LibLabCon parties.
The incident was the deadliest single act of terrorism in the United Kingdom since the Lockerbie bombing in 1988, which killed 270.
In videotapes made by the perpetrators, Edgware Road bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan described his motivation as ‘obedience to Allah’ and ‘following the footsteps of the final prophet messenger’.
Since July 2005, numerous Muslim terrorist attacks have been foiled across Britain, whereas others, such as the Glasgow International Airport attack, have thankfully resulted in no further victims.
Britain remembers, and we’ll never forget.

Salford Royal Hospital Blasted Over Babies Death.

Eccles Old Road Salford Royal Hospital

By RWB correspondent.
A coroner has slammed a hospital over the treatment of a premature baby in the hours before his death
Three-week old Karl Steven Clark-Davies died after developing pneumonia at Salford Royal Hospital - just six days after his twin sister Ria had died.
The twins had been born two months premature after being conceived by IVF treatment. Their father Karl Davies, from Walkden, had frozen his sperm while undergoing treatment for leukaemia but died while fiancée Michelle Clark was six months pregnant.
Bolton Coroners Court heard how night shift staff at the hospital had failed to record vital tests on Karl’s blood pressure, temperature and breathing and hadn’t responded to emergency alarms on hospital equipment.
Recording a verdict of death by natural causes, deputy coroner Alan Walsh told staff they had let down baby Karl and his family. He said: "The omissions in recording areas of observation which could have given clinical signs of infection were wholly unacceptable.
"I am not satisfied with what I have heard of the practices that were carried out. Staff capable of carrying out certain tests did not do so and antibiotics which were prescribed by a consultant were not administered."
But having been told of the hospital Serious Incident Review into the case, the coroner chose not to report the hospital for the string of serious errors.
He said: "It appears to me that the hospital share my concerns and were equally disturbed about the events of that night."
Matron Maxine Pamphlett-Jones, who lead the investigation into the case, told the court that hospital bosses were currently looking at bringing disciplinary procedures against staff involved in the case, and apologised directly to Karl’s family.
She said: "We remain very, very disappointed that Karl did not get the standard of treatment and quality of care that he should have had that night.
"Our concern is not only for Karl but for other babies being treated by the doctors and staff in that unit and to make sure nothing like this can ever happen again."
RWB spoke to Salford BNP officials Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst, who were both horrified by the lack of care shown to a premature baby in a supposedly modern hospital.
Gary Tumulty, Salford organiser said, ' It's terribly sad that a young life didn't stand a chance because of the ineptitude of the doctors and nurses at Salford Royal, and our heartfelt condolences go out to the family.  For the coroner to choose not to report the failings of the hospital staff is something that needs looking into, and a half hearted apology does little to help the family come to terms with this wholly avoidable tragedy'.
Keith Fairhurst, deputy organiser added ' Absolutely shocking, the hospital staff that failed baby Karl and his family should be prosecuted for negligence, and deputy coroner Alan Walsh struck off for failing to report those responsible for Karls death. It's sickening that a coroner can regard a babies death as unworthy of appropriate action against those responsible. It shows the state of the NHS in Britain, where the majority of nursing staff are foreign, with dubious nursing qualifications. I wonder if those responsible even care'.
RWB Salford will continue to bring you the news as it happens in and around Salford, so check in regularly to find out the truth.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Salford Magistrate £2000 Expenses Scandal

Salford Magistrate Edward Whelpton Forrest Bank Prison

A Salford Magistrate was handed a 18 week suspended sentence for deliberately cheating £2000 out of the public over a 2 year expenses fiddle

Salford magistrate, Edward Whelpton, 75 frauded colleague’s signatures to obtain up to £2000 of expenses on his mileage, meals and loss of earnings, Whelpton was currently working on the independent monitoring board at Forrest Bank Prison.

It was reported from Manchester Minshul Street Crown Court were Mr Whelpton has in the past sat along side judges on appeal hearings he said “Oh no. I'm going to be put behind bars for this."

Whelpton other curriculum was being extras on Coronation Street and Waterloo Road, He has also appeared in a Person accidents advert.

Judge Jai Penna told Whelpton: "You were aware that the use of public office to obtain sums to which people are not entitled has been a great subject of news in recent months.

"When someone takes on public responsibility in a civic role, they are expected to behave with impeccable honesty. When someone takes advantage of that position to gain profitably, it is a betrayal of public trust."

Whelpton who was arrested back in 2009 told Police officers as they knocked “It’s about the expenses!" then pleaded guilty to 4 expenses fraud claims. Wheplton also said  "The victim was not an individual, and no hardship resulted from what he did."

Whelpton was ordered to pay £1,000 towards prosecution costs, and has been made subject of a weekend curfew for three months, in addition to his prison sentence, which was suspended for 12 months.

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser said “that man has a front, to say oh he shouldn’t be imprisoned and how there no hardship on the victims, The Victim is the tax payer so I would say yes there is hardship, He has really got off with his crime, I wouldn’t say touch justice was served here, A man who is in a such high profile status in society should know better, how could he possibly sit on a panel preaching the wrongs to criminals when he was actually one him self”

“It disgusts me, I think he should have gone to prison as any other normal person would have done who commits fraud out of the public purse” Gary Concludes

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Salford Blaze

Smoke From Salford Buliding On Fire.

Reports from a Salford Blaze

Tuesday 5th July around 10AM a direlict warehouse on Broughton Road, Broughton, Salford broke into flames as tyres caught a light. The smoke bellowing out could be seen right across the city .

It is still unsure why the blaze set a light but the fire chiefs are investigating the matter in full, Over 20 fire fighters where called to scene to quickly extinguish the flames, No body has been reported injured, Greater Manchester Police did have to set up road diversions

Salford British National Party would like say thank you to the emergency services who were involved, and for the quick response of the fire service who quickly put the blaze out.

Aslyum Seeker Jailed For Sexual Abuse Of Our Grils‏

Honayon Norouzzad The Pervy Child Abbuser From Iran

Takeaway worker and Asylum Seeker Homayon Norouzzad, 34, From Iran, Jailed for four years for the sexual exploitation for underage school girls.

Mr Norouzzad who lived above the takeaway in whitefield which he works, pleaded guilty of 25 sexual offences and a further 8 will be left to lie on his file, His crime was involving 18 victims all young school girls, Norouzzard came to the country from Iran in the year of 2000, and last year was granted leave to stay.

Covered in tattoos Nazouzzad groomed young girls by offering free food and money in return for them to allow him to kiss their feet, a sexual fetish Nazouzzad has. It was said in Bolton Crown Court that Nazouzzad would offer the girls £5 up to £90 for his perverted pleasures to be met.

Judge Maureen Roddy told Norouzzad “There is no doubt that you knew these girls were under-age - they should not have been engaged in any activity of this kind."

"These are three children who should be enjoying their lives instead each has their own nightmare. Each suffered significant psychological harm."

She said the impact on the victims had been "devastating".

Three of Nazouzzads victims personal impact statement were read out in Bolton Crown Court, One saying she wished she was dead and made attempts to slash her own wrists with a razor blade”

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser Said “People like Nazouzzad, do not deserve to be in or country, it’s the point again Migrants from Muslim country’s abusing our children, the court or press never said if he was a muslim but you can bet your last pound he is, the takeaway shop is a halal outlet so it all stacks up. The man is absolutely disgusting he has groomed young girls to meet his perverted ways, its not normal. Its also be said Nazouzzad is a danger to the public, and the children of our society, I completely agree with that, The man had no shame what he done to the little girls, he actually thought that he was giving them some thing in return by offering food and money”

“It begs the question why is such vermin allowed into our country, our children are our future, its time for the current government and authorities to start protecting them before we do” Gary Concluded

Monday, 4 July 2011

Salford BNP On Anti EU Campaign

Activists From Salford BNP Lead By Orgniser Gary Tumulty

By RWB political correspondent

Officials and activists from Salford branch of the British National Party spent Saturday afternoon leafletting and collecting signatures for the parties latest hard hitting campaign to force the coalition Government into giving the British public a referendum on our membership of the European Union.

The hard working Salford team were happy to get stuck into this campaign, and are looking forward to the weeks ahead, especially when the support is so high for such an emotive issue.

RWB Salford spoke to  Gary Tumulty,and Keith Fairhurst, Officials of the branch, who were both delighted with the response to the campaign.
Organiser Gary Tumulty said ' The level of support for this petition is very encouraging, and I'm sure that Salford will be amongst the highest of all the other branches when we collate the signed petitions, Things are looking good'

Deputy organiser Keith Fairhurst added ' It was fantastic to see the younger generation wanting to know more about our campaign and petition, and a group of young friends were all eager to add their weight behind the endeavours of the British National Party to force those that would sell us down the river for a few shekels to give us the referendum we were promised but never given. I know this campaign will strike a chord with the good people of Salford. Mr Fairhurst concluded.