Monday, 29 August 2011

Hunger Strike Illegal Gets To Stay In UK

James Fallah Williams NUJ Political Reporter Hunger Strike Illegal

 Journalist and Human Rights Campaigner James Fallah Williams, illegal immigrant goes on hunger strike for 19 days then is granted stay in the UK.

Mr Williams from Sierra Leone, West Africa has been in the UK for around 14 years illegally where he had come to study, Williams had been told to go home by the UK Boarder Agency then turned up the pressure and threatened to deport Williams. 

NUJ Member Williams and political journalist turned to a hunger strike saying the UK Boarder Agency had “Miss handled his asylum case”, The UK Boarder Agency back down and gave Williams the rights to stay. 

RWB Correspondents have tried to talk to the NUJ Manchester representative surrounding Mr Williams case,  but we couldn’t understand what they were saying to us, and we will require an interpreter. 

Our RWB Correspondent did speak to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who says “This is a disgrace, Williams is an illegal immigrant who has been told to go back to his own motherland where he had come from, and because he doesn’t like what he is getting told, he spits his dummy out and goes on a hunger strike, shocking I have never heard so much rubbish in my life”

“I think a lesson of tough love is needed here, Deport Williams before he cost the tax payer any more money and disrupt” Gary Concluded 


  1. Should of let him die. At least on a hunger strike he wasn't using our food resources! Plus dead he'd have gotten his wish and not returned to Sierra Leone.

  2. There are no such things as border controls in this country are there? How useless is it that we can politely ask people to leave when they are breaking the law but do not have the resolve to force their deportation? This man is a criminal and has not been punished for his crime -n infact he has been rewarded.