Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Salford Mayor Breaks UK Road Laws

Camping Out With Labour

Turnpike House Salford, local authority public building home to the city council’s refuge collectors, licencing and other frontline service departments, has become the latest victim to Labour Mayor Ian Stewart’s crooked unlawful ways.

On the public owned site there is a car park provided for council staff for 1% of their annual salary, and for visitors for the standard tariff of £2:50 per hour, or £3:50 per day. It appears to be one rule for you and one for the Labour Party as the mayor Ian Stewart who has decided to take up 2 spaces and park a deluxe touring campervan, without paying a single penny at the back of the building.

Stewart who is paid currently £69,000 of tax payer’s money for the role of city mayor, no stranger to public anger as he was once caught up in the expenses scandal claiming more than double the amount set whilst his life was short lived in Westminster, once an MP for Salford he claimed £18,000 for staying away from home, a further £18,968 paying for the cost of running his office and to top it off an eye watering £102,000 on Labour staffing cost, travel and stationery along with up to £4000 a month on food allowances.

Morning Mr Mayor

Furthermore to the mayors embarrassment exposed by the British National Party Salford Branch Stewart is still hitting the Westminster gravy train by renting out a second home in London he also acquired from the tax payer, for £1300 to Gerry Sutcliffe Labour MP for Bradford South. It was also published on parliament records Stewart received £27,361 for 'interest on mortgage during the years of 2008 and 2010. With Sutcliffe paying Stewart a further £1300, for the 'accommodation costs' since 2011 the Labour Mayor is set to take an additional £31,200 in payments from the tax payer.  

In a seedier sinister plot it was established Stewarts campervan once off the road at his home in Liverpool Road Irlam, is now back on the road at its new home in the Weaste public premises Turnpike House with no road tax, and has not been since March 2012, so the question is asked was the motorhome drove to its new home with no valid road tax or insurance.

No Tax With Labour

Commenting on this issue the DVLA say “Under the Motor Vehicle Insurance Regulation Act 2010 – any vehicle can be insured, but it is illegal to insure any car / van or motorhome with no road tax, as it would be invalid and subject to criminal investigation.

Under Operation Wolverine any motor vehicle that is not insured can be removed from the road and taken to compound and Greater Manchester Police would be looking to seize any vehicles not complying with the UK road law.

Stephen Lawton, Enforcement Officer Salford City Council added “There is no exemption for any one parking down at the council buildings and everybody is expected to pay, he confirmed the campervan that has been parked at Turnpike House for almost a month would now be under investigation after receiving many complaints from staff and the general public”.

Red Area Mean Law Breaking

A representative from NSL who hold a multimillion pound contract with the council to enforce civil laws and parking tickets said he had been instructed to leave the campervan and not to issue tickets, regardless if it had a parking permit or not, but could not tell us who has instructed them under the data protection act.

Gary Tumulty, acting North West British National Party from Salford said “Ian Stewart is a crook, we have always said this. Labour think they are above the law, but in the same respect no one in the council really challenge’s them, because they are not held accountable to anyone other than the beast that is called Salford Labour. It’s not fair that we all have to comply with parking laws and pay our way, the mayor is penny pinching, move the motorhome or just pay your way starting with the road tax”.

We did manage to get hold of the Labours City Mayor Ian Stewart who said in his best Scottish accent “No comment”.

Show your disgust to Labour and consider switching your vote to someone who cares, The British National Party we expose the corruption from council level upwards and will continue to do that until we remove all the traitors who have sold the British people out for their own personal greed.

Contact Salford British National Party today by emailing letters of support or small kind donations can be sent direct to, BNP PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT (Donations make payable to ‘British Heritage’)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Salford Will Not Call Its Self Manchester – Big Problem Say BBC.

Members of Salford BNP Outside Media City BBC Studio

Since the BBC has moved to Media City it has attempted to bad mouth the City of Salford, starting with giving staff financial sweeteners to re-allocate, many stars have refused point blank to move to its new home on the quays, and now dragon’s den presenter Evan Davis, Claims both Salford and Trafford should start to refer to themselves as Manchester.

