Friday, 5 August 2011

Hard Working Salford Council Staff

Hard At Work Salford Council Staff

RWB Salford can report the total laziness of our very own civil servants of Salford City Council

Many council staff protesting over pay, out on strike, just what for? To milk the tax payer even more money, Many of the council staff are over paid as it is. It was once said get a job with Salford Council and you have a job for life.

It is also a well known fact that council staff are totally lazy and inadequate for the job they are employed to do, just take a walk round council offices around Salford and see exactly what they do get up to when they are on the job.

As you can see from the picture, is this value for money for the Salford tax payer… NO! RWB has a collection of picture’s of Lazy council staff,

RWB will now be stepping up a gear and watching the council staff very closely indeed, Now we know for fact Salford Council come on this site very frequently and also the Labour Councillors,

We speak for Salford and say “Pack it in skiving and get on with the job you are employed to do!”

RWB correspondents also spoke with BNP Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “This does not surprise me in the least, I worked in a Salford Opportunities, a council run quango for the unemployed I witnessed first hand just how lazy the staff of the council really are, A receptionist use to ring all her friends for a good old gossip, she also used to go a number of times on shopping sprees at Salford precinct, also clocking off at three o’clock, this is true and I was shocked to witness it, Shockingly enough when she found out I was ‘BNP’ she knew the game was up, and I was quickly re assigned to another job, and sworn to secrecy, and this I just can not do any longer”

“Their contractor is Mitie Security, who charged an absolute fortune for their services, despite the council having its own security Quay Watch” Gary Concluded

RWB will continue to watch our Salford Council Staff.


  1. OK then..Just to get a perspective on this..Where and when was this photo taken? what time?
    sworn to secrecy?

  2. hahaha Robin this is one of many mate, you will have to come over to Salford we can show you