Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

The British Flag

Red White and Blue Salford admin team you like to wish all followers, subscribers and supporters of our site, a very happy new year.

2012 will bring you even more Salford Nationalist news, and not the left wing rubbish churned out by the Marxist media out lets 

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Salford’s Second Class

Salford Rag Of A Paper 

After recent exposure of Salford Council, giving fuel top ups hand outs to asylum seekers, £120 Gas and £90 Electric was handed out as a continuing all year round payment, extra contingencies were put in place for the asylum seekers to see they were warm and comfortable over Christmas period. 

Salax Homes Salford Council social housing landlords, have been forced to now go and visit over 100 council tenants and give each resident a pack containing items to keep warm over the winter period, Also in the pack were tips on how to keep warm and keep healthy and advice on what to do if things go wrong, a 24 hour around the clock advice line has also been set up. 

Local rag Salford Advertiser have reported this in this weeks paper, and fail to mention it was the British National Party, who brought this controversial issue up, and a credit should go to the party, but insist the council did it out of the goodness of there own back

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty says “over 100 tenants isn’t even 10% of Salax Homes social housing portfolio, its simply not good enough thousands of tenants especially the elderly are choosing to eat or heat this winter, lets not forget here this is not a cash hand out, its items to keep warm, its cop out attitude,  

“The British National Party are committed to Salfordians, The British and our country, and we ensure we come first before any asylum seeker"

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Salford BNP Touch’s A Nerve

Click To Enlarge

Salford British National Party response to Barbara Spicer Cheif Executive Salford Council letter, See we are transparent unlike the council 

Barbara Spicer
Chief Executive
Salford City Council
Town Hall
Chorley Road
M27 5FJ

Dear Mrs Spicer

Thank you for your letter dated 14/12/11 ref BS/MMH, I would just like to respond and pick you up on two separate matters of my own, 

1, The video on you tube, you have requested me to remove will remain in place, as it is a matter of public interest, although I am a fair man, and we can come to some reasonable agreement on the removal of the video, I would advise Salford Council to immediately stop the funding of British tax payers money in regards to fuel handouts to asylum seekers, and publicly announce this fact, then we can talk about the video being took off you tube, but if not then the video will remain in place. 

Salford Council’s attitude towards the British People is absolutely disgraceful, to suggest our own OAP’s who fought in wars for this country, have to fend for themselves in the winter, whilst an asylum seeker who has paid nothing into the country gets looked after and gets free fuel hand outs at the expense of the British tax payers, which we demand an apology and a plea for the same deal. 

2, The second point I would like to draw to your attention is Salford Council’s social network, facebook. The first point I will make is what a total waste of tax payers money it is, three members of staff are paid totalling just under 96 thousand pounds to play around and run the site. 

Clare Hunter and the other staff in her team, do not do a good enough job in running the social networks, firstly Salford Council is listed as a ‘local business’ despite Salford Council claiming it is a ‘statutory body’. Secondly comments and questions are very rarely answered and thirdly the social networks are not being run fairly, you only seem to promote the Labour Party which is unfair to other opposition party’s such as Salford elected member of the European parliament Nick Griffin, 

The last point on Social networks I will make is as a Salford Tax payer and your employer, remember you work for the public. I have every right to place comments on ‘public owned’ Salford Council facebook wall, as for the councils social media rules and guidelines, I have no contract with the council and since your own staff can not adhere by its own ruling on the political postings because of all the labour propaganda, you really have no rights to tell me what to post and I hold my human rights to a freedom of expression and speech.

If Salford Council choose to ban me from the social network sites, I would expect a full reimbursement on my council tax, along with all other British National Party members and supporters as you are denying us our freedom of speech, and this service of social networks of what you offer, We will not be expected to foot the bill for some thing we don’t get.

I hope this clarifies every thing for you Barbara, and take on board and answer what I say

1, Stop funding asylum seekers
2, Reform or remove social media sites
3, Give us fair play / coverage on the facebook / twitter sites

Thank you for your time

Gary Tumulty
Salford Leader
British National Party
PO Box 16
M6 7PT 

Facebook Fool

How Do You Work Facebook Please Any One?

Salford Council employ a team of three staff at the civic centre at the tune of 94 thousand pounds to the tax payer, to moderate social media network sites such as facebook and twitter

On facebook Salford Council is describes it self as a ‘local business’ and a ‘company’ despite a freedom of information request, claiming the council is a statutory body. 

