Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Homeless Shelter Axed In Salford

Lancaster House Homeless Shelter Salford

A homeless shelter, Lancaster House in Salford, has been the latest to face the axe under Labour controlled council and forced to close down despite plea’s and public campaigns to save the house.

Labour’s Councillor Connor, Lead member of housing committee decided to withdraw the £238,000 a year government grant, the main money for running the shelter, and forcing up to 38 people to be homeless.

Local campaigners had picked up 7000, signatures on an 11th hour petition to save the Lancaster Housing Shelter, The petition will now be handed in at Number 10 Downing Street.

Its reported Mark Hampson, owner of the centre is now putting a legal case together, He said the council have broken the discrimination law and not consulted the resident’s of the centre .

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “It is hard enough trying to get a home in Salford, Lancaster House is keeping people off the streets, Its easy for Labours Councillor Conner to just make decision’s like removing funding, he has a roof over his head. Just maybe he would like to put some of these homeless people up for the night in his home, and when I see him I will be putting that to him”

“Its time to start housing our own people up first, lets be fair here, Only last week another labour star John Merry boasting about 4000 ‘new people’ coming to live in Salford, I bet they got a nice council house to live, despite none of them being from Salford”

“Support my movement ‘Local Houses For Local People’ and lets un-house Labour” Gary Concluded


  1. not being funny but the Gov got us into this mess they should get us out..

    why are we the ones being forced into cuts high tax rises on everything, job losses by the thousands, small jobs firms being closed down, people being forced to live on the streets, OLD people wondering do i pay for gas this week to stay warm or do i eat.. Everything on the rise week in week out, its not fair, and no one for joe pubic to turn to for help.

    Maybe Cameron should turn to camelot for a huge lotto grant, Every other Needless organization seems to go for it why not the Gov or Even sort these big Profit making "rob from the poor to give to the rich" billion pound plus every year companies should dip in and give..!

    You dont go making people homeless.. this so called Gov is BANG OUT OF ORDER" maybe we need to make an ipetition to get them out, we should easy get 100.000 signatures in the first week i would guess, lets see if they would listen to us

    why is this country letting this happen
    its CRAZY !

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