Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year From RWB Bloggers

Happy New Year

RWB Admin team would like to first say thank you for all year round support, thank you for continuing to come back browsing this site, 2012 is almost over, 2013 we return bigger and better than ever, Happy New Year to all our subscribers and supporters

Also the Salford Branch Of the British National Party have a message, please watch the video below

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Best wishes from RWB admin team 

The Red White and Blue Salford Admin reporting team would like to wish our viewers / subscribers and supporters a very merry Christmas, keep coming back because we have so much more to offer, 

Letters of support can be sent to

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And a message from Northwest MEP Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party

Thank you all and keep safe this Christmas.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Salford BNP End Of Year Meeting

Eddy & Gary Salford BNP

November for the Salford branch of the British National Party is the last political meeting of the year, and non other than Eddy O’Sullivan was the guest speaker for the evening.

Party stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan who recently stood for the parliamentary seat of Manchester Central spoke about the Northwest motion from the conference in regard’s to fractional banking and just really how dirty and underhand the banking business really is. A video of Eddy’s speech can be viewed below.

After the break is was on to Salford’s very own acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty who spoke about his recent encounter with Greater Manchester Police who inform him the Labour Mayor of Salford is not very happy, because on a local BNP supporters site (RWB Salford site) some allegations were made of the Mayor having an affair with a younger lady who he battered when she refused to get an unborn child aborted, Gary also gave an insight into the mayor himself, how he has got a fat pay cheque, whilst we all struggle, how he has appointed all his closest friends to be assistant mayors, allowing them to access even more public cash for person gains, how he has appointed a life long labour member to be his spin doctor / press officer to lie to the public on his behalf, and most recently how he’s just been exposed for renting out his second home which he acquired as ex MP for Eccles to the Labour Bradford MP Gerry Sutcliffe.

Gary Tumulty tells correspondents “This proves a point, we have a very out of touch with the public Labour party here in Salford and the police are banging on the wrong door, they should be kicking down the door of the crooked Labour mayor we have, the RWB Salford blog that the police make reference to is nothing to do with the BNP, although I do like the site as its current with all the underhand tricks Labour and the council are doing, and I would urge you all in Salford to subscribe and view at some point.

“To send the police to my home is another pitiful exercise to harass me and to attempt me from being behind the force of removing Labour from my city, well sorry to inform you it’s not working and I am in this thing to the bitter end, remember the last word on the BBC hustings when you failed to show, Labour Out!

Salford BNP Occupied Chambers

“Last word on Labour and the Mayor, I have attached a picture to this report, The BNP have occupied that seat where you sit, remember you are just keeping it warm for us, and you are one more foot towards the door, This city is not big enough for the both of us, so pack your bags.

“I would also like to wish all the members of the British National Party and their family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year” Gary Concluded

To get in touch and active with Salford British National Party then email letter of support can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16 Salford, M6 7PT

The Blog They Love To Hate, Welcome To RWB Salford

GMP Calling Card

Top prizes goes to the Red White and Blue Salford this year for being the most effective blog that exposed the local labour party and there snide mayor Ian Stewart

It has been drawn to the admin team here at RWB  Salford that Ian Stewart has reported our news team for telling the truth as it should be told across the city, Greater Manchester Police now formally known as the Labour foot soldiers have requested interviews from Salford British National Party members and officials, We must approach this subject again, The site in NOT a BNP site, and is not run by BNP members, This is a nationalist news web site that supports the BNP and opposes the Labour Party.

The original report that has upset the Labour Mayor reported back on April 2012 (Click to view) and is pure 100% Truth outlines what a dirty crooked cheat the man really is, from the expenses scandal to voting for illegal wars in Iraq that lead to the deaths of hundreds and thousand’s innocent Muslims and most of all, our boys and girls who was killed in the line of duty for this corrupt government.

Most shockingly it was exposed what Ian Stewart had been up to in his earlier years, having an affair with a younger girl who fell pregnant, and bully boy Stewart decided to beat up in a pub car park in Boothstown after she refused point blank to have an abortion.

Yes this is true Mr Mayor and you know it is, and the RWB team suggest any more harassment from Greater Manchester Police, and we will name this women who has gave her permission, and has already agreed to go on camera with the RWB to expose what a monster you really are.

There is an option you can resign from your post if the heat is getting to much for you, I mean come on lets see what you have been doing since you have been in place

1, Give jobs to you pals costing the Salford tax payer even more waste
2, Stabbed your own members in the back to get what you want for your personal gains
3, Threatened front line council staff with the sack
4, Took a fat salary of £69,000
5, Appointed your mate as a so called spin doctor.

