Monday, 29 August 2011

John Merry Must Resign Now If You Love Salford

John Merry 'Special' Leader Labour Salford Council

Labour Special John Merry Leader of Salford Council, we call for you to stand down pack up and leave Salford NOW!!!!!!

John lets face it you and your people of the Labour Party have done nothing to help the real Salfordians, lets summarise it shall we;

  • Salford Council is millions of pounds of debt
  • Corruption at Salford Council and its staff at all levels
  • Salford Land sold off cheaply to private investors to bull doze Council Houses
  • The Closure of its Magistrates and County Courts
  • No houses for Locals Immigrants express service and at top of all housing lists.
  • NHS Cut services, maternity ward being one.
  • Police front line’s cuts and caught short as witnessed last week in riots
  • No Jobs for locals as migrants are reaping all the benefits and taking jobs for cheap labour
  • Salford Education Services sold off  and suffering, Salford University being dubbed as worsted in the country
  • Salford Children’s Services slip up and time and time again costing kids life’s.
  • You your self claiming thousands off the tax payer and offering little services or in most cases non
  • Mass immigration’s rise to Salford in a bid to gerrymander for Labour voters

The list is never ending we could go on but we will stop at that for now

John Merry if you say you love Salford then do the best thing you could ever do and resign and get out, Let the real Salfordians run Salford

The people of Salford don’t want you, and if in doubt lets take it to the vote, but I bet you will not do that. 


  1. Great post lads, well done for exposing a corrupt Labour councillor.