Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Britain First Scam Beware All BNP Salford Members

Scam Of The Year Goes To Britain First

Salford British National Party Members,

I hope you all have had the chance to read through the latest edition of the British Nationalist. There was an article in it on the moneymaking scam by Britain First. Britain First has nothing whatsoever to do with the British National Party and has been proscribed. Through the likes of Jim Dowson and Co, they have our details and are trying desperately to unsettle our party and at the same time fleece as much money off our members before they close it down and move onto their next scam.

Britain First is an Ltd Co, so they can simply filter the donations and membership money away and declare themselves bankrupt. In times of austerity, it would be very upsetting if anyone were to fall for this scam. I urge you all not to attend any of their meetings and certainly not to hand over any money. If you are approached by them in any way, send all the details to party HQ, and hopefully we can put a stop to them. Please spread the word and let as many people know about this scam as possible.

For more information, please contact

Kind Regards,
Gary Tumulty
Salford Organiser

Salford British National Party August Meeting

Salford BNP August 2011 Meeting.

Members from Salford / Rochdale / Oldham and Manchester gathered at well attended August Salford monthly meeting with guest speaker North West Regional Organiser Councillor Mike Whitby 
Mike’s moving speech was about the illuminate and the new world order, You control the money and you control the British Empire no matter who is in power, Mike explained the Frankfurt school and it 11 point plan, how it was set out to destroy and destruct nationalism in the 1920’s and how it is all coming true today. 

Mike took questions and answers session, one being about the Dunblane massacre a multiple murder-suicide which occurred at Dunblane Primary School and how the government had covered it up placing gagging order on the whole investigation surround it, the biggest cover up of all time

Mike continued to tell members what the Northwest Branch’s activities and how important it is we are to keep active and visible on the streets, We have to defend our people and our country from the current traitors in power. Mike took the opportunity to appoint a new Rochdale Organiser David Oloughlin

A donation from the members was collected of £150 of which £100 was donated by a local anonymous business man which will go towards the truth truck petrol costs. 

The evening ended with Gary Tumulty Organiser talking about the rioting what was witnessed on the evening of 8th August 2011 in Salford Gary explained who was responsible for it, Far Left Anarchists and Black members of the surrounding area’s of Moss-Side and Hulme

Gary Tumulty Organiser Says “I would like to thank all the members who attended from the surrounding area’s who joined us in Salford for our meeting, I would also like to thank our Local anonymous business man who gave us the £100 towards petrol for the truth truck 

“I also wish David Oloughlin all the best in his role of Rochdale Organiser and he will have 100% Salford support” Gary Concluded

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Salford BNP Meeting Hosts Appointment Of New Rochdale Organiser

British National Party Official's Salford Gary Tumulty, Regional Mike Witby & Newly Appointed David Oloughlin

David Oloughlin long time member and very hard working activist has been appointed new Rochdale Organiser at the Salford monthly meeting

David was met with applaud by the well attended meeting of members, David explained one of the first very jobs as Organiser is that he would be getting in touch with every member for the Rochdale area, and finding out who is active and willing to get Rochdale back on the map,

After that David will be getting out there in the public eye spreading the word of the British National Party,  A new era has now created in Rochdale with David who is more than willing to take up the Organiser role.

David states “I am only to happy to take up the challenge of building up the British National Party in the Whitworth and Rochdale area’s and I can not wait to start hitting the streets

Salford TOP COP Has Really Lost It.

Greater Manchester Police Top Copper Mr Fahy

Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Peter Fahy is now defending a 1.6 Million Pound spending cut and saying his force must be run more like Argos in a bid to make GMP more clever.

Fahy says 35 of  56 Greater Manchester Police Front desk jobs are set to go as part of the government cuts but this doesn’t mean that normal officers would be hiding away from the public but instead they would be more responsive to calls and surgery’s

Fahy went on to explain : “When you order your table from Argos you expect them to get back to you and tell you what time they will call round.

“There's no reason why GMP should be any different.

“Local front offices are very important to local people and the priority was always to keep a number open, which we will be doing.

“But a number simply aren't used and aren't cost-effective.

“It is important to reiterate that the police stations themselves will remain open and we will still be dealing with local issues.

“This could be through PCSO surgeries at local libraries or housing offices or, in certain cases, by having officers come out to visit you after you've made a call.

RWB Correspondents Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “Mr Fahy is living on a dream boat, If you cut the police desk jobs, the front line policing will be affected, I can safely say in Salford the police are very rarely seen on the streets, you may see a plastic no power PCSO around from time to time, but that’s about it”

“Fahy is an over paid common purpose copper he probably earns over £120K a year, and what for… nothing, when was the last time he was on patrol? If top copper is that concerned about saving the public cash, well lets have it Fahy lead by example, take a pay cut, You and all your other top ranking officials who are all over paid

“You want to run the police like a business do you? Argos,  it is unbelievable, you can see it now, the criminal saying ‘Oh its Tuesday I have an appointment with the cops I  am being arrested. I better go down and see what they want’ Why not go the whole way, and when you book people in to custody give them a ticket with a number on and when the machine calls the number they get dealt with, just like the Argos queue 

“Sound silly don’t it, well it is Fahy it will never work” Gary concluded.

