Tuesday, 31 December 2013

RWB Salford Say "Happy New Year"

A simple message from RWB Salford, Happy New Year to our subscriber’s, supporters and viewers across the World Wide Web.

As you all should be aware by now, our alliances are committed to the nationalist cause and the Salford branch of the British National Party, we will continue to publish story’s and reports from the patriots who want our Salford back in its rightful hands, the British People with the nationalist ideology.

Labour are no good for Salford and 2014 will be a trying year for them, and we at RWB Salford will play a hand in exposing the traitors.

Happy New Year, keep checking in 2014 for regular updates.

Letters of support can once again be sent to

RWB Salford,
PO Box 16,
M6 7PT.

One Way, The Nationalist Way!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

RWB / BNP Salford Christmas Wishes

Subscribers, supporters and viewers of this site, the Red White and Blue, Nationalist news reporting admin team along with the British National Party Salford Branch would like to just wish you and your family’s a very merry Christmas.

Along with this message of good will, we have a short video from the North West MEP and British National Party Chairman who also sends us all the best.



Thursday, 5 December 2013

Irwell Riverside – Salford Axe Labour Councillor

Who??? Why?????

Gearing up to the 2014 Local elections, and European Elections in Salford the Labour Party have slashed new boy Matt Mold for an older Labour activist to stand in Irwell Riverside in 2014.

Matt, who has only served a three year term in office at the Council, was exposed by the BNP branch organiser Gary Tumulty as nothing more than a drug smoking, foul mouthed, party animal student who had nothing to offer his ward.
 Does Your CLLR Do This?? New Labour!

Gary, who lives and stands in the ward, campaigns for a fair deal and a change of regime under the Labour Party, went head to head with Matt back in 2009 and returned a surge 17.1% BNP percentage with only 330 votes between them.

Labour who now don’t feel so safe in the Irwell Riverside ward for the second year running side shunt and remove councillors, as the last one to face the axe in 2012 was long time Councillor Joe Murphy, labour sources have revealed that because of the continuing rise of BNP support in Salford, especially in Irwell Riverside they now fear that they could quite possibly lose a seat to Gary Tumulty, which would open a whole new gateway for fellow BNP candidates to follow.

Acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, from Salford tells site “Labour or BNP is the question I ask people whilst canvassing the doors or Irwell Riverside, because no other party really can take them out, I am coming 2nd in the elections now, and this is because of the hard work I invest to the voters.

“I will contest that ward in 2014, and again we see another Labour ‘wannabe’ councillor from Irlam wanting to represent my local people, well she better be in for a rough ride, because I will not hand the Labour Party these seats, they will find a wall of fire not just with me and my ward but with every BNP candidate who stand in Salford”.

Are you registered to vote? Are you a postal voter? If not you must contact Gary today because tomorrow is to late, email Salford@bnp.org.uk, letters of support or small kind donations for the Salford Branch can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT. 


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chief Executive Salford Council Resigns

Just Only If I Listened To The BNP Warning!

It’s been a month after news swept through city that overpaid chief executive Barbara Spicer is the latest casualty under the current regime Labour Mayor to take the boot.

Scary Spicer talks of untenable working conditions under the communist sympathiser Ian Stewart Labour Mayor, since he took power of the council May 2013.

Spicer who had just under nine year service to the council, and claim a mega pay packet of around £212,000 of tax payers cash, had a major rift with Stewart, who took it personally, and bided for her to be removed, despite his mayoral candidates pledge manifesto to keep Barbara.

In a sinister announcement to council staff Labour’s Stewart claims “He was going through a review of the council’s organisation and structure and as part of the £75 million cuts to Salford Spicer must go, but not through choice”.

The Mayor was also quick to spend a further £20,000 on a consultant to come up with the conclusion the Chief Executive role will not be replaced, but will create another position of ‘Council Manager’ and that position will carry a pay packet of around £70,000.

Salford British National Party held back with the reporting of this news, as they wanted to wait to see what ‘Golden Handshake’ Spicer would receive, the branch did send out this press release -
The British National Party Salford Branch have made it no secret in the past about wanting Salford City Council Chief Executive Barbara Spicer to resign, on many occasions we have asked her to take such actions.

We believe that Barbara was overpaid claiming in the region of £212,000 of tax payer’s money whilst spending excessive amounts on working lunch’s at the Lowry and taking first class travel to London.

If our candidate Eddy O’Sullivan would have been successful to become the first city mayor then one of the first actions for him would have been to review Spicer’s position, and the options would have been laid out, Pay cut or leave.

Mr Stewart Labour mayor in his campaign made it clear he would keep Barbara as the Chief executive for the city, and now we learn of untenable working conditions under his regime. So again another high profile member of staff in the past month has been given the push, we would like to think Barbara has paid the price of our warning we issue all voters and council staff, get rid of labour before they get rid of you.

On talking to this site Salford British National Party spokesman said “The golden handshake is being well hid from the public, because everyone in the council is scared of Ian Stewart, you can rest assured it will be a five figure all round nice sum for Barbara.

The embarrassing thing is that I spoke with Barbara some time ago, and I directly told her, get rid of Labour before they get rid of you, and how the roost has come home, I think the Mayor has been taking BNP advice on removing an overpaid person who claims to run the council, or was it a power struggle because he doesn’t like being told he is wrong or anybody arguing with his socialist ideology.

Council insiders did tell us, Barbara spent most of the time off on the sick, and that time was spent in her villa she has in Spain and more than one or two people were left red faced when asked if it was true”.

To contact Salford British National Party, email Salford@bnp.org.uk and keep them letters of support, along with the tip offs to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Salford BNP Pay Respects.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

In remembrance,

Salford British National Party

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Salford Council Trash The Cash

'Kitchen Caddie'

A freedom of information requested submitted by the Salford British National Party information officer exposes how a notorious Labour controlled Salford City Council  have paid out a small fortune for ‘Kitchen Caddies’ and bin liners for them.

A staggering £56,000 was spent on 63,000 small green bins for waste food and a eye watering £118,000 for 200,000 bin liners to accompany the bins, the council was also asked how much of tax payers cash it spent on literature and delivery of 40,000 caddies that they claim to have delivered for free across the city who of course didn’t have a clue of the cost and therefore was unable to answer the question, whilst saying the information is not held.

Salford Council say this new bin has been purchased and distributed in conjunction with all other recycling schemes across the city, the bins started to arrive at people’s doors shortly after the council decided to scrap the weekly bin collections in April 2013.

Bin & Instructions

After contact with Salford Council Labour Councillors who control environmental services for comments on how they can justify such spending when a council holds an account which is millions of pounds in debt, and suppressing its own people to the likes of ‘bedroom tax and an assortment of benefit reforms’ in favour of them in power to benefit no comment was offered.

A Salford British National Party spokesman said “it doesn’t surprise me, for years Labour have been wasting money on such daft items like this, the thing that concerns me is they think they are doing a great job for this city, well come on please take them rose coloured tinted glasses off and smell the coffee, you are wasting our money it needs to stop, reform the council and give the people a real democracy and let us the tax payer have our say! Labour OUT!”

If you want Labour Out of Salford then there is only one option get in contact with the British National Party today email Salford@bnp.org.uk, letters of support send to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT