Thursday, 30 June 2011

Asians 21 Times More Likely Than Whites to Be Child Groomers

Our Children Are Not Halal Meat

RWB Specail Report Took From Main British National Party Web Site

By Stephen Palmer – Asians are at least 21 times more likely to commit child grooming offences in Britain than whites, according to figures from the child protection agency Ceop. 
The statistics show that almost as many Asians have been reported for child grooming offences as whites, despite making up a distinctly smaller percentage of the population.
Ceop’s report identified 2,083 victims and 2,379 offenders since the start of 2008.
The report showed that, in half of the cases, the race of the perpetrators had been excluded because of insufficient evidence. Of the remaining half, 38 per cent were 'unknown', 30 per cent were white, 28 per cent were Asian, 3 per cent black and 0.16 per cent Chinese.
Typically, the mainstream media have reported the most politically correct set of statistics listed in the report, which state that 38 per cent of offenders were white and 26 per cent Asian; however, those numbers only account for one of two ‘groups’ of offenders, and when both groups are combined, the totals are much closer: 30 per cent white and 28 per cent Asian, or 367 white offenders to 346 Asian.
After 'British' and 'unknown', the largest offender group listed by nationality is 'Pakistani', although the statistics are clearly lacking completion.
The report gives no religious breakdown of the offenders.
According to the 2001 census, Asians (excluding Chinese) make up 4.3 per cent of the population, whereas whites (including non-Britons) make up 92.1 per cent.
This means that, even with Ceop’s incomplete statistics, Asians who, judging by recent court cases, are almost exclusively if not exclusively Muslim are at least 21 times more likely to commit grooming offences than whites.
The victims were clearly separated along racial lines as well: the study showed that 61 per cent of the 2,083 victims were white, while 2.6 per cent were Asian, 1.3 per cent were black and 33 per cent were of ‘unknown ethnic origin’.
The vast majority of victims recorded were female, but there were 182 male victims. The youngest victims listed were 10 years old.
Despite these revealing statistics, Ceop has warned against any focus on ethnicity when dealing with these horrific crimes.
Its chief executive Peter Davies said: ‘Focusing on the problem simply through the lens of ethnicity does not do it service.’
The Ceop report, titled 'Out of Mind, Out of Sight' added: ‘We do not draw national conclusions about ethnicity from the data available at this time because it is too inconsistent.
‘Further research would be needed to examine whether the ethnic breakdown reflects issues that need to be addressed within a community context, local demographics of the areas from which data is drawn, an unconscious bias among agency responses or other factors that need to be explored.’
Ceop said it had evidence of 230 gangs, mostly young men, who were identifying and grooming children for systematic sexual abuse. Some groups were large enough to be considered organised crime enterprises that were supplying victims to be raped by paying clients.
The majority of the offenders recorded were aged between 18 and 24.
The report was based on testimonies from victims, police and child protection workers, as well as a review of existing studies.
Unlike Ceop, the British National Party is not afraid to point out the huge statistical disparity of the racial and religious backgrounds of those who commit such heinous crimes.
Rather than ignoring such factors for fear of being called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ etc., we must expose them and tackle them head on – after all, it is our children’s lives that are at stake – and those who ignore the racial and religious origins of such a vastly disproportionate number of these crimes are just as culpable as those who commit them.
The British National Party will continue to highlight the Muslim paedophile grooming scandal when nine more Asian Muslims go on trial in Telford on Saturday 2 July. Join us, and make your voice heard – Our Children Are Not Halal Meat.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rapist's, Murderers & Paedophiles May Walk Free After Bizarre Legal Ruling In Salford.‏

Bexley Square, Salford Magistrates Court

By RWB correspondent.

Tens of thousands of murderers, rapists and violent criminals could escape prosecution following a "bizarre" legal ruling.
The ruling, made by a district judge at Salford Magistrates' Court and backed by the High Court, means an end to the practice of releasing people on bail and calling them back for further questioning later - a common practice in most major inquiries.
Police forces can no longer put anyone out on bail for more than 96 hours without either being in a position to charge or release them.
After the four days is up, officers can no longer question suspects and can only re-arrest them if they have new evidence, the ruling says.
Police chiefs have been left baffled by the "bizarre" ruling and both the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are currently considering the ramifications for forces across England and Wales.
The ruling was made by a district judge at Salford Magistrates' Court who said that the detention clock continues to run while the suspect is on bail from the police station.
Paul Hookway, a murder suspect, was first arrested at 12.40pm on November 7 last year.
A superintendent granted permission for him to be detained for up to 36 hours for questioning, but he was released on bail after about 28 hours.
Five months later, on April 5, police applied to the courts to extend the period of detention from 36 hours to the maximum allowed of 96 hours.
But the district judge refused the application, saying that the 96 hours had expired months ago.
RWB spoke to Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst, officials of the Salford branch of the British National Party, who both agreed that this ruling, made by a politically correct, common purpose judge, had huge implications in future prosecutions of murderers and sex offenders. 
'It is quite astonishing that a judge would work against the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, and all the other services that enforce the law in Britain, and make such a bizzare, and rather disturbing judgement such as this' said Mr Fairhurst.  'It's as if he is saying that criminals are home free once bailed. A British National Party Government would never allow anything like this to happen' 
Mr Tumulty added  'To be honest, it doesn't surprise me at all. I used to work at Salford magistrates, and I saw and heard some very interesting things that I'm sure they don't want the public to know. There will be more to follow on that' he concluded.
As always, RWB Salford will bring you the latest scoops and hot stories happening in Salford, so make sure you check in regularly to find out the truth .

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Salford BNP 'Way Forward' Meeting.‏

Salford BNP Officals Organiser Gary Tumulty and his Deputy Keith Fairhurst

By Keith Fairhurst

Salford branch of the British National Party held a very successful and constructive 'Way Forward' meeting to discuss ways to improve how we prepare for elections, and how we engage with the public.

Issues raised were that we need an election timetable, with a week by week planner to enable candidates and activists to attend local community meetings and properly plan any activities within those communities.

Also discussed was the need to actually get out on the streets and be a highly visible community action group, with cleaning up our streets a priority, and to show the public that we do care about the places we live.

Salford British National Party will be getting more involved with grass roots politics, with local issues at the forefront of our campaigning, and we will also be ensuring that the elderly folk in our communities have someone to turn to should the need arise.

The branch will be more vocal in opposing activities that favour non indigenous groups over our traditional British customs, things such as the recent Labour funded 'Refugee week' ,and will endeavour to promote our own culture to the people of Salford.

The identity and branding of the branch was an issue raised, and all agreed that this needed improvement. All Officials and activists agreed to adhere to a smart dress code, with no dirty work wear whilst out engaging the public. 

The branch will also be looking into starting up local community associations, with emphasis on improving public spaces that have been neglected for years, 

On the whole, some very good ideas and suggestions were made at the meeting, and it is now down to the Officials and activists to implement them to improve the way we conduct ourselves as representatives of the British National Party in Salford.

There really are exciting times ahead for Salford British National Party and together we move on as a bigger stronger and more unite branch

Monday, 27 June 2011

Update On Salford Home Defender - Sign Petition

Mr Peter Flanagan Salford Home Defender

Peter Flanagan, of Ethel Avenue Salford who defending his property from a gang of raiders and factually stabbed one of the assailants remains on police bail.

It has know been established by Greater Manchester Police that the gang dressed in dark clothing and balaclavas had possibly mistaken the address for an bingo winner and professional gambler who lives in the surrounding area.

Its understood that John Bennell from Tameside who was stabbed, pulled away by his fellow accomplices and dumped on a near by road while they fled, died later from a wound, His father Garry Bennell from Denton has spoke out to apologise for his sons actions

Detectives from Greater Manchester Police can not say for sure that was their motive and are still hunting for another three men in connection with the incident what occurred.

Peter a highly respected man and grandfather and a dad of three, remains a murder suspect after the tragic incident will have to re-appear Swinton Police station on the 25 July

A facebook group has been set up in support of Mr Flanagan, Also an online petition has been set up, RWB Salford urges all supporters and subscribers to sign it by, clicking this to direct you

RWB Correspondent rang Greater Manchester Police to ask why they were going ahead with such persecution of Mr Flanagan, who declined to comment,

It has now been confirmed also that the gang did force entry and got into Mr Flanagan’s house.

RWB Correspondent also tried to speak with Labour MP Hazel Blears who also declined to comment and refused to sign the online petition her staff at the Labour Office Langworthy Road Salford did say “It would be unfair for Hazel to comment as its an ongoing police investigation, but they believe all criminals should be locked up”

RWB Corresponded spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who as always is willing to talk said “Hazel Blears is a typical cop out saying such stuff like that, Its about time theses politicians got a back bone and spoke what they really feel”

“I support Mr Flanagan he is a decent family man, who was doing the rightful thing and protecting his children and family from such scum, I have signed the online petition and urge all British National Party members to do the same, we have to speak up for people like Peter, we are his real only hope of help.”

“If the police would have done their job properly instead of gabbing hold of the victims in all this, there is no doubt in my mind the other three would be in police custody and Peter would have been free to go around his daily business, Typical case of police being police and not doing their job, I can see this dragging out for months and being a great expense to the tax payer” Gary concluded

Salford BNP Attend GMM St Helens

Salford Organiser Founder Member Gary Tumulty Sat With Salford Block GMM St Helens

By RWB Salford Political Correspondent.

A well attended GMM with party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP, Delegate and representatives from all round the country, London, Scotland even Belfast. There to change some of the British National Party constitution, and move the Party forward together.

Amongst thing brought to the founder members and delegates was to decide that any member who was elected to be the British National Party would be doing that job for a four year fixed term

Another motions what was ground breaking was that the British National Party will be having National Exculises to replace the advisory council.

The most important motion of the day was that all elected British National Party members elected to do official seats such as MEP’s, MP’s and assembly members would have to sign a contract, This such move is back by the RWB, it will ensure any elected member would have to stay within the party remit and if there were to up and leave then that seat would rightfully stay with the British National Party

Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP delightfully signed the contract without hesitation, Andrew Brons MEP how ever did decline to sign the contract and left the venue, RWB tried to contact Andrew Brons MEP also declined to speak or make a comment to RWB Correspondents and sped off in to night.

RWB Correspondent spoke to Nick Griffin MEP who said “It was only the right thing to do signing the contract, as the seat he was elected by Salford and the rest of the Northwest belonged to the Party and not him self, If I was to up and leave, what I have no plans to do, that would be selfish to take the seat. Lots of British National Party activist went a great length to ensure I was elected, they donated there time, there effort and money. It means so much to me and I could never betray the British National Party”

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “Its such a pleasure to see democracy the British way, All the motions spoke about to day what I voted in favour for are set to improve the all ready incredible Party, As a founder member for the party it gives me the great honour to make history with the British National Party, We are certainly moving forward not backwards. I’m sure there are many great and exiting times ahead of us”

A minutes silence was also held for Valerie Tyndall who recently sadley passed away, Valerie is wife of the founder and former British National Party Chairman Mr John Tydall

The full constitution change can be viewed on line at the British National Party’s web site

It was also announced that a Leadership Challenge will be taking place, with husting up and down the country.

The contenders are already Chairman Nick Griffin MEP and the challenger Andrew Brons MEP.

RWB Salford announced our loyalty lies with Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP and we will be openly supporting Nick on this site. We would urge all British National Party members to vote for Mr Griffin at the Leadership Challenge.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Salford Home Defender Bailed

Police Outside Property On Ethel Avenue

RWB Salford can report home defender Peter Flanagan, who fatally stabbed one of a gang who was attempting to burgle his property on Ethel Avenue, Pendlebury, Salford has been released on bail till 25th July 2011.

Another development in the case, another 30 year old Male from Tameside was arrested in connection with the attempt break in to the Flanagan household. Greater Manchester Police have refused to give the name for the name but did confirm the un-named male was released with out charge. 

RWB Salford will be following this case right to the end, we will also be showing support for Mr Flanagan and his family 

Leave a comment in the box below showing your support and expressing your disappointment for those of Greater Manchester Police, and the Crown Prosecution Service, all comments will be passed to the Flanagan family

Friday, 24 June 2011

Update On Salford Homeowner - Who Defended His Property

Swinton Police Station Were Peter Flanagan Is Being Held

A Salford man Peter Flanagan who rightfully defended and fought off four burglar as they attempted to break down the door of his property, Is still being held in Police custody for Murder.

RWB previously reported on the early hours of Thursday 23rd June how the Mr Flanagan of Ethel Avenue, Pendlebury disturbed a gang who were making an attempt to unlawfully gain access to his property a scuffle broke out and one of the culprits was stabbed and later died in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police arrested three of the Flanagan family as the other attempted buglers fled. Two of the three who was arrest was Neil Flanagan and his girlfriend who have been released with no further action taken, The Police still have the respected father Peter in custody and have been granted a further 36 hours for questioning.

The stabbed male was a prolific offender and well known to the Police, John Leonard Bennell 27, from Hyde. It was reported Mr Bennell was already on bail for a similar offence he committed earlier in the month.

RWB correspondents spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “At the end of the day, Prolific offenders should not be allowed on the streets men like Bennell should have been locked up, not freed and allowed to re-offend. I blame the Police and Courts for this, they need to toughen up on such individuals. Peter Flanagan was defending his property and children who can blame any man for that”

“The gang was there for a reason to cause alarm and distress to Peter and his family and come unstuck, they met their match, Peter is the victim in all of this horrible mess, locals I spoke to said he is a great guy and well respected in the community” Gary concluded

RWB Salford correspondent did speak to one local who wish’s to remain anonymous who said “Peter is a hero, he should be given a medal and released not locked up and treated like a criminal”

The other three of the gang are still at large and if any one has any information they should ring 0161 872 5050

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Salford Takeaway Health Risk To The Public

Zeeshan Takeaway Manchester Road West Little Hulton

Picture From Inside The Takeawy

Its reported a Zeeshan Takeaway Little Hulton, Salford has been condemned a public health risk. Owner Shameen Akhtar from Oldham fined £2000 at Salford Magistrates

It was said Mr Akhtar, Zeeshan Takeaway, Manchester Road West was warned numerous time by health inspectors from Salford Council. Evidence was shown at court of four different food hygiene offences,

Flies were coming in from out side uncovered drains.Food was stored at the wrong temperatures, there was no hot water to hand basins and also food preparation equipment were not maintained and up to standards.

Amongst things there were dirty chopping boards, greasy surfaces, missing tiles on walls and damages to ceiling tiles Salford Magistrates heard.

Mr Akhtar of Eric Street Oldham pleaded guilty in court and was ordered to pay £500 per offence £1000 towards court costs coming to a grand total of £2000

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “This sort of behaviour doesn’t surprise me what so ever, another takeaway another grubby halal outlet, it’s a small price to pay, at current the takeaway has shut down but with out a doubt this man and outlet will be back into business soon, What Salford Magistrates should have done is banned Mr Akhtar of ever trading in food again, and closed the shutters on the shop forever”

Salford BNP Protest Out Side Bolton Crown Court

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Bolton Crown Court

Eight Muslim paedophiles from Rochdale who groomed and sexually abused British Children were up in Bolton Crown Court yesterday, Bolton BNP joined forces with many other branch’s from round the country including Salford and Chairman Nick Griffin MEP to protest and show there disgust of what them Muslim’s had done to our children.

The day was full of support and a warm welcome from the Bolton locals, our children are not halal meat was the message we were putting across, Muslim paedophiles are getting caught out time and time again across the country, The Muslims are using our children as sex objects, using and abusing them as they wish. Many groom the children and get them hooked on Heroin and booze, raped and pass round there friends tossed from pillar to post as halal meat, its simply not on.

RWB Salford spoke to Dot Sayers Bolton BNP Organiser who says “It is appalling the treatment of our children, its against any normal persons morals to treat our girls such as that, The children are our future of our country and we should protect them at what ever cost”

The day saw over 7500 leaflets distributed in the town centre and the local housing estate, the BNP Truth Truck was touring the city, and as always scores of support shown towards it, a protest team out side the court its self where party chairman Nick Griffin MEP was demonstrating his disgust, Adam Walker National Organiser was also on a load hailer informing the public why we were there, we also had two new people sign up as members on hearing what is going on right under our noses in this country.

RWB also spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “Paedophiles are the ultimate scum of this earth and should be hung, but a religion such as Muslim what condones the abuse of our children and women should be banned in his country, it really does conflict with our way in life, I am really upset about what this eight have done, the children who they have abused will have a life time memory of what they have done, basically they will serve a life sentence of thoughts, as for the Muslim’s who will no doubt get a light sentence I can’t see any other alternative but to remove such scum from the country”

Protest Outside Bolton Crown Court

BNP Salford Organiser Leafleting Bolton Town Centre

BNP Leaflet Team Bolton

Few Salford BNP Member With Truth Truck

Salford - Three Arrested For Defending There Property

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Police Station.