Monday, 29 August 2011

John Merry Must Resign Now If You Love Salford

John Merry 'Special' Leader Labour Salford Council

Labour Special John Merry Leader of Salford Council, we call for you to stand down pack up and leave Salford NOW!!!!!!

John lets face it you and your people of the Labour Party have done nothing to help the real Salfordians, lets summarise it shall we;

  • Salford Council is millions of pounds of debt
  • Corruption at Salford Council and its staff at all levels
  • Salford Land sold off cheaply to private investors to bull doze Council Houses
  • The Closure of its Magistrates and County Courts
  • No houses for Locals Immigrants express service and at top of all housing lists.
  • NHS Cut services, maternity ward being one.
  • Police front line’s cuts and caught short as witnessed last week in riots
  • No Jobs for locals as migrants are reaping all the benefits and taking jobs for cheap labour
  • Salford Education Services sold off  and suffering, Salford University being dubbed as worsted in the country
  • Salford Children’s Services slip up and time and time again costing kids life’s.
  • You your self claiming thousands off the tax payer and offering little services or in most cases non
  • Mass immigration’s rise to Salford in a bid to gerrymander for Labour voters

The list is never ending we could go on but we will stop at that for now

John Merry if you say you love Salford then do the best thing you could ever do and resign and get out, Let the real Salfordians run Salford

The people of Salford don’t want you, and if in doubt lets take it to the vote, but I bet you will not do that. 

Hunger Strike Illegal Gets To Stay In UK

James Fallah Williams NUJ Political Reporter Hunger Strike Illegal

 Journalist and Human Rights Campaigner James Fallah Williams, illegal immigrant goes on hunger strike for 19 days then is granted stay in the UK.

Mr Williams from Sierra Leone, West Africa has been in the UK for around 14 years illegally where he had come to study, Williams had been told to go home by the UK Boarder Agency then turned up the pressure and threatened to deport Williams. 

NUJ Member Williams and political journalist turned to a hunger strike saying the UK Boarder Agency had “Miss handled his asylum case”, The UK Boarder Agency back down and gave Williams the rights to stay. 

RWB Correspondents have tried to talk to the NUJ Manchester representative surrounding Mr Williams case,  but we couldn’t understand what they were saying to us, and we will require an interpreter. 

Our RWB Correspondent did speak to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “This is a disgrace, Williams is an illegal immigrant who has been told to go back to his own motherland where he had come from, and because he doesn’t like what he is getting told, he spits his dummy out and goes on a hunger strike, shocking I have never heard so much rubbish in my life”

“I think a lesson of tough love is needed here, Deport Williams before he cost the tax payer any more money and disrupt” Gary Concluded 

Friday, 26 August 2011

Every Little Helps‏

Text 60777 To Donate

It is often the little things in life that make a big difference. Today, I am asking you to do just one small thing that will make a big difference to the British National Party:

Please text the word DONATE to 60777 to give £3 to the British National Party.

This small sum, multiplied when thousands of like-minded people also text, becomes a big sum that will in turn help bring stability to the Party.

Donating by text is a simple way of giving regular money and is an easy way to start also encouraging friends and family to give a small amount of money to the Party.

It really is that simple. Please text the word DONATE to 60777 to give £3 to the British National Party today.

Imagine if 1,000 people did that RIGHT NOW…That’s £3,000. Now imagine if 5,000 people sent us their text donation…That’s £15,000! Money that will pay for more leaflets, for London 2012, for our current We Want Our Country Back drive, or for a brand-new range of leaflets that we have in the pipeline.

And don’t forget, if you don’t want to donate using your mobile, you can use the online donation form by clicking the donate button below.

Thank you.

P.S. Please add 60777 into your mobile phone - that way you will have the number to hand for next time you want to send a quick £3 to the Party - for every time you want to play your part!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Salford School’s Business Manager Steals £120K

Mark Shepherd Business Manager Salford School Who Stole £120K

Wentworth High School Eccles £2 Million pound in dept, see the business manager Mark Shepherd stole £120K to fund his own home improvements and new car project.
Shepherd who was brought in to make cuts and regain some of the 2 million pound dept of overspending the Salford school had made in the previous years.

Shepherd spent the schools money, on a full refit of his bathroom and other improvements to his house in westhoghton, amongst the loot was a new car for him self, he paid off his own dept of £30K in unpaid credit card bills, he also bought a smart car for the school and sold it off to pocket the profit for him self.

Shepherd’s wife Brazen, a church going women was totally unaware of just what her husband was up to as he told her he had won cash on his premium bonds.
Shepherd was clocked by one of his colleges, who had discovered that he had rented two storage units, one for the schools belongings and one for shepherds haul.

At Minsull Street Crown Court Shepherd admitted four charges of fraud and abuse of his position at the Salford school. The court heard how Shepherd had carried out 37 fraudulent transactions worth a total of £121,732.

