Thursday, 25 August 2011

Salford School’s Business Manager Steals £120K

Mark Shepherd Business Manager Salford School Who Stole £120K

Wentworth High School Eccles £2 Million pound in dept, see the business manager Mark Shepherd stole £120K to fund his own home improvements and new car project.
Shepherd who was brought in to make cuts and regain some of the 2 million pound dept of overspending the Salford school had made in the previous years.

Shepherd spent the schools money, on a full refit of his bathroom and other improvements to his house in westhoghton, amongst the loot was a new car for him self, he paid off his own dept of £30K in unpaid credit card bills, he also bought a smart car for the school and sold it off to pocket the profit for him self.

Shepherd’s wife Brazen, a church going women was totally unaware of just what her husband was up to as he told her he had won cash on his premium bonds.
Shepherd was clocked by one of his colleges, who had discovered that he had rented two storage units, one for the schools belongings and one for shepherds haul.

At Minsull Street Crown Court Shepherd admitted four charges of fraud and abuse of his position at the Salford school. The court heard how Shepherd had carried out 37 fraudulent transactions worth a total of £121,732.

Shepherd the civil servant business manager who was paid £37K a year employed in 2007, started hitting the school’s accounts almost a week in to his employment, he started by stealing £500 cheque what was he said for petty cash. Shepherd also convinced work colleagues to counter sign fraudulent cheques by lying about what the money would be used for, Shepherd also got that confident he would not get caught he started to transfer money straight from the schools bank account right to his own.

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty, Salford BNP Organiser who says “It appalling to think that a school in dept, employee’s a man who is destine to steal even more off them, Shepherd has really got no morals, I hope the man is made to pay back what he took, and will get a lengthy sentence from the judge at the sentencing”

RWB can confirm Shepherd will be sentenced at Minsull Street Crown Court on the 19th September 2011 our crime correspondent will be there to see Shepherd get his comeuppance