So this leaves two questions. We will be asking the local council. 

1. On social networks Salford Council refers to its self as a ‘local business’ and a ‘company’ what type of company / local business are they running?

2. Is this a common mistake by the council incompetent and over paid IT Social network specialists, and if so what action will be taken?

RWB Correspondents spoke to Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “Three people run these so called facebook and twitter sites, they  are so called IT professionals or I would like to think they are, after all they are paid a lot of cash to do this job, 

Personally I would not pay a single person to play on social network sites all day at the expense of the tax payer,

The British National Party would remove such quango departments, who take vast amounts of time and tax payers money, and restore the money spent on them ventures, back to the front line services that really need it” Gary concluded 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Heat Or Eat

New Leaflet
Side 1 
Side 2

New Leaflet Heat Or Eat, soon to hitting your door step

Follow up leaflet from Salford British National Party lasting expose job on Salford City Council on the gas and electric hand outs, Council caught out again 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

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 Campaign for justice for tragic grooming 
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 Protect the Poppy victory

 The global economic crisis simplified

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Nick Griffin MEP, Northwest and British National Party Chairman

To all the subscribers to this site, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Salford British National Party and Northwest MEP and Party Chairman Nick Griffin deliver there Christmas message.


Long Live the Salfordians and the British National Party 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Asylum Seekers Get Fuel Hand Out. British OAP Freeze!

Gary Tumulty, British National Party Salford Organiser Halton House

British National Party, Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, who recently exposed the Labour run Salford Council, on giving gas and electric hand outs, over the Christmas and New Year period, took the time to go along and see the real victims who will suffer this winter.

British pensioners will be sitting in their sleeping bags this year, and unable to put the heating on due the high prices, and the scenario of  ’heat or eat’ crisis,  whilst asylum seekers who have paid nothing in to society lap it up in fully heated and powered houses at the expense of the British tax payer.

It is estimated that seven million house holders will suffer in the heat or eat scandal revealed by the British National Party

Heat Or Eat???? 

Gary adds “as you can all see in the video, The reality is, our people, and pensioners have been left on the scrap heap, and told to fend for our self’s, The Government is quite happy to invite more asylum seekers in, and we are picking up the bills, and in Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech words, we must be mad, literally mad,

Its time to take our country back, for the traitors who do such a bad job in running our country. Our people come first in our country”

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Postal Vote

Click And Print, 

The British National Party, In Salford and Nationwide are advising voters to take a postal vote, lets weigh up the benefits

1, You get to vote from the comfort of your arm chair.
2, You can pass your postal vote sealed to the candidate to ensure the council do receive it.
3, No need to rush home from work, to vote

It makes sense click and print off the above form, fill in the details, register, hand it to your local BNP candidate, or send to your local council;

Salford Postal Votes Registration forms can be sent to;

Gary Tumulty, Salford Leader
British National Party, Salford Branch
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

Having problems printing, send your email your contact details to and we will send you a form straight away. 

We would recommend to send your filled out forms directly to us here at the British National Party, to ensure fair play, and no underhand tactics

Other than that send it directly to Salford Council, Remember its Labour run, so ill leave it to your imagination as to happens at their offices

Mark it for the attention of the Elections Officer

Salford City Council
Civic Centre  
Chorley Road
M27 5DA

Contact; 0161 793 3195

The Race Card, In Salford

Off His Blog, A Drunken Rant? John Merry Salford Council Labour Leader

When all else fails, the smear’s, the lies and the threats, your only option is to pull the race card or so the Salford Labour Party, and Council Leader John Merry thinks

This week Salford British National Party Leader Gary Tumulty, throws a spanner in the works by exposing the council fuel pre payment hand outs to asylum seekers, It was revealed how for the 3 week duration of Christmas and New Year, Salford tax payers would have to fork out £120 Gas, £90 electric for the asylum seekers, whilst we all struggle to pay our own bills and the OAP’s freeze to death

Now lets all remember the word Racist is a word created in 1930 by extreme left wing USSR communist Leon Trotsky used to strike fear in to people who apposed to immigration or any forms of nationalism. John Merry Labour is now trying use the word to discredit Salford British National Party expose story  of the asylum seekers and free hand outs.

RWB correspondents cant work out if John is being serious or is it another drunken slur. Speaking from Salford British National Party, Gary Tumulty says “John, come on really, is that the best you have got?

“Let me just remind you, it is not the British National Party who discriminating to our own people who rightfully deserve that fuel hand out,  It is the Labour Party who have caused the racial divide, in our country, be inviting and starting the trend of asylum seekers / immigration, and colonising area’s such as Moss Side, Cheathamhill, Oldham and Rochdale.

It is also the labour party who have invaded and killed innocent Muslim men, women and children in illegal wars, John that’s racist, before commenting I suggest you look closer to home”

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Simon Darby At Salford BNP Meeting

Salford British National Party

National Press Officer and Party spokes man, Simon Darby, speaking at the Salford Branch of the British National Party meeting, tells the crowd of his experience with the equality and human rights commissions, how they attempted to jail him and close the party down, at what ever cost to the British tax payer. Simon states “We are still here, and very much alive and kicking. The British National Party is here to stay, we are going no where”

Simon Darby & Gary Tumulty British National Party

Simon continued to tell us about some of his pleasurable moments he has had tackling the ultra left wing marxist media, One of Simons favourable movements was the Question Time where the Chairman Nick Griffin MEP told Labour Jack Straw “your father was tossed in jail for collaborating with the Nazi’s in the war, mine was fighting for the British”

The evening ended with local Organiser Gary Tumulty explaining just exactly how he had exposed Labours controlled Salford City Council, for keeping the so called no working Asylum seekers warm and comfortable, by giving free utility fuel top ups out this Christmas and new year despite all the British OAP, some of whom fought in the world wars for this country, who will again freeze this winter. “The left wing and labour party, have done their best to try and discredit the information we have uncovered and exposed, by doctoring the figure’s, and saying I am raising racial tension , The true figures ladies and gentlemen are £120 gas and £90 electric”

Gary will add “In response to labours threat of the Police coming to arrest me, if I don’t remove the video, The video will remain in place, until you remove all British tax payers funding of asylum seekers, and use the money on the British OAP’s”.

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser - The MYTH's On The Asylum Seeker Letter. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Salford Council Exposed Over Asylum Seekers Gas / Electric Benefits

Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, Unimpressed 
Salford Council Exposed, Letter Fell In Wrong Hands 110% True

Anonymous source sends Salford British National Party, a letter from the local council with details of payment of fuel expenses due to handed out to asylum seekers over the Christmas and new year period, despite far left groups and blogs claiming the letter was a fake.

The letter what was found in a near by local hospital on the floor out lines how a £120 of gas and £90 of electric fuel top up for pre payment meters will be handed out to see the asylum seekers warm and well over the cold season, despite our own OAP’s who will be again freezing to death, this winter.

A British National Party undercover investigation headed by Gary Tumulty Organiser, lead to the council being exposed, a conversation between Salford Council and Gary can be heard, and the common purpose council staff try to justify how its right, and how hard up the asylum seekers are. Salford Council say they will not help Salford OAP’s, as they already get benefits and fuel allowances,

It is unsure just how many are qualifying for this asylum seeker fuel top up scheme, Salford Council staff refused to give figures out, a freedom of information request has been submitted to obtain the figures 

The council would not take responsibility for the hand outs, and steered the blame to the central government. A 2009/10 figure obtained by the freedom of information, show how the Salford tax payer funded asylum seeks to the tune of £137, 315.20, with hand out from rent, utility bills and fully furnished houses. 

Gary Tumulty Organiser speaking to RWB correspondents says “This is not just a problem in Salford, this is happening nation wide, I knew this happened but never really had 100% fact or evidence, that letter was found in such a strange place and in the council’s eyes, landed in the wrong hands, we have it now in black and white, its appalling how the government and councils treat our own people in our own land, its time for change”

“The British National Party are committed to the indigenous people of this country, and will never rest until we remove and hold accountable every traitor, who has sold this country down the river”

Gary speaking to one of his OAP constituent on his ward told him, how she struggles to keep her house warm in the winter it can cost her up to £5 a day on gas and £15 a week on electric, which adds up to a considerable amount when you have no money. 

Watch The BNP Undercover Team At Work 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Salford Labour Tweeting Mad.

Labour Tweeter With Labour Leader.

RWB Reported this week how John Merry, Special Salford Council Labour Leader, attacks the freedom of speech by setting his solicitors on to British National Party Salford Leader Gary Tumulty, for the crime of daring to speak out against him.

Amongst the alleged crime was defamatory material published on our site, and slander due to some of the comments which were made, even though they are true.

It seems the Salford Labour Members are making some defamatory and slanderous comments of their own, On the twitter social networking site, we have Gena Merrett, Labour Candidate for 2012 Swinton South ward, has been claming Salford BNP Members have made threats to go round to her house and smash her window’s

Tweeting Mad Labour

Amongst other things Gena claim’s the Salford BNP organisers windows have never been smashed, but others have been done because of apparent emotional lies and violence,  Gena what lies and violence?

Is That So?

The British National Party is a peaceful and law abiding party, let me remind you, it was your Labour Treasurer Alex Halligan who was arrested for the violence and window smashing, along with warning’s of stalking BNP members. Is this the behaviour of the official’s in the Labour Party

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty who said “Against the labour party do not learn there lesson, this is what they are good at, spreading malicious lies and hatred towards a totally legal party, its labour who smash window’s not the BNP. It goes to show you how much of a little bubble they are in”

RWB attempted to ask Special John Merry Labour Leader for his comments but he declined to talk to us. 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Manchester North Meeting

Eddy O'Sullivan Manchester BNP Meeting.

RWB Special Manchester Report. 

After members and official’s pay respect to the fallen hero’s from the past and present conflicts and world wars, The Manchester British National Party hold their monthly meeting Reports Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser

Chaired by new appointed Manchester Deputy Organiser Eddy O’Sullivan, explains to the membership how, we have now secured the venue for a regular monthly meeting, and how he would he would be holding the fort until the return of Derek Adams, Organiser.

Guest speaker for the evening was long time member Duncan Warner, who spoke of the British Heritage and how it fits in with the British National Party policy. Amongst the many subjects spoke about, Duncan went on to discuss the British Industrial Revolution what helped to form the world as it is today, 

A considerable amount was raised in the collection and will be used for leaflets, and up and coming events from the Manchester Branch. Eddy O’Sullivan tells correspondents “It is always a great pleasure to attend British National Party meetings, and see such enthusiastic members, with such strong views, it is highly important we all stick together and fight the left wing party’s in power today, because with out us, there is nothing left

“I would like to thank all the members who turned up, and donated to the Manchester Branch tonight”

Another meeting is scheduled for January just after Christmas and any member in Manchester who want to come along should send an email to or contact 07909674006 and we can provide details of the next meeting, 

Next monthly meeting agenda will be discussions on candidate’s for 2012 by elections, which I am pleased to announce members have already put their hand up to be counted, but to stand a firm chance of getting elected we need more names to come forward.  Its your time to stand up for your community, fellow British Person and party come to the next meeting and lets get involved. 

Lest We Forget

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty & Eddy O'Sullivan Salford Cenotaph

BNP Wreath Being Laid Swinton Cenotaph

You the ultimate sacrifice you made in the past and present you will never be forgotten, 

RIP British National Party Salford Branch

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Labour Leader John Merry Attacks Freedom Of Speech

Laugh A Minute Page 1 
Page 2 
The Final Page

By RWB Chief Editor

A very special Labour Leader John Merry, Salford Council seems to be more than a little upset over being exposed as a mere nothing other than a thug in a cheap suit out fit formally known as the Labour Paedo Party.

Back on the 9th September 2011 the Red White and Blue news report team ran an article about the Labour Party being involved with a militant political terrorist IRA supporting group, known as Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance (MAFA) Click to view

As reported M.A.F.A had waged an all out violent war against the British National Party, and any form of Nationalist Movement is the Greater Manchester area, The Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty ranking number one on the MAFA hit list, saw scores of threatening phone calls, Violent encounters, Window’s being smashed numerous times, Stalking and forms of harassment, Miss carriage of a girl friends baby and even losing his job. One Labour member Alex Halligan who happens to be the treasurer and party official for the Broughton Ward, under John Merry was exposed and named and shamed on this very site as one of the main men participating in such actions

A very unhappy John Merry, Salford Labour Leader has instructed his solicitor Frances Randle of Steel and Shamash to take action against Gary Tumulty for exercising his freedom of speech and expression of the misery of what he has suffered at the hands of the Labour thugs. 

On passing the letter over to the Red White and Blue team, we would like to first point out, This site is not Gary Tumulty’s and he doesn’t have a say or control of what content goes on here, The second point we will make is, This site is not a British National Party blog, and doesn’t reflect on their policy, although we do openly support it. The third point we will make clear is, Every thing on this site, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing put the truth,

John the facts and truth is;

You are a liar, 
You are poison and a nasty old man
You are a Drunk 
You haven’t got a clue what is happening around you
You do have thugs from MAFA working for you

The Red White and Blue Salford team will not apologise for reporting the truth and the article you and your solicitors have requested to be removed will indeed remain in place, for all our supporters and subscribers to see, we on the other hand think you and the Labour Party should apologise publicly to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser for all what your members and treasurer have done to him over the past couple of months.

John you have stated in the past Greater Manchester Police had no evidence to prove who has done all this to Gary Tumulty of Salford British National Party, Gary indeed did personally see and give chase to Halligan and the three other goons you sent to smash his window, the loop holes in the legal system allowed Halligan to avoid charge, and it wouldn’t surprise us if you had a say in that as well.

The RWB Chief editor says “John you should be more worried what your members are up to, your party is full of thugs, paedo’s and child molester’s, how is Peter Tuffley these days, do you still keep in contact? This comes as labour25 list of convicted mp’s and councillors continues to grow”

John Merry Labour Leader Salford Council likes to give it out but finds it difficult to take back. John your embarrassment is mere nothing to the embarrassment you are to your party and your constituency you are supposed to serve on. The ONLY option left for you John is to resign with immediate effect

A council insider who was brave enough to speak to the RWB news team tells us “Mr Merry is a laughing stock down at the civic centre campus, many entertaining days are spent just watching him. If he doesn’t like you he will go to any extents to shut you up. The letter you have shown me does not surprise me one bit. When the tough gets going, John gets gone. There are many different incidents John has been involved with, one that shocked me the most is the time he was alleged to have been involved in a curb crawling incident in the city centre and I suggest that your team looks in to it”

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dont Let Muslims Take Over.... Protect Your Poppy

Burn Our Poppy, We Burn Your Quran!

Nick Griffin’s MEP office has released the latest part of the snowballing Protect the Poppy campaign. The drive to stop a repeat of last year’s Muslim poppy burning outrage outside the Royal Albert Hall moves up another gear today as banners for the demonstration go into production. 

“Protect the Poppy – Standing for those who fell for us” is the message on the top-quality banners that will be carried by protesters at the non-party political vigil and demonstration on 10th/11th November. 
A slight hiccough in the campaign organisation earlier today has been rapidly overcome. Despite buying a domain name for a stand-alone website for the campaign yesterday, we found out today that an ‘error’ at the domain provider had led to our registration failing and that domain being bought up by someone else and pointed to the websites of groups backed by the far-left. 
Fortunately, the problem was quickly spotted and overcome. “The revised leaflets now back on this site are therefore ‘good to go’,” says Adam Walker, who is helping to co-ordinate the growing campaign in his capacity as a member of Mr. Griffin’s European office staff. “We’re set to see large numbers given out tomorrow all over the country and especially in London.”
“Our campaign is clearly touching a chord with loads of people. Activists and ex-servicemen from all over the country are telling us they’re coming. I think it’s a mixture of the novelty of our approach and a rising sense of righteous anger among the British people. Between them, the Muslim fanatics and the Powers That Be have been kicking sand in our faces for too long. Now it’s fight back time!”

Salford BNP On Democracy

Labour Leader Ranting, Salford Advertiser

Salford British National Party response to Labour Leader letter in local paper Salford Advertiser

The British National Party are about fairness to our own people, and democracy in our country. Last weeks Salford Advertiser dated Thursday November 3rd 2011 features a column about John Merry, Labour Council Leader claiming the British National Party was in favour of the Mayor Referendum, This position is absolutely correct, as the third main party in Salford we will forever be committed to democracy for the Salfordian’s.

Mr Merry continues to say the British National Party are about to waste £200,000 for the referendum, This is simply not true, We as a party have never wasted, or in fact even, spent one single penny of tax payers money. Labour are the ones in power and indeed wasting the cash, and have been doing for many years.

John Merry Expense claims for last year was £38,265, well over his basic allowance of £10,080, he claimed £28,155 on ‘special allowance’s’ What are the special allowance’s John? The Labour controlled Salford Council have wasted fortunes of tax payers money on such ventures as, Free food festivals, Ice Rinks, Biscuit funds and the general lining of their own greedy MP’s and councillors pockets in bogus expense claims, like the £300,056 of special allowance’s claimed by Salford Councillor’s last year.

A Salford Labour controlled council is a very costly one with one of the highest council tax rate in the Greater Manchester area, The British National Party would reduce Salford Council Tax rate to a minimum with out cutting services, The Salford Riots is a result of Labours cost cutting, rate increasing and pushing more Salfordian’s into poverty, not to mention the slash they made in Greater Manchester Police Services

The petition for the mayor referendum saw over 7% of the public sign and was handed in at Salford Civic centre back in July 2011, Give Salfordian’s their say, SET A DATE.

Gary Tumulty.
British National Party Salford Leader
PO Box 16
M6 7PT.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hazel Blears On EU... You Decide

Click to go larger

Above is a letter from Hazel Blears MP on the EU referendum, Leave comment in below box about what you think

The British National Party will withdrawer its membership of the EU with immediate effect, we simply can not afford to be there.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Riots Who's To Blame?

Riot Police In Salford

The best Education, Healthcare, Social Housing and Benefits system in the world. And Multi-cultural Britain riots. Ministry Of Justice figures have revealed over a quarter of arrests for disorder and robbery have been found to be Jamaicans closely followed by Somali and Polish.
Over 44 different foreign nationalists are believed to be involved with the riots, which swept the towns of Britain back in August 2011. The worst hit being London, Salford, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Taking the bill into Millions of pounds in damages, stolen goods, and police gaining control of the streets.

One in seven rioters are reported to be born abroad, amongst the lists are Cuban, Afgan, Ethiopians, Somalia's, Columbians, Iraqis, Congolese, Vietnamese, and Zimbabweans.

Gary Tumulty, Salford Organiser says, "The multicultural experiment of the country has failed. Britain is not a one stop shop, Free for all!! The figures are out there, let this be a warning. I personally never want to see such sights as what i saw back in august ever again."

 "The British National Party calls for the instant deportation of any foreign nationalist who think they can come and break the law in our country"

Friday, 21 October 2011

Lib Dems Pushed 4th In Eccles By Election

Salford British National Party Elections Team

British National Party Pregnant candidate Kay Pollitt earned a very respectable third position pushing the Lib Dem’s in to fourth in the Eccles By Election 20Th October 2011,

Activist from Colwyn Bay, Liverpool, Manchester and Cumbria came over to help out on the day of election,  One of Salford’s anonymous business men donated a £100 to keep the Truth Truck fuelled up for the day.

Kay Pollitt Eccles Candidate says “Thank you to all the Voters who voted for me, Thank you to the activists and my agent / organiser Gary who ran the election”

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “People are still voting labour for some reason, you could put a tea pot up in labours name and that would get elected under their banner
“It seems labour have done a lot of work getting people to vote by post, So we need to take a leaf out of their book, a lot of soft support is witnessed time and time again, thumbs up is around 6 to 1 in Salford, the problem is getting them in to the polling stations, the way round this is to encourage them sort of supporters to take a postal vote, it’s a done deal and a block of votes to us

“I am very happy with tonight’s result’s the lib dems used to have a councillor in this ward, so to come behind us, is a massive result, In Salford now the British National Party is the third main party.” Gary concluded

The Results

Labour 1227
Conservative 701
British National Party 147
Lib Dem 125
Independent 53

Turn out 25.1%
British National Party took 6.52% votes

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Eccles Vote Kay Pollitt

Thursday 20th October Polling Day Eccles Vote British National Party Vote Kay Pollitt

Sample Copy Of  The Ballet Paper 

Remember, YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR POLLING CARD OR NUMBER TO VOTE, so if you have lost them dont worry just go to your polling station, and the will sort it out.

Also, Forgot to return your postal vote? No problem just drop it at any polling station or the civic centre in Swinton before 10PM

All polling stations are listed below, and are open from 7AM till 10PM

Eccles Masonic Hall, Half Edge Lane, Eccles
Monton Methodist Church, Park Road, Eccles
Wentworth High School, Wentworth Road, Eccles
Cornerstone Calvary Chapel, 1 Old Wellington Road, Eccles 
Unitarian Church Hall, Monton Green, Eccles
Superintendents Room, College Croft Flats. Eccles

Do Your Bit For Thursday's Eccles By-Election

BNP Candidate Kay Pollitt In Eccles

Help is needed for the British National Party’s Eccles by-election campaign this week before polling day on Thursday. At the weekend activists from Salford, Liverpool and Bolton all came to do their bit for the cause. 
The pregnant candidate, Kay Pollitt, is still going door to door to take the opportunity to speak to constituents.
One elderly gentleman, a World War II veteran who flew a spitfire, told Kay he didn’t recognise his estate anymore and feels really let down by Labour. He went on to tell Kay he has voted via postal vote for the British National Party for the very first time in his life and thanked Kay for standing up and giving him the chance to vote for us.
Kay said: “It was a very good weekend all round, and I would like to thank all those who travelled a long distance to take the time to help me out in this election.”
Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty said: “All this week we will be very active in the ward, and all help is welcomed.” 
To help Salford British National Party in this election, contact Gary on 07909 674 006 or
Polling day is this Thursday 20th October.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Salford BNP September Meeting

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty

A very productive meeting was held in Salford by a small amount of activists and long standing members, Organiser Gary Tumulty spoke about new policies, he would like the Party to put before the members at the annual conference.

Amongst all the new motions were idea’s about child benefits, the deportation of foreign dependants, free education for British Students, and the immediate imprisonment of any body defacing or vandalising of British War Memorials

New idea’s were also discussed to activists for the Eccles By Election Candidate Kay Pollitt, we must concentrate on the people who are actually voting, and this information has been gathered by requesting copies of the marked registers from the ward.

Surprisingly enough the meeting seemed to draw attention from the other room where the locals were drinking, one asked to join up handing his details to us and some locals bought the party’s paper the Voice of Freedom along with making a donation.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser explains “This sort of meeting is democracy at work, lots of new refreshing idea’s came out from member’s and activists. Its not the same when you have a speaker in, you are only preaching to the converted, This lets every member get activily involved with how the party runs and which direction we should be moving”
Sold at meeting was Party merchandise from Excalibur and Voice of freedom papers, and considerable amount of donations was collected, all the cash raised will go towards the cost of leaflets in the Eccles By Election.

Get involved with the Salford, Eccles By Election, Help Kay, Gary and the Salford team, contact or ring 07909 674 006. We are also still in need of more donations please post cheque’s and postal orders to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT, letters of support are welcomed we will post them up on our blog at  It is important to keep nationalist from around the country in touch with each other.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Salford Hold North West Regional Council Meeting

BNP North West Regional Council Meet In Salford

Chairing a well attended British National Party North West Regional council meeting Mike Whitby, Regional Organiser announces new appointments of new organisers in the district,

Wigan / Leigh, Organiser’s Dennis Shambley & Steve Bradley
Manchester North, Deputy Organiser Eddy O’Sullivan
Rochdale, Orgnaiser David O’Loughlin
Blackburn, Organiser Nancy Shaw-Farmer
Blackburn, Secretary David Bradley
Blackburn, Treasure Darren Jeal
North West Treasure of two months, Jen Mathys

All the new appointed officials are only to happy to come and join the North West winning team, Clive Jefferson Deputy North West Organiser told the meeting “The North West is the heart of the British National Party, but its time to get back to basics now, lets get on with the job in hand”

Two local by elections have been called one in Salford, Eccles ward and one in the Barnsley, all activist must get behind their branch, get together and lets all help each other out in the quest to start winning more elections.

The meeting had many different discussions from all organisers in the North West, talks of new election tactics, uniting members / activists and having lots more smaller pro active meetings, It was discussed that members should also attended this Thursdays protest in Liverpool out side the BBC before the Question Time is aired,

Mike Whitby North West Regional Organiser also explained to the officials we must never listen to malicious gossip about our members and chairman, Its vital that we ignore the lies, told by others, This is done in an attempt to destroy our party, but we will never allow this to happen.