Shepherd the civil servant business manager who was paid £37K a year employed in 2007, started hitting the school’s accounts almost a week in to his employment, he started by stealing £500 cheque what was he said for petty cash. Shepherd also convinced work colleagues to counter sign fraudulent cheques by lying about what the money would be used for, Shepherd also got that confident he would not get caught he started to transfer money straight from the schools bank account right to his own.

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty, Salford BNP Organiser who says “It appalling to think that a school in dept, employee’s a man who is destine to steal even more off them, Shepherd has really got no morals, I hope the man is made to pay back what he took, and will get a lengthy sentence from the judge at the sentencing”

RWB can confirm Shepherd will be sentenced at Minsull Street Crown Court on the 19th September 2011 our crime correspondent will be there to see Shepherd get his comeuppance

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Royal Visit In Salford

Royal Visit Prince Harry 'In Salford'

Since the Salford Riot last week reported exclusively on this blog, we have seen a whole host’s of powerful people, This includes the idiots of Westminster, The very best our MEP Nick Griffin Chairman of the British National Party, and now Prince Harry has visited.

Prince Harry who has served in Afghanistan has took time out of his Military training, to come and visit the looted and riot torn Salford Precinct, and thank all the emergency services who were involved in restoring order.

RWB Salford welcomes this Royal Visit and applause our Prince, RWB Correspondents did ask Prince Harry for a few words for this blog, who was more than willing to, but has time had it had to rush off to a different location within Salford

RWB Says thank you to Prince Harry for acknowledging us, The nationalists, and thank you for visiting our city, Salford.

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “Prince Harry is more than welcome just like others of the Royal Family to visit Salford, I for one was over the moon to have the opportunity to see Prince Harry,”

Prince Harry Loves Salford

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Salford Council Sued

King Pig Salford Council's Special Labour Leader John Merry.

Labour Special Salford Council Leader John Merry tells tribunal “he has lost confidence” in Jill Baker the sacked Children’s Services Manager.

Jill Baker was at the heart of a tragic murder of a toddler 2 year old Demi Leigh Mohan who was killed by a baby sitter in July 2008

Mrs Baker was told by chief executive Barbara Spicer, at the time of baby Demi Leigh Mohan’s murder no further action would be taken against, Later an independent report it was found Demi’s case was totally over looked by Salford Councils Social Services, which lead to Mrs Baker’s dismissal for gross misconduct.

Labour Leader Councillor Merry said “He had lost all confidence is Mrs Baker, and found it impossible to explain his that decision, as he had not been in on the decision its self,”

Mrs Baker who is suing Salford Council for unfair dismissal who said she thinks she is being made a scapegoat for other councillors within Salford.

RWB Reports at the time of the problems within Salford Council’s Social Service and Children’s Services Departments, Langworthy Labour Councillor John Warmisham was the lead member of that department, After Demi’s Murder and few other incidents around children John was soon side shifted, with no further action to other area’s of the council

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “There is no excuse for this at all, John Warmisham is also to blame for the lack of organization with in the Children’s Services Department, he should have been the first port of call to spot these errors”

“My response to John Merry the so called Leader of the council is… We the British Public have lost all faith in you and your ways, resign now, you work for the people of Salford, not the other way round, resign now, get out of the council and Salford”

“In respect to Labour councillors, it seems they do like making scapegoats for their mistakes, but Merry keeps sorting Jobs for the boys its disgraceful, Labour have to held accountable for the mistakes of the council” Gary concluded.

So Mr John Merry…… Are you willing to resign, or do we have to campaign for a vote of no confidence?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Salford Join Bolton BNP For Day Of Action

Salford BNP Organiser With Bolton BNP

Bolton British National Party activist’s joined forces with Salford despite the heavy down pour of rain, to have a day of action in light of the riots saw in parts of the country, 

A very upbeat Bolton Organiser Dorothy Sayers lead the team of activist to the Tonge With The Haulgh Ward were Dot stands as candidate in recent elections, Whilst Dorothy and other activist’s were on the streets husband and Bolton Branch Secretary Andy Sayers was back scene for-filling a very vital role of folding the anti riot leaflet and putting a further assortment of leaflets with them to create a recruitment super pack, for the activists on the streets.

