Saturday, 30 April 2011

British National Party Truth Truck

The new and improved British National Party Truth Truck, On tour around the UK, The RWB Crew cant wait till it does a tour of our home ground Salford.

I'm very sure it will get the same response it does in ever town it goes..... The thumbs up!! 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Are Your Details Safe With The Police?

You would think so.

RWB Salford can reveal Greater Manchester Police, have give up to 8000 victims of crimes details to a market research company call Maven, and spent £84 thousand pound for this company to ring you for feed back, despite having there own in house “customer service” department.

Freedom Of Information reveals

· 1. How many details have GMP Provided to Maven research? (2010 / 11 to current date on request) Maven undertake interviews with 8000 victims per year on behalf of GMP. In order to meet this quota GMP provides Maven with between 3-4 times as many contact details.

· 2.What type of details are provided i.e. Name, address, phone numbers and details of crimes? Name, address, phone numbers, details of crime, crime type, Home Office code and crime reference number are provided to Maven.

· 3. How much money has exchanged hands between GMP and Maven Research in regards for services? (2010/11 to current date) GMP have paid a total of £82.5k to Maven Research during the 2010/11 period.

Now all well and good, With all the cut backs, GMP top officers saying station closers and front line services will be effected, and they have money to waste like that? On the other hand GMP don’t seek permission to give your details to Maven, GMP in it own rights are breaking the Law, the Data Protection Act 1998, it seems the case one law for us, and one for the blue fascist army GMP. Maven its self like to boast about other clients such as security giants G4S, who says there not selling details to them as well. I guess it will be not long before security firms come knocking / cold calling over security requirements. Lets face it profits don’t take effect to publics feelings.

Royal Wedding Best Wishes From Salford

Salford British National Party Along with the RWB Salford reporting team would like to send all our best wishes to Kate and William on there wedding day.

God Save The Queen.

Monday, 25 April 2011

May 5th Irwell Riverside. Vote Gary Tumulty, British National Party

On May 5th Irwell Riverside. Salford. This is your chance Vote Gary Tumulty British National Party

Stations can be found at;

(RA) Temporary Building, Lay-By, Seaford Road / Greyhound Drive
(RB) - (RC) St. Sebastian’s Community Centre, 5 Gerald Rd.
(RD) St. Thomas’s Church, Ford Lane.
(RE) -(RI) The Friars Primary School, Cannon Street

(RF) Greengate Community Centre, Newbank Tower, Bridgewater Street.
(RG) Pendleton House, Broughton Road.
(RH) - (RJ) The Beacon Centre, London Street.
(RK) Summerville Sure Start Centre, Summerville Road.

Every Day Is Successful For Salford BNP

The Salford BNP election teams were out across the city over the weekend, every candidate is getting a great response, Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside candidate and local organiser, is getting a in particular a high level of support in his ward.

RWB have been out many of times with Gary, but this weekend has been the best ever response ever witnessed in the past two years Gary has stood in the ward.

Gary tells RWB correspondents “On Sunday I went out on the ward I and my team of activists canvassed lots of doors, there is a lot of support out there today, in light of what the anti BNP fascists group MAFA leafleting the ward the previous day. My voters on my ward are not stupid, they no the real Gary Tumulty not the lies such groups tell. I am now really looking forward to election day, I think the result will be very intresting.”

RWB Salford would just emphasized what Gary says there and urges all voter May 5th Vote British National Party

Salford BNP St Georges Day Calibrations

A team from Salford BNP gather with other nationalists for a fun filled day to celebrate St Georges day.

The family filled day was well attended and the celebrations began, RWB did attend with Salford BNP who were engaging with the general public, who are always thank full for the BNP presence were ever they go.
Mean time back in Irwell Riverside we had a group of fascist race hating and anti British students all unrelated to Salford. The out side from a known labour supporting group called Manchester Fascist Alliance (MAFA) were out posting anti BNP leaflets

RWB spoke to a few residents of the estate of the Irwell Riverside who were all of the opinion that the group of sponging students were all wrong by interfering with democracy in the Irwell Ward, One was recognised as Tony Moore who is standing in the Winton Ward for the Socialist Party and is known for his extreme views and anti democracy ways. One resident did say she has never voted or even considered voting BNP but this year will be unique as her tick will stand beside the British heart of Gary Tumulty her BNP candidate.

