Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Brothers Jailed Over Killing.‏

Salford Two Brothers Who Murdered On New Year

By RWB crime correspondent.

A teenager and his elder brother have been jailed for killing a care worker in a New Year knife attack.
Adam Steele, described in court as a ‘thoroughly decent young man’, was murdered by Direece Roche in a row following a New Year’s Eve party in Salford.
Direece, who pleaded guilty to murder earlier this year, was just 16 when he stabbed Mr Steele, who cared for the elderly at Pendleton Court, Salford.
His brother Owen Roche had started the violence that led to the killing.
The 22-year-old was found guilty of manslaughter at a trial earlier this year, on the basis that he knew his brother had a blade and might harm someone with it.
A manhunt traced the two thugs – who were both facing charges for attacking their girlfriends at the time of the killing – to a house in Stockport in January 12.
Found hiding in a cupboard, Owen told officers: “You’ve just arrested the most wanted man in Manchester – you’ve just earned yourself some brownie points.”
RWB contacted Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty for a response. " Brownie points? It's disgusting that this filth can diminish a man's life by bigging himself up to the police, and calling himself the 'most wanted man in Manchester " said Mr Tumulty. " People like Direece Roche are nothing but vermin, and deserve no sympathy or compassion. To carry and use a knife is one of the most heinous crimes, and should carry a much stiffer penalty. The law in this country is a joke. "
" Mr Steele had his life taken away by two thugs, who will most likely end up in a cushy prison cell with all the luxuries and mod cons that most law abiding citizens can't afford, whilst Adam's family have been given a life sentence of grief. I believe in an 'Eye for an Eye' continued Mr Tumulty.
"It's about time this soft, do gooding liberal rubish that passes for a government changed the law, and started treating the scum that carry knives with the contempt they deserve" concluded Mr Tumulty.
RWB can't argue with that, and challenge the government to re-address the way they convict violent murderers. It's about time the noose was reintroduced as a deterrent for these scumbags.

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