Friday, 12 August 2011

Salford Riot

Greater Manchester Police TAU Salford Riots

By RWB communities correspondent.

Rampaging black youths interspersed with a few young locals brought the area surrounding Salford shopping city to a standstill when they attacked and looted business premises on Salford precinct. The youths, wearing hoodies and masks to conceal their identities, smashed their way in to several properties to steal and plunder whatever was inside. Bargain Booze was the worst hit, with shelves being almost emptied of alcohol and cigarettes within minutes. A Lidl superstore was also looted, with many thousands of pounds worth of stock stolen.

Several buildings in the area were heavily damaged, including the old Broadwalk Library, when arsonists set them on fire, whilst cars and vans were overturned and burnt out. A BBC radio Manchester outside broadcast vehicle was targeted and completely destroyed. The irony of that was the van had the legend ' Be Part Of It ' still visible after the flames had been doused. They certainly were.

Running battles between police and rioters were concentrated mainly on the Langworthy housing estate, an area that has been neglected for years by the ruling Labour council in Salford. Bricks and bottles were thrown and rubble and broken glass covered the streets. Frightened residents barricaded themselves in as police and youths faced off with each other. Those brave enough to stand at their gates to see what was happening were overheard condemning the actions of the rioters, especially when most of them had come from elsewhere following an internet plea for black gangs to travel to Salford because "all the residents are racist there". Click Link
Greater Manchester Police used 'Kettling' techniques to round up trouble causers and herd them away from residential properties, which forced the rioters to run into other areas, still smashing car windscreens and tearing down walls for ammunition to throw as they went. Street after street saw untold damage that will cost the Salford taxpayer many millions of pounds to repair. With an already failing economy, Salford residents will yet again be forced to dig deeper into their empty pockets by John Merry and his band of criminals at Salford council.

Gary Tumulty, organiser for Salford branch of the British National Party, went onto the violence hit streets with other brave activists to see for themselves the carnage and devastation wreaked on the city. " As we travelled around Salford, we could almost feel the animosity and  hate from those that came to destroy Salford" said Mr Tumulty. " It was really very frightening, especially when large gangs came towards us armed with bricks and large pieces of timber, we had to make a hasty retreat on more than one occasion for our own safety, but it is our duty to report on what is happening in our communities, and to ignore this would be a crime in itself. The residents of Salford deserve better than they are getting from Labour, who are largely responsible for creating divided communities, taking away discipline in schools, removing the right for parents to discipline their children through fear of prosecution. In my eyes, Labour are far more to blame for the trouble that is happening not only in Salford, but all around the country. he concluded.

Keith Fairhurst, deputy organiser added," I completely agree with Gary, what I saw in Salford shocked me to the core, and I can only lay the blame firmly at the feet of Labour, and also the coalition Government, who are perpetuating what Labour started. Cuts to youth services, leaving local kids with nothing to keep them off the streets, are a factor in this civil unrest, caused by years of Labour, and now con-dem, mismanagement and greed. I found Hazel Blears comments about how 'today's youths don't have the same discipline as previous generations' quite absurd, especially considering it was her party that did away with discipline in the first place. Her comments are a smack in the face of those parents that try to bring up their children to be good, law abiding members of society". The sooner we rid this city of the money grubbing, house flipping dwarf the better"
Far Right Black Supremise Gangs From Hulme / Moss Side Threats To Salford


  1. utter bollocks the conservatives got rid of corporal punishment

    ''Although the various methods of corporal punishment were steadily outlawed throughout the 20th Century, it was not until after the 1967 Plowden report, 'Children and their Primary Schools', that the abolition of corporal punishment in state schools was treated as a major issue, and in 1986 it was outlawed altogether.''

    i enjoy reading the blog you spout more mistakes than a salford woman who gives birth to feral children.

    all the best in your quest

  2. Darrell excuse me we had correspondents on the ground at the heart of it and we seen what happened..... were was you? tucked up in bed?