At least 2500 British National Party Leaflets have been pushed out right across in such a shot amount of time, and the general feeling in the air is there is a lot of support out there, By passers on the busy main road also stopped to ask us for leaflets and they do agree with us that we are the only party to restore peace and order on the streets of the UK 
Dot Sayers. Organiser said “Following Nick's plea about being active this weekend, I ordered 4000 leaflets, Saturday afternoon, we received the leaflets which were delivered by Chris from Burnley. Andy then started folding them while i was trying to organise some help for leafleting. Thanks to Kevin, he put out the plea for us, and Gary and Ed from Salford responded and came to help, and we also had help from Darren who is a very valued member of our group in Bolton. It was a very good day and people were asking us for leaflets as we were posting them, and the response was fantastic, and people were agreeing with all we were saying. Hopefully this leaflet will open people's eyes to the fact that Nick Griffin and the British National Party have been right all along. A big thank you to everyone who helped it is very appreciated.” 
Andy Sayers. Secretary added “4000 leaflets were delivered to our house on Saturday afternoon. I began folding them straight away in order to have them ready for the Sunday morning leafleting. Up to that time, there was Only Dot who was going to go out on her own. I then put out a call for help, and Gary the Salford organiser and Ed came over to help. Darren from Bolton also came to give a helping hand”

“Despite the heavy rain they set off and delivered over 2000 leaflets. After Gary and Ed went home, Dot and Darren went back out for another hour or so, while i continued to carry on folding leaflets. Whilst folding the Can Anyone Restore Order leaflet, Dot had the idea of also putting in the Referendum petition and the We want our country back leaflets, so we ended up with a super pack for all to read, and they were very well received. And a big thank you to everyone who helped” Andy concluded. 


Andy Sayers Bolton BNP Secretary Folding Leaflets For Street Activists

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Positive Response 'IN Salford'

Salford BNP Team With Organiser Gary Tumulty & Chairman Nick Griffin MEP

Salford branch of the British National Party received a warm welcome when they visited the three main shopping districts in the city with the party's latest campaign 'Who can restore order'?. Salford shopping city, the scene of mass rioting and looting by gangs of black youths and white anarchists, was the first area to be visited. The public, understandably subdued, were keen to voice their concerns to activists, and many took handfuls of leaflets to give to friends and family.

Next to be visited was Swinton, and there was a similar response. Luckily, Swinton escaped any major trouble, but residents were equally shocked and concerned about the scenes that tore the heart out of a community just a couple of miles down the road. As in the previous area, shoppers were keen to take the leaflets to give to loved ones and work colleagues.

The final area to be visited was Eccles town centre, where chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin joined with local activists to give his support  to residents. Locals were very keen to chat with Mr Griffin, and a small queue formed. All were shocked and appalled by what happened, and sought reassurances that the British National Party were going to do everything in their power to highlight the failings of a multicultural society, and that the party will put pressure on local and central Government to bring in legislation that ensures shocking scenes that scarred the city will never be repeated. Mr Griffin was only to keen to reassure everybody, and promised to never give up the fight to ensure that places like Salford will always receive his support as its MEP.

Gary Tumulty, Salford organiser, was delighted with the response in Salford, Swinton and Eccles. " As always, the people of this great city come together in adversity" said Mr Tumulty. " It was pleasing to see the city uniting in it's condemnation of the rioting scum that tried to bring anarchy to the usually peaceful streets of Salford. As a branch, we will be working hard with local communities to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again" Mr Tumulty concluded.

Salford BNP Visit Oldham

Salford BNP Nick Griffin MEP In Oldham

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty and Chairman Nick Griffin MEP, Step it up a gear on the National Day Of Action by taking a team of Salford Activist’s over to Oldham to deliver new recruitment leaflets.

The public once more gratefully received ‘We want our country back’ National Leaflets for a massive recruitment drive for the party, We had that many people wanting our newest leaflet that we actually run out of supplies,

Many people are concerned about their country and are in agreeance with our party, enough is enough and we want it back. Lots of the public again wanting to shake Nick Griffin’s hand and have a picture took with him, and to tell him what a wonderful job he does as their MEP.

Gary Tumulty said “It was a great pleasure to go to a town like Oldham, it is just overwhelming how much support there really is out there, I run the Salford branch and I know what our support in our city, but it is a refreshing chance to travel out and see it in other towns,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Salford activist’s who accompanied me and the chairman to Oldham your help is really valued” Gary concluded

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hazel Blears - Not The Sharpest Tool.

Not A Clue Salford Labour MP Hazel Blears

By RWB correspondent.

Salford MP Hazel Blears was left red faced and humiliated on sky news when she asked 'why are these children not at school'? when discussing the riots that left parts of Salford precinct burnt out wrecks. Her embarrassment was further compounded when people 'tweeting' her gaffe reposted it that many times it 'trended' or became the most tweeted topic.

Hazel, I'm sorry love, but you really are NOT up to the job are you? Even the normal people from salford know its the school holidays. Time for you to go on you jolly way I think. You are not liked by the majority of true Salfordians, you only get re-elected because you gerrymander the vote by moving in grateful immigrants into housing that should be allocated to locals. 

Step down Hazel, you know it makes sense.
Council Leader On Salford Referrendum

By RWB political correspondent.

The very 'special' leader of Salfords Labour council has come out in defiance of giving the residents of Salford a referendum on whether they want an elected mayor or not. Mr John Merry has cited cost to the taxpayer as one of the reasons that it is a bad idea. He claims that to hold a referendum in Salford would cost in excess of £150,00, money he has more than likely set his heart on for himself. Merry also bleats about how an elected mayor would have more political power than him, something which he cannot abide since how else would he do his shady dealings and backhanders when an elected mayor can implement policy without consulting the council?

