Sunday, 29 April 2012

A British Sunday Fun Day.

Salford Mayoral Candidate Eddy O'Sullivan

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Eddy O’Sullivan, the British national Party’s candidate for the upcoming mayoral elections in the city of Salford, was delighted to be invited to attend a scooter rally organised by the Vesperado Scooter Club based in Salford, Greater Manchester. This event was held at the White Horse Pub on Worsley Road, Salford and took place on Sunday, 29th April 2012. The event was packed with two wheel enthusiasts from all over the North West of England. Eddy was accompanied by stalwart British National Party activists, Gary Tumulty and Kay Pollitt. They spent an hour or so chatting with the club members and admiring their machines, each one of them beautifully kept and looked after. I am talking about the scooters here, not necessarily the members!

Lots Of Support

The aim of the day was to raise money for Christie’s children’s hospital. The British National Party were delighted to offer a donation of £50.00. This donation was pledged by none other than Nick Griffin MEP for North West England from his ‘English Fair Fund’.

Nick donates 10% of his gross monthly MEP salary and the surplus from his attendance allowance to the fund for this purpose and has provided help to many good causes over the past 12 months.

Sports clubs struggling for funding and heritage projects needing resources have been helped. The Nick Griffin MEP has also provided emergency supplies to those left homeless after the Salford gas explosion.
The largest cash donation that the English Fair Fund has made was £1,000 to the Cumbria Flood Appeal, but it has also invested £6,000 in equipment such as the boats and lifejackets for the region’s under-privileged youngsters to use, and a marquee available for community groups when promoting their projects at local summer fetes.

Fun Day For All

If your sports clubs or heritage project would like to be considered for a donation, then please contact the constituency office of Nick Griffin MEP at

After enjoying a couple of lemonades and a burger with these fine people Gary Tumulty, British National Party Organiser for Salford offered gifts of Union flags and literature which were gratefully accepted by our accommodating host, Freddie Goldtooth,

Eddy Showing Off The Mayoral Candidate Booklet

The cultural Marxists of this British government and previous governments are often at a loss to describe what ‘being British’ means. Eddy O’Sullivan says that ‘it is qualitative, not quantitative and if you don’t know what being British means then you evidently are not British.’ Just spend a few minutes in the company of folk that evidently are British, like the members of the Vesperado Scooter Club and then you will have a good idea of what ‘being British’ actually is.

Voice Of Freedom

God bless all those good people who attended and God bless the terminally ill children whose last days on this Earth will be made a bit happier and more comfortable because of the huge goodness of heart these wonderful people have.

Public Fraud Salford Labour Mayoral Candidate

Public Rip Off Says RWB Salford

Salford Labour Mayoral Candidate Ian Stewart, is one of the member of parliament who was once caught up in the expenses scandal. Stealing cash and being elected for own personal gains is what the Labour Party stand for, whilst in government filthy Stewart claimed £139,736 more than double his £60,277 basic allowance he was entitled to.  

Stewart, staying away from home, claimed £18,000 a further £18,968 paying for the cost of running his office and to top it off a staggering £102,000 on Labour staffing cost, travel and stationery, when challenged Mr Stewart claims "Every penny i claim goes toward the service i deliver".

Whilst in Westminster Stewart voted in favor of the illegal war in Iraq, then against the public inquiry in to allegations of wrong doings in that war, ban on smoking and the increase of student university fee's along with an increase of VAT rates, hoping his service is value for money, Stewart claimed he had no other income nor did he choose to seek any other.

The Salford Mayoral Elections is another chance for Labour Ian Stewart to get in to the public purse, personal gains with no value to the Salfordians. RWB Political Researchers have also found more disturbing news about Mr Stewart. 

Ian Stewart in his early years had a affair with a young lady from Boothstown, who he got pregnant, and when he found out, Labour's Stewart flew into a rage, demanding the un-named lady to terminate the unborn child as it would ruin his reputation, she refused point blank and Stewart in full view of a crowded pub in Worsley delivered her with a almighty smack to the face, stopped by locals he fled and to current date Stewart has never paid one single penny to the upkeeping of that child, but has left it to the tax payer once again. RWB did ring Ian and ask for his side of the story, "No comment" Stewart said in his best Scottish accent.

War monger, and unfit parent, Labour Ian Stewart is non other than a fraud, a burden to the people of Salford, and we would urge all Salfordians do not vote Labour.

 As subscribers already know, the admin team supports the British National Party, and we would also say to  you, vote Eddy O'Sullivan for mayor, but the choice is yours.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Unite Union Fight Labour's Election In Salford

Unions Meddling With Elections

Unite the union who represent workers from the both private, and the public sector have now turned their hands top politics, Salford Labour candidate, war monger and expense fiddler Ian Stewart, Unite have used their member union fees to write to every postal voter in Salford and also print the Labour lying propaganda that reach's your doors. 

Exposed on this site, how council workers Unite stewards who get time out to skive and protest against legal political party's and still receive payment from the Salford tax payer (Click to view story)  are now pleading to all members to vote for the Labour Party, who are in fear of loosing seats this coming elections to the British National Party. 

Begging And Bankrupt.

Red White & Blue correspondents who have obtained a begging letter from the bankrupt and in millions of pounds of dept Labour Party, asking for urgent donations to fight the mayoral election, this was done shortly after the rift and internal scrapping on the candidates top spot, John Merry Council leader dubbed by his own Ian Stewart as 'Monkey in a suit' was white washed, back stabbed and betrayed and told of no hope in being their candidate.

The Labour Party are running scared in Salford as they know hot on their heels and the only opposition British National Party, could win the hot seat as mayor, we have our very own postal vote on the picture below and we will not be dictated by any union on who we vote for. 

Eddy British National Party Number 1

On talking to a inside man, Unite Union member tells RWB correspondents in confidence, "Unite are pulling the strings behind this mayoral election, I don't really think there is any democracy in all of this, The union should just concentrate on representing its members, not using members money to fight elections, we have also been receiving calls from members who have complained, and said if it continues they will cancel their memberships with the union".

RWB would urge all Unite members to cancel its membership from immediate effect.

More Salford Labour Lies

Using Actors Like The Lies They Tell

The Salford Labour Party, say they are committed to providing Local jobs for the local people and getting the youth into work, cheap talk to buy votes the Labour Party, who signed us up to Europe and opened the doors to cheap migrant workers, putting hundreds and thousands of local's and British into unemployment 

If you take a look at Ian Stewart's local mayoral leaflet look at the printers, now somebody who is to so called support local jobs for the local people, would surely have his leaflets printed locally, well look at the picture below, Labour's 'Local' Printers are actually Greanledge Printer in Longsight, and we all know the geographic population of that area, 

So Much For Local People Click To View

One Party in Salford is the British National Party, who will generate local jobs for local people, when they say it they mean it, do not be bought by the Labour lies, what ever the Labour Party say, just think the opposite because when they speak of the people living in Salford, they do not mean the majority they mean the minority, Look at your area, where you live, Salford is under a genocide, Labour are gerrymandering votes from the ethnic community, as they continue to flood in, John Merry himself boasts of the 3000 a month they let in, 

Now ask your self

How is it ethnics get all the Salford houses
How is it ethnics get express services when it comes to the council
How is it ethnics come first, pandering down to their every need at the expense of the Salford tax payer.

The answer is simple SALFORD LABOUR, now the the editors of this site and the British National Party, do not blame the ethnics, but the blame lies solely at the hands of the Labour Party who have run this city in to the ground over the past 30 years

Get rid of Labour before they get rid of us..... the REAL Salfordians, Time for change. Thursday 3rd May place your vote with Eddy O'Sullivan, British National Party 

1 Tick, BNP Is A Vote For YOU!

Labour Cowards, Parents Against Paedo's Scare Off Labour In Salford

Conections With Peter Tuffley? Makes Us Think.

THIS REPORT IS TOOK OFF BEFORE ITS NEWS WEB SITE ; Before its news link click to view

One audience member said:

 “The reason why Labour did not turn up is because a member of the Parents Against Paedophiles was turning up to ask them live on air if the children who were abused by the ‘Labour25′ paedophile Councillors plus Four Labour Lord Mayors, were going to be given a proper COMPENSATION by the Labour Party to rebuild their lives. Also to ask for the resignation of Harriett
Harman for her involvenent with ‘P.I.E ( Paedophile Information Exchange) wanting to decriminalise incest, lower the age of consent and Water down Child porn laws ‘As long as the child isn’t hurt’ she quoted. THATS WHY LABOUR NEVER TURNED UP BECAUSE THE LIST OF THE 34 Labour BEASTS were going to be read out by ME, on a microphone, .. LIVE ON AIR.” 

Eddy O’Sullivan At The BBC’s Mayoral Debate, Media City Salford. Eddy Shoots And Scores A Winner! Labour Reject Hits The Back Of His Own Net!

Salford BNP With Mayoral Candidate Eddy O'Sullivan

Thursday 27th April 2012 was a very busy media day for the British National Party’s mayoral candidate in Salford, Eddy O’Sullivan.

First off was a visit to the studios of Salford City Radio in the University building based at Media City at Salford Quays. Eddy had been invited to appear on the Brian Minor show. There are ten candidates all told with the usual suspects representing Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and a Green. There are also representatives from UKIP, English Democrats, Community Action Party and a couple of independents. Brian Minor was courteous and professional and kept the show rolling along with questions that had been phoned in by listeners.

The format was that three of the candidates at a time were brought in to put their cases forward followed by a Q&A session. Eddy was accompanied by an Independent and was also supposed to be joined by the Community Action Party candidate who failed to appear for reasons known only to himself. Although the programme wasn’t a live phone in the questions that were asked provided an excellent platform for Eddy to get his message out and he skilfully made good use of the time allotted.

Salford Radio 94.4FM Eddy In Studio

Next up was another visit to the BBC Greater Manchester Radio at Media City. This time in order to attend ‘The Mayoral Candidate Debate’. This was an hour and a half programme hosted and very ably chaired by the BBC’s Alan Beswick in the BBC’s Philharmonic Hall. There was also an invited audience of around two hundred people.

As the program started it emerged that the Labour Party candidate, failed ex-MP Ian Stuart, had contacted the BBC to tell them that he would not attend if Eddy O’Sullivan was allowed to be on the programme. This attempt at blackmail resulted in the most spectacular own goal when the BBC informed Mr Stuart that the BBC would not be dictated to by the Labour Party and that Eddy O’Sullivan and the British National Party are very welcome to attend and that he is not. You can only wonder what Labour is afraid of and what they hoped to achieve with this ridiculous act of cowardice.

BBC Debate, 95.1 FM

The BBC’s Arif Ansari insisted on reading out a prepared statement from Stuart which was full of Bigotry and which called the members present the most disgusting and obnoxious names which will not be reported here. Mr. Stuart… if the only way you can put forth your argument is by means of a vile rantings and calling people disgusting names, in absentia, then you do not have an argument at all do you? And all this from a safe distance… really Mr. Stuart. Tut tut tut! Eddy’s response was ‘Mr Stuart should be more tolerant.’

Each candidate was allowed one minute to put their cases forward and then the audience were let loose to ask questions of the candidates about issues that concern them. The very first question asked was ‘why do immigrants get council houses before the British are even considered?’ This question wasn't asked by any of The British National Party members in the audience. It was asked by a concerned Salfordian. Eddy’s answer was the only one that made any sense. Eddy stated that he would remove the unfair bidding system that exists at the moment and replace it with a points based system that would benefit local people first. This produced cheers and thunderous applause from the audience. All the other candidates said that the problem doesn't exist and so the question is irrelevant. This provoked a storm of outrage from the audience who told the other candidates that the problem actually does exist and reinforced their outrage with real life examples from their own experiences. The chair had a busy time moderating that one!

From then on the tone was set for the evening and Eddy was confident, eloquent and forceful in getting the message out. The British National Party members in attendance did a fantastic job in being vociferous in their support for Eddy and the final word went to a British National Party member and candidate for Weaste Tommy Williams.