We did speak to Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside candidate and Salford Organiser who really didn’t seem to bothered about MAFA’s actions, he said “MAFA is a violent fascist and extreme group of students, their leafleting does nothing in this area as all the public here no who I am, they no they can approach me with any issue they wish and yes they vote for me and the British National Party, I did receive about 50 or 60 or so of these leaflets though my door, waste of a leaflet but they did keep the fire warm at night” “MAFA should just bite the bullet and distribute my leaflets as their’s don’t even effect my area or the voting ways of my constituency or they could really do the unthinkable which is give some thing back to the tax payer and get a job” Gary concluded

Pictures of the ST Georges event can been seen below.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy St Georges Day.

All subscribers, all viewers, all supporters and all of Salford, Happy St Georges Day, From the RWB Salford web admin team.

Salford To Celebrate St Georges Day In Style.‏


 By RWB political correspondent.

Whilst trailing the extremely hard working candidates from Salford branch of the British National Party, it is heartening to see so many Salford residents preparing for tomorrows celebrations of our Patron Saint George. Street after street saw George cross bunting and flags fluttering in the pleasant breeze. 

Residents of one quiet cul-de-sac told us they are having a good old fashioned street party, all sharing the preparation of food and activities for the kids...... Absolutely fantastic. 

It is also refreshing to see so many businesses getting involved, from pubs to local shops all putting up flags to show their patriotism.
We spoke to a shopkeeper and she said she was 'proud to be English, and won't let them bloody anti English PC lot tell me I can't fly my flag'........ Well said Madam.

Gary Tumulty, Salford organiser said, It's wonderful to see so many Salfordians get into the spirit of St George, and we will be out and about supporting whatever activities they do. I'm looking forward to getting involved with my kind of people.

Salford BNP Receive Large Donation.

By RWB political correspondent.

RWB Salford are pleased to announce a significant and very generous donation has been made to Salford branch of the British National Party from a member to help in their fight to win seats in the May 5th local elections.

The member, Mr Todd, contacted branch organiser Gary Tumulty earlier today and pledged his financial support for the candidates, and the branch as a whole. and added, I am delighted to give my financial support to Gary and his team, they are all fantastic candidates, and my donation is my way of helping achieve the goal of getting at least one of them elected to Salford council. I am proud of them all, and I know the money will be put to good use. I wish them all the very best.

Mr Tumulty added,  We are all very grateful to Mr Todd for his financial contribution, and we will definitely put it to good use. People like Mr Todd are what makes me proud to be British. At times like these, it must be very difficult for anyone to have any spare cash, so Mr Todd's donation is very gratefully received. We thank him for his very generous contribution.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Salford Residents Reject Labour

By RWB political correspondent.

Activists from Salford branch of the British National Party have stepped up their campaign for the local elections on May 5th with leafletting and canvassing teams hitting key target wards with a message of hope. The parties new re-branded logo is going down a storm with residents, who have spoken very positively about the literature and new look design.

Gary Tumulty, Salford organiser spoke to the RWB team about recent activities and was delighted with the overwhelming support for the candidates and their fresh ideas for Salford.
'The support we are getting on the streets is absolutely amazing' said Mr Tumulty,' and I am very excited about getting our first elected representative onto Salford council' We hope to do very well, and we have been letting everyone know about our new logo and what to look out for, so come polling day, they can vote for the only real opposition to the warmongering of the ukip/lib/lab/con trick.

Keith Fairhurst, deputy organiser added, Its interesting to see lots of Labour literature blowing about the streets, either their activists have given up and are dumping their rubbish, or residents are finally seeing them for what they are and sending them a message that they are sick of them. The British National Party are the only real alternative, and offer real solutions to real everyday problems that face Salfordians. I'm confident we will get a decent return on polling day.

RWB Salford can't argue with that lads, and we wish all the candidates the very best of British for May 5th. 

Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside, Leaflet Number 2

Hot off the press

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Irwell Riverside Candidate Gary Tumulty Confronts Labour

Watch this video below to see the answers to RWB Salford previous reports of harassment and intimidation encountered by the Labour Party to our BNP Candidate for Irwell Riverside and Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty

NOTE: 4 Labour members were arrested in connection with, window smashing and acts of criminal damage RWB Name and shame Alex Halligan, who is a Life long member of the Labour Party, Salford Trade Union vice precedent and reporter for Salford online news and Salford Star. Very nice character indeed.

The Labour25 is 25 Labour Mayors Cllrs and activists who have all been convicted for being peodo's click here for further information.

The man who is being questioned is a ex Lib Dem come Labour member Stephen Ord who is candidate for Irwell Riverside.

