Friday, 12 August 2011

Response To Greater Manchester Police

Crazy Copper Ranting From The Top.

Greater Manchester Police finally lose the plot and  top cop Peter Fahy, Chief Constable, seizes his moment to make wicked claims and rants in the Manchester Evening News and Salford Advertiser.

Common purpose cop Fahy claim “Far Right Groups” are linked to the riots in Salford and Manchester, how ludicrous and stupid is that claim?, This is a open attack on the British National Party and a mind manipulating game played by the police and the media,

Does top cop Fahy forget it was the British National Party who first raised concerns in Salford, as his under dogs were not taking the threat seriously? Does the top cop also forget it was advice from the British National Party that had the Salford Precinct evacuated, and saved live’s ? Does the top cop not appreciate the British National Party was on site at the riot and reporting the truth as it all unfolded in front of our eyes? 

Its apparent the Top copper of Greater Manchester Police has not been advised of the racist threats that was made towards the white community of Salford , yes Peter Fahy, racism does cut both ways

The majority of the arrests made were all made at Moss Side, Hulme, Cheetham Hill, Levenshulme and Ancoats. These are mainly black populated communities so when he says “Far Right Groups” is he talking about “Black Supremacist Groups” ?

The British National Party was in the area, but we are not far right, and we certainly were not taking part in any rioting, looting or any orchestrating of serous disorder, 

I suggest Greater Manchester Police get on with the job in hand and stop blaming others for the “Far Left” labour councils mistakes in cutting policing in Salford, as for the Labour Councillor who spoke in Salford advertiser also attacking the British National Party and would not reveal his identity, you are a coward and as Far Left Extreme Labour Activists were caught some time ago smashing British National Party Members and Officials windows it wouldn’t surprise me if you lot were in the thick of all that, After all our correspondents did spot one of those who was arrested.

We think top cop Peter Fahy should explain him self properly and just clarify who he is talking about, and get on with policing the streets and gaining control again, rather than getting involved with politics, of which it is plain he knows nothing of.