Another gripe from the 'special' one is that an elected mayor is paid more than him. He doesn't like that. Merry has been at the top of the tree for many years when it comes to stealing from the Salford taxpayer, so for some Johnny come lately to come and knock the bloated one off his perch is a little hard for him to take. 

The Salford branch of the British National Party has a message for Merry, we WILL be standing a candidate for mayor, and we are currently in the process of selecting someone right now. We WILL be urging Salfordians to get behind our campaign, and we WILL have plenty of resources to achieve our aim. It is high time that Salford had a real representative, not one that likes to fill his own pockets with the ill-gotten gains from the Salford purse. 

Response To Greater Manchester Police

Crazy Copper Ranting From The Top.

Greater Manchester Police finally lose the plot and  top cop Peter Fahy, Chief Constable, seizes his moment to make wicked claims and rants in the Manchester Evening News and Salford Advertiser.

Common purpose cop Fahy claim “Far Right Groups” are linked to the riots in Salford and Manchester, how ludicrous and stupid is that claim?, This is a open attack on the British National Party and a mind manipulating game played by the police and the media,

Does top cop Fahy forget it was the British National Party who first raised concerns in Salford, as his under dogs were not taking the threat seriously? Does the top cop also forget it was advice from the British National Party that had the Salford Precinct evacuated, and saved live’s ? Does the top cop not appreciate the British National Party was on site at the riot and reporting the truth as it all unfolded in front of our eyes? 

Its apparent the Top copper of Greater Manchester Police has not been advised of the racist threats that was made towards the white community of Salford , yes Peter Fahy, racism does cut both ways

The majority of the arrests made were all made at Moss Side, Hulme, Cheetham Hill, Levenshulme and Ancoats. These are mainly black populated communities so when he says “Far Right Groups” is he talking about “Black Supremacist Groups” ?

The British National Party was in the area, but we are not far right, and we certainly were not taking part in any rioting, looting or any orchestrating of serous disorder, 

I suggest Greater Manchester Police get on with the job in hand and stop blaming others for the “Far Left” labour councils mistakes in cutting policing in Salford, as for the Labour Councillor who spoke in Salford advertiser also attacking the British National Party and would not reveal his identity, you are a coward and as Far Left Extreme Labour Activists were caught some time ago smashing British National Party Members and Officials windows it wouldn’t surprise me if you lot were in the thick of all that, After all our correspondents did spot one of those who was arrested.

We think top cop Peter Fahy should explain him self properly and just clarify who he is talking about, and get on with policing the streets and gaining control again, rather than getting involved with politics, of which it is plain he knows nothing of.

Salford Councillors 2010 / 11 Expenses

Top Pig Again With Nose In Troff Salford's Special Council Leader Labour John Merry

Click To Enlarge All Expenses Salford Council

Top award again for £38,265 John Merry Special Labour Leader.

Value for money hey Salford? We will let you make your own mind up.

Britian Stripped Of All Dignity

British National Party

British National Party

The newist hard hitting leaflet from the British National Party.     

ACTION is what we need!!!!!!

Click image to enlarge leaflet, print off and hand around or get in touch with your organiser and get involved.

All Donations for the cost of leaflets can be sent to;

Gary Tumulty
British National Party
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

All cheques and postal orders have to be made out to "British National Party"

Thank you.

Nick Griffin MEP Visits Salford Riots Aftermath

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty, NIck Griffin BNP Leader MEP Salford

Nick Griffin Salford & Northwest MEP and Leader of the British National Party, takes time to come an visit his constituency to just witness first hand the aftermath of all of the damage left from the previous nights riots.

The locals have been blamed but it is very apparent it was not them, but the gangs who have came from surrounding area’s to attack the precinct, Gangs were from Hulme, Levenshulme, Ancoats, Cheetham hill and Moss Side, some locals did get caught up in the riot, but the British National Party can report this as we was there and witnessed first hand the carnage that took place, and 75% arrest’s that have been made by the Police are from those surrounding estates

Activists who were at the scene on the night of the riot can confirm that, very nice high performance car’s full of black members of the society were circulating the area’s and seemed to be directing the trouble. It was also noted that left wing student type anarchist and activists from Anti fascist group shown up 30 minutes before the rioting took place

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser said “I am very disappointed with what I saw in Salford, the streets were lost and over run, with a racial elements involved as we reported on earlier this week, Greater Manchester Police need to find their back bone and stop the people coming in to Salford causing the trouble and looting,

John Merry labours leader of the council said on ITV this week that all Salford residents found to be looting or rioting will be evicted, I just hope that other councils take that approach, but then I hope Salford do not take any evicted from other area’s like moss side, we don’t want that sort of calibre in our city”

Hazel Blears was in Manchester city centre giving interviews in the morning, but just where was she in Salford, I was out all day with Nick Griffin MEP and every one I spoke to had not seen little Hazel, so when her town as in trouble and needed help and support she was no where in sight, One member of the public who I spoke to said “The last time he seen any thing like this, he was wearing body armour, holding a rifle in his hand, and doing a tour of Bosnia for the British Army”

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all British National Party Activists who were brave enough to go out on the day of the rioting and give live reports and take pictures and keep the country up to date with activities as they unfolded” Gary concludes

In addition to Labour Special John Merry we ask -

As you said John the council will evict any one involved with the riots of Salford, Does this mean the Lib / Lab / Con of the council are up and leaving, because after all it is you lot who created the monsters of the riots and its especially Labour Fault. I hope you do the descent thing and get out now!!! Labour has lost control of Salford.

