Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hazel Blears On EU... You Decide

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Above is a letter from Hazel Blears MP on the EU referendum, Leave comment in below box about what you think

The British National Party will withdrawer its membership of the EU with immediate effect, we simply can not afford to be there.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Riots Who's To Blame?

Riot Police In Salford

The best Education, Healthcare, Social Housing and Benefits system in the world. And Multi-cultural Britain riots. Ministry Of Justice figures have revealed over a quarter of arrests for disorder and robbery have been found to be Jamaicans closely followed by Somali and Polish.
Over 44 different foreign nationalists are believed to be involved with the riots, which swept the towns of Britain back in August 2011. The worst hit being London, Salford, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Taking the bill into Millions of pounds in damages, stolen goods, and police gaining control of the streets.

One in seven rioters are reported to be born abroad, amongst the lists are Cuban, Afgan, Ethiopians, Somalia's, Columbians, Iraqis, Congolese, Vietnamese, and Zimbabweans.

Gary Tumulty, Salford Organiser says, "The multicultural experiment of the country has failed. Britain is not a one stop shop, Free for all!! The figures are out there, let this be a warning. I personally never want to see such sights as what i saw back in august ever again."

 "The British National Party calls for the instant deportation of any foreign nationalist who think they can come and break the law in our country"

Friday, 21 October 2011

Lib Dems Pushed 4th In Eccles By Election

Salford British National Party Elections Team

British National Party Pregnant candidate Kay Pollitt earned a very respectable third position pushing the Lib Dem’s in to fourth in the Eccles By Election 20Th October 2011,

Activist from Colwyn Bay, Liverpool, Manchester and Cumbria came over to help out on the day of election,  One of Salford’s anonymous business men donated a £100 to keep the Truth Truck fuelled up for the day.

Kay Pollitt Eccles Candidate says “Thank you to all the Voters who voted for me, Thank you to the activists and my agent / organiser Gary who ran the election”

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “People are still voting labour for some reason, you could put a tea pot up in labours name and that would get elected under their banner
“It seems labour have done a lot of work getting people to vote by post, So we need to take a leaf out of their book, a lot of soft support is witnessed time and time again, thumbs up is around 6 to 1 in Salford, the problem is getting them in to the polling stations, the way round this is to encourage them sort of supporters to take a postal vote, it’s a done deal and a block of votes to us

“I am very happy with tonight’s result’s the lib dems used to have a councillor in this ward, so to come behind us, is a massive result, In Salford now the British National Party is the third main party.” Gary concluded

The Results

Labour 1227
Conservative 701
British National Party 147
Lib Dem 125
Independent 53

Turn out 25.1%
British National Party took 6.52% votes

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Eccles Vote Kay Pollitt

Thursday 20th October Polling Day Eccles Vote British National Party Vote Kay Pollitt

Sample Copy Of  The Ballet Paper 

Remember, YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR POLLING CARD OR NUMBER TO VOTE, so if you have lost them dont worry just go to your polling station, and the will sort it out.

Also, Forgot to return your postal vote? No problem just drop it at any polling station or the civic centre in Swinton before 10PM

All polling stations are listed below, and are open from 7AM till 10PM

Eccles Masonic Hall, Half Edge Lane, Eccles
Monton Methodist Church, Park Road, Eccles
Wentworth High School, Wentworth Road, Eccles
Cornerstone Calvary Chapel, 1 Old Wellington Road, Eccles 
Unitarian Church Hall, Monton Green, Eccles
Superintendents Room, College Croft Flats. Eccles

Do Your Bit For Thursday's Eccles By-Election

BNP Candidate Kay Pollitt In Eccles

Help is needed for the British National Party’s Eccles by-election campaign this week before polling day on Thursday. At the weekend activists from Salford, Liverpool and Bolton all came to do their bit for the cause. 
The pregnant candidate, Kay Pollitt, is still going door to door to take the opportunity to speak to constituents.
One elderly gentleman, a World War II veteran who flew a spitfire, told Kay he didn’t recognise his estate anymore and feels really let down by Labour. He went on to tell Kay he has voted via postal vote for the British National Party for the very first time in his life and thanked Kay for standing up and giving him the chance to vote for us.
Kay said: “It was a very good weekend all round, and I would like to thank all those who travelled a long distance to take the time to help me out in this election.”
Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty said: “All this week we will be very active in the ward, and all help is welcomed.” 
To help Salford British National Party in this election, contact Gary on 07909 674 006 or
Polling day is this Thursday 20th October.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Salford BNP September Meeting

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty

A very productive meeting was held in Salford by a small amount of activists and long standing members, Organiser Gary Tumulty spoke about new policies, he would like the Party to put before the members at the annual conference.

Amongst all the new motions were idea’s about child benefits, the deportation of foreign dependants, free education for British Students, and the immediate imprisonment of any body defacing or vandalising of British War Memorials

New idea’s were also discussed to activists for the Eccles By Election Candidate Kay Pollitt, we must concentrate on the people who are actually voting, and this information has been gathered by requesting copies of the marked registers from the ward.

Surprisingly enough the meeting seemed to draw attention from the other room where the locals were drinking, one asked to join up handing his details to us and some locals bought the party’s paper the Voice of Freedom along with making a donation.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser explains “This sort of meeting is democracy at work, lots of new refreshing idea’s came out from member’s and activists. Its not the same when you have a speaker in, you are only preaching to the converted, This lets every member get activily involved with how the party runs and which direction we should be moving”
Sold at meeting was Party merchandise from Excalibur and Voice of freedom papers, and considerable amount of donations was collected, all the cash raised will go towards the cost of leaflets in the Eccles By Election.

Get involved with the Salford, Eccles By Election, Help Kay, Gary and the Salford team, contact or ring 07909 674 006. We are also still in need of more donations please post cheque’s and postal orders to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT, letters of support are welcomed we will post them up on our blog at  It is important to keep nationalist from around the country in touch with each other.