Wednesday, 13 July 2011

RWB Salford Casts Its Vote - Nick Griffin MEP


Red White & Blue has made its mind up, and voted in favour for Nick Griffin to continue to be British National Party Leader,

Lets take in just what Nick has done in Salford for the British National Party

  • Made numerous donation's to good causes - One being Salford Lads Club.
  • Irlam Explosion - First on site to offer help to the victims of the blast
  • Bring The Boys Home petition campaign - Visited two times for a hands on approach
  • Donated to the Salford BNP Branch -  Many leaflets and free VOF were given to us, for the public
  • Stood and was Elected Salford BNP MEP - and a very hard worker indeed
  • Helped Out In Many By Elections  - Walkden North on more than one occasion 
  • Laid Salford Wreath in respect of all service men who lost their live's in the World Wars
  • Offers 24 Hour support to Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty

  • The new EU Referendum Campaign - Donated all new banners, petitions and leaflets

Also have a look at the Election Video from Nick Griffin MEP

Nick Griffin is Leading from the Front, get behind him.......... VOTE NICK GRIFFIN MEP

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