Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Illegal Immigrant Rise At Salford Reporting Centre.

Dallas Court Salford.

Dallas Court, South Langworthy Road, Salford, a reporting centre for the Home Office has seen a surge of illegal immigrants over the past year, despite the coalition Tory / Lib Dem government saying it would curve immigration and crack down on people coming illegally.

The British National Party have previously exposed the UK Border Agency along with Labours Salford City Council for harbouring the 4000 or so quota from last year,  who get all the gas / electric with other assortment of bills paid, along with being given express services to the housing stock, NHS, educational services and other sorts of financial cash benefits handed out each week, whilst refusing to speak English costing the tax payer 8.9 Million pounds a year just to speak the language of every nation at this reporting centre.

Not So Nice Jaws The Secuirty Guard Dallas Court

A freedom of information has been submitted once again by the Salford Branch of the British National Party to discover the true reality that immigration is not working in Salford and more are flocking in under the radar to scam this country to the tune of millions of pounds.

Amongst the figures released it has now been established we have had a jump in volume to previous years, adding to this the news that we are set to receive a surge of unchecked Romanians thus only adding to next year’s total. The people who are illegally of the 5012 who check in every month top countries are as follows.

Pakistan 955
Islamic Republic of Iran 680
Nigeria 545
China 320

Closely followed by Iraq, Libya, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Jamaica and the Congo

The request also reveals how illegals that check in at the reporting centre are entitled to have their transport fully paid for, costing in the region of £8500 a month an estimated £102,000 a year.

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty from his branch in Salford said “this is truly shocking, I often have to pass Dallas Court and I have noticed the queues outside are getting bigger every day. To me it’s not about what’s happening, what’s done is done, it’s about what you intend to do about the problem and that is to get out there get active, posting leaflets, heightening presence in town centres, standing for elections and just letting these people in power who allow this to happen know enough is enough we will not stand by and let you destroy our culture, heritage and most of all our identity”.

Feel like a stranger in your town, do you feel the passion Gary has. Get involved today contact him today by emailing Salford@bnp.org.uk also write directly to him at Acting North West Regional Organiser, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Salford Mayor Doubles Back On Chief Executive Pay

 Laugh In The Face Of Salford

To what amounts to another slap in the face for Salfords hard up residents, Labour party mayor Ian Stewart has announced plans to appoint a " head of paid services" ( council chief executive) on an annual salary of up to £150,489.

This, coming after the announcement that the council plan to cut their budget by at least £25m, and with up to 300 job losses to boot, flies in the face of Stewarts earlier pledge to install a council "manager" on a salary circa £70,000.

Less than 12 months ago, highly paid, but under worked chief executive Barbara Spicer, on an estimated £212,000 salary, was given the push, no doubt for Stewart to put in place one of his sycophants as it was well documented he and Spicer didn't see eye to eye.

What we at RWB Salford would like to know is, how can Stewart, and his "yes" men in chambers, justify a large salary considering such drastic cuts to budget and front line staff?

I would suggest a sinister plot to ensure Stewart remains at the helm, reaping his ill gotten gains through removing any dissident employees, and replacing them with useful idiots is his plan for Salford.

Stewart has no interest in the ordinary people in Salford, his election to mayor has become his own personal gravy train, loaded with all the gold he could ever wish for, and he plans to milk it for all it's worth.

Not even a true Salfordian, he has got himself a nice cosy little number, stealing a living at the expense of the real Salford people.

Well, Mr Mayor, we at RWB Salford have some news for you, we will never rest until we expose the grubby swindler you are, and we fully intend to oust you, and that no good party from Salford for ever.

Would you like us to pass a message to the mayor, write to us at PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Thursday, 9 January 2014

2014 Start As We Mean To Go On In Salford.

BNP 2014

Salford British National Party, committed to the nationalist cause, say we throw our full support behind the 2014 local and EU re-election campaign of the party chairman Nick Griffin MEP.

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, addresses his local team of activists and members not only from his branch in Salford, but to the whole of his region.  

News arrived of party chairman being declared bankrupt and all the media focuses on that one single issue, but really who cares? Thousands of people across the United Kingdom go bankrupt daily, so why is it big news that Nick Griffin hit the rocks of bankruptcy, the true fact it isn’t, there are more pressing issues out there like boys and girls fighting in wars in Afghanistan placing their lives on the front line for us, the British.