“Panorama is due to be screen on the BBC, The British National Party has already took steps to fight back against the outrageous lies told by the BBC and a video explaining what the Panorama crew where up to and how they had the camera’s turned on them, for a taste of there own medicine. Available to view on the BNPTV and main site” Mike added

All North West members are now all available to attended councillor training sessions organised by the party, for any body interested in becoming a councillor. Any body wishing to attend the short course can get in touch with their Regional Organiser who will provide dates and details.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eccles By Election BNP Candidate

Eccles Candidate Kay Pollitt BNP 

Salford British National Party, are pleased to announce their candidate Kay Pollitt, for the Eccles By Election Thursday 20th October 2011, called after the sudden death of Labour’s John Cullen,

After candidate selection Kay was only to happy to put her name forward for the first time and stand in the Eccles ward,

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party says “Eccles is a great ward, the British National Party have never contested this ward, every time we have visited Eccles Precinct, there has been scores of support directed to us, We have a first time candidate, and a first time ward times are exciting and changing,

Kay Pollitt Eccles British National Party Candidate says “I joined the British National Party some time ago now, on the sole purpose of getting actively involved and standing for the party, Our country, our children and our people are the most important thing, we can not bow down to the traitor in power, if they get their way unchallenged they will delete the British people out of our country, and we will become the minority”

Any body wishing to get involved contact Salford British National Party on 07909 674 006

Donations can be sent to

PO Box 16
M6 7PT


BNP 2011 Conference

BNP Official Conference 2011 - Northwest. 

This year's British National Party Annual Conference is going to be very different!
The event will take place on the weekend of 29th-30th October at a venue in the North West, details of which will be disclosed closer to the time.
As usual we will be voting on new motions, but this will be a much shorter part of the weekend than in previous years. In the past we’ve had a lot to talk about at our conferences – now it’s time for action.
The conference is open to all members. Those wishing to bring a guest must request a guest ticket when booking – a limited number of guest tickets will be available this year for the first time. Only members of 2 years+ can vote on motions.
This year’s conference tickets are expected to sell out early, so book your place now. 
Full price list for tickets are listed at the bottom of this email.
Call Alwyn Deacon on 0844 809 4581 or email him


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Salford BNP Video's

BNPTV & Salford

Red White And Blue Salford opens new part of the site to show you video's filmed in Salford by the dedicated hard working TV crew of the British National Party, 

In the archive to view is, Iraqi Elections held in Salford, General Election Video's, General Meetings held at Salford BNP, Irlam bomb blast, Most recent Salford Riots and much more

Most video's feature British National Party Chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP and the work he does around Salford, what the press are scared to show you.

Click this link or the bar above to be directed to the new part of the site,

A question asked the most, What do the BNP do in Salford? well here are the answers, just see for your self., ITN, BBC and rags like the Manchester Evening News, Salford Advertiser wont tell tell you, but we WILL

Salford Education Suffers At The Hands Of Immigrants

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side A Salford School

A baby boom amongst the immigration population of Salford has took it’s toll on the Salford education system extra help bussed in and old class rooms are re-opened.

Salford primary schools numbers have shot right up, since a whole new wave of immigrants who have been invited to come and stay and live in Salford.

Its been reported that Salford council chiefs are so worried, that an extra 750 places have now been created within the primary schools, along with extra hands brought in to help out with this awful mess, what Labour have brought in.

It  is estimated this will cost the Salford tax payer an extra £630,000 to provide the education for the mass immigrant flux what has hit Salford, coming from eastern Europe, the figure is only estimated and could rise up even further.

It is said some schools are converting areas such as IT suites back into teaching spaces, while others are building temporary classrooms, along with  drafting in extra teachers to deal with the education crisis

A Salford Council report says “However, this may be unavoidable. Unfortunately, it is not predictable how many families will choose to live in Salford or relocate within Salford.”

The independent 21st Century Learning Commission said there would be a 1,400 shortfall by 2016, equivalent to three large primary schools. In total, 24 schools have provided an extra 623 reception places and 131 in Year One and Year Two

Salford British National Party Organiser tells our correspondents “This is unbelievable, Only last month we had Salford Labour, and council leader John Merry, saying what a great joy it was to invite over 4000 new comers to Salford and what benefits they bring,

“It comes to show Labour has lost the plot, what benefits are they bringing? Immigration Is costly, and we simply can not afford it. Its out of control,

“We have boarder controls what are not working, It getting like a third world now in Salford, we have to revise it now, before the we see the destruction of our city and great nation,

“In this case, it’s the British Children who are suffering, lets concentrate on educating our own before the rest of the world, Our children the British are worth investing in, they are our future”

“When I stand in my ward Irwell Riverside I will be challenging any of the Labour Party to a hustings, they have answers that they need to be held accountable for” Gary concluded