BBC Media City BNP Eddy O'Sullivan

The chair, Alan Beswick, asked the audience a final question: ‘what is the one thing that they would like to be done that would make Salford a better city to live in?’

Tommy Williams was selected to answer that one and his answer? ‘GET LABOUR OUT!’. Huge cheers and applause for that one from everyone in the hall including from all the candidates and a hugely successful day for Eddy and the British National Party.

Both radio interviews can be heard by clicking links below

Salford Radio 94.4 FM Click to listen

BBC Greater Manchester 95.1 FM Click to listen

Friday, 27 April 2012

Salford BNP Action Planning Meeting

Salford BNP Action Planning

Chaired by Gary Tumulty Organiser, April Salford branch meeting went ahead as usual, A way forward pro activity plan has been made, in regards to last minute activism ahead of the current elections which are creeping up fast.

Top of the agenda is still the increasing press interest that has been expressed towards the branch in Salford, the main opposition has been establish and the British National Party is that indeed, It was also spoke about to the disgust of the membership, the dirty underhand undemocratic way of the rag of papers, Salford Advertiser and Manchester Evening News, both owned by the Trinity Mirror Group.

Firstly our Mayoral Candidate was invited to the public hustings organised by the Manchester Evening news, and on seeing our manifesto in Salford and realizing how much real weight it carries, as we speak the language of the Salfordian, banned us from the event.

The second bit of anti BNP media was the sister paper Salford Organiser, who again approached the party and asked us for a 250 mandate for our candidate Eddy O'Sullivan, we submitted what they asked for along with a new picture, and surprise surprise they failed to print what we submitted. 

Not to keep on the negativity. Salford British National Party on the plus side over the past few weeks has been featured on.

BBC Greater Manchester Breakfast Show.
BBC Sunday Morning Politics Show.
BBC National News.
Salford FM Radio.
BBC Greater Manchester Live FM Radio Debate.
And non other that BNP supporter site RWB Salford.(Nationalist News)

Also the 173,000 Salford Council mayoral Address booklets which hit every voter in Salford.

Gary Tumulty Organiser says "We are all now set for the elections, and as a whole in Salford we have pulled together, I would like to thank every one who has donated and helped us in the run up to this election

"This is our final week and more work is required please, final plea, get involved ring me let me know what you can do, whether it be street activism, cyber activism, attending counts,or simply transporting people with no cars to us in Salford, its vital" Gary Concluded 

Contact Salford British National Party on 07909674006 or 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Salford Advertiser, Report They Refuse To Print - BNP

Anti Democracy 

Sack The Editor

This is what the advertiser would not print - 

I am 53 years old and live in Salford. I am proud to have served in the British Army for six years, have managed my own business and worked in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

As the elected Mayor of Salford I will save you money. I will cut spending on translation services and put a stop to the council wasting our money on unnecessary ‘politically correct’ projects.

I will expose and oppose the current policy of huge immigration that serves no purpose other than to destroy local communities, drain local resources and put pressure on the available social housing that should be going to British people first. I will abolish the housing bidding system and always put local families to the top of the list.

I will campaign for the abolition of parking charges in commercial areas to kick start the local economy and to give independent traders a fair crack of the whip against supermarket competition.

I consider it absolutely vital that business rates are suitably adjusted to attract Big Industry to the area, as well as small to medium size enterprises. This will produce real jobs for local people. The public sector simply can’t exist without a healthy and flourishing private sector.
Salford needs a strong voice of reason and common sense in the Town Hall. I will provide that voice. So let’s set about improving the city together.

Vote Eddy O’Sullivan for Mayor and vote British National Party whenever and wherever you can.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Salford BNP Mayoral Booklet

Salford Mayoral Booklet, Hitting The Doors.

As the postal vote forms drop, so does the Salford Council Mayoral Elections, Voters guide, over 173 thousand voters in Salford will see this booklet containing the British National Party candidate's Eddy O'Sullivan address.

Page 7 - The Best Page

Addressing issue's such as the British Salfordians must be housed up first, and abolish the council bidding system, reducing council tax and offering free parking across the city, in commercial shopping area's is the main focus of the British National Party. It is very important to take the view of the Salfordians on, but as well as acknowledging such problem, its another to act on them and Eddy is only more willing to tackle these issues, or any other the voters would like to talk about.

Since this booklet has hit the doors the Northwest constituency office phones have been inundated with calls asking to speak and meet with our candidate, There is a lot of support out there for the British National Party, so i would not under estimate our Eddy as a winner. 

Local Organiser Gary Tumulty says "Eddy is the perfect man to do the mayors job in Salford, this booklet cost us an additional £500 on top of our deposit and i would say this is the best £500 we have ever spent here in Salford.

RWB Outlines The Answer Joey, Follow Green Line.

"173, 000 leaflets delivered by royal mail, has generated a lot of publicity for the party in our city, funnily enough a ex lib dem, come Independent made a drastic move to the  green party, who now happens to be there mayoral candidate was poking fun at us a few months ago, after the BBC attempted to say we were bankrupt as a party couldn't afford to pay for his page in this booklet, in fact he only just scraped together his deposit. Well who is laughing now?" Gary concluded 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Nick Griffin MEP In Salford St George's Day

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty, Nick Griffin MEP Leader

Northwest MEP Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, Visits the Salford Branch to lend a hand in the local and mayoral elections that are taking place, and to celebrate St Georges Day. Mr Griffin and the local activists took time to go and visit the local shopping precinct to give out the new St Georges leaflets and home made cup cakes to passers by.

Cakes Run Out Very Quick

Hundreds of the new leaflets along with the cup cakes were handed out to an enthusiastic public, who were very grateful to accept the free gift from the British National Party, on more than one occasion it was said that Nick Griffin MEP was the only politician out in Salford and actively getting involved and celebrating the patron saint of the day, There was also an increase in local students who wanted to quiz the chairman over the party's policy's, and some who didn't fully agree with every policy but said we were talking sense and they would be voting British National Party,  

Local BBC From Media City.

The afternoon capped off with the local BBC Northwest team, who shadowed activists and the chairman for around 40 or so minutes in the hope that they would get the money shot, people disagreeing with the party, but to their shock there was not much disagreement or crossed words all day, the BBC conducted an interview with the chairman who was only to happy to oblige, Nick spoke of local elections and our mayoral candidate Eddy O'Sullivan, and top of the agenda the social housing scandal what is taking place in Salford today.

Support 7 to 1 In Salford

Nick Griffin MEP say's "This is an easy little exercise, and every branch should now plan for next year, bake your own cake's, very easy and very cheap, get down to your local events and show the public, we are the only people who want to preserve and celebrate St George's day, and when in power we will continue to campaign to make it a national bank holiday"

Gary Tumulty Salford British Organiser concluded with "I would just like to thank all activist and the chairman who took the time to come out with us today, and help out with the various activity's we had going on around Salford, it is very important we celebrate St Georges Day, its England's day, the Salfordian's Day" 

Happy St George's Day


Happy St George's Day, From Salford British National Party, and the RWB Admin Team

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Salford BNP Mayoral Candidate On BBC Politics Show

Eddy O'Sullivan, British National Party Mayoral Candidate.

Sunday 22nd April 2012 at 2:35PM see Eddy O'Sullivan, featured on the BBC Sunday Morning Politics Show, Eddy explains how we want the Salford Council, housing bidding system removed, and made fair for the true Salfordians, On education he explains certain subjects are being taught to our children what are wrong, and Eddy capped of with saying jobs and apprenticeships are what Salford needs.

Also featured was Special Labour John Merry, Leader of the council, The failed and rejected Merry, who is also dubbed as a monkey in a suit from his own members and Mayoral Candidate boasted how since the 1930's, Salford population is booming as more and more people want to live here in Salford, failing to mention that the type of people that are now flooding into Salford are immigrants from countries further afield.

Failed Monkey In A Suit

John Merry who slurred and failed to pronounce his words properly, claimed he wanted to preserve Salford and look after the OAP's, does John have a short memory, Its Labour Controlled Council who was and are still paying Asylum Seekers utility bills, who all live in fully furnished houses, and have paid nothing in to society,  Exposed by Salford British National Party, found out how the payment of pre fuel top up cards was being handed out every week, and Labour's attitude to the British OAP's is fend for your self. 

Merry went on to say he Labour want to preserve the city, but yet Labour are selling all council land off to private investors who bulldoze area's and build un-affordable houses and business shopping outlets, Salford Labour has sold its soul to the devil, it is Peel Holdings who own Salford, not the council as Labour under John Merry has sold it off cheap to Peel Holdings.  

Labour have run Salford for a long time now, The British National Party, is the only party who will make a real difference here, We speak for the Salfordians, the out of touch Labour Party can not have their way any longer, use your vote wisely.

Thursday 3rd May 2012 1 Mark, That's Eddy O'Sullivan

Make a real Difference, Make a change, Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party. 

Full Interview can be heard by Clicking this link fast forward to 35 minutes.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Media Censorship - BNP Don't Get Their Say

Unless Your The British National Party Candidate

The very undemocratic rag of news paper Manchester Evening News a part of the Trinity Mirror Group, have organised a public hustings for all Salford Mayoral Candidates to attend on Tuesday 24th April, 7PM at the Salford Arts Theater, with the aim for all party's and candidates involved with the elections to debate, and have they say why they are the people for the job of Mayor,

You Contacted The BNP Remember

Manchester Evening News editor Jen Williams did in fact invite Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party candidate to the hustings, and Eddy did agree, then the chief editor David Ottewell, on seeing British National Party manifesto and its vote winning policy's decided to withdraw the invite and denied Eddy O'Sullivan his say with the view of there long standing editorial policy's regarding the BNP, then he suggested the invite was sent to us in error, and according to there policy the invite must be withdrawn

The Boss Knows Best

Also printed in the sister paper Salford Advertiser this week, details in regards to the public hustings, details of how to obtain tickets and the venue, then the lies start, it is reported how Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party Candidate will not be taking part in the hustings, failing to mention he had been banned and Eddy did indeed accept the invite, further more when correspondents of the RWB News Team rang the offices of the advertiser to ask why the British National Party would not be taking party in the hustings, we was told by the receptionist, Eddy O'Sullivan had refused to attend, when we asked why they are lying to the public and challenged with the truth the phone went dead, they hung up.

Half The Story

Eddy O'Sullivan and the British National Party will indeed challenge any candidate at the hustings, and we would urge the Manchester Evening News to let the British National Party in on the debate, after all whats the problem, what you all so afraid of? The British National Party is the only opposition party and the only one to fix Salford.


Please let the Manchester Evening News and The Salford Advertiser they have it wrong ring 0161 211 2802

Or contact David Ottewell directly on 0161 211 2323

Why Vote Salford BNP?

150 Thousand Salford Voters Will See This

The mayoral elections are coming really fast and one of the most frequently asked questions is why should we vote British National Party, the answer is simple and straight forward,

A vote for the British National Party is not a protest vote, but a vote for your self.

It was Salford British National Party who exposed and challenged the Labour Council, over the payment of gas and electric bills to asylum seekers, whilst our own OAP's freeze to death

It was the the British National Party who ran to the Aid of the victims of the Irlam blast

It is the British National Party, who is campaigning for the instant return of our troops

It is the British National Party who are fighting to remove this country form the EU power mad dictators, who control our country at the expense of the tax payer

It is the British National Party who will preserve  Salford heritage and the rights to fly and celebrate St Georges Day, 

It is only the British National Party who will deal with your local issue's, we live on these run down estates unlike the current Councillor's and MP's. So we know first hand the problems and we will fix them 

It is only the British National Party who will stop Immigration pouring in and draining Salford resources 

It is only the British National Party with the policy of 'Local Houses for Local People' Salfordian's get the Salford houses, what other candidate or party's is saying that?

We will remove the chief executive who is on well over £200 thousand pounds of tax payers money.

We are all the same, you say, well that simply not true, The British National Party is not the same as the others, we have never had a chance to prove you wrong, break the mold, smash the Labour Party, Vote for Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party Mayoral Candidate Salford