Talking of bankruptcy again, the media miss the fact that our own people are being suppressed by the Tory lead government into a dark and deep depression, we have the Department for Work and Pension’s refusing point blank to help the British by suspending, and taking back benefits of all types to meet their weekly quota to get people off benefits no matter what cost, this targets the mass unemployed, single parents, disabled and the OAP’s, leaving hundreds and thousands of people without money and no one to turn to.   

No electric, no gas and no food, and no help from the British Government is the harsh reality whilst we have, asylum seekers who come pay nothing in, and in the words of the authorities of the country say are obliged to look after them.

The answer is, to get out, get active and take the bull by the horns, there are elections coming and the media will focus on the most pathetic and minute things we do, expect it, this is the British National Party, we are different, we don’t sit in line, we speak out, we stand up for what we think is morally right, so join me and many other activists across the region on the front line today.

My question, that needs answering straight away can you.

1, Help post leaflets on your street, so we don’t have to, its one less street to worry about it because you played your part and did it.

2, Spend an hour or so spreading the word of the only nationalist party game in town message in streets or town centres.

3, Go out and collect as many postal votes as you can, this is the key to winning elections as they are 8 times more likely to vote than the ballet station voters.

4, Become an online activist and target your own local groups and like pages.

5, Ring people, ex members / petition signers or supporters ask them to sign up to a postal vote and secure it to the British National Party.

6, Send donations of any amount towards things like petrol to transport activists, leaflets and Nick Griffin North West EU Campaign. Even sending a book of stamps goes a long way.

Gary Says “One of the six you must be able to do, I thank any one in advance, so please do contact me today”.

To contact Gary email Salford@bnp.org.uk  - Donations must be made out to ‘British National Party or British Heritage’ and sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Salford Labour’s Dumbing Down Of Christmas.

Ban Christmas Say Labour
As Christmas finishes and the New Year breaks in, the PO Box at Salford is getting very busy with scores of complaints about the local Labour party.

The latest outrage is how over the Christmas period Labour activists were deployed to deliver a card containing the words ‘season’s greetings’ as opposed to ‘happy Christmas’.

Concerned constituents in Claremont ward of where the leaflet had formulated decided to contact their local councillors a letter stated how they had rang Labours Joe Murphy who said he had no knowledge of the leaflet, but also had no problems with christmas being called seasonal, he did say he would look into the matter as he placed the receiver down.

Another call was made to a Labours laziest councillor Sareda Dirir and was asked why the word Christmas had been struck off the leaflet and replaced with a more dumbed down word, because of fear of upsetting ethnic minorities. Sareda then prattled on saying that she likes Christmas actually, she gets Christmas presents... she likes waking up on Christmas day along with other utter nonsense comments, as she didn’t really understand the question, and failed to answer it with a logical explanation.

Acting North West Regional Organiser from Salford said “Vote Labour, get a ban on Christmas, If your offended by that word or part of year, then good, this is Britain, and we celebrate it, so I suggest you either fit in or……….”.

Have you got something to tell us that you’re not happy with, write to British National Party, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

You can also contact Gary or Salford BNP directly by email Salford@bnp.org.uk.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Greater Manchester Police Commissioner Becomes Activist In Salford By Election

Tony And Swinton South Candidate

Labour’s Tony Lloyd Greater Manchester Police commissioner abuses his power whilst in public office to go out campaigning in a local by election in Salford, Swinton South. 

Lloyd ex Labour MP for Manchester Central, left his position in October 2012 to become Greater Manchester Police top dog, making him the Labour Party's highest-profile commissioner, overseeing one of the largest police services in England and Wales outside of Greater London.

Lloyd who was questioned two months ago by acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, in a live public debate about how his politics would affect the position as police commissioner, stuttered and stumbled on his words as he said “He would not be telling the truth if he said he didn’t come from a Labour background, but the commitments he would give to the chief constable is to say that his politics do not interfere with the day to day running of the police”


Lloyd who is paid £100,000 by the tax payer to conduct his duties at Salford Council Civic Centre PCC office, has decided to take a number of days out of his role and become a prominent campaigner in the latest by election of which the Civic Centre sits smack bag in the middle it. Swinton South.

Across the border in Irwell Riverside, Salford we also note that Labour Councillors like to have their pictures taken with local beat officers in Labour propaganda material, an electoral commission NO NO.
Its official Greater Manchester Police are now Labour Party KGB Communist boot boys, how many of us have been strategically arrested during, or just after elections due to complaints of the hammer and stickle red army.  

The KGB With Labour CLLRS

Gary Tumulty, from Salford said “I don’t know what to make of this, it’s wrong that Tony Lloyd has been abusing his power to get an election result, I like many others, has been arrested because of Labour complaining of silly things, and the question will be asked, should I expect Greater Manchester Police big red key smashing the door in to catch me for exposing him in this report”.

Salford British National Party will issue a warning to Labours Tony Lloyd as we did with the ex-spear head of the PCC and Salford Council Barbara Spicer and that is to Resign Now before it’s to late.

Letters of support send to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT email Gary or Salford at Salford@bnp.org.uk Thank you for your support.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Salford Labour Botch Up Leafleting Sessions

Labour Tear It Up.

As 2014 local and EU elections fast approach, Salford Labour are out targeting the postal voters like clockwork, the Irwell Riverside ward where councillor Stephen Coen head of international relations has been flagged up on many occasions distributing a calendar match with policy to the constituency.

The leaflet has come to attention of local British National Party candidate acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty. Who unlike Stephen lives in the ward and experiences all the local issues first hand. In 2013 the Labour Councillors have been nowhere in sight and it is only recently that they are now getting spotted,

On closer inspection of the Labour leaflet we can look at what they are really saying and then put our policy against it. They claim.

They would reset the energy market so it works for family and businesses, by freezing the energy bills till January 2014, - Gary Says “The energy sector is run by big profiteering private businesses who hack into the national grid and expose the prices, and make them sky high to suit the one benefactor, the shareholders, BNP Policy would be to re nationalise the energy sector so we would be able to fix the prices down and benefit the people who matter, the British!

Who Is The Labour Team, Where Is Moldy?

Labour claim, to introduce a job guarantee for young people out of work for a year, and for every one out of work for two years, Gary Says “Where are these jobs coming from we have a new wave of Romanian EU immigrants entering this country on the hope of getting jobs, Greater Manchester has one of the highest unemployment rates and it is said in Salford 500 people are applying for every one job advertised, BNP policy says British Jobs for British workers, we will give our own people jobs first!

Also Labour say cut taxes for small businesses, Gary says “How many market stalls have shut down, how many pubs have closed how many cafes have shut shop, this is small business, Labour have destroyed Salford and small businesses by selling most of the Land to Peel Holding’s who don’t pay tax and own the Trafford Centre, they have also given land cheap to the likes of Tesco / Asda and Morrisons so small businesses can’t compete BNP say we will back small businesses by giving tax reliefs and stopping big businesses ruling the roost we will create a more free open trade for all local businesses.

Labour leaflet outlines how working parents 25 hours of free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds Gary states current government policy says the torys will give 70% of any childcare for parents wanting to work from any age, we at Salford BNP say we will back British parents who want to return to work and we would offer you free unlimited child care at state nursery’s and schools.

If reading this from the Labour leaflet wasn’t bad enough the icing on the cake comes when they say they would require every large firm hiring a migrant worker from outside the EU to offer an apprenticeship in return Gary says back in this undertone of a policy Labour are not saying who this apprenticeship would be open to a EU worker, another non EU worker or a British person, but don’t you think that’s a bit poor a migrant worker would get a good living salary to live on and the apprenticeship would get at a push national minimum wage or slightly below, well this goes back to our core policy British Jobs for British Workers.

Labour’s last sinister policy says they would axe the bedroom tax Gary's final point outlines it was the Labour Party who gave the tory’s the wacky idea of this bedroom tax as under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown they introduced it to private landlords, but let’s get the point correct here the Labour Party keep saying they are against this tax but they are the ones enforcing it and land the eviction orders to those who don’t pay, BNP say we will cut the bedroom tax completely.

Battle lines commence and as you can see British National Party makes mincemeat of Labour tear up policy pleas. 2014 will be a very interesting year for the party, and voters in Salford along with many other places will be given that choice, who will you back?

Gary Tumulty tells site “You see this is Labour at its best targeting postal voters, my labour insider sent me that though our local PO Box, I am a postal voter but they didn’t bother targeting me because their data says not to bother as it’s a wasted leaflet, a few of my supporters on the ward have also given me the same leaflet and I have just explained our policy in a face-off back to back as I report here, I can tell you that people are looking at their options and picking the BNP because we have all the answers.
But we must not forget to get out there and sign our own block postal block votes up”.

To sign up for a Postal Vote please email Gary today on Salford@bnp.org.uk letters of support and Labour tip offs then continue to send them to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.