Echoing Mr Davis comments the BBC organisation also bizarrely claims they are already based in Manchester, in a bid to boost the area’s international reputation. The BBC has been at the forefront of taking a £20million donation in an eight year deal from the Labour Party at the helm of Salford Council, despite the £25million cuts to front line services, including 300 or so civil servants who will lose their jobs.

We love Salford and it is to remain that way is the sound coming from Salfordians across the city after learning news of the BBC wanting to single handily destroy our culture, status and identity. 
 Salford a major metropolitan city was first here long before Manchester, dating right back to Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 923 and is currently home to 234,500 ranking 65th in order of largest population of the 326 cities in the United Kingdom.

Proud Salfordian British National Party North West Organiser Gary Tumulty, talking from his home town said “If the BBC is not happy with Salford then tuff, this is Salford I love it, and would not change the people for the world, I notice the Labour Mayor has also spoken out in his best Scottish accent against these comments from the BBC, well he would do because if there was no Salford he wouldn’t have a job, he is not a Salfordian like me, so I feel he has just spoke out as a mere publicity stunt.

I remember the BBC promising the people of Salford thousands of jobs to be created once they moved in and to date of the thousands of staff there its said just over 100 people are local and have jobs like cleaner’s / security guard’s and receptionist that pay only national minimum wage, and most of positions are on zero hour contracts”.

Love Salford, Hate BBC

BBC Media city is on the Salford Quays and played a vital role during the wars, being a major player in distributions of ammunition and supply’s for the troops on the front line fighting for our freedom, while being heavily bombed by the Nazi’s in world war 2, originally opened in 1894 by Queen Victoria and spans over 120 acres of water and 1,000 acres of land. 

At their height the Salford Docks were the third busiest port in Britain, Then closed in 1982, and went under major development, home to the Lowry Centre, Imperial War Museum, Media City, Salford University, along with hundreds of new business’s, cinema’s restaurants and residential apartment’s.

 People of Salford give the BBC the boot and don’t pay your TV licence, they want to destroy us whilst telling you lies with their multicultural rubbish they like to pipe out.

Contact Salford British National Party by emailing letters of support can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Salford BNP Take On More Local Issues

Getting lighting sorted

Grass route politics is a message Salford British National Party has pushed for a long time, every voter have everyday issues that need addressing, the latest problem on the streets was the state and condition of street lighting and how it is not adequate or in some cases not working.

It attracts crime disorder and scares people to walk the streets at night as they do not feel safe, many complaints flooded in from the public who wanted problems with street lights dealing with as the Labour Party are not bothered and are only interested in lining their own greedy pockets with cash obtained by the Salford tax payer.

Taking the fight to the lion’s den and playing in the arena of the Labour Councillors, Gary Tumulty acting North West Regional Organiser, for the British National Party came to the aid of those who have been affected and placed various jobs with the council to get the problem tackled.

Salford City Council highways inspectors who met and agreed with Gary on many occasions, said the lights on the streets in various locations in Salford were that out dated and in such a bad state that new ones would be required to suit the needs of the public, and then organised for the latest technology in lighting to replace the old existing ones and within a few weeks the whole estate had new lights installed, leaving locals very happy indeed.

Out with the old

Gary said “Thank you to the council for their fast response in getting the street light issue quickly resolved, it was no thank you to the Labour councillors who claim to represent the voters when in reality the only thing they do want to put there name against is the open cheque books from the city treasury when they are cutting a slice of your money for themselves”.