RWB Crime Correspondent.

A family has been arrested in Salford on alleged murder charges, After stabbing one of a group of burglars in the early hours 0f thursday 23rd June

It is understood eye witness’s saw a group of four people, dressed in black with balaclava’s. trying to break in through the back door of the property on Ethel Avenue, Pendlebury. It was understood the homeowner had disturbed the gang as they attempted to gain access, where an altercation took place and one of the gang 26 male, was stabbed once and was dragged away by the other members of the gang.

Greater Manchester Police have not named the family as of yet, RWB information can reveal the three, a 59, year old male, 27 year old male and a 21 year old female are the Flanagan family, who have lived on the cul-de-sac for manyf years, Residents who spoke to RWB say that the Family are  decent, law abiding and nobody has ever had any problems with them, they just keep themselves to themselves.

Greater Manchester Police are holding the three in Swinton Police Station and have launched a murder enquiry. A spokes person says “any body faced with burglar’s should ring 999 and not take the law into their own hands”

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “Shocking, the police are on the criminals side, That gang was not there for a nice cup of tea and biscuits they were there equipped with unknown motives, were they there to burgle, rape or murder who knows? The Flanagan family were doing what any normal person would do in their position, defending their property and worldly possessions and I really do feel sorry for them unlike Greater Manchester Police”

“As I have been a victim of crime my self just recently, I know how the Police operate, they make it their mission to demonise you, and make out that the victims are the ones that are in the wrong, and that it is in fact them that have committed the crimes. The Police are too caught up in politics and political correctness, and as a result of that the job of the Police is impossible to do and in my eyes unacceptable, the Police should just get on with the job in hand and start enforcing the law and banging up criminals”

“The British National Party would give homeowners the rights to defend there property and rightly so” Gary Concluded

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Salford EU Money, Where Has It Gone?

EU Money

RWB Salford Information Correspondent can reveal how much Salford City Council has had from the EU and how they have spent it;

The Question;

In the year of 2010 and up to current date on request could you please tell me how much money has Salford Council received from the EU?

The Answer;

In answer to your request the council can confirm that it has received
funding under two separate European funding streams - the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

With regard to ERDF funding, the council has received £2,887,574 since
January 2010. This has been spent on:

- the purchase of a lease for the Media Enterprise Centre
- highway and junction improvements

The council also received ESF funding in 2010 which was used to support
training and employment initiatives. Contracted amounts were as follows:

- Routeways to Sustainable Employment
- Preventing Young People from becoming NEET* (post 16) £49,969
- Reducing NEET (pre 16) £36,009

* NEET - Not in Education, Employment or Training

Monday, 20 June 2011

Salford Want's EU Referendum NOW

Salford BNP Activist Out Side Townhall.

By RWB Political Correspondent.

Following the welcome news that the British National Party is to run a nationwide campaign to force the con-dem Government into giving the country a referendum on whether or not we should be members of the EU, Salford branch have been out on the streets asking local people their views on the subject.

Officials and key activists were keen to get out and about to canvass locals opinions on whether they agree/disagree with membership of the European Union, and were pleased to find that the majority said that we should leave it immediately.

When told that the party is to be running a campaign, the majority of the people that were spoken too were extremely keen to add their weight behind the petition, promising to seek out the BNP table to sign it.

Salford organiser Gary Tumulty said, 'I'm delighted that we are giving the people of Salford a voice on this issue, as we were conned into joining the common market years ago, and it's about time we tackled this head on. The EU is costing us millions a day, and has no real benefit to Britain'.

Deputy organiser Keith Fairhurst added, It was very pleasing to find that most people agree with us, and I know we will have a terrific response, I can't wait to get started. The EU is stealing our sovereignty, taking away our rights to determine our own laws, and gradually eroding our culture and heritage for it's own scurrilious ends. It's time to put an end to our membership of the EUssr.

Refugee Week In Salford

The Real Voice Of Salford, British National Party

This week has kicked off with a refugee week, with many events free to the public, to see how refugees live in this country offering free food and drink, support for refugees and many speakers in positive light of the new comers.

Despite mass government cut backs, affecting front line services in Salford. Free events have been set up across the city, by Salford City Council. Today’s event at Salford University is “No to homelessness, no to cashlessness.” this was set up by a group called  Salford Forum for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum and Revive. They have a range of key speakers and workshops,  It was an open invite to the public Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser did request to speak at the venue on behalf of the British, to give them a real voice and representation. Gary was refused to speak and also refused access to the building.

Gary Tumulty says “There’s immigration and there’s colonization, Salford front line services are affected with the government cuts, Policing NHS, Councils are feeling the pinch, Refugees are getting far to much from our country, We are on our knees it has to stop, Now rather than later. No to homeless  and cashlessness, great idea but when implemented correct, for the British only. The homeless across Manchester have been told the soup kitchens are going to be took off them, a bread line for some on our streets. Then we see masses or free food and drink being given away at this weeks events, all in aid of the refugees, it is a joke. Interestingly  enough how they have British on the streets, some ex military and yet the refugee’s are all given homes and money. So you see who really is reaping all the benefits in the country” 

“Last week on BBC Panorama “Breaking into Britain“, we witnessed just how easy it was to pick up a real UK Passport just by putting a different name, Africa (Kenya) is where the main focus was, as little as £72 and two days to be delivered, It was said immigration papers were just as easy and  cheap to get, So it makes me wonder how many have these refugee have this sort of passport. Some of the illegal immigrants were from Afghanistan where their main aim was to get to Britain, when asked why their reply shocking human rights, the British government will not have us on the streets, they give us food, drink, benefits and houses”

“Its time for change, enough is enough, the government can not sort this colonization of our country its time for every activist to get out on the streets, up our game and take control of our country, we are the last hope. If we don’t nobody else will” Gary Concludes

Friday, 17 June 2011

Salford Drug Raids

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Out Side Former Shop Used As Drug Factory

Thursday 16th June 2011, A derelict business "Just Flowers" Littleton Road, Salford, was busted and a large haugh of 500 Cannabis Plants worth a street value of £150,000 was seized by Greater Manchester Police.

Greater Manchester Police had a numerous report's from the local residence, the Police then executed the drugs warrant and recorded the Cannabis Plants along with equipment to grow the drugs, an arrest was also made at the time and a 16 Year old middle eastern boy was taken into custody.

GMP officers at the time refused to make any comments of why they had swarmed the site of the old business but later a spokesperson Police Sergeant Andy Kane from Salford East Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “To recover such a large amount of cannabis is a great result for the people of Salford and the police. Thanks to the information we received from the community, we have been able to prevent these drugs being sold on the street.

“I would encourage anyone with information about other potential cannabis farms or those involved in the sale and supply of drugs to get in touch with your neighborhood policing team"

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty, Salford BNP Organiser who said "On this row of shops, this is the third bust of its kind and every time the Police are finding cannabis factory's, Its shocking to realize whats going on and the officers don't even know its happening, the public had to tip them off, The area is heavily monitored by the latest CCTV and it goes back to my other reports and comments, they don't work or offer a deterrent. A young Chinese lad was arrested i seen him being bundled in to the back of the van, Its a true fact now multiculturalism has failed and doesn't work, Migrants are entering this country breaking our laws and doing exactly what they wish to, robberies, frauds, stabbings, shootings and drug dealing. Its wrong lets hope the CPS do there job correctly and prosecute this lad and then deport him, to were ever he has come from"

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sex Grooming Swoops In Salford

Salford Police Station

Right across Greater Manchester today there has been a series of male suspects arrested for suspected grooming on vulnerable teenage girls for sex.

The teenage girls were said to have been lured in with drink and drugs before being groomed for “Special Sex Party’s” across the streets of Salford.

The teenage girls were all said to be from care homes and troubled family’s from across Stockport up to 39 Girls have been interviewed by Greater Manchester Police as possible victims and eye witnesses.

200 Police officers carried out raid right across Manchester, 17 men were targeted following a four month probe into the paedophile ring.

Last year 11,819 children were reported missing last year and up to 2000 had come from the Stockport care homes.

Greater Manchester Police spokes person has said “alleged victims had told how they had been groomed by being bought a meal or taken on a night out.

After four of five weeks of 'affection and flattery', it is claimed, gang members would ask for sex - often after first giving the girls drink and drugs.

It is alleged they would also be taken to the 'sex parties' at flats and houses, where they would be exploited by other men.

It is understood some of the girls were first approached in parts of Manchester city centre, including Piccadilly Gardens, where they were visiting from Stockport”

“It was classic grooming - providing alcohol, drugs, and free food, consequently leading to sexual entrapment.

"I hope today's action shows people in Greater Manchester that the issue of sexual exploitation is one that we take extremely seriously.

"This is the largest ever operation carried out by the Major Incident Team and we have had teams of detectives, including one from Stockport, working on this investigation.”

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty British National Party Salford Organiser who said “Its absolutely appalling how such crimes can take place across such a wide area, Young girls from Stockport are being groomed and drugged and left open to alcohol abuse being brought in to my home town of Salford for special sex party’s, what the hell are the police and the social services from theses council’s doing to protect and safe guard our children, absolutely nothing it’s disgraceful. Details of the offenders have not yet been announced, but the police assure me they soon will be. Its time for the people in power and the law to protect our children… or we will”

Monday, 13 June 2011

'BBC Chair Champions? Whatever Next?‏

Media City Salford -Home Of The BBC

By Keith Fairhurst.

In a Gross misuse of licence payers money, The Blatantly Biased & Corrupt have hired a 'Chair Champion' to 'teach' employees at the new, multi million pound Media City complex in Salford how to sit on their seats. Yes Folks, tis true.

Staff moving North from London to the flagship MediacityUK complex in Salford are being given a choice of three types of chair, and training in how to use it as part of the BOOBS (oops) Elf & Safety policy. 

I'm sorry folks, My mind is boggling so much, I can't write anymore.

The 'Dog Poo Fairy' Doesn't Exist In Salford.

Dog Fouling "In Salford"

By Keith Fairhurst.

It's happened to us all, happily walking down the street minding your own business, when you inadvertently step into a nice big pile of fresh, steaming dog crap. It happens to me a lot in Salford, you can't walk more than a hundred yards without finding another dollop of doggie doo-doo on the pavement, waiting to smear your brand new loafers with a foul smelling streak of mutt plop. 

Ok, I'm making light of it by using funny names for dog faeces, but, like in every town and city in Britain, Salford has a problem with irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to foul the streets and walking away without cleaning it up. This is disgusting, and owners who refuse to clean up after their animals should be prosecuted to the letter of the law.

The Dogs (fouling of lands) Act 1996 states that any person who permits a dog in their charge to foul any public area in the city of Salford is committing an offence, which carries a fine of £70, with further financial penalties of £1000 if fixed penalty is not paid. , It's quite right that owners who refuse to clean up the mess their animal left should face a financial penalty, especially since dog faeces is full of germs, some of which can cause blindness in children.

This is where I get a little confused though, Salford council, as do many other councils the length and breadth of Britain, claim to be tackling the problem of dog faeces on our streets, yet little seems to be getting done to change dog owners habits of walking away after their dog has done it's business. Salford council 'claims' it has dog wardens making regular routine patrols in problem areas?? Where? When? The whole bloody city is a problem area, and I have never seen hide nor hair of a dog warden in the whole time I have been a part of Salfords community. Whilst it is ultimately the responsibility of dog owners to clear up after their animals, I must proportion some blame onto Salford council and it's Environmental services department for it's lack of action in cleaning our streets properly. They will never catch every irresponsible dog owner, so must therefore shoulder some responsibility in ensuring our streets are poo free. But then again, I guess the likes of Cllr Ray MaSHITer ( heehee) are too busy counting their ill gotten gains to really care about the community they were elected to represent. 

Perhaps I might just organise a few of my community spirited friends to go around and clean up all the dog muck that Salford council refuse to remove, and dump it on the garden of  Mr Mashiter, After all, it IS his department

Saturday, 11 June 2011

More Local Work With Salford BNP

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty On Road Close To Amber Project

RWB Correspondent is reporting again on local issues with Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty - Councillor in waiting,

The Irwell Riverside Ward where Gary Tumulty stands, has a mass increase of fly tipping and anti social behaviour, Local Amber Project grounds have been destroyed yet again by local yobs, and fly tippers from across Salford. Gary received scores of calls from local residents with concerns for the particular part of the ward.

RWB Salford spoke to Gary Tumulty who says “I witnessed this sort of anti behaviour some time last year, which I had sorted out this is a problem what happens time and time again, I have now reported the issue into Salford Council who assure me they will be dealing with it as soon as possible, The Amber Project has received a considerable amount of local money to set up the local project for teenagers, and to bring awareness to road safety, It really disappoints me to see this is happening to the local project of what we all love and support around the ward, Amber Lok a 13 year old girl was killed in a hit and run incident out side her own house in 2005. If the council don’t do their job and clean it, I will be organising a local clean up team my self and will be taking direct action"

“I blame the local councillors and there lack of interest in the ward, after all they don’t live round here, they don’t have to put up with it. Its seems to be ok but not on there own door steps that’s the unthinkable, This only confirms the British National Party message that the councillors in power at current are out touch with locals”

"The Council have spent millions of public money on CCTV in this area and it also comes to show CCTV is no real deterrent on crime, as it proceeds to happen and the culprits are getting away with it, As a Candidate and Local Organiser for the British National Party I will make it my mission to see real police back on the streets, Good old fashioned policing of areas is needed here not fancy high tech camera’s and PSCO’s who have no power and in my opinion a waste of Salford tax payers money” Gary concluded

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Removing Hardcore Waste From Amber Project Shed

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Salford Resident 'Geraldine Wants Her Country Back' !‏

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty With Local Voter Geraldine

By RWB Salford political correspondent.

Geraldine, a Salford resident and voter, has clearly stated her disgust at current events that are leading to the destruction of English culture and traditions and the betrayal of this nation by the 'lunatic Liberal, guilt ridden hand-wringers' when she spoke earlier to Salford organiser Gary Tumulty, when he was distributing the British National Party's new 'We Want Our Country Back' literature in his Irwell Riverside ward today. 

'Salford council do bugger all round here', said Geraldine, 'unless it has something to do with the thousands of immigrants that are creeping in, and I'm sick of it' she continued.
'I'm glad that good, honest people like Mr Tumulty are fighting our corner, unlike the rubbish Labour lot, who you never see until its time to get votes again.'

Geraldine then went on to explain how last year she had some problems with anti social behaviour from her neighbours, and after contacting her Labour representative, found that he couldn't be bothered to acknowledge her complaints, never mind act on them, and so she contacted her British National Party representative, Gary Tumulty, who was only too happy to help her. 

Mr Tumulty added, 'When I heard that Geraldine was having a few problems, and she had no help from that useless lot from the council, I felt it was my duty to help, that's what British National Party members are here to do, to make sure our people are safe and well. . I am glad I helped resolve the problems she was having, and thankfully, there have been no more incidents since.'

RWB Salford would like to thank Gary and his team of fine patriots for their hard work and dedication to the people of Salford, and wish Geraldine the very best of British for the future.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

10 Great Reasons To Vote For The British National Party.‏

Salford BNP Deputy Organiser Keith Fairhurst

Adapted by Keith Fairhurst from original text by unknown author.

1) When a BNP councillor or councillors are elected in your ward the government will usually suspend sending any more asylum seekers and immigrants to your area under the governments asylum seekers dispersal policy. This means you will then have to pay less council tax, as the support services for those asylum seekers such as language translation services and social services are not required. It also means that demand for local council housing is reduced and local families have a far better chance of getting a council house. It also means waiting time for hospital and doctors appointments are reduced as the extra demand placed on the NHS and welfare services by immigrants and asylum seekers are also reduced. Local schools also do not have to spend money on extra teaching costs for teaching immigrant children English lessons and this money can be spent on trying to raise the educational achievements of local children instead of pandering to muslim sensitivities.

2) When a BNP councillor sits on your local council then they can act to prevent the abuse of your council tax when politically correct councils try and spend it on things like building caravan parks for travellers and funding festivals to celebrate alien and ethnic religions and festivals. You will also find that your local politically correct council will suddenly find a renewed interest in holding a St. Georges Day festival and flying the British and English flags from council buildings as a way to ’reclaim the flags and St. Georges Day from the Far Right’.

3) Your local BNP councillors on your council can also monitor and whistle-blow to the public the incompetence, corruption and politically correct nonsense that councils regularly indulge in. They reveal the dodgy deals in your local councils between the corrupt establishment parties, and will act as guardians of the public interest. Many local council have been run by the same corrupt cabals of local politicians that are as corrupt as any Third World state, with council officers being paid bungs by local builders to get planning permission, and a myriad of other scams. A few BNP councillors on a local council means this corruption usually stops, as they know that finally someone who is not part of the cabal of crooks is watching them.

4) Your local BNP councillors will publicise and organise public protests about any insane politically correct spending plans that councils draft up in their smoke-free back rooms behind drawn curtains and out of public scrutiny. They will ensure that the millions spent yearly by councils on race relations courses, race advisers, lifestyle, sexuality and transexual lifestyle advisers, and the rest of the parasites of the politically correct race relations industry are not funded with your council tax. They will resist all attempts by corrupt councils to cut services for local people and spend council tax on assisting asylum seekers and immigrants. For the BNP, putting local people first is the entire basis of our existence, and quite rightly so.

5) Once a BNP councillor is elected you will find that the politically correct police in your area suddenly start taking seriously, race attacks against whites in the area. They will also start to arrest ethnic criminals for a change instead of treating them with kid gloves out of fear of being called ’racist’. The police will start to monitor and record race attacks against local white people in an area where before they will not have even bothered to acknowledge that such race attacks even exist. Local white people will suddenly find that the police have as much interest in protecting their community from race attacks as they do protecting all other communities from race attacks. The police will not be so politically correct and will start to deal with crime faster and more efficiently, and not turn a blind eye to ethnic crime through fear of being branded as 'racist'.

6) Once the BNP become a major force on your local council, , then you will find that the government will give those local councils millions and millions of pounds in grants, funds and loans so as to build new council housing in order to try and undermine the social problems such as a lack of council housing that led to a BNP rise in support in the first place. The government becomes so worried about the rise in BNP support that they suddenly become interested in those areas and re-direct regeneration grants into that area in order to try and ensure the BNP do not keep getting re-elected back into power. You will find that local councils suddenly find the money to buy private houses from private landlords in order to increase the amount of council housing stock, and that council land which was once abandoned is now targeted for new council homes. Vote BNP and government money pours into your area in order to ensure that you do not vote BNP again in the future.

7) Once an area has become known as an area with a BNP presence and support, then ethnic crime gangs do not move into those areas. This means that you and your families are less likely to be the victims of immigrant crime, your house insurance costs will fall, and local families can stay in an area instead of it being turned into an ethnic ghetto. Whilst the government and the politicians all talk about how immigrants ‘enrich’ our nation and communities, it is interesting that those white politicians do not live in areas where such enrichment is usually experienced. As the old saying goes ’ A supporter of multiculturalism is someone who hasn’t been mugged yet’.

8) When an area gets a BNP councillor you will see that money taken from council budgets and spent on perks and junkets for councillors and council staffs are radically reduced. The cosy little trips abroad on “fact-finding missions” and the endless executive lunches usually suffer an instant reduction when they know that a BNP councillor is available to check the council costs and bills. This money saved from being spent on council junkets can then be spent on local services and local people.

9) A BNP councillor can also act as the independent voice of local people in the internal council processes and procedures. Many councils are vast, bloated monstrosities, and run like Soviet Union style beauracracies. They are hostile to the people who pay for them and are arrogant and out of touch. They no longer serve their communities and instead simply treat local people as cash-cows to be milked dry of council tax. BNP councillors are on YOUR side, not on the side of the corrupt councils. We are here to represent you and common sense, not the cosy consensus and political correctness. A BNP councillor represents the voice of the silent majority, and will act to ensure that the councils serve the people not the people serve the councils.

10) A BNP council is a council of common sense and fair play, simply because the interests of local people are also the interests of the BNP. The BNP is not part of the old political Left/ Liberal / Right party game like the establishment parties as the BNP represents the interests of all the British people, not factions, donors and classes. The old parties of the Tories, Labour and Liberals, are all monstrous party political machines. They are millions of pounds in debt and are run and controlled by their crooked donors and backers. The BNP is not funded by foreigners, crooks and criminals like the establishment parties and is instead funded by its members and ordinary British people. This means we are not under the control of those corrupt donors who fund the establishment political parties, and this means we will run our councils for the benefit of you and not our backers and funders.

So, there you have at least 10 very good reasons to vote for the British National Party next time there is a local by-election in your area. Use your vote wisely, don't allow the greedy pigs snouts any deeper in the trough of YOUR money. 

Case Work In Salford, Irwell Riverside With Gary Tumulty

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty Dealing With Case Work.

RWB Salford reports, Salford BNP Organiser and Irwell Riverside 2012 Candidate, Gary Tumulty is already out continuing his role as an acting councillor within his ward. Gary takes time out of his busy schedule to walk round his local ward of where Gary lives and talk to the locals, and look at all the local issues and case work.

RWB Spoke to Gary who says “This years elections are over, we see yet another good for nothing Labour Councillor elected, during the election period we just could get enough from Labour activists / councillors and candidates walking round our ward, Now the elections have gone they have done the normal and disappeared for another 11 months”

“I have been out this morning giving my constituency the time they deserve, time out just to speak to them, ask them how they are, thank known voters and if they have local case work for me getting it dealt with”

RWB shadowed Gary on a few local issues and from the above picture you can see one, The conditions of the Roads in Irwell Riverside, Salford

Gary Says “The roads are a complete mess in some area’s of my estate, Road tax, insurance, rising fuel cost are enough to keep motorists off the roads, Pot holes just top things off, A local resident reported a giant pot hole, as you can see from the picture it is a massive, 6 inch’s in some parts, its unacceptable an un-expecting motorist’s could do some real damage to their cars, or if hit at speed they could loose control and hurt a member of the public, I have reported to Salford City Council who ensure me it will be getting dealt with”

“I will also be personally overseeing the job to the end and just monitoring how long it really is before the council decide to deal with it,” Gary Concluded

Monday, 6 June 2011

Another Great Offer From RWB Salford.

Salford BNP Orgainser Gary Tumulty "We Want Our Country Back"

Exclusively to Salford RWB bring you a new National British National Party “We Want Our Country Back” RWB have a supply ready to dispatch immediately this prices are as follows.

The price of the full-colour A4 leaflet is £30 per 1,000, including postage and packing.

50 leaflets: £2 (including P&P)
100 leaflets: £3.50 (including P&P)
250 leaflets: £8 (including P&P)
500 leaflets: £16 (including P&P)
1,000 leaflets: £30 (including P&P)
2,000 leaflets: £48 (including P&P)

Send orders to


Phone / TXT 07909674006

Post; The Organiser, British National Party, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Other ways to help is to donate to directly to Salford British National Party, To set up a standing order any amount of your choice, Print below mandate and again send to;, The Treasurer, British National Party, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

D Day Pay Your Respects.

Salford Troops In The Lancashire Fusiliers 1944

Pay a two minutes silence today in memory of all the British Troops who went to war, for our shores to be free and un-invaded from foreign invaders

A little story below

"Do you realise that by the time you wake up in the morning 20,000 men may have been killed? ” Sir Winston Chirchill says to his wife before going to bed.

On 6 June 1944, just after midnight, the Allied assault upon Hitler’s ‘Fortress Europe’ began. The operation caught the German military high command unaware. Low tides and bad weather – combined with Allied deception plans – had convinced the Germans that an attack was unlikely at that time. As more than 1,000 British bombers began to pummel Normandy’s coastal defences, Rommel, commanding German defences in France, was in Germany celebrating his wife’s birthday.

The initial Allied assault was made by airborne infantry, who secured key bridges and crossroads on the flanks of the landing zone. Some of their most important and celebrated achievements included the capture of Pegasus Bridge and the town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise. Commandos also attacked key targets ahead of the main landings. One remarkable feat was the attack by US Rangers on Pointe-Du-Hoc, a headland which housed a coastal battery that threatened the landing beaches. The successful assault involved scaling a 30 metre cliff face under German fire.

Early Allied success was aided by the confused German reaction. The first confirmation of a large-scale attack did not arrive until 2:15 am; that an invasion was in progress was not confirmed until 4:15. It was only at 6 am, when Normandy’s defenders saw the horizon obscured by an unbroken line of Allied ships, that all doubt was removed. Along nearly 100 kilometres of coast, Allied warships and aircraft pounded German defences. At 6:30, US soldiers went ashore by landing craft at Utah and Omaha beaches. An hour later, the British and Canadians arrived at the beaches of Gold, Juno and Sword. Fortuitously, troops at Utah accidently landed two kilometres from their target, on a virtually unguarded beach. The landing zone was quickly secured with few losses.

On Omaha Beach, where aerial bombardment had done little to dent German defences, the Americans met fierce resistance. From cliff-top bunkers, the defenders pummelled US troops with machine gun fire and shells as soon as landing craft ramps were lowered. Those who made it ashore found it impossible to advance across 200 metres of open beach. Amphibious tanks intended to cover the infantry’s advance had sunk in the rough seas. The news from Omaha was so bad that the landings there were almost called off, but eventually small groups of American infantry worked their way around the German defences, outflanked and stormed them, allowing the beachhead to be secured. But Omaha cost the Americans more than 2,000 casualties.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

RWB One Time Offer Update.

Salford BNP Deputy Organiser Keith Fairhurst Preparing Packs For Postage

One month after RWB Salford offered its one time offer, of a free British National Party Nationalist news paper the, Voice Of Freedom. We had an excellent response and many of subscribers, viewers will now be receiving there free copy of the Voice Of Freedom. We have also gave a bumper pack what includes a assortment of leaflets and general recruitment information packs for the British National Party.

RWB Correspondents spoke to Salford BNP Deputy Organiser Keith Fairhurst who was running the initiative who says “Salford BNP were overwhelmed with just how many request for our forever popular voice of freedoms came through, a massive 90% of the requests were all from the local area of Salford, We at the Salford branch would like to thank RWB admin team who support our actions and follow, and report the truth. It just comes to show how many Salfordian come on to this site.”

“Hopefully all this support will now generate another massive boost within the Salford membership, we still have a few copy’s left so any one else who wants this tremendous offer should contact us directly on" Keith Concludes

Friday, 3 June 2011

Salford Council Staff and GMP Officers Arrested For £100,000 Fraud

Salford BNP Organiser & Northwest MEP / BNP Chairman Nick Griffin Out Side Salford Council Civic Centre.

Two Licensing Officers and a serving GMP officer were earlier this week arrested for fraud and money laundering from Salford council.

Jane Nugent one of the council staff arrested, earlier this year took a £30,000 voluntary redundancy package from Salford Council, Janes boy friend a serving Police officer based at Bury station PC Graham Fox was also arrested on money laundering charges

The Second member of Salford Council Staff, Gareth Robinson was arrested on charges of a misuse of a council credit card with irregularity’s of around £7000

Both members of Salford City Council both worked within the Licensing department who are responsible for the issuing of the licences for taxi’s, street traders, pubs and dealing with fix penalty notices

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty says “ Time and time again we hear in Salford of swindling from the council staff, Salford Council insist there is no corruption within their remit. It is appalling and an absolute disgrace how civil servants with such a high responsibility to serve the people of Salford can be fraudulently go un detected for so long. It just reinforces our message of why we need to put a British National Party councillor within Salford Council. I just hope justice is done and lengthy prison sentences are served on them council staff and police officer who have took the people of Salford as idiots, I would also like to see every single penny paid back and tighter controls enforced so this never occurs again”