The points are there it’s all about you, when will you give some thing back to the Salfordian’s who you say in your best Scottish accent you represent?

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Calling All Salfordians - The BNP Needs You

Salford BNP Leader Gary Tumulty

For some time Salford British National Party has been exposing the council and the Labour filth who run it as they please with out any real opposition other than the real nationalists that stand before them.

From paying asylum seekers fuel hand outs, attacking freedom of speech and attempting to suppress the Salfordian's to silence, paying chief executives such as Barbara Spicer over £200 thousand pounds, the Labour party who also recently got exposed as a party full of paedophile scum (Click to view the Labour25 list) , handing jobs to the boys with Labour looking after there own and a mayor who gets paid £69 thousand pounds of Salfordians money and offers no service or any real value for money,

Now what can we do I hear you all saying, well its simple, to the members in Salford, stand with me against the vile tirade of the Labour party and get your names put on to a ballet paper. To the voter we ask one thing, Vote BNP at every level, that also is simple, in fact you do not have to move out of your house, because we would urge you to sign up to the growing block postal vote we are attempting to build up.

Click Then Print

There are 2 ways of doing this, first is to click the above image of the blank postal form, print it, complete it and return to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT or email with you details and we will get in contact, for this trouble we will give you a free British National Party news paper 'Voice of Freedom' 

We thank you in advance for your support and hopefully your vote

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Salford Mayors Second Home.

Show Me The Money Greedy Ian Stewart

War monger, back stabber and lazy Labour mayor of Salford Ian Stewart who bought a second home off the back of the tax payer whilst he was MP for Eccles, has once again got his snout firmly in the troth, by renting out it to Gerry Sutcliffe Labour MP for Bradford South

Stewart who is already paid £69,000 from the Salford tax payer is now cashing in on a further £1300 a month by renting out the second home in London that the tax payer bought for him, The money paid to Stewart through Sutcliffe for accommodation is directly taken from parliamentary expenses system.

Stewart, No stranger to looking after his gang of local buffoon's appointed all 13 of his best friends and closest allies, to be 'assistant mayors' and all receive a minimum of £3000 on top of there regular allowances. Also most recently he employs Labour Northwest Press  Officer, Mathew Finnegan to be his very own 'Spin Doctor' at the Salford Council offices, his wages haven't been discussed yet but you can guarantee it will match the mayors salary

Published on parliament records Cheeky Stewart received £27,361 for 'interest on mortgage  during the years of 2008 and 2010. With Sutcliffe paying Stewart a further £1300, for the 'accommodation costs' since 2011 the Labour Mayor is set to take an additional £31,200 in payments from the tax payer.

Salford spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser tells site "Well the plot thickens for Mr Stewart, the man is paid £69,000 of tax payers money in Salford, and now his hand is in the till again from parliament, it begs the question, are they all still at it?

"I do remember a good old saying from Labour, We are all in it together, Yes some more than others, I think its hide time Labour packed up and left town for good" Gary concluded

Join the movement to remove Labour from Salford, contact your future is in your hands

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Chris Thornton Speaks In Salford


New and old faces gather in Salford to hear North East Regional Organiser Chris Thornton and Lady Dorothy Brooke speak at the latest meeting held.

Chris Thornton BNP

The first part of the meeting was taken by party stalwart Chris Thornton who told the crowd of his recent encounter in his local library where he found a muslim group trying to indoctrinate children into their cult, he told a Salford branch of how he had attempted to talk to muslim lady, who had been left to man the stand, some very simple questions about their profit Mohammed, some of the questions were understood but when he asked some more awkward ones like does she find it acceptable that he had sex with a 9 year old girl, then that old chest nut comes up 'cant understand' shame he didn't have a interpreter.

The second part of the meeting was handed to Lady Dorothy Brooke who told the Salford crowd what she had been doing in her branch up in the North East, anti halal protests and table top sessions to raise awareness of the party, she finished by observing a two minutes silence to the recent troops who had been killed in Afghanistan.

Lady Dorothy Brooke BNP

After the break, and sale of the latest British National Party paper Voice of Freedom it was handed over to Salford's very own acting Northwest Regional Organiser who told his branch what we as a party had been doing over the past couple of months and what we will be doing in the future.

Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty BNP

Hundreds of new party leaflets were handed out along with a very healthy collection and a good plan of action, Gary Tumulty tells site "I love having new speakers in Salford and i welcome any one from around the country to come and give it a go,  I thank Chris and Dorothy who traveled such a distance to be with us and didn't ask for petrol money, I also like the fact we had new faces at Salford that evening who all left in a up beat tempo taking leaflets and wanting to attend more".

If you want to speak or attend a the Salford meeting then please do contact me on or ring 07909674006

Labour's Lie Machine

Tell us a lie

In another bid for jobs for the boys. Salford Labour mayor Ian Stewart has hired a new 'spin doctor', to divert any bad press he will receive in his time off office, The newest recruit, 29yr long term Labour Mathew Finnegan member has for-filled the role as city press relations officer at the Salford Council.

Finnegan, Labour's Northwest Press officer who served a 15 year duration as journalist at the Guardian, Manchester Evening News, leading on to a senior role as lead writer  With a left wing political agenda Finnegan makes no apology, and claims he is only answerable to the mayor himself despite being paid by the tax payers of Salford.

Mr Finnegan's wages have not yet been placed on the table for scrutiny  no stranger to controversy. Finnegan first hit the head lines after being head hunted to run the press office at Liverpool council, and suspended from the £65,000 a year job, after becoming embroiled in a row between Liverpool's top brass, It appears Finnegan had been operating a smear campaign from the inside to remove the chief executive from his job.

It also transpires that in 1997 Finnegan was part of Tony Blair's general elections press team, who lied to the public to come to power of Great Britain, amongst his cv he is director of a Manchester based company called 'Sound Communications' boasting of clients such as Northwest TUC, and claims to run social campaigns to make the world a better place to live.

Salford's spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells site, "This is Labour all over, jobs for the boys, and it doesn't surprise me that Ian Stewart has to have a spin doctor, after all the skeletons have come out of his closet, he has in the past voted for illegal wars in Iraq and against any inquiry, voting against smoking in pubs, he is also no stranger to the expenses scandal, after being caught on the fiddle and further more word from the Labour insiders say he isn't liked very much due to his past, stabbing members in the back for his own personal gains and worryingly having an affair with a younger girl getting her pregnant demanding her to get rid and beating her for not doing so, It is also common knowledge with the Labour25 paedophile scandal question popping up on the streets, one being from Salford Peter Tuffley, Labour's rising star, personal assistant to Hazel Blear, who groomed young school boys back to his place and conned his way into the NSPPC to get closer to vulnerable children, it looks like the new press officer will be very busy answering very tricky questions directed at Salford Labour".

Got a scandal on the Labour Party in Salford, well contact or write to Expose Labour, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT - You think nobody is listening to you?...... We are!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lessons Never Learnt, Salford Labour Mayor Ian Stewart Slots Right In

Does He No About Labour25... Or Peter Tuffley, His Pen Pal

By RWB Admin

War monger, anti smoking in pubs, Over paid lazy Labour Mayor of Salford Ian Stewart, fits right into place, with the rest of the dead leg councilors who offer no or little service in the constituency they are supposed to represent.

Now the elections are over and all the promises have been made, Labour still live up to their word that amalgamate's to nothing. Lets reflect on what our mayor has actually done for the people of Salford........ Nothing! Such high hopes from a Scottish man, who claims he wants to represent the people of Salford. The truth of the matter is he doesn't,  he is only in it for what he can get out for his personal gains.

Red White and Blue investigations had revealed and exposed before the May elections, that Stewart from Irlam had once been at the heart of the expenses fiddle, with claiming well over double his allowances in food, staffing, a second home and other goodies he wanted to cash in on, at the expense of the tax payer, more disturbingly it was discovered about his fling he had with the younger girl from Boothstown, that he got pregnant and smacked in face in full view of the public when she refused point blank to get an abortion.

Sneaky Stewart who stopped at nothing to be selected for the position for mayor, even stabbing his own members in the back, John Merry (Leader of the council), who Stewart dubbed as 'Monkey in a suit' on more than one occasion, once again Stewart's legacy seems to live on, the first job he did when appointed mayor was to grab hold of a £69 Thousand pound pay packet and to appoint 13 of his closes friends and allies as assistant mayor's, jobs for the boys each pocketing between three to six thousand on top of their basic allowances each.

With trade union Unite who fought snidey Stewart's election campaign, makes him a mere puppet, with the union pulling the strings, whilst elected Stewart decided to go on an anti cuts march, but yet returns home to Salford to target the most vulnerable in life, OAP's, Disabled, Single parent families and the unemployed, are now Labour's target with them spinning bills out to them, making them fill a shortfall of government benefit funding, If Labour had half a brain they would stop wasting Salford's money, Yes the Conservatives are in power and control the country, but in the same respect Labour control the council, and with that they control the budget, so wouldn't it make sense to cut certain unnecessary things, such as most recent the food festival, executives pay including the mayors pay and councilors special allowances.

Big union buffer all workers unite, as Stewart may seem he has now been accused of bullying front line council staff, imposing wage cuts to them at the bottom of the chain, then told like it or lump it, we will sack you otherwise. Greedy Stewart and his henchmen of the Labour party council chambers in our opinion must take a pay drop, Stewart leading from the front, must take a national minimum wage, after all we are all in it together (Some more than others).

So the show must go on, Lets call for a UNITE front against the Labour Party, enough is enough talks will soon be under place for a plan of action to remove Ian Stewart and the Labour Party from Salford, Join the movement whatever your political alliances are, whatever differences you have, now as the RWB team have spoke about in the past with other political party leaders / members across the city, we all sit on different ends of the political spectrum and no matter what we think of each other, we all agree on one thing LABOUR OUT!

Restore democracy in our City Of Salford and remove the Red Front of the Labour Party. Email or write to  RWB Admin. PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Salford Day Of Action


Salford British National Party join the National Day of Action, by holding their well known table top on the local shopping centre, along with Northwest MEP and party Chairman Nick Griffin in attendance.

With the rain holding back and a few rays of sun, activists collect a number of signatures for the EU referendum petitions, along with signing up local die hard supporters to the postal vote, The people of Salford are fed up of being put to the back of the queue, and being miss lead and lied to by the old gang who run the council, 'Labour', and feel it is only the British National Party who can undo and free us from the mess they have got us into.

One lady who we spoke to who had voted BNP for the first time in the past elections said, "It really upsets me to watch what is happening here in Salford, most recently Labour' Ian Stewart was elected to be the mayor of this city and has taken a £69,000 pay packet, and claims on BBC he didn't have a manifesto to be elected, does he think we are all stupid or is he rubbing salt in the wounds, I voted BNP for the first time and will continue to do so from now on, after hearing how Salford Council pay electric and gas utility bills for the asylum seekers and leave us to struggle. Its only your party who spoke up for us to the council, everyone in my block of flats know this as well, because word does get round".

Red Front Embarrassing.

Interestingly enough the Social Workers Party (SWP) decided to show up with their operation Red Front table top, but Salford is awaking to their tricks, bycoted by the Salfordians, and in disarray to watch the British National Party support, the two reds stood there with faces like they was chewing wasps, The security from the local shopping centre also told them to move their stall away from the centre, this was funny to watch and hear them cry like baby's  when they said "The BNP  have taken our spot" wrong again!!, Its our spot we are there most weekends but it was highly entertaining and our activists thank you for the laugh.

Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, from Salford says "What a fantastic day we have had here on the precinct, as always i am overwhelmed by the level of support we received  and i thank all the people of Salford who gave us the time to come along and sign the petition's and postal vote forms".

To contact Salford British National Party then ring / text 07909674006 email or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

This Is Salford BNP

Salford BNP

British National Party members, from Salford meet up once again for their regular monthly meeting, with Stockport activist and party stalwart Duncan Warning giving the branch a over head insight to the underhand tricks of the social services.

Duncan Warner

Duncan speaking of personal experiences gives a very in-depth, and very moving talk of just how devious the social services really are, and how they are hell bent on destroying the family unit and stealing children at what ever cost from ordinary parents. "Social Services across the country have an agenda, to tell lies, steal children, and then to place them at risk, as saw in Rochdale and Rotherham, with very little regards to who they hurt in the process. I don't know how these people sleep at night. Rather than address the problem they would like to brush it under the carpet, never to be spoken about again. The British National Party promotes the family unit and its values, and this is the way it should be" Duncan told a very interested Salford.

After a very healthy collection and raffle, the meeting was handed over to Salford's Gary Tumulty, acting Northwest Regional Organiser, who spoke of up and coming events from the Party, The conference was top of the list, National day of action and the continuous leaflet drop's which are happening all around Salford non stop. Gary had also came equipt with 10,000 anti EU leaflets which were handed out during his talk, each member took up to 2000 each and will post them out on their own estates where they live.

Gary Tumulty

After the business end of the meeting, Gary spoke about the latest stunt from the muslim community, how they all seem to be outraged about this American video 'Innocence of a muslim' but so quiet when it come's to the grooming scandal, which has swept the country and left many family's lives in tatters. Gary explained how he went to see what all the song and dance was about in the Manchester protest, listened to speech's given from Muslim community leaders one saying "To complain is not good enough, we must become politically active and don't let any one tell us we are wrong".

Gary found himself agreeing with the comment made by that speaker, and tells members "If there is one thing the muslims do, they stick together, its their faith, their religion, its the thing they all have in common, a bond, a brotherhood, and this make's it even more important for us in this room and it should make us more determined, we all in this party have one thing in common its called nationalism, we must stick together for the sake of it, we all must get politically active, stand for council and take to the streets, and never let anybody tell us we are wrong.

To get in touch with Gary email or ring /text 07909674006 letters of support can be sent to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Drugs Found At Sure Start In Salford

Kersal Drug Den

A two year old toddler who was playing. Finds and picks up a bag of white powder, suspected to be cocaine in a Salford Sure Start Centre in Lower Kersal.

Sure Start Centres are set up nationwide, and are for children to attend local play groups, mother and baby massage sessions. It is even understood that the social service's. once caught up for placing children at risk in Salford, which lead to the death of two small children, use this particular sure start centre which is formally Oakland Day Nursery, on St Aidan's Road, as a contact centre for children they have kidnapped and also use it to conduct parenting assessment classes  for whatever family they choose to harass. 

The bag what contained the white powder was recoved by staff and the police were called and later they revealed the substance found was actually cocaine as first thought. 

The mother of one toddler who was in the class said: "I got a call saying that they had found a bag of cocaine and they had no idea where it came from.
"It’s disgusting. It’s a nursery. You expect your kid to be safe when they are there and you place your trust in them." 
Salford Spokesman Gary Tumulty Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Said "This is terrible, and disgusts me, I just hope the council are having a full inquiry just to how that got into the class of the children, just think what would of happened if the child would have taken the cocaine."
Have you got a story similar to this or know any thing about this incident you can email and tell us what you know to or write to BNP Investigations, PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT and rest assured we will expose the council wrong doers.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Salford Councillors Expense Claims 2011 / 12

Salford Council Expenses 2011/12

Do you think you get value for your money??

Three councilors per ward (20) all together in total collect £602,741

Special expense claims totals in at £307,259

Giving a grand total of £910, 000

Grand Total Of Councilors & Co-Op-tee's

Basic councilors entitlement is £10,080 a year out of the 68 councilors who claimed in the year 2011/12 35 have claimed will over their basic, some claiming more than double, named and shamed below;

Bill Hinds Labour £23,091 
Derek Antrobus Labour £23,091 
Eric Burgoyne Labour £26,650  
David Lancaster £24,717 
Joseph Murphy Labour £23,091 
Paula Boshell Labour £23,091 
Peter Connor Labour £23,091 
Ray Mashiter Labour £22,209
Margaret Morris Labour £23,091 
John Warmisham Labour £23091

And against for the year's  biggest single claimer is 'special' Labour Councillor John Merry with a £38,265
John Merry Labour, Nose In Troth 

Reporting From Salford BNP August Meeting

Some Of Salford BNP

Salford British National Party hold their monthly meeting as clock work, with the party stalwart Ian Kitchen as guest of honour, who gave a speech on a wide range of topics, happening in todays country.

Ian first spoke of the left wing communist style government in the UK, who are forever making stupid acts and laws to extract cash from the people who may not even know they are doing something wrong, and if you don’t have a big pot of cash to fight the authority’s in court.
Ian also spoke about how the media manipulate the news story’s, and only report on what they wish, Ian went on to tell Salford about a letter he had received that morning from Wakefield Council, informing people if they are in receipt of Council Tax benefits then after April 2013 they will be expected to pay something, so the council’s across the country are wasting your moneyand then targeting people who are less fortunate, the unemployed, disabled, single parent family’s and OAP’s to foot the shortfall.

Ian Kitchen Salford BNP

The second half of the meeting was handed over to Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, who continued after Ian’s in death analysis on the council tax scandal about to sweep the country, Gary along with all other Salford residents who have also received the same type of letter, which Salford Council say the government has decided to cut the budget by 2.2 million pound, so the money has got to be recovered from somewhere, and this will be the people who are most worst off in life, The unemployed or people claiming benefits to help them get by in life.

Gary states “Don’t get me wrong there are some lazy people in life that do not want to work and expect everything for free, and these I am all for making pay, but when you target  genuine people who cant make ends meet, and have to claim benefits to help them, will now be expected to pay.
“Labour controlled Salford Council chief executive Barbara Spicer who is paid well over 200K a year, and Newly elected Labour mayor Ian Steward again paid 69K, and all the other dead leg councilors in Salford, who claimed well over 307K in special allowances (On top of there normal wage), do you think this lot are feeling the pinch, No!

“Its also shocking how Salford Council allow Asylum Seekers to enter our city and they are in their words ‘obliged’ to look after them, and they are well looked after and not expected to pay one single penny towards the up keep of our country its wrong and has to stop” Gary Concluded, a full report will follow in due course for this website.

To contact Salford British National Party email

To send letters of support or anything we can help out with then write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT – Just to add the donation from GMP – ‘Greater Manchester People’, was gratefully received and we are putting to good use

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scandal!! Council Tax The Poor!!

Council Tax Preview April 2013

News just in. As many councils across the country change the rules on council tax benefits, this means people like the disabled, Oap's, one parent families and the unemployed will soon have to pay from their benefits, in a new council support scheme.

Amongst councils, Labour run Salford say "the Government is giving us less money (about 10%) than what we get to fund this new support scheme.The council expects to receive around 2.6million less funding. As we are getting less funding it means that people who receive council tax benefits need to pay a larger part of their actual council tax bills".

Salford council. One of the biggest spenders, who like to waste silly amounts of tax payers money on ventures such as, Asylum Seeker Week, Gypsy Month, Black History Month, Salford Food Festival (set to start this week), paying executives such as Barbara Spicer daft wages which amount to well over £200k, 3 Councillors per ward (68 claimers in total) at a cost of £602,741 (basic) and £307,259 (special allowances) totaling £910,000, newly elected Labour' unite puppet on a string, Ian Stewart £69,000 a year and not fogetting the refitting of many council buildings, some of which didn't even need it, this includes the soon to be exposed new Asylum Seeker Team hideout who got a whopping £500,000 to uproot and move house after the British National Party exposed their antics regarding fuel handouts.

Salford Labour Party's option is to target the most vulnerable, and the mayor sits there and shrugs his shoulders, from April 2013 Labour will expect the disabled, Oap's single parents and the unemployed to foot the bill of the £2.6million shortfall. 

Salford spokesman, Gary Tumulty, acting Northwest Regional Organiser, says "it's appalling, i have been to see my local Councillor (after Hazel Blears hid from me in her office), to ask why are they targeting people who live in poverty, and all he did was blame the Tory's.

"Hang on was it not the Labour Party who created this mess we are in? They destroyed the British economy   and lead us into a recession, the Tory's are trying to clear up the mess they left behind.

"Labour might not run Government but they still run the council and they still spend silly, it's time to stop.

"So in regards to Benefits. Yes there are people out there who like to swing the lead, and yes they should pay, but there are genuine people who need help, we must be obliged to look after them, after all i don't expect this Benefit will affect Asylum Seeker at all". Gary concluded

Salford Council have agreed to go to consultation with the public over the council tax issue, I would advise all Salfordians to keep their eyes open for the dates, what have not been made public yet, and attend the meeting. Alternatively lazy over paid  Labour Mayor Ian Stewart can be contacted on 07775 870 303 or email

If you want to attend the meeting and join the British National Party to defend the vulnerable email Gary Tumulty on and we can let you know when the meeting is.

Letters of support or comments you would like us to make to the council on your behalf can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Monday, 27 August 2012

Disco Subway’s In Salford

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP, Irwell Riverside Candidate 

Labour controlled Salford Council, who are millions of pounds of debt and claim to have no money, have just spent £209,870 to revamp and refit three subways crossing the East Lancashire Carriageway behind Pendleton Police Station, to have a more glamorous look to them.

Work includes new lighting with new blue LED wash lights, a new sound system to allow local radio streamed there 24 hours a day, new tiles and a full paint job to ceilings and internal wings.

Questions were asked about the sound system alone that cost 13.5 thousand pound, about the public performance licence, who Salford Council say they do not need one as all music played is copyright expired.

Lights & Speakers

Local spokesperson Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tells reporters “Salford British National Party, who is committed to stop wasting tax payer’s money on silly things, we will continue to expose the Labour Party, and the puppets who work for them in the council.

“I like many other Salfordians are sick of council tax rates going up and being told front line service’s and repairs are being cut, its not good enough the council are in debt due to the Labour Party, they cannot keep using cop out excuses it’s the Torys, It’s the Labour Party who created the mess we are in today.

“Get with the program stop wasting our money” Gary Concluded.

To contact Salford British National Party email or write to Gary Tumulty PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Salford Local

Thank You For Support

The old British National 'Patriot Newsletter' has now been re-branded, the new 'Salford Local' is now set to hit the streets of the city, we start with our first edition to thank the voters for their support, and for those that don't vote we cannot stress just how important it is to get out and place your mark next to box containing British National Party. 

Click To View

As the leaflet out lines 65% of people eligible to vote, but do not bother, and if you do not vote the small group who do, will elected useless Labour Party every time. So its up to you to change things for the better, We all have busy lives and getting down to the polling station on election day just isn't possible for many of us. But it doesn't have to be this way, Simply register for a postal vote. The leaflet is double sided and contains a postal vote registration form on the overleaf, Return it to Salford BNP and we'll do the rest 

Salford's Gary Tumulty Northwest Sub Regional Organiser says "This is a great leaflet i have done my first initial run of 20,000 and this will not take long to start distributing across Salford, I look forward to all the postal vote applications that will be returned directly to the branch, it certanly goes towards a counter act of labour's postal block vote"

To register for a postal vote please email   

Monday, 30 July 2012

Salford BNP Say Farewell To Spanish Friend And Comrade

Salford British National Party 

The Salford British National Party branch monthly meeting was also a farewell and safe journey home to Manuel Quesada, Platform for freedoms Spanish comrade who had come to this country to study.

The meeting chaired by Eddy O’Sullivan, opened by handing the platform to Manuel, who outlined the reasons and parts of his stay within the UK, Manuel told the room he was on a mission, the first was to learn to speak English, and the second was to establish close relations with the British National Party, his mission is now complete and it is now time to return home to his country, Manuel added he hopes it is more of a see you soon, rather then a goodbye, and we will always be welcome open arms at his home.

Gary Manuel & Eddy 

The second speaker of the evening was Leila Bentham, St Helens Organiser who spoke to the member’s about race, culture, generics and the genes that make up a population to best suite the country of where they originate from. 

After the break the meeting was handed over to the branch organiser Gary Tumulty, who explained to the Salford membership of his recent promotion to North West Sub Regional Organiser within the party. A massive round of applause was given to Gary as he thanked his members in Salford, telling them without their help and support, it is not possible for him to succeed, Gary tells Salford, he will never forget his routes and Salford will remain his sole priority.

Most recently Gary has uncovered that Greater Manchester has been the worst effected town by immigration, Gary has obtained a National Insurance Registration’s for Overseas Nationals, lots of facts and figures was on this report. This year immigration scale based on the NI Registrations was over 200 thousand, up over the past two years, so the Conservative plea to cut immigration is simply not true, a more in depth report is to follow (So we will not spoil the fun).


Branch stalwart Eddy O’Sullivan concluded the meeting, by giving an overview of the Alliance Of European Nationalist Movement, of which now the British National Party is now a part of and party chairman Nick Griffin Northwest MEP is the Vice President of.

Gary Tumulty Northwest Sub Regional Organiser tells site “This was very productive meeting, a lot of new information came to the forefront of the meeting, it’s nice to see all members offering something to the meeting.

“Its noted I had one new lad there who made an enquiry and a hour later he is in our meeting in Salford, and pledging to sign up as soon as he gets paid, also new lads have come in and offered services to the Heywood area.

“As I explained to Salford members I thank every single person who has helped me in the past, and continue to do so on a daily basis, my promotion is a reflection of their hard work, every time they read my name on this site, and hear Salford, it’s the members we are talking about not me as a person, we are a team we work together for the ultimate goal, remove the traitorous Labour Party form the councils.

Salford Fund Collections

“I end on the note, of wishing Manuel all the best in Spain, and our paths will cross again, Have a safe journey home brother, and the offer of your home will be taken in the near future” Gary concluded.

To get involved with Salford / Manchester or the Northwest contact Gary on 07909674006 or email

The Salford Branch would also like to thank all the subscribers to this site who have been sending donation to our post box to fight elections.

Send donations / contact British National Party, also council staff / cross party members who are not happy can now send us anonymous complains / information for us to follow up, write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Salford Asian Man Charged With Rape

Just In At News Desk

Elhadi Sahkri (born 07/11/1970), of Thorn Court, Pendleton has been charged with three counts of rape.

He is next due to appear at Manchester City Magistrates’ Court on 9 August 2012.

At about 4.15am on Wednesday 27 June 2012, a 18-year-old man left a nightclub on Princess Street he got into a taxi on the opposite side of the street.

He asked if he could take him to Rusholme, the driver drove off in that direction.  He stopped the car and asked the victim to get out.
The driver forced him up against a wall and raped him.

At about 2.30am on Thursday 12 July 2012, a 22-year-old man left a bar on Canal street, he went for something to eat and walked along Oxford Road.
A taxi pulled up beside him, the driver asked where he was going and he got in.  The taxi drove off in the wrong direction and stopped on Hulme Street in Salford.  

The victim got out of the car and was dragged by his arms down an alleyway and raped.
Anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault can contact Greater Manchester Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. GMP has specially trained officers in place to provide a first class response to victims and help support them through the criminal justice process.

St Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester, can also be contacted on 0161 276 6515. This provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them either as a self-referral or via Greater Manchester Police.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gary Tumulty; North West Sub-Regional Organiser

Gary Tumulty, British National Party 

Gary Tumulty, the Salford Organiser, has been promoted to North West Sub-Regional Organiser.
Gary has done a great job in Salford and Greater Manchester as a whole, and in supporting our efforts to make the North West a vibrant area again.
Through some difficult times, when others have focused on negatives, Gary has battled on and created lots of new ways of gathering and spreading the truth of what is really happening in broken Britain.
He has also given a great deal of support to other organisers in the North West, and this is exactly what we all need; someone to confide in and discuss ideas with, before starting a new project.
I look forward to working with Gary and discussing new ways to move things along and get every North West area thriving again.
Well done Gary.
Mike Whitby, North West Regional Organiser

Friday, 13 July 2012

Salford Public Outraged On New Labour Mayors Pay.

Planning Wars Back In The Day Ian Stewart In The Brown

Salford Labour party newly elected Mayor Ian Stewart, is at the forefront of public outrage at his £69,000 a year pay deal he is set to take from the public purse making Stewart the highest paid mayor on the out side of London.

Labour’s Stewart who was once an Eccles MP who voted for Illegal wars in Iraq, Stopping Inquires in to Iraq Smoking Bans and enforcing National ID cards has a track record in scamming the public for their hard earned cash once caught up in the recent expenses scandal, where it was believed whilst on a similar pay of over £60,000 Stewart was claiming more than double his income whilst charging the tax payer up to £18,000 for staying away from home and a whopping £100 on food to last a week.

No stranger to ripping public off, Labours Stewart shows no remorse, Ex Leader of the Council John Merry who was blatantly stabbed in the back by his own members and named as ‘monkey in a suit’ by Ian Stewart after putting his name up for the mayoral candidate after the public voted Yes at the referendum claimed £38,265 to run the council before the mayors position was made.

Comments from Shoppers from the Salford Shopping Centres say

Grand Mother of three Joyce Kerridge, 71, from Higher Broughton, said: “I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s far too much money. “Let's face it. We're getting a new mayor, but what was wrong with the old system. I think this money could be put back into Salford. It should be spent on other things”.

James Parker, 69, a retired docker, from Eccles, said: “I think it’s terrible. We don't need an elected mayor. I'm on £103 a week pension. “He's on a lot of money. What does he do for it? What will he do for the city? I think they should give it to people who need it. Why should he get it? He's just a worker like me.

Security worker Paul Midgley, 38, from Pendleton, said: “It's disgusting. What will he do for the people of Salford? Nothing. “These people give nothing back to the city. They would be better spending this money on youth clubs for the kids. It's always the fat cats who get all the money”.

Mum of two Sarah Potts, 43, from Seedley, said: “This money should go back to the community. Schools are struggling to stay open and hospital wards are being closed. This money could be better used”.

Her husband Ken Potts, 50, a driver, said: “It's totally wrong. It could be spent on other things. You could get two classroom assistants for that money. They're not daft though. They hear about what's needed often enough”.

Labour snidey Stewart first job as mayor was to appoint 13 deputy mayor all labour councilors in to a job for the boys once in a life time golden opportunity, all the deputy mayors will be entitled to extra allowances for conducting duties for the mayor, It’s not yet know how much their extra money will be, but it is expected to fetch home between the region's of £3000 up to £6000.

Salford Labours bid to save the city £24 million pound seems a mere pipe dream away, Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party organiser says “The only people benefiting from this election is the labour party by coining on tax payer,  why cant he do the job for national minimum wage.

“It amazes me that 75% of people didn’t vote and look what happened Labour get the scoop and win the jackpot, we must focus on exposing labour, and informing the public just exactly what they get up.

“I will be writing to the mayor and expressing concerns on how the public feel about his pay package, I will urge the Labour Mayor to take a pay cut and fit in line with saving Salford tax payers money, We are at a financial time of crisis and we simply cant afford to keep paying stupid wages out all the time, its not cost effective” Gary concluded.

If you reading this and feel the same, then its time to make a stand. Contact Salford British National Party on or ring 07909674006 and we will arrange a free information pack and for a local delegate from the branch top visit you to discuss what avenue we can take to re-building Stolen Salford which on a bigger scale is a part of broken Britain.

Letters of support, or complaints regarding the council, council staff wanting to blow the whistle or even different political party members who are not very happy and want to tell us something useful can write anonymously to Salford BNP, PO Box 16 Salford M6 7PT.