Stephen is a little stuck for words watch below see for your self.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Salford BNP Donate Printer To Hemsworth Branch

RWB Reports Salford Business man, together with Gary Tumulty, Branch Organiser, Donate a top of the range brand new printer to the Hemsworth BNP Branch for there election campaign to have Darren Lumb elected to the council

Gary Tumulty say’s “It was my pleasure to help such a hard working and dedicated Organiser such as Darren, It is worth every penny and its awaiting goal for him to be elected to the council, I know Darren on a person level and I wish Darren all the best with his campaign and I hope this printer is a useful tool in the war on Labour”

RWB Salford spoke to Darren Lumb Hemsworth Organiser and candidate for South Elmsal and South Kirby Ward who said “I would like to thank Gary Tumulty, Salford’s Organiser for travelling all the way to my house, with his friends and colleagues, to let me take delivery of the printer. I am very grateful for this kind offer, I appreciate every thing you guys have done, I am for ever in your debt. This really means a sense of comrades and one big family”

It just comes to show what lengths the British National Party are prepared to all help each other out,

Salford BNP 'Alive & Kickin'‏

By RWB political correspondent.

Salford branch of the British National Party are gearing up for the upcoming local elections with renewed vigour and purpose, and we at RWB Salford are delighted to have been asked to tag along and report on how they are preparing for May 5th. 

Officials and activists have been out canvassing for months now, and have engaged the public with a message of hope. Salford residents are fed up of the false promises from the Labour party, and are looking for an alternative to the damaging policies that they implement. The British National Party offer the only real alternative, as the con-dems are a wasted vote in Salford.

It is good to see residents chatting with the BNP candidates, and most promise that they will indeed vote for them. It is also good to see that residents are asking for extra literature to give to friends and family to read. The British National Party are the only party to offer decent, common sense ideas to tackle issues that affect residents at a local level. The British National Party offer real solutions, not pie in the sky politically correct nonsense like the lib/lab/con three party one policy monster.

So, after tailing the extremely hard working and dedicated Salford BNP, we are pleased to announce that they are prepared, and very keen to go into this election safe in the knowledge that they have done the groundwork properly. Salford BNP are indeed  'Alive & kickin'

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Unstoppable Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty

RWB Salford confirms that Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser and Irwell Riverside candidate, is proving his worth to the British National Party once again. Less than twenty four hours after spending the day printing and folding his leaflets, we joined him has he braved the wet weather and started the task of delivering them to his ward.

It proved to be a day not to be made miserable by the wet weather though, has we saw Gary quickly encountered extremely good support from a lot of locals. Even as we were walking around with Gary enquiry calls and texts were coming in from people having just received and reading the local Irwell Riverside leaflet.

RWB correspondents spoke to Gary who said. “These are such exciting times that we live in, every by-election brings a whole new wave of support. This year has brought the best support I have ever encountered. The Labour Party have done their best to try and demonise and intimmidate me and my pregnant girlfriend in our own home, and my place of work. The public in Irwell Riverside are not stupid. They are aware of who is responsible and who were arrested. It will be intresting to see if it affect’s the ballot box come May 5th. It would be good to just think possibly this could see me elected as the first BNP councillor, In Irwell Riverside now it is clearly a two horse race, lets hope the voters back the right Party, The BNP”.

RWB Salford will say this keep up the good work Gary you have our vote.

RWB Salford subscribers and browsers stay posted as more and more reports will be coming in as we follow all of our great, British National Party candidates, in their campaigns leading up to the election.

Labour Thugs "In Salford"

This is the extreme lefty Labour Party idea of democracy in Salford over a period of three months on the run up to the May election strange going's on have been happening to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser, and Irwell Riverside candidate, Labour Party thugs attacking his home the neighbourhood where he lives and stands, not only this but his work place. It was found to be the doing of the Labour Party members who have all been arrested.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Another Day In The Office.

RWB Political Correspondent yet again accompanies Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser and Irwell Riverside down to the local BNP Office to produce even more leaflets for the May election candidates

Gary tells RWB “as you can see this is the nerve centre for the local branch’s of the BNP with out such resources we properly find it hard to produce such amounts of leaflets very quickly and at a low cost, Its not only the offices but the hard working activist who also help it come together, I mean look at today, its lovely weather we all could find better things to be doing with our time, but we all pull together week in week out and our free time is committed to saving our once great country. Its all this loyalty and commitment which is what I love about this Party”

The Good Friday Riot Act.