Watch The Vidoe Below

Salford Riot

Greater Manchester Police TAU Salford Riots

By RWB communities correspondent.

Rampaging black youths interspersed with a few young locals brought the area surrounding Salford shopping city to a standstill when they attacked and looted business premises on Salford precinct. The youths, wearing hoodies and masks to conceal their identities, smashed their way in to several properties to steal and plunder whatever was inside. Bargain Booze was the worst hit, with shelves being almost emptied of alcohol and cigarettes within minutes. A Lidl superstore was also looted, with many thousands of pounds worth of stock stolen.

Several buildings in the area were heavily damaged, including the old Broadwalk Library, when arsonists set them on fire, whilst cars and vans were overturned and burnt out. A BBC radio Manchester outside broadcast vehicle was targeted and completely destroyed. The irony of that was the van had the legend ' Be Part Of It ' still visible after the flames had been doused. They certainly were.

Running battles between police and rioters were concentrated mainly on the Langworthy housing estate, an area that has been neglected for years by the ruling Labour council in Salford. Bricks and bottles were thrown and rubble and broken glass covered the streets. Frightened residents barricaded themselves in as police and youths faced off with each other. Those brave enough to stand at their gates to see what was happening were overheard condemning the actions of the rioters, especially when most of them had come from elsewhere following an internet plea for black gangs to travel to Salford because "all the residents are racist there". Click Link
Greater Manchester Police used 'Kettling' techniques to round up trouble causers and herd them away from residential properties, which forced the rioters to run into other areas, still smashing car windscreens and tearing down walls for ammunition to throw as they went. Street after street saw untold damage that will cost the Salford taxpayer many millions of pounds to repair. With an already failing economy, Salford residents will yet again be forced to dig deeper into their empty pockets by John Merry and his band of criminals at Salford council.

Gary Tumulty, organiser for Salford branch of the British National Party, went onto the violence hit streets with other brave activists to see for themselves the carnage and devastation wreaked on the city. " As we travelled around Salford, we could almost feel the animosity and  hate from those that came to destroy Salford" said Mr Tumulty. " It was really very frightening, especially when large gangs came towards us armed with bricks and large pieces of timber, we had to make a hasty retreat on more than one occasion for our own safety, but it is our duty to report on what is happening in our communities, and to ignore this would be a crime in itself. The residents of Salford deserve better than they are getting from Labour, who are largely responsible for creating divided communities, taking away discipline in schools, removing the right for parents to discipline their children through fear of prosecution. In my eyes, Labour are far more to blame for the trouble that is happening not only in Salford, but all around the country. he concluded.

Keith Fairhurst, deputy organiser added," I completely agree with Gary, what I saw in Salford shocked me to the core, and I can only lay the blame firmly at the feet of Labour, and also the coalition Government, who are perpetuating what Labour started. Cuts to youth services, leaving local kids with nothing to keep them off the streets, are a factor in this civil unrest, caused by years of Labour, and now con-dem, mismanagement and greed. I found Hazel Blears comments about how 'today's youths don't have the same discipline as previous generations' quite absurd, especially considering it was her party that did away with discipline in the first place. Her comments are a smack in the face of those parents that try to bring up their children to be good, law abiding members of society". The sooner we rid this city of the money grubbing, house flipping dwarf the better"
Far Right Black Supremise Gangs From Hulme / Moss Side Threats To Salford

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Exclusive Salford Riot Pic's

Hankinson Way Salford Precinct
On The Run Salford Looter
Lidl Car Park Fitzwarren Street TAU Police
Hankinson Way Shop Looted
RRG Car Show Room Just Off Regent Road 
Old Broadwalk Library 
Salford Precinct BBC Radio Manchester Van Destroyed
Lidl Fitzwarren Street Salford
Lidl Car Park Fitzwarren Street Salford
Aftermath RRG Car Show Room Car Park
The Hang Out Regent Retail Park
On Fire Salford Precinct 
Hankinson Way Bus Stops Salford Precinct
Timpsons Salford Precinct 
Cash Converter On Fire Salford Precinct
Bargin Booze Looted Salford Precinct

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Party In The Park Salford.

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty At Party In The Park Salford

RWB Communities Correspondent

Party in the park Salford, was set up in the Irwell Riverside Ward, Douglas Green by the Amber Project and is well attended from the local community and surrounding area’s

This year we have seen live music from Salford Rock Group Hanky Park, stalls set up and fair ground rides for the children to go on.

It was a fundraiser event set up to collect money towards the Ronald McDonald House Charity, which provider’s free accommodation to family’s of children getting treated at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser at the event who said “It gives me great delight to see the community as one, all the children are on the fair ground rides having plenty of fun, This is a non political day but it is noted that the Labour Party Councillor’s are on scene making there usual slurs when they see me”

“What ever way you look at it I am a member of this community, and I like every other person here are enjoying our selves and it makes me proud to be a part of it” Gary Concluded

Friday, 5 August 2011

Salford Labours Master Plan Messed Up.

Labour Leader The Very  'Special' John Merry In This Weeks Salford Advertiser.

The forgotten, Residents on Irwell Riverside, Whit Lane Estate have waited a mear 10 years to decide the fate of their home’s, will they stay or will they go, that’s the big question and will the regeneration take place?

Labour controlled Salford Council, and Special leader John Merry have promised a long over due review of the estate, Mr Merry was confronted by a very angry and let down residence group from Whit Lane, who were told of the regeneration plans what were stalled due to economical down turn.

The plans hit the ice over the recession Labour Government led the British in to, The regeneration would have seen over 100 houses demolished and replaced with new ones,

Only last week Labour Leader John Merry was boasting about the 4000 new residence that had been let in to Salford, and the joys and benefits it has to Salford,

Salford Council and the Labour Party have betrayed the people of Salford, John Merry is playing with Salfordians lives and homes here in Salford, There is no excuse for it, The voter must now realise what is happening. Labour in Salford have messed up, the vote must change to the British National Party, we will ensure a better life for the British People, its our country and we come first.

The British National Party would ensure that them local people would be re housed up in like for like houses, but the first main thing we would have asked the people of whit lane what they wanted, Labour just go ahead no regards to the constituent, it’s a case of take or leave it, Labour don’t care.

Labour’s John Merry, Leader of the council and also Labour Lead Member of Housing Peter Connor will be walking round the Whit Lane Estate of Irwell Riverside to try and get the views of the locals.

RWB Correspondents spoke to Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside Candidate and BNP Salford Leader who said “The council forever do this, they run down area’s by not giving it any attention and maintenance, and when it all goes bad they say right, all up and leave, a re-generation is needed, they boot out the tennants of the area’s and then private contractor bull doze the area’s and rebuild private homes.”

“Whit Lane is not a bad area, I live close by I have never had any issues there, they are lovely people, one thing Is for sure for 10 years they have been left in limbo wondering what’s going on with their home’s, its simply not good enough”

“John Merry and Connor are both coming to my ward to talk to the locals, Well John come and knock on my door I have a few questions for you, but I bet you will not do that will you, ill be in all day, come along, I would even walk round the estate with you, just to see what the local view is, Stop messing my constituency around” Gary concluded

RWB Note to Salford Advertiser editor (from story in picture) and journalist, it’s Irwell Riverside, Not Charlestown Riverside, If you need new writers the RWB team would only be to happy to help out, for the right price. We think you could do with a nationalist journalist.

Hard Working Salford Council Staff

Hard At Work Salford Council Staff

RWB Salford can report the total laziness of our very own civil servants of Salford City Council

Many council staff protesting over pay, out on strike, just what for? To milk the tax payer even more money, Many of the council staff are over paid as it is. It was once said get a job with Salford Council and you have a job for life.

It is also a well known fact that council staff are totally lazy and inadequate for the job they are employed to do, just take a walk round council offices around Salford and see exactly what they do get up to when they are on the job.

As you can see from the picture, is this value for money for the Salford tax payer… NO! RWB has a collection of picture’s of Lazy council staff,

RWB will now be stepping up a gear and watching the council staff very closely indeed, Now we know for fact Salford Council come on this site very frequently and also the Labour Councillors,

We speak for Salford and say “Pack it in skiving and get on with the job you are employed to do!”

RWB correspondents also spoke with BNP Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “This does not surprise me in the least, I worked in a Salford Opportunities, a council run quango for the unemployed I witnessed first hand just how lazy the staff of the council really are, A receptionist use to ring all her friends for a good old gossip, she also used to go a number of times on shopping sprees at Salford precinct, also clocking off at three o’clock, this is true and I was shocked to witness it, Shockingly enough when she found out I was ‘BNP’ she knew the game was up, and I was quickly re assigned to another job, and sworn to secrecy, and this I just can not do any longer”

“Their contractor is Mitie Security, who charged an absolute fortune for their services, despite the council having its own security Quay Watch” Gary Concluded

RWB will continue to watch our Salford Council Staff.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ritual Abuse Of Animals.‏

Hazels Blears Letter Click To Look At 
Hazels Blears Letter Click To Look At 

Halal and Kosher. Two words that mean very little to the majority of Britons, but two words that mean a great deal to those concerned with animal welfare, and of course to animals. The  Halal (muslim) and Kosher (jewish) methods of slaughter do not require animals that are being killed for food to be pre stunned. Both methods are cruel, inhumane and barbaric, and go against    this countries principles of being a nation of animal lovers.

