Saturday, 13 August 2011

Positive Response 'IN Salford'

Salford BNP Team With Organiser Gary Tumulty & Chairman Nick Griffin MEP

Salford branch of the British National Party received a warm welcome when they visited the three main shopping districts in the city with the party's latest campaign 'Who can restore order'?. Salford shopping city, the scene of mass rioting and looting by gangs of black youths and white anarchists, was the first area to be visited. The public, understandably subdued, were keen to voice their concerns to activists, and many took handfuls of leaflets to give to friends and family.

Next to be visited was Swinton, and there was a similar response. Luckily, Swinton escaped any major trouble, but residents were equally shocked and concerned about the scenes that tore the heart out of a community just a couple of miles down the road. As in the previous area, shoppers were keen to take the leaflets to give to loved ones and work colleagues.

The final area to be visited was Eccles town centre, where chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin joined with local activists to give his support  to residents. Locals were very keen to chat with Mr Griffin, and a small queue formed. All were shocked and appalled by what happened, and sought reassurances that the British National Party were going to do everything in their power to highlight the failings of a multicultural society, and that the party will put pressure on local and central Government to bring in legislation that ensures shocking scenes that scarred the city will never be repeated. Mr Griffin was only to keen to reassure everybody, and promised to never give up the fight to ensure that places like Salford will always receive his support as its MEP.

Gary Tumulty, Salford organiser, was delighted with the response in Salford, Swinton and Eccles. " As always, the people of this great city come together in adversity" said Mr Tumulty. " It was pleasing to see the city uniting in it's condemnation of the rioting scum that tried to bring anarchy to the usually peaceful streets of Salford. As a branch, we will be working hard with local communities to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again" Mr Tumulty concluded.