Thursday, 14 July 2011

That's a Leader

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By Keith Fairhurst Deputy Organiser Salford BNP.

A leader of men, a man not afraid to put his head above the parapet, a man who wakes every morning with fresh vigour, a man unafraid of the vile attacks from both friend and foe.
a man who will disregard his own personal safety to bring the truth to the masses, a man who faces incarceration at the whim of traitors, but will never bow the knee. THAT'S a Leader.

A man who  faces vilification at every turn, a man willing to put his personal differences with others aside for the good of Britain. A man offering the hand of reconciliation, a man who forgives, never condemns, a man who gives hope for the future, a man who always has time for his people, a man who tells the truth, regardless of the consequences. THAT'S a Leader.

A man who  turns up unexpectedly to hand out leaflets in a local shopping centre, a man who will roll his sleeves up and get stuck in, a man who is comfortable talking to toff or tramp, a man who gives his time without expecting a return, a man that will travel the length, width and breadth of Britain to be at a place where he is needed the most. THAT'S a Leader.

A man who is proud of his culture, a man who will defend it till death. a man who stands in defiance, a man with the heart of a lion, a man that cares little for personal gain, a man that curries no favour, a man that never distances himself from the important issues, a man that tackles everything with absolute dedication.

The Man?...........................Nicholas John Griffin.

Now THAT'S a Leader.


  1. Well done Keith on that report mate, fancy a job at the RWB Salford

  2. its the price of your country mate, well worth saving see it as an investment for your children and grand children s future