Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lessons Never Learnt, Salford Labour Mayor Ian Stewart Slots Right In

Does He No About Labour25... Or Peter Tuffley, His Pen Pal

By RWB Admin

War monger, anti smoking in pubs, Over paid lazy Labour Mayor of Salford Ian Stewart, fits right into place, with the rest of the dead leg councilors who offer no or little service in the constituency they are supposed to represent.

Now the elections are over and all the promises have been made, Labour still live up to their word that amalgamate's to nothing. Lets reflect on what our mayor has actually done for the people of Salford........ Nothing! Such high hopes from a Scottish man, who claims he wants to represent the people of Salford. The truth of the matter is he doesn't,  he is only in it for what he can get out for his personal gains.

Red White and Blue investigations had revealed and exposed before the May elections, that Stewart from Irlam had once been at the heart of the expenses fiddle, with claiming well over double his allowances in food, staffing, a second home and other goodies he wanted to cash in on, at the expense of the tax payer, more disturbingly it was discovered about his fling he had with the younger girl from Boothstown, that he got pregnant and smacked in face in full view of the public when she refused point blank to get an abortion.

Sneaky Stewart who stopped at nothing to be selected for the position for mayor, even stabbing his own members in the back, John Merry (Leader of the council), who Stewart dubbed as 'Monkey in a suit' on more than one occasion, once again Stewart's legacy seems to live on, the first job he did when appointed mayor was to grab hold of a £69 Thousand pound pay packet and to appoint 13 of his closes friends and allies as assistant mayor's, jobs for the boys each pocketing between three to six thousand on top of their basic allowances each.

With trade union Unite who fought snidey Stewart's election campaign, makes him a mere puppet, with the union pulling the strings, whilst elected Stewart decided to go on an anti cuts march, but yet returns home to Salford to target the most vulnerable in life, OAP's, Disabled, Single parent families and the unemployed, are now Labour's target with them spinning bills out to them, making them fill a shortfall of government benefit funding, If Labour had half a brain they would stop wasting Salford's money, Yes the Conservatives are in power and control the country, but in the same respect Labour control the council, and with that they control the budget, so wouldn't it make sense to cut certain unnecessary things, such as most recent the food festival, executives pay including the mayors pay and councilors special allowances.

Big union buffer all workers unite, as Stewart may seem he has now been accused of bullying front line council staff, imposing wage cuts to them at the bottom of the chain, then told like it or lump it, we will sack you otherwise. Greedy Stewart and his henchmen of the Labour party council chambers in our opinion must take a pay drop, Stewart leading from the front, must take a national minimum wage, after all we are all in it together (Some more than others).

So the show must go on, Lets call for a UNITE front against the Labour Party, enough is enough talks will soon be under place for a plan of action to remove Ian Stewart and the Labour Party from Salford, Join the movement whatever your political alliances are, whatever differences you have, now as the RWB team have spoke about in the past with other political party leaders / members across the city, we all sit on different ends of the political spectrum and no matter what we think of each other, we all agree on one thing LABOUR OUT!

Restore democracy in our City Of Salford and remove the Red Front of the Labour Party. Email or write to  RWB Admin. PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Salford Day Of Action


Salford British National Party join the National Day of Action, by holding their well known table top on the local shopping centre, along with Northwest MEP and party Chairman Nick Griffin in attendance.

With the rain holding back and a few rays of sun, activists collect a number of signatures for the EU referendum petitions, along with signing up local die hard supporters to the postal vote, The people of Salford are fed up of being put to the back of the queue, and being miss lead and lied to by the old gang who run the council, 'Labour', and feel it is only the British National Party who can undo and free us from the mess they have got us into.

One lady who we spoke to who had voted BNP for the first time in the past elections said, "It really upsets me to watch what is happening here in Salford, most recently Labour' Ian Stewart was elected to be the mayor of this city and has taken a £69,000 pay packet, and claims on BBC he didn't have a manifesto to be elected, does he think we are all stupid or is he rubbing salt in the wounds, I voted BNP for the first time and will continue to do so from now on, after hearing how Salford Council pay electric and gas utility bills for the asylum seekers and leave us to struggle. Its only your party who spoke up for us to the council, everyone in my block of flats know this as well, because word does get round".

Red Front Embarrassing.

Interestingly enough the Social Workers Party (SWP) decided to show up with their operation Red Front table top, but Salford is awaking to their tricks, bycoted by the Salfordians, and in disarray to watch the British National Party support, the two reds stood there with faces like they was chewing wasps, The security from the local shopping centre also told them to move their stall away from the centre, this was funny to watch and hear them cry like baby's  when they said "The BNP  have taken our spot" wrong again!!, Its our spot we are there most weekends but it was highly entertaining and our activists thank you for the laugh.

Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, from Salford says "What a fantastic day we have had here on the precinct, as always i am overwhelmed by the level of support we received  and i thank all the people of Salford who gave us the time to come along and sign the petition's and postal vote forms".

To contact Salford British National Party then ring / text 07909674006 email or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

This Is Salford BNP

Salford BNP

British National Party members, from Salford meet up once again for their regular monthly meeting, with Stockport activist and party stalwart Duncan Warning giving the branch a over head insight to the underhand tricks of the social services.

Duncan Warner

Duncan speaking of personal experiences gives a very in-depth, and very moving talk of just how devious the social services really are, and how they are hell bent on destroying the family unit and stealing children at what ever cost from ordinary parents. "Social Services across the country have an agenda, to tell lies, steal children, and then to place them at risk, as saw in Rochdale and Rotherham, with very little regards to who they hurt in the process. I don't know how these people sleep at night. Rather than address the problem they would like to brush it under the carpet, never to be spoken about again. The British National Party promotes the family unit and its values, and this is the way it should be" Duncan told a very interested Salford.

After a very healthy collection and raffle, the meeting was handed over to Salford's Gary Tumulty, acting Northwest Regional Organiser, who spoke of up and coming events from the Party, The conference was top of the list, National day of action and the continuous leaflet drop's which are happening all around Salford non stop. Gary had also came equipt with 10,000 anti EU leaflets which were handed out during his talk, each member took up to 2000 each and will post them out on their own estates where they live.

Gary Tumulty

After the business end of the meeting, Gary spoke about the latest stunt from the muslim community, how they all seem to be outraged about this American video 'Innocence of a muslim' but so quiet when it come's to the grooming scandal, which has swept the country and left many family's lives in tatters. Gary explained how he went to see what all the song and dance was about in the Manchester protest, listened to speech's given from Muslim community leaders one saying "To complain is not good enough, we must become politically active and don't let any one tell us we are wrong".

Gary found himself agreeing with the comment made by that speaker, and tells members "If there is one thing the muslims do, they stick together, its their faith, their religion, its the thing they all have in common, a bond, a brotherhood, and this make's it even more important for us in this room and it should make us more determined, we all in this party have one thing in common its called nationalism, we must stick together for the sake of it, we all must get politically active, stand for council and take to the streets, and never let anybody tell us we are wrong.

To get in touch with Gary email or ring /text 07909674006 letters of support can be sent to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT