Friday, 23 November 2012

The Salford Mayors Second Home.

Show Me The Money Greedy Ian Stewart

War monger, back stabber and lazy Labour mayor of Salford Ian Stewart who bought a second home off the back of the tax payer whilst he was MP for Eccles, has once again got his snout firmly in the troth, by renting out it to Gerry Sutcliffe Labour MP for Bradford South

Stewart who is already paid £69,000 from the Salford tax payer is now cashing in on a further £1300 a month by renting out the second home in London that the tax payer bought for him, The money paid to Stewart through Sutcliffe for accommodation is directly taken from parliamentary expenses system.

Stewart, No stranger to looking after his gang of local buffoon's appointed all 13 of his best friends and closest allies, to be 'assistant mayors' and all receive a minimum of £3000 on top of there regular allowances. Also most recently he employs Labour Northwest Press  Officer, Mathew Finnegan to be his very own 'Spin Doctor' at the Salford Council offices, his wages haven't been discussed yet but you can guarantee it will match the mayors salary

Published on parliament records Cheeky Stewart received £27,361 for 'interest on mortgage  during the years of 2008 and 2010. With Sutcliffe paying Stewart a further £1300, for the 'accommodation costs' since 2011 the Labour Mayor is set to take an additional £31,200 in payments from the tax payer.

Salford spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser tells site "Well the plot thickens for Mr Stewart, the man is paid £69,000 of tax payers money in Salford, and now his hand is in the till again from parliament, it begs the question, are they all still at it?

"I do remember a good old saying from Labour, We are all in it together, Yes some more than others, I think its hide time Labour packed up and left town for good" Gary concluded

Join the movement to remove Labour from Salford, contact your future is in your hands

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Chris Thornton Speaks In Salford


New and old faces gather in Salford to hear North East Regional Organiser Chris Thornton and Lady Dorothy Brooke speak at the latest meeting held.

Chris Thornton BNP

The first part of the meeting was taken by party stalwart Chris Thornton who told the crowd of his recent encounter in his local library where he found a muslim group trying to indoctrinate children into their cult, he told a Salford branch of how he had attempted to talk to muslim lady, who had been left to man the stand, some very simple questions about their profit Mohammed, some of the questions were understood but when he asked some more awkward ones like does she find it acceptable that he had sex with a 9 year old girl, then that old chest nut comes up 'cant understand' shame he didn't have a interpreter.

The second part of the meeting was handed to Lady Dorothy Brooke who told the Salford crowd what she had been doing in her branch up in the North East, anti halal protests and table top sessions to raise awareness of the party, she finished by observing a two minutes silence to the recent troops who had been killed in Afghanistan.

Lady Dorothy Brooke BNP

After the break, and sale of the latest British National Party paper Voice of Freedom it was handed over to Salford's very own acting Northwest Regional Organiser who told his branch what we as a party had been doing over the past couple of months and what we will be doing in the future.

Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty BNP

Hundreds of new party leaflets were handed out along with a very healthy collection and a good plan of action, Gary Tumulty tells site "I love having new speakers in Salford and i welcome any one from around the country to come and give it a go,  I thank Chris and Dorothy who traveled such a distance to be with us and didn't ask for petrol money, I also like the fact we had new faces at Salford that evening who all left in a up beat tempo taking leaflets and wanting to attend more".

If you want to speak or attend a the Salford meeting then please do contact me on or ring 07909674006

Labour's Lie Machine

Tell us a lie

In another bid for jobs for the boys. Salford Labour mayor Ian Stewart has hired a new 'spin doctor', to divert any bad press he will receive in his time off office, The newest recruit, 29yr long term Labour Mathew Finnegan member has for-filled the role as city press relations officer at the Salford Council.

Finnegan, Labour's Northwest Press officer who served a 15 year duration as journalist at the Guardian, Manchester Evening News, leading on to a senior role as lead writer  With a left wing political agenda Finnegan makes no apology, and claims he is only answerable to the mayor himself despite being paid by the tax payers of Salford.

Mr Finnegan's wages have not yet been placed on the table for scrutiny  no stranger to controversy. Finnegan first hit the head lines after being head hunted to run the press office at Liverpool council, and suspended from the £65,000 a year job, after becoming embroiled in a row between Liverpool's top brass, It appears Finnegan had been operating a smear campaign from the inside to remove the chief executive from his job.

It also transpires that in 1997 Finnegan was part of Tony Blair's general elections press team, who lied to the public to come to power of Great Britain, amongst his cv he is director of a Manchester based company called 'Sound Communications' boasting of clients such as Northwest TUC, and claims to run social campaigns to make the world a better place to live.

Salford's spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells site, "This is Labour all over, jobs for the boys, and it doesn't surprise me that Ian Stewart has to have a spin doctor, after all the skeletons have come out of his closet, he has in the past voted for illegal wars in Iraq and against any inquiry, voting against smoking in pubs, he is also no stranger to the expenses scandal, after being caught on the fiddle and further more word from the Labour insiders say he isn't liked very much due to his past, stabbing members in the back for his own personal gains and worryingly having an affair with a younger girl getting her pregnant demanding her to get rid and beating her for not doing so, It is also common knowledge with the Labour25 paedophile scandal question popping up on the streets, one being from Salford Peter Tuffley, Labour's rising star, personal assistant to Hazel Blear, who groomed young school boys back to his place and conned his way into the NSPPC to get closer to vulnerable children, it looks like the new press officer will be very busy answering very tricky questions directed at Salford Labour".

Got a scandal on the Labour Party in Salford, well contact or write to Expose Labour, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT - You think nobody is listening to you?...... We are!