Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Salford Council Sued

King Pig Salford Council's Special Labour Leader John Merry.

Labour Special Salford Council Leader John Merry tells tribunal “he has lost confidence” in Jill Baker the sacked Children’s Services Manager.

Jill Baker was at the heart of a tragic murder of a toddler 2 year old Demi Leigh Mohan who was killed by a baby sitter in July 2008

Mrs Baker was told by chief executive Barbara Spicer, at the time of baby Demi Leigh Mohan’s murder no further action would be taken against, Later an independent report it was found Demi’s case was totally over looked by Salford Councils Social Services, which lead to Mrs Baker’s dismissal for gross misconduct.

Labour Leader Councillor Merry said “He had lost all confidence is Mrs Baker, and found it impossible to explain his that decision, as he had not been in on the decision its self,”

Mrs Baker who is suing Salford Council for unfair dismissal who said she thinks she is being made a scapegoat for other councillors within Salford.

RWB Reports at the time of the problems within Salford Council’s Social Service and Children’s Services Departments, Langworthy Labour Councillor John Warmisham was the lead member of that department, After Demi’s Murder and few other incidents around children John was soon side shifted, with no further action to other area’s of the council

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “There is no excuse for this at all, John Warmisham is also to blame for the lack of organization with in the Children’s Services Department, he should have been the first port of call to spot these errors”

“My response to John Merry the so called Leader of the council is… We the British Public have lost all faith in you and your ways, resign now, you work for the people of Salford, not the other way round, resign now, get out of the council and Salford”

“In respect to Labour councillors, it seems they do like making scapegoats for their mistakes, but Merry keeps sorting Jobs for the boys its disgraceful, Labour have to held accountable for the mistakes of the council” Gary concluded.

So Mr John Merry…… Are you willing to resign, or do we have to campaign for a vote of no confidence?