Salford Council Civic Centre, peace and calm you all think, Not until you want to view on the web, what your Northwest MEP Nick Griffin is doing on behalf of you,

Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty reports whilst waiting in reception he decided to just look on the Public computers what Nick Griffin MEP was doing on the Salfordians behalf, A known extremist left wing fascist sat close by flew in to outrage sparks flying out of ears, foaming at the mouth and ranting at discussed that I have even dared use the computers to view such a site.

Gary Tumulty tells RWB correspondents “I find it quite strange how the BNP site can offend any one, Nick Griffin is my MEP and I am a Salford tax payer, I have every right to view this site along with any others, the guy who will be named and shamed as Paul Gerrard who represents Socialists Party in Salford, and who have three candidates standing in the May election” “Paul along with the socialist have this extreme view of “Comply or Die” attitude, the man is a disgrace I was told of “Some one was coming to deal with me” right with this super Vin Joseph appeared and asked me to turn the site off also stating that I shouldn’t really be on it”

Now Mr Joseph is another delightful character who is over paid and under qualified to carry the job description he carries, Returning Officer / Elections Office Manager “Vin Joseph allegedly is all for democracy in Salford but as he shown his true colours and were his loyalty lies with the labour party, I personally now feel Vin is unfit for the job in which he employed to do, you can view all other parties web sites, but you shouldn’t go on the BNP site, no democracy In that!” Concludes Gary

It was later discussed with the top council officals that all political web sites will be able to access along with the BNP, Another victory for democracy and if you want to see the BNP site in full glory, you can go down to any council building and view it.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Salford Sun Is Shining

Candidates, Agents and Activists, took this opportunity to deliver the Party message to thousands of possible voters,

RWB Political correspondent was shadowing Irwell Riverside and Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, who was only too happy for us to be there, Gary States “As you can see from today’s response the support I am receiving is absolutely phenomenal” “I believe from phone calls and reports all our candidates are receiving the same reception door to door, we all no it’s the Grand National today we don’t know who will win, but I would like to see the odds on Salford seeing its 1st BNP Councillor elected on the 5th May,”

RWB Did stay out with Gary for around two hours whilst canvassing, and we wish Gary and the other Salford candidates all the very best for the up coming elections in May.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Can You Help Salford?

Can you help Salford BNP -

There is many different ways of doing this;

2. Donate to the Salford BNP send Cheques / Postal Orders to;

The Organiser
BNP Salford
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

*Note all Cheques / Postal Orders must be made out to BNP or British Heritage.

3. Get involed activism wise / posting leaflets / canvasing doors for more information on that write to above or email or

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Salford BNP Candiates / Wards


Brenda Leather                                   British National Party
Carol Jones                                        UKIP
Jimmy Hunt                                         Labour
Chris Reed                                          Lib Dem
Tony Yates                                         Con

Irwell Riverside

Gary Tumulty                                      British National Party
Alan Wright                                        UKIP
Stephen Ord                                       Labour
David Lewis                                       Con
Janice Taylor                                      Lib Dem


Keith Fairhurst                                   British National Party
Graham Hulse                                    UKIP
Gina Loveday                                    Labour
George Darlington                             Con
Steve Middleton                                Lib Dem
Andy Beham                                     socialists against Cuts


Wayne Taylor                                  British National Party
John Brereton                                  UKIP
Stuart Cremins                                 Ind
John Ferguson                                 Labour
Keyth Scoles                                  Con
Christine Corry                               Lib Dem


Stuart Henshaw                             British National Party
Bernard Gill                                   UKIP
Paula Boshel                                 Labour
Anna Broomhead                          Con
Steven Plaister                              Lib Dem
Tony Moore                                 Socialists against Cuts

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fly Your Flag, But Not A St George

RWB Correspondent received a report of Gaddafi supporters in Salford, flying there flag for unity, right under the nose of the treachious Labour Party

Salford BNP emergency team went down when phone calls come streaming in from local residence who were out raged and sickened by the flag being flown.

Gary Tumulty BNP Organiser says “I don’t have a problem with Libya, but Libya problems are not ours, The flying of this flag is an isult to every British person who lives in this esate, if you consider the Libya armed the IRA, who bombed Manchester in 1996 and killed two young children in Warrington, not to mention the connections with Lockerby. The owners of that shop should do the decent thing and remove the Flag with immediate effect. The council and the Labour party are so hell bent on us not flying the St Georges flag because allegedly its to “racist” well now its time to see how they act over this flag.

RWB did note Hazel Blears office is next door to the pizza shop, so lets see what they do, We suppect nothing

If you like to make a complaint to Salford Council you can ring between the hours of 9am and 5pm on 0161794 4711