Joyce Bennett Salford OAP said “When I contacted Gary he came straight round to help, my councillor couldn’t be bothered, he told me he was too busy, I have been subject to anti-social behaviour from local youths gathering and drinking at the end of the road, I am too scared to leave the house once night falls as it very dark and that’s when the youths seem to group up especially at weekend. The street CCTV cameras are no good because it’s too dark to see anything, the council and local PSCO’s tell me. You very rarely see the police tackling anti-social behaviour in Salford, as they only patrol the street in day light, office hours they say, when it doesn’t really happen. With these new lights on the street the youths have stopped coming onto the road as you can see everything, meaning the cctv camera’s work much better, so it’s achieved its goal and is diving down anti-social crime in the area.

“I did see my local councillor who said to me oh I see you got your street lights fixed and he has horrified to learn it was the BNP who had fixed this problem, Gary has my vote now, I will urge others to do the same”.

Have you got a local issue that needs addressing with the council? Contact Gary on or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Give Me A Name Please

The British National Party are looking for a suitable name for their new mascot

Suggestions can be left in the comments box, or on a post card sent to, BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Hazel Blears EXPOSED and out!

Working For The BNP Keep Talking We Get More Support!
Another small victory for Salford British National Party as news breaks as the poison dwarf Hazel Blears kicks the bucket and announces at a Labour meeting she will resign from the position as Salford & Eccles MP at the next general election, with explanations of family issues.

The Salford BNP investigations team have over the years exposed to the public of their findings on the Labour Party and Hazel from tax fiddling, claiming excessive expenses even to the point of obtaining cash from the tax payer to purchase kit kats, top range toilet rolls and stationary to be used to fight local by elections and not on her constituency which is totally against the parliamentary rules, and employing illegal immigrants to distribute her literature. 

Under the skin of the labour party, insiders give a different measure of why she has resigned from her seat, and that is Hazel and her henchmen have eyed up the position of city mayor taken by another Labour stooge Ian Stewart, after bemused local members loyal to Hazel learnt of Ian’s background of being a woman beater, who got girls half his age pregnant after having an affair. It is also understood Ian is a male chauvinist who feels he is untouchable to which Hazel Blears despises.

Only time will tell if the Labour sources are true but what is fact is every one Salford British National Party has exposed have soon to be dismissed or take a sharp exit from the council and the Labour Party.
A number of Salford stars have been featured on this site, and the casualties stand with Barbara Spicer, Labour Chief Executive – Resigned after major rift with the mayor and being exposed after eye watering expense claims and pay packs (

Martin Vickers, Labour Customer Services Director – resigned shortly after becoming the mayor’s man on strategic decisions, leading him to cut democracy short in the city and cancelling Salford BNP public meetings and within a month of that choice he was cut from the council ( .

Matt Mold, Labour Irwell Riverside Councillor exposed as a drug user axed from his job (

Vin Joseph Head of democratic services axed from position over serious security breaches at election counts (

John Merry, exposed as a drunk and de-selected as lead mayoral candidate and leader of the council (

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty from the Salford Branch said “We welcome this news of Hazel’s departure, and we will contest the seat in 2015, thank you to the Labour members who are trickling the news in to us, and please continue to do this.

Hazel was not a much liked lady in Salford she has not done anything for the Salfordians other than bring us embarrassment, from destroying the education system and letting the children down to massive security blunders by allowing the media to picture counter terrorism papers that were in her hand as she walked in to number 10.

In this report was mention of an illegal immigrant she employed and harboured but more serious who remembers Hazels rising star, Peter Tuffley her personal assistant who appears on the Labour25 list for beasting, grooming and leaching on young lads straight from school.

Hazel has rocked the boat and her fate is sealed. The people of Salford want her out. We reject her and the extreme left wing politics. Salford BNP will continue to fight these small battles and we will win the war, and that is Labour OUT”.

A question to the Labour Party insiders,

1, Has Councillor Lisa Stone Eccles re-joined the Labour Party after cutting her membership card up?
2, Is Ian Stewart putting his name up for MP candidate in 2015?
3, Has Councillor Howard Balkind, Swinton South been de selected?
4, Is politics show business as Councillor Stephen Coen tells our undercover investigation team?
5, Is the Labour Party in Salford on the verge of breaking up into splits?

Answers on a post card to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT