Friday, 22 July 2011

We Want Nothing To Do With Naz’s

Naz Takeaway Monton

Dirty offenders Naz’s Restaurant Monton report in Salford Advertiser they are about to celebrate 18 years of fine Indian Cuisine

Now let me take you back to Naz’z recent encounter with Salford City Council Environmental Service, who said “The owners of Naz, Mr Abdul Hannan and Mr Abdul Mannan, had failed to keep up safety and cleaning of food hygiene, to ensure the public could eat safely with in there restaurant, the Kitchen and whole shop was infested with a German type of bugs and cockroaches, and they had failed to make any attempt to have the problem dealt with”

It was also noted that fruit and other types of food was being stored in the staff toilet’s, chopping boards and food appliances were dirty and no signs of any kind of cleaning.

The owners of Naz were fined £12,000 at court and further £5,673 was added on for court costs when found in breach of food hygiene and health and safety charges it was said how the owners of Naz’s had put the public heath at risk and the court have a duty to take action against such offenders.

RWB Spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “I personally have nothing to do with takeaways and food out lets like Naz’s, I think you take your own life in your hand going in to places like that, its not a one off it happens all the time in takeaways there is always a story in the paper in regards to food hygiene in them sort of places”

“Stay safe, by British and keep out of takeaways, and keep away from Naz’s” Gary Concluded

Salford Advertiser