Monday, 25 July 2011

Salford Speak In St Helen’s BNP

St Helens BNP Organiser Leila Bentham With Salford BNP Activist Eddy O'Sullivan

Salford British National Party super activist Eddy O’Sullivan gave a massive speech on the Frankfurt School to a very interested St Helens British National Party Branch crowd,

Eddy gave quotes from three massive political heavy weights, Marx, Major and Blear, three different political party’s but all the same, From Communism, Labour to Conservative, all the same type beans in a can but with a different label, from no frills to Heinz,

Eddy explained why this was and who was to blame, the Frankfurt School and its 11 point plan to break down the western society, From mass immigration, dumbing down of the education system, the control of the media and even the emptying of the church’s

All set up back in 1928 and all designed to break our western society and to destroy Great Britain, As the night progressed news was coming in of the leadership challenge and Nick Griffin MEP being re-elected to carry on as chairman of the British National Party,

Eddy then proceeded to say how it was very important for us as nationalist to unite as one and take aim for the ultimate goal, taking our country back, Eddy added forget about what the opposition say and do, forget about all the trouble causers and hear say along with the gossips out for making trouble, Progress forward together and more unite as one, and remember the ultimate goal.

Leila Bentham St Helens British National Party Organiser said “It was a great pleasure to have Eddy and the Salford Branch come to St Helens, and make such an informative speech, I would recommend it to any one, and the news of Nick Griffin being re-elected was also delightful and we at St Helens wish him all the best, and have our support”

Eddy O’Sullivan Salford British National Party activist added “I have many different speech’s’ and I have travelled many of mile’s around the country with the party to give speech’s and will continue to do so, if any body would like me to come to their branch and speak just make contact with me or my organiser Gary Tumulty who will be more than happy to help”

Salford British National Party can be contacted on or 07909674006


  1. I wonder if Eddie will speak at our next meeting, e-mail me for more details.

  2. He will speak any were just ask him mate