Friday, 5 August 2011

Salford Labours Master Plan Messed Up.

Labour Leader The Very  'Special' John Merry In This Weeks Salford Advertiser.

The forgotten, Residents on Irwell Riverside, Whit Lane Estate have waited a mear 10 years to decide the fate of their home’s, will they stay or will they go, that’s the big question and will the regeneration take place?

Labour controlled Salford Council, and Special leader John Merry have promised a long over due review of the estate, Mr Merry was confronted by a very angry and let down residence group from Whit Lane, who were told of the regeneration plans what were stalled due to economical down turn.

The plans hit the ice over the recession Labour Government led the British in to, The regeneration would have seen over 100 houses demolished and replaced with new ones,

Only last week Labour Leader John Merry was boasting about the 4000 new residence that had been let in to Salford, and the joys and benefits it has to Salford,

Salford Council and the Labour Party have betrayed the people of Salford, John Merry is playing with Salfordians lives and homes here in Salford, There is no excuse for it, The voter must now realise what is happening. Labour in Salford have messed up, the vote must change to the British National Party, we will ensure a better life for the British People, its our country and we come first.

The British National Party would ensure that them local people would be re housed up in like for like houses, but the first main thing we would have asked the people of whit lane what they wanted, Labour just go ahead no regards to the constituent, it’s a case of take or leave it, Labour don’t care.

Labour’s John Merry, Leader of the council and also Labour Lead Member of Housing Peter Connor will be walking round the Whit Lane Estate of Irwell Riverside to try and get the views of the locals.

RWB Correspondents spoke to Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside Candidate and BNP Salford Leader who said “The council forever do this, they run down area’s by not giving it any attention and maintenance, and when it all goes bad they say right, all up and leave, a re-generation is needed, they boot out the tennants of the area’s and then private contractor bull doze the area’s and rebuild private homes.”

“Whit Lane is not a bad area, I live close by I have never had any issues there, they are lovely people, one thing Is for sure for 10 years they have been left in limbo wondering what’s going on with their home’s, its simply not good enough”

“John Merry and Connor are both coming to my ward to talk to the locals, Well John come and knock on my door I have a few questions for you, but I bet you will not do that will you, ill be in all day, come along, I would even walk round the estate with you, just to see what the local view is, Stop messing my constituency around” Gary concluded

RWB Note to Salford Advertiser editor (from story in picture) and journalist, it’s Irwell Riverside, Not Charlestown Riverside, If you need new writers the RWB team would only be to happy to help out, for the right price. We think you could do with a nationalist journalist.


  1. Hmmmm sounds a lot like Anfield in Liverpool. Only we have a football club to contend with and when some foreigner can put the money up to buy that out maybe the lovely terraced houses that the council have compulsory purchased and left boarded up will finally face the bulldozer. Houses that should contain nice British families.

  2. It's instigated. To qualify for government regen funding the area must have a certain amount of empty properties.The funding will only then be released. Often regeneration takes place with joint co operation between the council and private sectors. Many council housing groups are also opting to go private as this also opens the door to even more funding.It certainly happened in Liverpool.I think they were actually the guinea pig.