Most Britons have been conditioned to believe that Halal and Kosher methods of slaughter are merely a prayer said before the animals throat is cut, but the reality is very different. A ritually slaughtered animal will often struggle to survive several minutes after it's head has almost been severed,  trying to breathe,attempting to stand, trying to survive.  Suitably sickened yet?.

For those that don't have the stomach to watch the above video, the horrific and disgusting abuse of animals set to be our dinner is plain to see. That big fat juicy rump steak that you enjoy with chips has more than likely come from a ritually slaughtered animal. Will that steak be as tasty and succulent when you realise where it has come from, or how it was slaughtered? I think not. 

Imagine, If you will, having your throat cut whilst still concious . You are fully aware of what has happened, your will to survive is kicking in, you are trying to breathe, but your oesophagus has been ripped out. Now imagine the fear you are feeling, the pain, the panic, the slow death as you watch your life blood draining away. That's ritual slaughter. Just imagine. Meet your Meat....,824858bb63f0a29703e9/Meet-your-Meat-the-Barbarity-of-Halal-Slaugter-flv.html

Does that lamb chop taste quite as nice now you know? How much mint sauce and gravy does it take to take away the taste of abuse?. The ritually slaughtered animals fear will always leave a nasty,sour taste in your mouth.  

So, who, in this wonderfully enriched, totally tolerant country of ours  would we all expect to champion the cause of  humane slaughter of the animals that we eat? The RSPCA? WAFR? Our GOVERNMENT? You would expect so, wouldn't you? Would it surprise you if I told you they couldn't give a stuff? 

A friend and fellow animal lover recently sent an email to his parliamentary representative Hazel Blears, the tax dodging, house flipping criminal, who represents Salford. His email asked a variety of questions concerning the welfare of animals that were set for slaughter. In her typical communist,common purpose, politically correct way, the right dishonourable Muss Blears sidestepped the questions and diverted everything to an equally potty and subservient drone that was as totally uncaring as the rest of our political 'elite'.

In summary, our 'guvnors' need a sharp lesson in what us animal lovers want. A change in the law regarding the religious abuse of animals intended for food. 

Brothers Jailed Over Killing.‏

Salford Two Brothers Who Murdered On New Year

By RWB crime correspondent.

A teenager and his elder brother have been jailed for killing a care worker in a New Year knife attack.
Adam Steele, described in court as a ‘thoroughly decent young man’, was murdered by Direece Roche in a row following a New Year’s Eve party in Salford.
Direece, who pleaded guilty to murder earlier this year, was just 16 when he stabbed Mr Steele, who cared for the elderly at Pendleton Court, Salford.
His brother Owen Roche had started the violence that led to the killing.
The 22-year-old was found guilty of manslaughter at a trial earlier this year, on the basis that he knew his brother had a blade and might harm someone with it.
A manhunt traced the two thugs – who were both facing charges for attacking their girlfriends at the time of the killing – to a house in Stockport in January 12.
Found hiding in a cupboard, Owen told officers: “You’ve just arrested the most wanted man in Manchester – you’ve just earned yourself some brownie points.”
RWB contacted Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty for a response. " Brownie points? It's disgusting that this filth can diminish a man's life by bigging himself up to the police, and calling himself the 'most wanted man in Manchester " said Mr Tumulty. " People like Direece Roche are nothing but vermin, and deserve no sympathy or compassion. To carry and use a knife is one of the most heinous crimes, and should carry a much stiffer penalty. The law in this country is a joke. "
" Mr Steele had his life taken away by two thugs, who will most likely end up in a cushy prison cell with all the luxuries and mod cons that most law abiding citizens can't afford, whilst Adam's family have been given a life sentence of grief. I believe in an 'Eye for an Eye' continued Mr Tumulty.
"It's about time this soft, do gooding liberal rubish that passes for a government changed the law, and started treating the scum that carry knives with the contempt they deserve" concluded Mr Tumulty.
RWB can't argue with that, and challenge the government to re-address the way they convict violent murderers. It's about time the noose was reintroduced as a deterrent for these scumbags.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Salford Superhero Doing Job Of Police.

Salford Super Hero Night Warrior

19 Year old Roger Hayhurst Knight Warrior, dressed up in blue and black lycra suit, Acting as Salford Superhero patrols the streets at the night looking to prevent trouble and protect the public.

Roger has been doing this for at least 10 months, dressed up and carrying nothing other than a mobile phone and torch looking to prevent crimes and anti social behaviour. This in no joke, RWB Correspondent’s have obtained photographs of him in action.

Greater Manchester Police are also well aware Roger the Night Warrior is out almost every night in action, they also look around for him and make sure he is safe, and carrying his mobile, just incase he bumps into trouble

Roger the Knight Warrior says “Most people just laugh when they see me coming and it normally defuses any situations, but when things are a big hairy I do use my mobile to ring the police”

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “There’s not really much you can say, other than you couldn’t make it up”

You can see Knight Warriors web site at  Salford Super Hero Click Here